Free tool to find 1000+ High DA Blog commenting sites

If you are a blogger or an amazing content writer but definitely you are looking for blog commenting sites, am I right?

Yes, of course.

Because everyone knows, creating good content and building good article and doing On-page Seo is not good enough to bring traffic to your website.

Free tool to find 1000+ High DA Blog commenting sites

The important and most key factor is Off-page SEO.

While it comes to Off-page SEO than only one thing will come in your mind is a backlink.

Anyways, I hope you know what is backlink? If not then learn here from our detailed blog on What is Backlink and Free tool to check backlinks.

Doing Off-page SEO is not that much simple because previously it was easier to build backlink form any website but this time due to lot many spam other blog websites not accepting your comments.

So, the big challenge is how to find such blog pages which have high domain authority or page authority and accepts comment?

So in this article, I will introduce you with one special tool which will help you to find such spaces on this large web world.

Well, do you know how Blog is different than a website?

Read – The difference between Blog and website

Before going into that tool, let me tell you the importance of Blog commenting and how to comment on such blogs.

Importance of Blog Commenting sites

It is always important to do off-page SEO and getting backlinks from the various website is the only way to do Off-page SEO.

Now, here the question is how to get backlinks from any website?

Here are a few ways to get backlinks

  • Through commenting on another website
  • Through guest posting on another website
  • sharing or submitting an article to web directories

Above three are the most legit and best way to get backlinks.

What backlink does?

Backlink always passes Link juice to your website, it tells Google that there is another website which has some quality content and you will get authority for that reference from another website.

In a similar way, here we will discuss commenting.

You have to go to such high authoritative websites and share your comment on its comment box by sharing your website link or any specific webpage link.

Now in future whenever Google will crawl that page on which you have posted your comment through that link, it will come to your website and this gives a positive signal.

In such a way an authority will be pass to your website.

I hope, you understand the importance of blog commenting.

Now let’s move on.

How to Comment on the website for Backlinks

We are now well aware with Google, how smart it is and sometimes I feel it is very hard to hide your wrong things with Google.

So always make sure to analyze first, what you are going to do and commenting to any website is the most important thing to be considered.

But why?

It is because of spam or nonauthoritative website, always find few most and high traffic authoritative website and try to comment on it.

Look for quality backlinks instead of quantity

This actually passes the real value to your blog. Here are few ways to do so depend on comment accepting websites.

Few websites provide edit box to enter your website and others not so how to create?

For a website which has edit box to enter the website, simply provide your name, email address and URL in the website edit box and in comment box provide at least 50 words comment and always try to ask question after reading the post.

It will 100% works and more valuable.

Usually, your comment will go for author approval and if approve than will publish on the website.

Blog commenting


Now move on to another website which has no edit box to enter your URL.

In such cases, do not copy-paste your link in edit box instead use below code and paste in the comment box.

It will create an anchor link for your keyword.

<a href=”Provide your URL”>KeyWord</a>

Let me show you how you should provide such comment

Hey  Kirtish,

Thanks for sharing such helpful content.I have added new kit in my knowledge dictionary.

Though you explained about [topic],could you please help us to know what [Next topic]?

I am eager to know <a href=”https://www.mrvyasidea.com/check-backlinks-of-website.html” >About Backlink</a>

After posting this comment, it will look like this and here you will have “About Backlink” as anchor text.

Create Backlinlk

This comment looks professional and asking query to the admin of the blog and the chances of getting approved will be high.

I hope, till now you are good on how to comment and before looking for blog commenting website question is to which website?

Let’s move on next.

How to check DA or PA of website

Till know, we discussed what is the importance of commenting on the blog and how to comment.

Now the concern is how to check Domain or page authority of that website.

The solution is easy and simple,

Domain authority is not introduced by Google it was a factor developed by Moz, it is a third party company building search engine optimization tool.

But it takes all over the factors currently associated with the website and shares a number in between 0-100, higher will be more authoritative.

This factor makes sense for all of us and the crazy thing is, it is completely free.

Simply, go to Google Chrome and type Moz bar extension , do install chrome plugin and add to your browser.

MozBar Extention

Once got installed do sign up and you are ready.

After installing plugin whenever you search for any website in google chrome a Moz bar will display with number DA.

It has premium feature too but you can use the free one that is good enough to find DA.

MozBar Extention

Now I assume that you well understood all the tactics and blog commenting guidelines.

Now real come to the point how to get blog commenting sites which have high DA and accept commenting?

[bctt tweet="Free Tool to Find 1000+ Blog commenting websites"]

How to find Blog commenting sites

If you will browse on Google than there are a different way’s to search on Google and to find blog commenting sites will be quite hectic and frustrating.

So here is a tool which will does all for you.

This is completely free , Name of the tool is DropMyLink.

Drop My Link

How to use tool to find the website which accepts comment on the blog.

Do signup Drop My Link

It will display search boxes as shown below.

Drop My Link Search

Do not change any top-level setting such as Any Time, 10 Results and Any TLD.

It will return up to 10 results with any domain including .edu,.com,.info,.gov etc which are blog commenting sites and happily accepts your comment.

Provide your keyword in the search box

In the category, you have an option to chose which website you would like to pull.

Category of Drop My Link

Here you can choose “comment backlinks”, so it will pull all website which provides backlink by commenting, similarly you can get the guest post as well.

Now choose Footprint,

Foot Print of Drop My Link

Here you can choose, Do-follow Comments or Comment Luv Premium.

Comment Luv website will be those who attract people to comment on their website and in return you will get do follow comment.

So by setting up all, simply hit search.

Commenting blog Website

It will navigate to the Google home page with the list of website and now with the combination of Moz bar, you can sort of website which accepts the comment.

Blog commenting sites

This is simple and easy to find. Now go to each website and do comment the way you have learned earlier.

This ultimate tool is the question for your answer on how to find high DA-PA Website to get backlinks or website which are blog commenting sites.

Now, do you think will Commenting on the blog will work to get high DA of your website?

Is Comment Backlink helps to Rank

Well, the answer is yes and no.

If you will find out the website which allows you to comment on and having the high authority of more than 40+ will always help you to get benefit out of it.

If you will write legit and detail comment and share your feedback on the possible suggestion to that specific blog will give you the chance to get more traffic from people who are looking for such a topic.

So, always work for quality, not for quantity.

Here are two types of backlink, Do follow and No Follow.

The balance should be around 80:20, so check this first on the commenting website whether they providing do-follow or No follow Backlink, learn here for more.

Conclusion and Bottom of the story

The backlink is a prime factor for  Off-page SEO, so always care about quality backlinks.

Here in this post, we have learned about the free tool which helps you to find out the best place to drop your link.

Comment backlinks. these days are not much effective but here are few ways to get high authority link building strategies so make sure to check those out.

Read7 Step Guide on how to start a successful Blog.

Forgot all other Techniques, this is the best and most reliable way to find Blog commenting sites using this tool.


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