10+ Best WordPress plugins : Every Professional or Beginner must Install

WordPress is the most famous content management tools because it is free and supported by multiple plugins which makes your writing experience best. This guide is to help you to share the best WordPress plugins everyone needs for WordPress Blog.

Everyone struggling with finding the right plugins of WordPress and by comparing with others they do the installation of such plugins which are not worth to use.

Best WordPress plugins

Unnecessarily installation of plugins can slow down your website speed.

Missing plugins with WordPress can lack you to get additional advantages which WordPress is offering.

Plugins help you to minimize your manual efforts and improve your performance of blogging.

It helps to overcome some manual efforts by automizing them using plugins.

This time blogging is not only mean to write it is all about speed, quality and ability to compete.

For beginner here is 7 steps guide on creating Successful Blog. Thought this might help you in addition to WordPress best plugins.

So no worry, in this guide I will share you 10+ best WordPress plugins for new sites or old sites which every WordPress Blogger should install.

Best WordPress Plugins

Before explaining every individual plugin, I assure you that these are all tested and free to use do not purchase a premium plan for any of these plugins.

Every plugins free plan is good enough to help your blog safe secure and consistent growth.

The best part is, all detailed explained plugins will be from a variety of usage such as security, SEO, backup, customization, daily stats view so all around problems will be solved happily.

Let’s deep dive in each of these plugins.

1- Akismet- Anti Spam

Akismet Best WordPress plugins

This time cybersecurity is an important concern for your online website. Every time hackers are trying to jump into your website and try to modify things according to their requirements.

Sometimes it blocks your website too.

WordPress website is a self-hosted user owned website where security is the primary concern and you are the only one owner of the website responsible for the security of the website.

Multiple people are running auto bots to log in your website and try to create backlinks either by commenting or modifying your blog content.

These are all known as a spammer.

To avoid such spammy activities Akismet-Anti Spam is the best plugins.

Simply add to your WordPress plugin list and you can take a relaxing nap and no one can breach your website at any cost.

The best part is Akismet Plugin is free to install and even its free version is good enough to secure your website.

Its main idea is to prevent any Spam comment to be added in your database and secure your website from malware.

This is number one for the privacy feature among the best WordPress plugins and recommended to have installed with WordPress website.

2- JetPack by WordPress

JetPack WordPress Best Plugins

Here what we discuss about is WordPress .org not WordPress.com.

WordPress.com is a free blogging platform and has some advanced features as it is hosted on WordPress own platform.

WordPress.Org is what you are using, which is a self-hosted blogging platform. This has limitations and every feature should be brought by users by installing required plugins.

But JetPack will help you to bring cloud hosted WordPress.com features to your self hosted Blogging platform.

This will give additional features like

  • Increase website speed
  • Help you to automate sharing your newly published post on social media.
  • You can notify readers by providing their email list with JetPack.
  • Increase privacy and security of Blog.

The best advantage is WordPress.com social media auto-sharing options.

Whenever you publish any new posts and if Jetpack is configured for social sharing such as Facebook,google+, twitter, Tumblr etc.

While you hit publish the same post will be auto share on all connected social media profile.

It is amazing and widely used plugins which reduce much of your efforts and this is our number 2 Best WordPress Plugins.

3-Advance editor Tool (TinyMCE advance)

TinyMCE Best WordPress Plugins

If you have done the installation of WordPress then default your text editor will have limited options for fonts, alignment the addition of images etc.

Default WordPress has blocks to write which has font size limited to two options like normal and large.

Even addition of images will be a quite complex job in some cases you would have to edit HTML code.

To add more variety of fonts or change in font family in WordPress editor and various others feature, do install TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

This plugin will give you a neat and clean like MS Word document edit box.

You can change the font size easily and will make your writing experience easy and simple.

This is for Editor changes and number 3 among the best WordPress plugins.

4- W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache WordPress Best Plugins

Every website on the internet world is competing with each other to get space among Top 10 ranking pages.

The concern will be always on for every website builder to improve page loading speed.

So the best solution is the caching, it will help to store caches for the casual visitor to your website.

This will minimize routing time to send a request by the user to your hosted server and response them back.

W3 Total cache will store all the page details to the user browser so next time if he visits the same page again instead of sending the request to the server it pulls data from the cache.

In such a way load to the hosted server will get minimize and your website speed get increase but makes sure in ideal case you should buy good hosting service, learn here which one is the best hosting service and why it is recommended by WordPress.

It has various other features which minimize CSS and HTML to improve website speed.

Now we have completed with number 4 caching plugin among the best WordPress Plugins.

5- UpDraftPlus – Backup/Restore

UpDraft WordPress Best Plugins

You are driving your website on WordPress, not on Blogger, so everything depends on you how you manage your website.

You are on a self-hosted server which increases the risk of failure and you can not blame anyone.

So the prime part is back up, how to take backup of your Website.

Your concern can be resolved by the addition of plugin call UpDraft, I am using this plugin for a long time and this is brilliant.

Use the only free feature of plugins which gives you backup for all your plugins, post, database and others.

You can save this to your Google drive or personal hardware.

Free plugins will give you the facility to take backup manually so specify your time and do click for backup, in just 2-minute max you will get all your backup.

Easy to use and simple plugins for the best feature.

This is number 5 among the best WordPress plugins.

6- Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo Best WordPress Plugins

This time competition lies in SEO, yes every page must be search engine optimization friendly.

This will create an additional benefit for your post to top rank in google.

People are sharing a checklist to create On-Page or Of-Page SEO, which require manual mapping what you have done is correct or not.

But the best part of Yoast Seo is helping you to check all those lists while you creating content.

Provide your target keyword in Focus keyword and do write your content.

It checks all points with your written content and does notify you if any corrections required with interlink, outside link, target keyword density.

Excerpt of the blog, title, tag, description everything which is required to optimize your page for the Search engine and On-Page Seo.

So this is the most important number 6 plugin for Best WordPress plugins list and every blogger must install this to their WordPress.

7- Smush

Smush WordPress Plugin

Every post includes images to make user engagement lot higher, but the addition of excess or minimal images can increase page load size.

So optimization of images is the most important part of any website loading speed.

If you want to add an image and for so, you optimize them using external applications can take lot much of your efforts.

So Smush is an easy and simple plugin, which required one-page setup and it will auto optimize your images to the most feasible image size without dealing with image quality.

Every time it will show you a number of images require to optimize simply hit bulk smush and you are done.

So this helps you to reduce website load time and optimizing image sizes.

This is number 7 plugin in best WordPress plugins list.

8- Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter Best wordPress Plugin

If your aim is to run Google Adsense on your blog then your headache is to insert Google Ads code to blog various locations such as the middle of content, sidebar, specific paragraph locations and many more.

So this will make your job tricky to insert ads at various locations manually.

What if you have one tool which does everything for you?

Yes, Ad Inserter is the best plugin which I am using to manage Google Adsense ads to my complete website.

Simply enter your ad code and specified a location such as a sidebar, top, paragraph 1—n and bottom etc and rest this plugin will take care by an auto setup of Ads.

In future want’s to change Ad’s code, simply does changes with Ad code in Ad-Inserter only and you are done.

So this is number 8 plugins to manage Ads among Best WordPress plugins.

9- Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker WordPress Best Plugin

This is the usual issue faced with beginner and well-established websites.

Let say as a beginner you have published one post and linked this post with one of another post.

Now in future based on your learning there might be the cases that you can remove that post or you will change your URL.

Or let say, you have linked with external pages and that page has been removed.

So all in above possible cases you are linked with a page which has 404 response and this sends user and search engine bad signal with the identity of your website.

So the best part is to overcome such to happen.

So Broken link checker is a plugin which helps you to identify all the broken links available on your complete website.

So simply identify them using this plugin and correct them manually by editing or replacing broken links.

No need to search every post manually, simply install this plugin will bring you the complete lists of Broken links.

This is plugin number 9 among the best WordPress Plugins.

10- Redirection

Redirection plugin for WordPress

This happens while you are changing your URL in the future.

Let say you have changed your webpage URL for any reason such as the merger with other pages or deleted old pages and added that content to your new page.

So in each of these cases, you don’t want to lose what you have gained especially backlinks or link juice with that old page.

So redirection plugin will ask you to provide source and Destination URL.

Source URL will be your old post URL and Destination will be a new post to which you want to land your old post traffic.

In such a way your created backlinks at various pages will not send 404 response instead they will reroute to new pages.

This maintains your website ranking and website traffic too and link juice will remain the same.

I found this is number 10 among best WordPress plugins.

11-Easy Table of Contents

10+ Best WordPress plugins : Every Professional or Beginner must Install

Let say you are writing a very long content in that case use might want to scape some specific sections of your post.

So Table of Content will help you to create the table of content especially before the first heading of the post.

It should be the formal practice of every blog writer that user who lands to your website might be a beginner or already running a website.

In such cases, few of your content might user not want to read or looking for specific information.

So the table of content can help them to jump on to the required topic.

But make sure it displays the only title.

Easy to install and single page setup plugin.

This is number 11 among the best WordPress plugins.

12- Google Analytics Dashboard


Ideally, everyone heads over to Google Analytics to view the total number of pages viewed on the day, week or month basis.

But what if this is possible in your WordPress dashboard itself.

Yes do install plugin call Google Analytics which will show an icon of bar chart parallel to your blog and you can track your daily views individually.

To learn the complete graph, head over to the WordPress dashboard and check the Google analytics dashboard.

Every single detail will display over there but to get more detail overview you can check on Google analytics.

I found this a little to no use because ultimately you need detail info which you can get from Google Analytics only.

This is the end of Best WordPress plugins which every WordPress users should install in their systems.

But before to end I would like to give additional tips on Cloudflare


10+ Best WordPress plugins : Every Professional or Beginner must Install

We have already put some additional security to the blog by inserting Jetpack and Akismet plugins.

But it is advisable to route your traffic from CloudFlare which will filter all your incoming traffic with the additional security check.

This is the most recommended and every blogger use.

Every request comes to your website will first pass to CloudFlare it will be checked and verify then route to your hosted server and the user will get the response back.

So make sure to connect with CloudFlare and it is compatible with W3 Total Cache.so You all in one package for improving, security and web speed will be completely free.

The bottom line of Best WordPress Plugins

Never jump on every plugin suggested by others and do install them, always found the best which is really required to solve your problem.

What are suggested plugins will solve all your problems to make a successful blog and you can more focus on building strong content instead of finding plugins.

Every plugin is free to use and do not purchase any premium plan.

Everytime route your website to CloudFlare for additional security which is also free to use.

This Best WordPress plugins list has covered plugins which secure your website, improve the performance of the website, build automatic process and all that you are expecting to have with WordPress.

This is my must have free WordPress best plugins which expecting to install by every beginner

What do you say about my finding of best free WordPress Plugins?

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