Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction (2019) : Will it hit 1000$ ?

Bitcoin Cash is the most sought currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum and securing number 4 position in CoinmarketCap for Market Capitalization and I know you are concerned with Bitcoin Cash price prediction in 2019.

Currently, Bitcoin Cash is traded close to 160-170$ and everyone is hoping to get fly same as 2017. So here in this article, we will discuss what is the future growth possibility of Bitcoin Cash.

BitCoin Cash Price Prediction

If we will go through the history of Bitcoin Cash then we have seen the large spike in the year 2017 when its price increased from 300$ to 3000$ in just November month.

Bitcoin Cash CoinMarketCap
Source – CoinMarketCap

But we all witnessed the drop in price due to rumors by few central governments on strict action to Cryptocurrency trading.

After all, Cryptocurrency is well known as bubble currency because it’s price up and down based on market belief as no central authority controlling to this.

Here in this guide, I will share the various stats gathered from different sources which will help us to understand or give us an idea on Bitcoin price prediction for 2019.

So before going in depth and do Bitcoin cash price prediction, let me share you brief about Bitcoin Cash. What is Bitcoin Cash?

What is Bitcoin Cash

It was created in the year 2017 to overcome problems of Bitcoin. Till 2017 Bitcoin become the most popular Cryptocurrency and it seems like few changes required to make Bitcoin very easier.

So a hard fork was happened, now what is Hard Fork?

It was very difficult to change existing Blockchain network of Bitcoin so developers have decided to create separate Blockchain from existing Bitcoin Blockchain.

They have done one major change is to improve Block size so Scalability of Bitcoin got improved and transaction fee reduced.

Everyone, who hold Bitcoin, got an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in reward. So this is called Hard Fork and how Bitcoin Cash created.

Here is Difference of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin(BTC) vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash

Now Move on to the Price change of Bitcoin Cash and later on will discuss Bitcoin cash price prediction for 2019.

Price History of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was originated in the year 2017 and people were to get the best result out of it and they started investing in it.

So from below history chart, you can see

BCH Price Chart

It was listed on CoinMarketCap around the end of August and price reported was 500 $ and at the end of Nov it reached to 3000$ then we witnessed price drop and currency around 160-170 dollar.

In Nov 2017, it was tried to have new hard-fork but was unsuccessful which gave people confidence to invest in Bitcoin cash, after all, it was the only solution of Bitcoin less transaction speed.

Competition in Market

As we all know other than Bitcoin Cash there is around 2000+ cryptocurrency competing in the market.

But Bitcoin Cash came out from Bitcoin and it seems like a replica of Bitcoin with little improvement makes it stronger than other.

Here are few competition such as

Bitcoin – It is ultimately mother of Cryptocurrency, investors will always think first about Bitcoin instead of Bitcoin Cash

Ethereum – Open source smart contract based the first cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Litecoin – Open Source Scrypt algorithm based Cryptocurrency with improved transaction clearance speed.

Dash Coin – It is privacy based anonymous cryptocurrency

Ripple- Having the capacity to clear 10,000 transactions per second and most favorite for banking institute.

NEO – It is same as Ethereum and China-based cryptocurrency widely accepted worldwide because of smart economy vision.

All the above competitor are the favorite choice of investors because of less time of block and easier mining.

So by considering above cryptocurrency, it seems to be ta ough market for Bitcoin cash to beat them.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

It is not easy to predict the rice of any currency and specially Cryptocurrency as it has very huge uncertainty.

But here we will try to collect few stats or expert review on possible growth of Bitcoin Cash.

A website called Cointelegraph has daily price analysis post on Bitcoin cash, it would be great if you put your eye on it so can get the weekly trend in up and down of price.

If we for words of Bitcoin first investor Roger ver, he is quite optimistic about the growth of Bitcoin Cash.

Let’s have a look what sources say,

  1. The source like Trading bests claimed, the rice of Bitcoin cash could reach up to  600$ by the end of 2019
  2. The small but reliable source like Smartereum claims the next five years projected price of Bitcoin cash could be 10,000$
  3. Another source like Long forecast claims expected the rice of Bitcoin cash by end of 2019 would be 70$

So we have seen that no one is certain with the rice of Bitcoin cash.

If a single government regulation came into place can change the wave of the market.

Here the best source of information will be weekly update by Cointelegraph they are dedicated to cryptocurrency and join their Tweeter or new letter to get daily updates.

Every cryptocurrency is correlated with Bitcoin if there is any strict policy made for Bitcoin will ruin all Crypto market.

After analyzing various views and checking the price graph of past 1 year of Bitcoin cash.

we are sure that to increase in Bitcoin price require some formal positive communication from any central authority.

If this happens than price will shoot else it will touch to further ground same as what we have seen in 2018.

Currently around 32 million blockchains active wallet in the world, so it would depend on the belief of these many people where the price of Bitcoin cash will go?

Summary and Conclusion

Do not blindly believe on anyone Bitcoin price prediction and invest in Bitcoin cash, as cryptocurrency market is uncertain and mostly it runs on people believe.

Now if you are looking for how much investment than my advice is to diversify your investment in other Cryptocurrency to get valuable results.

As it well said.

Never put your all eggs in single basket

So, do research on various another cryptocurrency, here is a list which is finding for our best-suggested Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019.

Read – Top 10 best Cryptocurrency for 2019 Investment

By the end, one thing put in your mind that Bitcoin cash has a large competitor in the market and way ahead of Bitcoin Cash.

If you feel that Bitcoin cash can beat because it is a part of Bitcoin than I thing your mindset is bit different.

Instead of this does focus on the coin like Ethereum, Litecoin which are actively accepted by the huge community.

Because, if I will give you choice in between Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash.

Definitely, you will choose Bitcoin then move to next Ethereum.

If your plan is to invest in Bitcoin cash than check this guide which helps you to mine Bitcoin cash which is a free way to generate Bitcoin cash.

I hope you like Bitcoin Cash Price prediction analysis and share me your opinion on same.

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