Top #5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives : Small to High Traffic Website

These days many people are searching for Google Adsense alternatives because of many reasons like either you want to diversify your website earning or maybe some approval issues.

Previously, it was very easy to get Google Adsense approval but now it becomes a tricky job for new website developers to get approved their website for Google Adsense.

If you have faced any issue with the rejection of the Adsense approval like so then either you can try the top 5 best tips to get approval for Adsense.

If still not approved then don’t worry we have more than different alternatives to monetize your website and get earning consistently.

If you are unaware of what is Google Adsense and how does it work then I would advise you to look for an ultimate guide on Google Adsense all you must know.

These guide has listed all possible major Ad networks which are currently been used by the many blogger or website owners and they are making money out of it.

If you want to be in the same list and don’t like to stop your earning then here is all you must know about every single ad network and their conditions of approval.

Before moving forward let me highlights the most reasons for Google Adsense alternatives.

Top 5 Adsense Google Adsense Alternatives

Top Reasons for Google Adsense Alternatives

I met many people and learn from individual queries and came to the certain conclusion that everyone must have a Google Adsense alternatives.

If you have built a network which is constantly growing but not making decent money then you must be ready for some other alternatives from what you are using currently.

Every beginner first focus to make passive income is from Google Adsense because it is full of Ad network and paying a decent amount of money by displaying the ads.

If you don’t know how much money you can make from Adsense then here is all for you to get an idea about Adsense earning possibilities.

Let’s discuss all the major reasons.

  • These days it is very hard to get Adsense approval many new sites got rejected because of many reasons.
  • Due to strict advertising policy for placing ads on your website sometimes even websites not getting Ad impressions.
  • Adsense pay based on RPM which matters a lot if you got clicks but not clicks and only impressions then the CPM is very low in Adsense.
  • Many websites got banned due to inappropriate content or not following the standard guidelines of Google Adsense.
  • If you accidentally click to the Ads displayed on your own website even that cause the ban of Ad displayed on your website.
  • Adsense is full of ads start from 0.01$ to 50$ which in result for some low traffic website not getting efficient revenues due to low CPC ads.

Above all are the major reasons for many which trigger them to look for Adsense alternatives and it is of course right decision to always ready with your backup plans in case of future loss.

I have gone through the different Ad networks and collected the rightful information which really helps you to decide which Ad network you should choose based on website traffic.

List of Top Adsense Alternatives

All listed Adsense alternatives are having their different approval policy so it would be better to look that first before applying the same.

But there are few which is more to concern is your website should not be banned or delisted by the world largest search engine Google.

Make sure your content must be following their user guidelines like to avoid writing about hatters, adult or copyrighted content.

In case of any issue contact their support staff or may comment on us to get help from our worldwide readers.

Meridian by Sovrn Ad Network

Sovrn Ad network is well suits if you are a beginner or just started your website or getting low website traffic.

It works based on CPM (Cost per miles) model where the publisher will get paid based on the number of Ads impressions on his website.

Means more traffic you have more impression you will have and more earning you can make.

If any user will click to those ads in result there won’t be any extra money paid to the creator as I said it is totally paying money for impressions only.

It has no minimum requirement of traffic before to apply for approval but make sure your content must be legit and must follow their standard guidelines.

Sovrn Ad Network for Adsense Alternatives

While comparing the revenue earned from Sovrn for just impressions is far much better than Google Adsense.

The best part is Sovrn allows the publisher to set the minimum price of the Ads to be displayed on your website and it makes sure to display only those Ads which match with that price.

In case Sovrn unable to fill that Ad space it also offers flexibility to display Google Adsense Ads which they call Add Pass.

Means you can integrate your Sovrn account with Google Adsense, so if Sovrn has no add to display which match with your set base price then will take Ad from Google Adsense and fill that Ad space.

Which ensure 100% fill rate and max earning for your website. In addition, it gives advantage for the creator that you will be paid for every visitors visits your site no matter Ad clicks or not.

Payment Method

  • Minimum payment withdrawal of 25$
  • Allow payment withdrawal through bank transfer, PayPal, wire transfer, Check.

Media.Net Contextual Ads with Yahoo! Bing

Media.net is among the top 5 largest Ad tech companies worldwide and the second best Ad network after Google Adsense.

It gives exclusive access to Yahoo, Bing networks and offers high paying Ads as compared to Google Adsense.MediaNet Adsense Alternatives

They offer contextual Ads, Display Ads, Native Ads, Video Ads, etc where their format filters first identify the user intent and then place the ads of user interest which increase CTR.

Media net is more focused on the USA traffic only so to get approved from them will really require decent traffic from the USA.

From the stats given on their Media.net website, their 90% traffic comes from the USA and around 5% from the UK and CA and rest 5% worldwide.

Where they targeting both Mobile and desktop users so it is obvious that you must comply with their conditions to get approved.

Just to let you know that the revenue you earned today will be reflected after 15 days because they do proper analysis and then credit into your account.

Media.net also pays for impressions as well as clicks of the Ads and they have limited users worldwide which in result you will get high RPM as compared to Google Adsense.

I recommend trying this only if you have traffic from the USA else check for the next few suggestions.

Payment Method

  • The minimum threshold payment amount is 100$
  • All Payment withdrawal through PayPal or Wire Transfer


AdThrive is the most recommended Ad network after Google Adsense and Media.Net if you are having a website which has traffic more than 100k Pageviews per month.

They are very well standard and among the top advertising company in the world their customer support is amazing and team working behind making ads experiences is amazing.AdThrive Adsense Alternatives

AdThrive is Google certified publisher partners which analyze your content and daily visitors and share you the best ads placement and optimization ideas to increase Ad revenues.

This Ad network also seeks major traffic from the USA and your website must not be blocked from Google and content must be unique and amazing for audiences.

They optimize your website Ads for you which on average increase revenue by 100-300%, but they just recommend you the changes ultimate decisions will be of yours.

Payment Method

  • The minimum threshold of 25$ for all payment but for wire transfer it’s 100$.
  • They offer withdrawal through PayPal, wire transfer, local bank transfer, etc check for learning more.


Infolink is a global advertiser platform for both publisher and advertisers, their way of integration of Ads with your website is very easy.

They offer varieties of Ads like InFold, InTag, InFrame, and InArticle, etc. They are currently supporting more than 100,000 websites in over 128 countries worldwide.

infolink Ad Network

Infolinks like Google Adsense offers revenue based on views and clicks and they will allow withdrawing payments after 45 days from the end of the month if you crossed their threshold.

There is no pageviews limit or country-specific traffic requirement before applying for approval so small to high traffic all get approval if they have unique content.

Info link also offers a referral program for adding new publisher and you will get around 10% of their revenue for the next 12 months.

Infolink also has its own Infolink in3 which is an intent intelligent system which optimizes your keyword for the specific ads and increases the publisher revenue.

It is very easy to install on your website simply SignUp here and follow one simple step of copy the tag to your blogger website.

If you have a WordPress website then download their plugin and install to your WordPress plugins list

Your Website will be in review and you will get a confirmation in 2 business days if you got approved.

Payment Method

  • They allow withdrawing after you reached the threshold of 50$
  • They offer withdrawal in your PayPal, Bank Transfer,eCheck and ACH, etc, you can check all detail from the FAQ page.

Amazon Associate Program

This is the best part which you can integrate with any Ad network as it is not like traditional Ad network but is more than that the best way to make money online.

Amazon Affiliate gives money to their publishers for driving traffic to the Amazon website. You can get in between 4-12% commission for every product bought from your affiliate link.Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

You can write a product review on your website and for purchase guide, you can ask them to check out on Amazon by providing your Amazon affiliate link in the post itself.

If the user visits Amazon through that link and places any purchase order no matter what product he buys you will get a commission for the same.

Imagine how you can combine both Adsense and Amazon and make immense money from the same content.

It works in simple rule the more purchase order you generate for Amazon the more money you can make.

To get Approval from Amazon associate is not that much difficult, you just need a decent website and in the next 48 hour, you will get approval email with associate ID.

Make sure after getting the approval you must have to make at least 1 sell in first 180 days else your account will be deactivated and you need to reapply back.

If you want to make more money from Affiliate marketing on varieties of other products then the best way is to start with CJ Affiliate they offer more commission as compared to Amazon.

To clarify your doubt that each country has its separate amazon affiliate associate account which means you need to register at least for those countries for which you are getting high traffic.

Payment Method

  • No Threshold for payment withdrawal.
  • Your payment will release after 60 days of your sell because there may be chances that buyers can return the product.
  • It offers payment transfer through bank account and PayPal etc.

My View on Adsense Alternatives

This guide has highlighted only the top 5 best ways which really had a well-proven record for an alternative of Google Adsense.

There are few others which provide Popup Ads and overlay ads but those are not effective for your authoritative blogs those suits well if you are making some movie download websites.

If your traffic is above 100k Pageviews per month then I advise going for AdThrive one of the best Ad networks which will optimize your website based on traffic and user interactions.

Media.net is hard to get approval but you can get easy approval for infolink which also offer money for both impressions and Ads clicks so it is worth looking for low traffic website.

The earning you can make only if you can drive more traffic to your website is willing to learn the top 5 factors on how to rank website here is all you should learn the top 5 effective ways.

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