Amazon customer service marketing strategy (2019)

Amazon Customer Service

Amazon customer service is the best example to understand digital marketing strategy .If you have started startup or looking for your business to grow then amazon customer digital service case study will blow your mind.

Amzon Customer Service

How amazon using social networking sites to grow their business will definitely help you to understand amazon customer care model.

In this article our focus would be to understand how amazon fulfill customer demand and how it provide better customer care services.Amazon is also well known for its Amazing customer support.

Please keep reading Amazon customer care case study and share me your opinion at the end.

Amazon Brief  History

Amazon was started back in year 1995, and earlier it was just a book selling online store but in later stage it started selling gaming CD’s and business grown day by day and made connections with retail stores and currently this is number #2 after Alibaba in overall total sells.

Amazon has started region specific retail websites to deep dive into market and made strong connections with each other and in year 2015 Amazon suppressed Walmart in USA retail market.

Isn’t,  it more interesting,now question is how and answer is hidden in Amazon customer care and digital services.Lets go in detail.

Amazon Customer care

Amazon Customer Support

Amazon believe in solve customer problems before and after the purchase and this value a lot for a thriving customers.Please have in you mind, if you are running a business and looking only one side of selling and not supporting or solving customer issue then how can you grow your business.

Because ,the first customer who has purchased product from your side is having some expectations with you and if you full fill that then you will own him forever.

Ideology of great business:Make smile on someone face then he will definitely turn to you when he look for something.

Lets go through services Amazon offering to its customer.

Amazon toll free number

Around 4.5 billion people across the world or approx 62% population is using mobile phones then why don’t you provide them a simple and non expensive way to connect you and answer for the problem is Toll Free Number.

If you are running a business and in expensive market if you provide toll free number to your customer then he will be very happy to connect with you at any point any time and this will build positive relation with each other.Amazon is having Toll free number to connect with digital community.

Online Tracking

If you will go to any amazon website and logging to user account then you will have package tracking status, that means you could trace live status of your package and even specify pickup or drop location.

Pickup and Drop Location

Amazon customer care service also provide various locations nearby to your residence from where you can either pickup ,hold or drop your package. Isn’t it more flexible and convenient.

Messaging service

This makes you any change status of your package when it got picked ,shipped or delivered.Instant update of your package will be in your palm.

Refund & Return Policy

If looking to return package then option will be available on your package status and raise request to return your package under company policy and in single click new process initiated and you will get hassle free return.

Digital Marketing Strategy of Amazon

Social networking sites play a vital role in current digital world and for this i would suggest you to go through article Social networking sites.Around 2.46 billion people around the world using social media and Amazon is targeting all these people.Lets Understand how.

While you login to amazon account then you provide your email or mobile details and amazon store all of those in its database for analysis purpose,now cases are as below.

Check out successful

In this case you have paid successfully and purchased your package but during this you have given your choice to Amazon and amazon use this choice to advertise you future and when new products matching with your choice comes to Amazon the amazon auto trigger email to your registered email id and around 40% revisit page.

Added to Card but not check out

If this situation Amazon use email marketing strategy to remind you how

  1. First drop reminder email Hey ,You forgot something great and many of you revisit page.
  2. Send reminder after 12 hour by offering discount and better suggestions.
  3. Send Third reminder after 12 hour of second and remind you to expiry of discount offer.

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This amazing strategy always work in every industry and this is what we call email marketing.Will write blog on this how this works.

Facebook,YouTube Marketing

To understand this better head over to article social networking sites :future of digital marketing.

To brief here Amazon do marketing of same package to your social media account and that’s why you saw same product which you have already added in Amazon cart.

Social Network marketing

Summary and My Opinion

I am very impressed with digital marketing and Amazon is using same to provide better Amazon customer service support and use same to grow its market,at the end of case study.

I have given you an idea how amazon followup with customer and retain customer back to website using social networking sites,digital media and digital marketing strategy.If you really like article then go and learn more below article.

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