How Do I Start AliExpress DropShipping Business: Exclusive Master Guide

This time online money making is an easy job and if you are a beginner and expecting to make money by work from home then I must say started with AliExpress DropShipping.

In this Fast Money making guide, we will learn more in detail about what is AliExpress Dropshipping and how this is effective to make a lot of money while working from Home.

Let’s first discuss what is AliExpress and how this works then DropShipping and will come to the conclusion on how you could make money right now.

This Guide will help all the learners who are expecting to get started with DropShipping Business because here I am going to tell you all process of setting up an online DropShipping store using Shopify.

AliExpress DropShipping work from Home Money making Guide

We will also focus on the dropshipping model of selling other products on your eCommerce store is legal or worth starting or not?

So stay with us and bookmark this money-making AliEexpress DropShipping guide because you will need this again and again to learn techniques.

What is AliExpress DropShipping

AliExpress is a China-based e-commerce online store the same as Amazon was established in the year 2010 with a vision to commercialized small businesses on the internet.

It is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group and among the top-ranking online e-commerce store in the world.

AliExpress’s main presence is in China but the best part, it ships products to most of the international countries.

AliExpress is not the only place for a businessman who has big companies but this is a place that is connected with a large number of people for Business to business, Business to Consumer, and Consumer to consumer sell.

Alibaba Group is planning to expand their business out from Asia and that is what the reason they have started an Affiliate program to promote this.

AliExpress DropShipping

Just to let you know that most of the buyers from the USA are using AliExpress products for their day to day use.

But why and how?

The answer will be straight down in this guide.

AliExpress offering all variety of goods to sell and that what the reason the large community is roaming around AliExpress to get unimaginable products.

This is among the top 10 most popular online e-commerce websites in the world.

AliExpress is among the popular choice of people who are doing DropShopping through Amazon Dropshipping, eBay Dropshipping, and other places.

Do you know what is the reason for the popularity of AliExpress?

It is because of the low price products available, which you can import and sell on your eCommerce store for higher prices and better profit margin.

It will surprise you, the goods shipped from China to the USA is cheaper as compared to shipping charges within the USA.

Yes, isn’t it shocking? Once you go through this how-to start Aliexpress dropshipping guide you will also get more info on that.

AliExpress DropShipping

Every small business based in China, who is a manufacturer or running a small shop is registered with AliExpress and they know that AliExpress is fulfilling their orders through DropShipping.

So Almost every product registered with AliExpress is applicable for DropShipping.

If you are having an online store then you can connect with the supplier of the Aliexpress and can sell his products on your own store by creating a product selling price difference.

Yes in such a way you can make a profit.

Do not worry, this process of booking products with AliExpress and setting up the new price and online store is easy to set up and we can automate.

How exactly you have to start and what is the process of setting up the store I will explain this later in the guide.

So I hope you got an Idea about What is AliExpress and how you can start AliExpress Dropshipping.

This money making a guide using AliExpress is brought for all the people who are expecting to make a lot of money by work from Home.

If you are searching for how to make 1000 dollars in a day or how to make 1000 dollars fast then do not miss this full guide.

Let me explain what is DropShipping first then will start work on Setting up an online store and can make money for work from home.

What is DropShipping and how it works?

DropShipping is the process where any person like you or me can work as an intermediate between consumer and seller and help the seller to sell his products and help buyers to bring him choices through own platform.

If Both agree then the buyer or consumer will place buy order on your site and you will buy the product from an actual seller and ask him to deliver this to consumer address.

This is called DropShipping and in between this you can change the actual selling price of products and this margin will be your profit as earning.

DropShipping Model

Got It? If not then read below example to understand better.

Let Say you have your own website if not then I will tell you process to set up one online store.

On your website you want to sell Shoes for which market has huge demand, so you will connect with AliExpress seller which has a reasonable price for shoes and good customer reviews and ask him if he does dropship.

If he does then add that product to your own website by changing the actual price of the product which will be higher than what seller is taking from you.

If anyone through online process place order for that product on your website, then you will pass that order to actual AliExpress seller and ask him to drop that to customer end.

So the margin of the actual and selling price will be your profit and after successful delivery, you are done with your job.

This is called DropShipping and I hope you got an idea about it.

Such sellers are available with AliExpress that is why we call AliExpress DropShipping is among the popular choice of every drop shipper.

Is DropShipping Worth it?

If you ask me, is DropShipping Worth it to give efforts and setup process to make money from home?

Then I must say yes.

Nothing is better than earn money online, if you have an internet connection and know how to use a computer then this is good enough to start AliExpress DropShipping.

If you are concern about, is dropshipping legal?

Then yes, no one can question you for what product you are selling. This is your online store and you can decide the price of the products.

If people value your product then they will buy else will ignore it.

So this is 100% legal and widely used online money making the process by thousands of people.

But there are few potential challenges to have Legal DropShipping business so check here to learn what are those in detail.

The best part of Dropshipping is:

  • You do not require any inventory of the products
  • You can decide your own price of the products
  • It is an online store, so you can grab customers from worldwide.
  • You can set attractive offers to get customers.
  • Full Freedom to do legal business.

I assume that till now you are cleared with below three points

what is DropShipping?

Is dropshipping worth?

Is Dropshipping a legal business to make money by work from home?

I hope you like this money making guide.

This time is to set up or start AliExpress dropshipping business using Shopify.

How to set up AliExpress DropShipping Store

To Setup an AliExpress DropShipping store, you need Ideas and trending products to sell in the market than a place to sell products and an automated process to handle customer queries and auto booking orders.

Let’s start.

Ideas and Niche selection

While you are planning to start an online shop then this is the primary criteria to identify the Niche of your website.

Niche will decide the future growth of your website.

There are various ways to do this, based on your passion, interest, or market trend you can choose anything.

Before jumping into opening an online stores give your time to identify on which niche you should move in.

If you need a Niche Idea then the best part is searching in Google trend and check past 5-year growth of any specific categories.

Let see in the below graph shown in google trend.

I have searched for a Niche call SoundProofing because I know that this time due to lots of noise pollution and many other reasons people are searching for a silent space.

I searched for a keyword SoundProod.

Google trend for Aliexpress dropshipping niche


From the above graphs, it seems like the trend is growing for the past five years so you can have your products which sell around soundproofing.

So you can select products like soundproof curtains, soundproof room decorations item, soundproof window coverage items, etc.

Find such products from AliExpress and sell them to your store.

Looks perfect?

Now the second best part is the search for the category in AliExpress, which can give you more ideas about your interest possible products which you want to sell.

So go to the All  Categories section and you have a list of Ideas visible over that put them in google trends or find a niche based on your interest and you are ready with one.

AliIExpress Categories Ideas

Just for an example you can see on the left-hand side broad niches are given and if you hower each of them then you will have other multiple sub-niches.

Repeat this process, again and again, give your 2 days to decide for the same, and finally, you will have your Ideas, product, or Niche on which you want to start your shop.

If possible try to target micro-niche such as if you want to sell products for a baby girl then instead of going through the baby girl niche, it would be better if you go for Twins baby girl.

This will be uniques and you will be able to make your own brand.

So I hope you are clear with how to find a niche before we start a shop.

So Now this time is to set up an online store that will be accessible all around the globe.

Setup Shopify Online DropShipping Store

To set up an online store you need a place on the internet where you can establish your shop.

To have your content online on the internet you need web hosting and a domain name then a theme that could help you to customize your shop.

Then you would need external plugins to automate your process of an online store such as importing products from AliExpress and customize on your own store.


This is a bit tricky and complicated job. So what if someone can handle all this in simple steps?

Yes to solve your problems Shopify is the best platform for the same.

Shopify in integration with Oberlo can solve your problems to establish an online shop easily.

So will complete the process in three setups start from Shopify online store setup, product review, and import product from AliExpress for DropShipping using Oberlo.

What is Shopify and set up an online store?

Shopify is a platform which specially brought to establish an online dropshipping store.

It is one of the most famous e-commerce store setup online platform.

It will provide you with hosting of your website for free and you can buy a domain from Shopify itself.

It provides a single dashboard to manage your orders, shipping, payment, and tracking of the packages.

It has multiple themes available with Shopify which you can use for your website. Find below a few examples.

Shopify Theme

The best part is all themes are easy to customize and free to use it.

So I hope you got an Idea what is Shopify and how you can use this.

Go to Shopify and here you will get Free 14 days trial, in between these you can set up your store which hardly takes around 3-4 days, and ready your shop for online launch.

To SignUp, Shopify clicks here.

After expiring your Trail period you can opt for any of the premium basic plans 29$/Month which will be good enough for you to start a shop.

Shopify Plans

To try an online store, 14 days will be good enough for you.

After Shopify login, it will ask you to provide a few basic details such as shop name, your name, email address, and a few basic things which you can change later.

Once you landed on Shopify Dashboard, it will help you to avail customize your theme, easy to change products, add plugins to grab more customers by adding discounts and automatic tracking.

Shopify Dashboard

So let say now you have purchased a domain and set up your shop by customizing the theme.

This time is to bring products to your shop. Which you have already decided as part of niche or Idea Selection.

Before dropping Products to shop let’s discuss how to get products from AliExpress which reliable and have the potential to sell.

Find Best Products from AliExpress

The selection of Products from AliExpress should have below criteria to match first.

Customer Review

The products which you will import from AliExpress must have at least a 3-4 star rating and should have around 100+ customer reviews.

Which will give you an idea that how much that product is reliable and what kind of quality products and services offered by Seller?

Product sell quantity

The products which you want to sell could be judge based on currently sold items. The more the product sold in the market means more in demand and good in quality.

So Chose one which has sold around 300+ products, every such product will definitely have good reviews to validate product quality and seller service.

Cost of the products

You are not the buyers, the actual buyers are someone else so chose a product for which you can create a good margin by sell.

This depends or varies on the product you are selling in your shop are high ticket products or low ticket products.

If you are planning to sell any product for 10$ then your actual cost price including shipping should not be more than 5-6$.

This means at least you have enough profit to make this sell.

But this will vary on types of products, in some cases, you can make a good profit of 20$+ in a single product if you are able to sell them.

Let me give you a trick to find out, how much price you should set for the product.

To check the best of the product price, compare your product with Amazon.

On Amazon Check for the same product that how much people are paying on Amazon.

This is easy and simple to get an idea for a new price to set.

I hope you clear with the projected price for the same product on your website.

epacket Shipping service

This is the most critical point you have to check with product shipping services.

AliExpress products are China-based manufacturing products which have low labor cost which makes their product cheaper to sell.

But if you are dropshipping and wanted to deliver product from China to the USA, then it might cost you more than the actual cost price and in some cases around 20$+ for single products.

So it will be hard to drop ship any product or almost no way to sell small price products.

In that case, luckily we have a shipping service call epacket.

Earlier China EMS was the only shipping service available to ship products internationally and was very expensive but increasing worldwide demand new Shipping service call epacket introduced which offers you very low price shipping service close to 1-3$.

Yes, make sure your product size should not be more than 90cm in length width, and height and should not be more than 4.4lbs or 2.2 kg in weight.

So check with every product, if international shipping service is provided with epacket shipping service then it will minimize your overall shipping cost.

AliExpress Pproducts

AliExpress Shipping Services


In the above screenshot, you can see epacket with product image and in available shipping services epacket available for the USA.

Epacket shipping service is available foronlyy for 35 countries.

Hence, this product total cost will close to 3$ and you can make sell for 8-9$.

Make sure to have note with product sell description on your website that shipping time will take around 2-3 weeks to deliver.

If you could have a discussion with the seller before importing products from AliExpress will give you more idea on quality services.

Let say you have a list of products related to the niche which you will add to your store but how?

To solve your problem take help from Oberlo.

Import products using Oberlo

AliExpress Dropshipping requires products to import from AliExpress and put them into your new store.

Oberlo is an e-commerce online store solution to automate auto import, tracking and auto fulfill your orders on AliExpress.

Oberlo is free to use and easy to work with Shopify.

Simply add Oberlo plugins to your Chrome Browser, so whenever you visit any products on AliExpress it will show an option to import your package.

Oberlo Chrome Extention

Find above-shown screenshot which has the name of the extension, add this to chrome browser. Then complete signup your account with Oberlo.

While you are done with that and while searching your products on AliExpress then Oberlo will show an import Icon as shown below.

Oberlo Import


Simply Click that Icon will import those products to Oberlo with product images, description current price of the products, current stock of the products and shipping charges.

Oberlo Pproducts Imports

So This will be your inventory which will be auto-updated based on actual change in stock with the seller.

Is, it amazing?

Yes, you won’t have to hold inventory and need to check stock with the seller again and again. Oberlo will do everything for you.

Now the second job which you have to do is to link Oberlo Inventory with the Shopify shop.

On the Right-Hand side, you can see an option to Connect Shopify Store. Simply click that and link it with your Shopify Store.

So In the future whenever you import products from AliExpress you can change Product description, Shipping prices, Images, and everything and simply hit Import Products will move complete products to your online Shopify Store.

Easy and Simple.

Now let say your shop is ready with Products and if someone has purchased any products from your website then the order will be displayed in Oberlo Order History.

How Do I Start AliExpress DropShipping Business: Exclusive Master Guide

If you will go to manage orders will get all ideas that how much amount you received from buyers and for what products he placed an order.

Now the question is how to fulfill orders on oberlo?

So Simply hit fulfill order will auto navigate to AliExpress and do all the booking such as sender address, recipient address every single detail except Payment to the final products.

So That part you can do manually using the credit card or PayPal or if you want then you can automate that as well.

But make sure to put the final payment process manually, so you can check the filled details correctly.

In such a way after successful booking, you can change the status of Fulfill in Oberlo, so the customer comes to know that his order is now processed.

While doing the booking with AliExpress at the end while you complete payment there in the comment box do mention for the seller that this is DropShipping, so do not include the store address.

So End Customer will think that you have shipped from your own inventory or own-brand shop.

Make sure ideally, every product will take 4-5 days to process, and then shipping started so once the tracking number generated map that tracking number with your products in Shopify and Oberlo which helps you to track the status of products.

Using Oberlo what you can achieve.

  • Import products from AliExpress
  • Manage and track products
  • Fulfill order automatically
  • Manage the inventory of the store.
  • Filter your products using epacket.

Oberlo itself help you to suggest high rating most trending product ideas which you can directly import from Oberlo itself Without moving to AliExpress.

In summary, Oberle works as shown below and you can check this video.

Oberlo Product Delivery

It helps to import product and when you make sell will help you to auto fulfill the order on AliExpress and will track the order till the final delivery of the customer ends.

Learn here a detailed guide about Oberlo Review and What is Oberlo and How does Oberlo Work in detail.

So this time in this money making guide through AliExpress Dropshipping, I can consider that you have understood how this whole process works.

But in between this whole process below are few suggestions to grow your AliExpress DropShipping.

How to Make Sell On Shopify

You have done all the setup and understood how this AliExpress dropshipping works so this time is to make selling on shop and points to care in mind while running an online store.

Imagine, if you can make 10 sales per day with a margin of just 3-4$ will profit around 30-40$ per day hence in the month-end you can have 1000$+ profit.

If you can grow your business through the below techniques then you can make 1000 dollars per day.

So below techniques.

How to Grab Customers 

If someone visits your website should not go without buying anything, so how can you grab customers?

It is possible through a few ways

  • Use Plugins like Spin a Sale – This will offer customers a special discount for providing his or her email address.
  • User scarcity with products – Use plugins which shown that offer is going to be end soon buy the product right now
  • Offer an additional discount for new users by setting up a discount code in Shopify Store and link that with Spin a sale.
  • Provide a Welcome email for the first time visiting the user with an additional Discount Coupon direct to the inbox.
  • In early-stage minimize the overall prize of products including Product and shipping cost.
  • use techniques like making products free and try to earn on Shipping fee or vice versa.
  • Run a special SALE campaign for a specific period of time.

Using Spin a sale you can have a view on the website like this will attract customers to grab additional discounts on purchase.

Spin a wheel

Everyone wants to grab free, so they will provide their email address and you can grow your customer’s list, in such a way there are numerous ways to grab customers and increase sales.

Followup with Already visited customers

If someone has visited your shop that means he has had an interest in the special type of products.

So using Spin a sale you already have the list of the customer’s email addresses on which you can set up an Email follow up.

So Create a special 10% and 20% discount for such products in your store.

Now you can automate an email followup process using the best email marketing tool GetResponse.

You will also get a 30 days free trial of GetResponse in case you want to try the advanced features.

So Plan to have 3 emails, one for the reminder, second for a 10% discount, and third for a 20% discount as a final reminder.

Make sure to trigger email after 24,48 and 72 hours once the customer left your shop respectively.

So it won’t be frustrating for a customer to get a mail-in 3-4 days.

In this way, you can grab your customers back who have already dropped an email with you.

Refund Policy

The refund process will be a headache for the Dropshipping business and as the products shipped from AliExpress can have larger chances of broken items and nondelivery issues.

So in the case of non-delivery of products, you can go through the buyers refund policy of AliExpress and can get back your amount.

But if a customer at his own end wants to replace item or refund then either tell him to send back on the different address or ideally at your address by bearing his own shipping fee.

Or You can ask the customer to have that item with him and ship another product to him with courtesy.

So whatever suites, you can opt for that based on the profit margin you have created through that drop shipping.

This will create a belief of customers in your shop and you can expand your business with loyal customers.

Notify  Customers with New Products

Every time while you have brought new products to your shop then use your customer details which collected previously and start dropping them an email.

Same as we did earlier in three email chains after a specific period of time.

So it will help you to convert your visitors into buyers.

Tracking Products

This is a bit tricky job but various plugins available to help your customers to track the current status of the products that you can integrate with Shopify.

In addition to that if the package is in China then you can trace using China EMS and let say you are delivering in the USA then you can trace that using USPS.

Can also check with AliExpress.

So keep updating customers for the arrival of packages and everything.

Once the order successfully arrived you will get delivery status in Oberlo and  Shopify and you are done with your job and can complete your order status.

Wait for customer feedback and if no issue then you have done with a great job.

This is all about AliExpredd DropShipping and I hope you got a great idea on how you can make 1000$ per day by simply managing the process from your computer.

Promote Your Products

There are various ways to promote products or shop with the target audiences and the best strategy is social media, learn here social media is the future of digital marketing.

To brief about marketing strategy find below.

Setup Facebook Page

While establishing a shop in parallel create a Facebook page for online social media presence, here is a guide on how to set up a Facebook page and learn 17 steps on setting up an effective Facebook fan page.

You can make your audiences confine with your products or niche and simply publish every product on your page will help you to grow your sell.

In addition to that, you can run a Facebook Ads campaign and drive sales to your store.

Instagram Influencer

Try to connect with an Instagram influencer, which has an audience for a specific niche such as Fashion, traveler or anything which relates to your product.

Ask him to publish your product image with a link in bio to navigate back to your site.

Run Ad post on his Instagram group and if everything perfect then you can start making sell because that sell will is targeted sell and you will be able to make money through that.

Other than that you can run an email marketing campaign, Google Adwords Ads can join different Fan page group in Facebook in such a way you can promote your shop and can grab audiences.

Wrap Up on AliExpress DropShipping

If you are a beginner or at the learning stage then I have covered every basic idea which requires drop shipper to start a dropshipping business.

AliExpress due to varieties of products and very less shipping charges through epacket service makes this very easier to deliver products all around the world.

What you need to start a dropshipping business through AliExpress is just a computer and the Internet and rest will be the only process that you are going to manage.

It is among the best money making guide using AliExpress Dropshipping to make 1000 dollars a day by work from home.

To learn more about such business strategy and to grow your website in search engine what you need is Seo techniques which you could find from this Seo Post.

Use digital marketing strategy to grow your business such as running Facebook Ads, Instagram influencer marketing, and email marketing.

This is the end of the ultimate guide on AliExpress dropshipping if you like this then share it with your social friends.

Join our Facebook group and tweeter account to get the latest update.

Keep Reading keep sharing.

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