Blogger Vs WordPress : Uncovering the 10 hidden Secrets

Every person before the start of his blogging journey stuck to one question to find out the answer on Blogger vs WordPress which one is the best?

I will help you to answer which platform is the best and why you should choose one to start.

Because the beginning of any journey is very important and the selection of a specific platform is the most important.

Here I will share each and every aspect of Blogger vs WordPress.

Let us discuss first WordPress and Blogger then will share 10 points to differentiate Blogger vs WordPress.

What is Blogger?

Blogger was started back in the year 1999 and later in the year 2003, it was acquired by Google.

So this is currently a Google-owned free blogging platform.

I mean to say Blogger Meaning Free Blogging.

It is one of the easiest platforms to start as a beginner.

To create an account with Blogger, you need a Google account or Gmail ID.

Every blogger will get free hosting and a free domain “.blogspot.com” for multiple landed websites.

Blogger Home Page

Your content will be hosted on Google server so security, web speed everything is handled by Google only.

Simply sign up Blogger

You will land on the home page of Blogger, where it will ask you.

  • Title – Will be the name of your Blog
  • Addresses – Will be Domain name of your blog with free extension .blogspot.com
  • Choose any free Theme

Blogger New Blog

Hit create Blog and you are done. It will be displayed as below and click to the new Post and start writing.

Blogger -First Post

It is easy and simple, I hope you got an idea on what is Blogger.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was started back in the year 2003 parallel to blogger.

Same as Blogger, WordPress is an Open Source and easy to use content management tool.

It has a disadvantage of not providing free hosting or domain, so you would need to buy the same.

WordPress is not owned by any company, it is a community or project team that is sharing new releases.

And if you want then you can join that community to share your ideas with WordPress.

It has a free and premium plugins library which makes your blogging and reader experiences way better than Blogger.

Will discuss all this in Blogger vs WordPress Differences.

Well, WordPress is of two types

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

WorPress.com is a free platform like Blogger, which provides you with free hosting and domain, but to get the advantage of like WordPress.org you have to subscribe to their monthly pricing plan.

So around the globe, almost every content writer uses WordPress.or to start their blogging journey, and according to a study done by W3techs, more than 63%  of total digital marketers are using WordPress.

So here everything that I discuss will be about WordPress.org only.

To start with WordPress, you should need to have a hosting account and domain name, and here is the guide on how to open a hosting account where the domain will be free.

If still willing to learn this from scratch then must watch the complete video guide.

Once you have done the setup with hosting, WordPress will be installed on that and you will be on the Text editor to start writing your post.

WordPress also offers free Theme the same as Blogger, you can choose one the best of your choice otherwise it is highly recommended to use the theme GeneratePress.


This is a simple editor and easy to write content. If you want to start a blogging journey, here is an ultimate guide.

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I hope you got an overview of what is Blogger and WordPress.

Now let me differentiate both on various facts.

Blogger Vs WordPress Which One is Best

Will try to explain 10 individual features to identify the potential differences between Blogger and WordPress. So in the end, you will be ready to land on one.

Before heading forward I would like to clarify that all the comparisons are based on the advantages and disadvantages.

Ownership of the Blog

Blogger is owned by Google, so Google has the authority to shut down at any point in time.

You won’t make their decision alter for your own cause, as it is the sole property of Google and you have to follow Blogger guidelines.

Your every single data will be stored on Google Server.


On the other side, WordPress is an open-source software which is not owned by a company, so free to use and easy to alter content management system.

Here you will be responsible to maintain content as all data will be stored on your own purchased hosting.

WordPress gives you overall freedom to play with your own property, however, Blogger is something where someone has allowed you to play around their conditions.

So in terms of ownership WordPress won the battle over Blogger.

Security/Vulnerability of Website

Having an account with Blogger will give you the freedom to think about security issues.

Because your website will be hosted on the Google server which is one of the most secure platforms in the world.


But if you have your website on WordPress then you will be responsible for security, why?

Because you bought hosting and all your site content is on that third party company website.

But various plugins such as Akismet Anti-spam and Cloudflare available in the WordPress library for free which will ensure the security of the website is up to the point.

Such as Akismet provides you security from Spam comments and log in and similarly, UpDraftPlus will give you the advantage to take free website backup.

So both seem pretty good in terms of security but obviously the true winner is Blogger over WordPress.

Theme and Website Customization

While setting up your first blog with Blogger, the free theme will be available in the Blogger library but it has certain limitations with advanced features.

Theme-play an important role with website optimization such as mobile and desktop-friendly and it impacts your website speed performance so this is where Blogger lacks.

But you can make the installation of a third-party theme for better user experience such as download from the Sora template.

WordPress is amazing, it has numerous themes for each type of blogging you want to start and the best part is all are free and easy to use.

You will have plenty of choices for free themes and can purchase a premium theme as this blog is using theme GeneratePress, but you will also get the free versions of the same theme in the WordPress library.

You will have an option to find out the best for the mobile or desktop-friendly theme.

Check for WordPress.org theme.

WordPress Theme


So once again in the battle of Blogger vs WordPress, seems WordPress is taking the one more lead.

4 – Hosting and Domain

What if someone will give you free space to live, yes that is the case with Blogger.

You will get Free unlimited hosting with blogger and a domain with  “.blogspoot.com” will be allocated to your website.

Isn’t it amazing and ideally everyone who is not willing to invest anything head over to a blogger just because of these two reasons.

But, it doesn’t worth having a blogspot.com domain, why?

Let me know which site you would like to read first mrvyasidea.com or mrvyasidea.blogspot.com, obviously the first one.

So you ultimately need to purchase a domain name, and the best place to buy a domain name is NameCheap

So the best part with Blogger is unlimited hosting, to handle unlimited traffic and as much content as you want to publish.

On another side, WordPress will not give you any hosting or Domain for free.

You have to purchase hosting and if you go through the below link, you can get more then 60% OFF in the first purchase of hosting account and will get a 1-year domain for Free.

Click here to Activate the Bluehost Deal

Amazing, isn’t it?

Blogger Vs WordPress : Uncovering the 10 hidden Secrets

WordPress only asks you to purchase hosting, rest is not needed so why can’t you take advantage of WordPress by just investing couple of bucks.

Purchase a hosting account will cost you some money that’s why people say to start blogging will require money.

Other than this, you will enjoy everything for free so if take hosting as a point of consideration so this time Blogger is winning the match.

Support and Issue resolution

Blogger has not that much wide community worldwide and that is the reason you will suffer if facing basic issues and most of the solution you can get from YouTube videos only.

Ideally, it is recommended to take the backup of your Blogger blog all data on a daily basis to prevent any such bad things happen.

Blogger Vs WordPress Support

However, WordPress has a very big community and a large number of forums such as WordPress.org  Forum discussing every day about WordPress issues and solutions.

So in a minute after typing a single query in Google, you will get the solution for your problem.

Even the few companies provide some premium services to support your WordPress blog.

It has a variety of online guides, videos, and supports available to solve your problems.

Plugins to Automate things 

This time writing a post is not good enough, what you need is to properly optimize and share the best content than your competitor.

That is possible using plugins only.

Blogger does not provide a single plugin to help your blog grow, this feels you sad and gives you the reason to stay away from Blogger.

WordPress is a big ocean of Plugin, where you can get Seo, theme, security, social media share, daily view status check, and many more unlimited plugins for Free.

Plugins make your hectic job of writing posts and adding various features very easily.

Simply set the plugin to do everything automatically and you can save your time, efforts and utilize them on other things.

Free Plugins for WordPress

I am using my top 10 favorite plugins check here, which gives me an easy way to pave my path to success.

So plugin only is more than enough to beat Blogger as it does almost everything that a blog owner needs even when he is sleeping.

Portability of Website Contents

Technology is changing day by day and you and I are not certain when we require to change with an existing job.

If you are holding your account with Blogger will bring you more challenges to shift your complete data on another platform, there might be the case that you can lose your search engine ranking, subscriber, or many more things.

Blogger content will be saved on the Google server, so it will be an only satisfactory point for you.

WordPress Portable

WordPress is your own house, where you can decide at any point in time that you want to shift and you can do this easily.

Let say, you want to change hosting service than other hosting provider company will be ready to take care of all your migrations.

I recently did migration of mrvyasidea from Bluehost to A2 hosting.

The best part is you won’t lose what you have gained to date.

WordPress has numerous plugins to help your redirection issues in case you want to change your URL in the future.

That is amazing, but in Blogger to change anything will require 100 questions to answer and a few things to deal with.

Auto Promotion or Sharing of Blog Post

This time Off-Page Seo is the crucial factor to drive traffic on your website.

The most prominent source which you can push traffic to your article is Social media.

Blogger has no such feature to share your post automatically to social media account.

It requires your manual approach to submit this to various social media platforms on a timely basis but unfortunately, this makes you bored and requires great efforts.

WordPress has free plugins, which help you to automate this process, they will also help you to report on the same platform for a scheduled time.

Simply, hit your publish button and rest all these plugins will take care and you can trace daily engagement through those tools as well.

Quite effective, so WordPress automated process you cannot beat using Blogger manual process. Well, now we are close to the end of the battle between WordPress vs Blogger.

Backup and Abrupt loss.

Imagine, what if you have coincidently done any mistake with a blog or blogger itself banned you to access your website due to a violation of user guidelines.

You are finished and lost what you achieved to date.

So you require to create a backup on a daily basis and make sure you won’t violate user guidelines.

In the case of Blogger, you have to take backup manually every day but WordPress is your own kingdom, you can make your own rule, it has the facility to install plugins which do the backup on scheduled time.

You can use UpDraft plus for free backup of WordPress blog.

You can take your own decision to frame your website and no one can question you for that.

But do not avoid search engine guidelines, else you will be thrown out from search engine ranking. So again WordPress is winning and taking the lead.

Future of WordPress and Blogger

Blogger is a Google-owned content management application that is not updated for a long period of time.

But it is owned by Google and if any point of time they want this to change then they can beat anything that exists in the real world.

However, WordPress is owned by the community and daily addition of plugins making this more useful and powerful.

This has a community that is concerned about the future of WordPress and bringing new updates on a required basis so I would be a tough game for Blogger.

With the current enhancement, it seems like the future of Blogger is uncertain however WordPress is going to replace Blogger completely.

If we try to find the best odds out of the total summary then I feel WordPress is a sure shot winner and having the best features as compared to Blogger.

Wrap Up on Blogger vs WordPress

If you are a beginner and just wanted to start blogging for fun or learning only then go and start your free blogging journey with Blogger.

But if you have a long time vision to set up an identity or business around Blogging than WordPress is unbeatable.

Performance of WordPress hosted websites are the prime concern and that completely depends on hosting provider company.

To open a hosting account you can refer our detailed guide.

In the competition of Blogger vs WordPress or WordPress vs Blogger, WordPress is the sure-shot winner.

You could generate passive income through Affiliate marketing such as CJ Affiliate Program using WordPress and Blogger both.

The other best part available is Google Adsense, do you know how much Adsense Pay and how to get Approval, in both cases check our separate guide.

Now I hope you have decided to start your blogging journey and I answered most of your Blogger vs WordPress queries.

If you want to know how to start a successful blog in 7  steps then here is the ultimate guide on the same.

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