12 Minute Affiliate System Review: Earn $465/Sale Is it True or Scam?

Trying out the 12-minute affiliate system is full of hesitation? Is it legit or another scam?

Will it work or not? will you lose your money? What are the features included in it?

I know several questions are bouncing in your brain and you need honest answers. So that you can make a wise decision to invest your time and money in it.

Hence I have given a completely unbiased review for the 12-Minute Affiliate system, its Pros-Cons everything.

According to the study of MunchEye, thousands of money-making software launches every day, and 90% of them can’t survive.

But the 12-minute affiliate system is not one of them because it was launched back in Oct 2018. and still, it trending at the #1 spot in Clickbank library.

So if you came across an ad or review and still not found the right answer then here I will help you do a complete detailed analysis.

By the end of this Guide if you made your decision to try this system then I expect you to signup using my Affiliate link.

Of course, it won’t cost you anything extra, but I will get little support to maintain my site and help others.

Let’s first understand what a 12 minute affiliate system is.

12 minute affiliate system this is how it works

What is 12 Minute Affiliate System?

What is the basic need of any affiliate marketing system?

  • High Converting Products
  • High Converting Landing Pages
  • High Converting Emails
  • Ways to Get Free or Paid Traffic

And 12-minute affiliate system is a done-for-you affiliate system, which offers all theseafter continuous testing.

That will allow a user to build their email list and promote affiliate products to get sales and commissions.

Additionally, their pre-built landing pages and pre-written high converting emails also well tested and converts very well.

Most likely, this affiliate system is made for a medium range of affiliates who know how traffic works and how to manipulate it.

But after getting the proper training, beginners can also use the 12 minute affiliate system.

This is not so hard to understand, in fact, when you register in it you will get a step by step training.

That will help you to understand how the complete system works and it hardly takes 12 minutes to set up everything.

That is why this system is known as 12-Minute Affiliate system.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have an email list or any sort of traffic source, you can simply drive paid traffic offered by the system.

When you complete the traffic order, the system starts sending e-mails to hundreds of people in their email list.

Overall, this 12 minute affiliate system is a Clickbank product that simplifies the process of getting affiliate sales and making handsome commissions through affiliate marketing.

The system has offered inbuilt high converting Email Optin or Landing pages which you can plug quickly simply by adding your affiliate link.

When somebody clicks on the link they will redirect the main sales page of the product with your unique affiliate I’d.

So is making 460$ in a single day, is it possible?

The answer is Yes!.

But it needs more effort, time, initial investment, and so on. That’s why you need to understand this system completely.

Interesting system!.

Here are a couple of proofs I have gathered from the real users of the 12 Minute Minute affiliate system and you can check more about it.

  • 12 Minute Affiliate System Review: Earn $465/Sale Is it True or Scam?
  • 12 Minute Affiliate System Review: Earn $465/Sale Is it True or Scam?
  • 12 Minute Affiliate System Review: Earn $465/Sale Is it True or Scam?
  • 12 Minute Affiliate System Review: Earn $465/Sale Is it True or Scam?
  • 12 Minute Affiliate System Review: Earn $465/Sale Is it True or Scam?

Well let’s talk about who built this systema and what is credibility of this system?

Who is The Creators Of 12 Minute Affiliate System

Devon Brown and David Sloan are the creative minds behind the 12 minute affiliate system; both are top entrepreneurs since 2007.

This system is the outcome of the 7 years of trial and test, so pretty much tested in all conditions.

Both of them knew the pain point of the beginner as well the existing affiliate marketers.

Who have no risk appetite to test the funnels before finding the one which really works well.

Devon Brown has years of experience building psychological landing pages that literally convert very well.

12 Minute Affiliate System Review: Earn $465/Sale Is it True or Scam?

So using his experience and knowledge, you can kisk start or satrt your affilaite marketing journey.

12 Minute Affiliate System Pros & Cons

Getting sales at the beginning stage in affiliate marketing is very difficult.

Because beginners don’t know how to drive traffic and how to land them on pages or products that really convert well.

That’s why using a 12-minute affiliate system is a great idea.

Because you don’t need to do anything difficult for getting affiliate sales.

But 12-minute affiliates also have their it’spros and cons that you need to know before further proceeding.


  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Legit business model
  • Get done for your landing pages and email swipes
  • Share your problem with high minded people in their Facebook group
  • Easy to use interface
  • Pre-defined autoresponder emails.


  • A beginner will take some time to understand.
  • You are not the owner of your business.
  • This system does not work it’s alone requires email marketing and sale funnel tools such as Clickfunnels.
  • You will find system asks you to upgrade for higher advantages.
  • Inbuilt traffic source is more of Solo ads.

Now you have understood what you need to do.

But judging the 12-minute affiliate system by only its pros and cons is not enough. So let’s understand some more information about it.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate System Legit Or Scam?

If anyone doesn’t understand the major concept behind it they usually start to say this is a scam.

But after using the 12-minute affiliate system I don’t find anything wrong.

So my simple answer is that the 12 minute affiliate system is not a scam.

If youa re totally beginner then it takes time for you to understand the system but not that much difficult to use.

Let’s talk about can you really make $463/Day with this system as what is claimed by the sales page.

And the truth is yes it can, but you need more money in hand to drive more traffic, and don’t expect everything upfront as few sales will be made over time using an email list.

This 12 minute affiliate system works on 2 methods:

  • Free Organic Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

If you know how to drive organic traffic using Facebook Groups, YouTube, or Blog or having an existing email list then you will be 100% profitable.

But for a beginner, it could be challenging to learn how to drive traffic but not to worry they have a system in place to drive traffic.

So if you don’t have any email list and don’t have much to collect leads.

Then you can also pay for Solo Ads and they will drive traffic from the available targeted email list or you can run FB ads or Google Ads.

This where the more traffic you drive the more money you will make.

Wait! There is a risk.

All your traffic will not surely convert and there are chances that you feel that you are losing money that is why I said you need money to generate money.

There is another threat. The traffic source that they are using to drive traffic is more of solo ads.

Which if you want you can also purchase from the Udimi or can find it within the system.

So how many converts, no one can guarantee and there you can loose money.

But ia m sure many of this leads you can grab into your email list, there system offer more than 70 Days worth of high converting email’s.

So that will be an additional cost for you to have an email marketing tools which defult ask for is Active Campaign.

With single click you can import all those emails to your own account and that will be connected with the system, so auto-responder will keep sending affiliate link and there are chances that leads will be converted.

However, the 12-minute affiliate system works in only 3 niches;

  • Health and
  • Fitness,
  • Making money online
  • Personal development.

So this is great if you need to work in these 3 niches.

But don’t worry they have a 60 days refund policy, so when you think this is not profitable at all then you can take your money back.

Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

I honestly say that yes, the 12 minute affiliate system works. But somewhere this is not ideal for beginner affiliates who are just starting their career.

Yes, this system will work if you have budget for marketing or have skill to drive the traffic from organic sources.

But for beginners, it will only work if you could afford paid traffic which will generally cost around $1=1 lead.

There is no shortcut for success, you need to work hard to make things right and earn what you want to earn.

However, their landing pages are very good and highly converting.

This system has predefined well-researched products and high converting emails and landing pages, this is what it is worth for.

But if you know little bit of Affiliate marketing and using the below given tools, you can build system for yourself,but the success rate will be again your own trial and test.

So again here 12 minute affiliate is charging you to offer that high converting funnels, which you can use for your traffic to convert into sales.

If you don’t want to use the 12-minute affiliate system? Great! You can build your own email list by using these alternatives of the 12-minute affiliate system.

1. Groovefunnel – Free Funnel Builder (Free for LifeTime)

3. Getresponse -Email Makreting(30 Days Trial)

You can use the above-suggested tools to set the exact copy of how 12 Minute affiliate system works.

So if you are a beginner and don’t have a big initial investment then these email marketing systems are great for you.

Let’s discuss on the pricing model of the 12 Minute Affilaite system.

12 Minute Affiliate System Cost, Upsells, Hidden Charges

The 12-minute affiliate system has 2 plans and you can choose any of them according to your needs.

You can just now start with $9.95 for 14 days trial using the special link to test how the system works, then later can upgrade to any of the below membership plans.


Basic Membership

As I have explained earlier, you will get an option for choosing in 3 niches.

That’s right if you don’t have a big investment then this is the right choice.

Because in $47 monthly or $397 for one time you will get their pre-build landing pages, pre-written emails swipe.

But you can only do these things to make money online niche.

Gold Membership

Do you want to work in all the 3 niches that the 12 minute affiliate system has?

Then you need to purchase its golden membership. That will cost you around $97 monthly or $797 for the one-time payment.

After selecting this plan you can optimize your landing page for 3 niches and get the highest return.


So if you have decided to go with a 12-minute affiliate system then do not purchase their upsells unless you don’t need them.

Usually, these upsell are a waste of money. Because they are providing 2 upsells; 3x your results blueprint and done for your setup.

Bluprint is kind of course and done for you setup and account setup. So you don’t need to set up your complete account.

How To Make Money From 12 Minute Affiliate System

Making money from a 12 minute affiliate system is not hard but you need to pay more from that. Confused! Let’s take look at the math;

  • $47 for basic membership
  • $99 for 100 clicks on your affiliate link
  • Suppose 30% of people join your email list
  • The conversion you will get around 10%
  • The commission is about $30 sale
  • 3 people purchase the product through your email list. That you have built by paying to the 12 minute affiliate system.

The total amount you have paid $146

The amount you have earned about $30×4= $120

Congratulations you have made $120 but you invested $146

But if you don’t purchase any click and use only the landing page with the basic membership. Then let’s check the math;

  • $47 for basic membership
  • The commission is about $20 per sale
  • The conversion rate is about %5
  • You have collected about 100 email id

The total amount you have paid about $47

The about you have earned about $20×5= $100

This time you have earned some cash but is this enough. I don’t think so.

Of course, you can not judge the profit upfront, there is a concept call Long term value, where whatever lead you have captured you can sell them other products as well.

So it is not that bad and that is why everyone is started using it.

12 Minute Affilaite Bonuses

Here this system itself offer you a total worth of $8222 whcih you can explore once you sign in.

12 minute affilaite system bonuses

What is My Thought 12 Minute Affiliate System Review

In digital marketing, most people invest their money to test what works and whatnot, then they invest in traffic to convert those leads.

Here within the 12-minute affiliate system, you have the high converting emails,landing pages and much more tested over and over .

So you only need to focus on the traffic generation and seems the system will be highly profitable.

But the best part is you can give a try with 14 days trial or use for at least 1 month and set your own system similar to 12 Minute and you can save recurring billing.

I am sure this12 minute affilaite system review guide has provided handful updates and make things easier for you to decide.

If you want to give a try for the system please consider using my affiliate link.

Thansk for your understanding in advance.

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