Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

In January 2018 Google has announced that page speed will be an important criterion in SEO or website ranking that is why I always recommended everyone going for Bluehost Login.

It is always a wise decision to purchase a hosting account from a company that is already owning a large market cap but why we chose Bluehost out of others?

Let me Tell You the reason for Why?

Bluehost is owned by a company called EIG (Endurance International Group), which is already having others such as

  • Hostgator
  • iPage
  • JustHost.

The official stats say, Bluehost along with its sister companies currently hosts more than 2 million domains, which is way bigger than all other companies.

It not only offers hosting services but well known for Bluehost Domain, email and best affordable pricing services.

To get more confidence in their services, I searched for the good or bad reviews from various users and an independent company call hostingAdvice has shared below data.

Isn’t it surprising?

Bluehost hosting service review

Put aside all the rumors and keep reading this detail review guide.

As I am using Bluehost for more than 3 years and even this blog is hosted on Bluehost shared hosting plan hence all the details shared in the guide will be based on my own experience or use of Bluehost hosting plans.

The very best part is Bluehost online community, Youtube videos and blogs are all around and using those you can get instant solution of your problem.

When it comes to the types of hosting services then Bluehost offers below hosting plans in the affordable price range.

  • Shared hosting plan (Recommended for Beginner)
  • VPS Hosting Plan
  • WordPress Hosting Plan
  • Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

It will surprise you that Bluehost is WordPress recommended hosting service.

No matter you are concern about website speed or support services, affordable price or competitive hosting service Bluehost has a proven track record in all streams.

This guide will review all shared hosting services provided by Bluehost and step by step guide on how to open a shared hosting account with Bluehost.

Surprisingly, you will get more than 60% off in your first login.

With my experience, I can say Bluehost offers the best customer support 24*7 on-call, online chat, and email but my favorite choice is online chat support, what is yours?

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I sure till this point you got a reason to learn more about Bluehost hosting services and I will detail you everything one by one.

Bluehost login but why?

It is always advisable to choose the best hosting service if you are running a WordPress website, as the performance always depends on the hosting you choose.

Performance and uptime of Bluehost

All the industry experts have already done testing with the uptime and performance speed of the Bluehost hosted websites and they have found uptime of around 99.9%.

They have done some testing using the third party tools and found the server response time is around 406 ms which is above the average of the industry standard.

Customer Support of Bluehost

As I said earlier they offer 24*7 support using three platforms as listed below.

  • Online chat support  – All the time I received an instant reply in max 15 seconds
  • Email Support – You can drop an email and within 24 hours you can expect a reply.
  • On-Call support – You can dial in their number and solve your queries

Free SSL Certificate with Bluehost

These days very few companies are offering SSL certificate with any shared hosting plan but Bluehost offers you a Free SSL certificate for all the websites you are planning to host on their platform.

The price for SSL in the market will cost you around 12$ for a single domain.

Free Domain for a new hosting account

They offer 1 free domain with each hosting account you purchase and the best part is, if you already own domain then you can skip that free domain part as explained later in this guide.

An equal amount of around 11$ will be credited in your hosting account and in future when you will plan to buy any domain from Bluehost, you can redeem that amount to get a free domain.

But you are planning to buy a domain then I recommend to buy the .com domain, here is the reason, why?

If I will start pointing each and everything then this guide may be longer than what you and I can expect so let cut it down and focus on the primary part of how to open hosting account with Bluehost?

I consider that you have already gone through the above reviews and already assured yourself to open a hosting account with Bluehost.

Still before moving onto the part, how to open a hosting account let me summarize all features together, so you can get better ideas.

Let me summarise a few of the features which Bluehost offers.

  • It has easy and defaults WordPress installation
  • It has in-build cPanel which makes your things easier.
  • 24*7 on-call and online chat support
  • Free SSL Certificate for hosting domain
  • 30 Day’s Money-back guarantees.(Make sure to read terms and condition)
  • Free Domain for the First Year
Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting plan

Above mentioned are the few highlighted services offered by Bluehost to every user, no matter which hosting you purchase.

In this tutorial, we will focus on the Bluehost login to open a shared hosting plan.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans – Best Affordable Hosting

Bluehost is well known for its best affordable and quality unlimited hosting services offered under the most popular Bluehost Plus plan.

Now you will surprise how?

Well, shared hosting is a service in which the number of sites is hosted on a common server and keep sharing the limited resources

Even this blog has an average visitors of 2.5-3k/day and hosted under the Bluehost plus plan but I never faced any issue with loading or breakage.

As per my experience with Bluehost, its shared hosting plan is good enough to handle somewhere between 3k-4k users daily (my experience), which is worth investing deal.

Once you reach this daily limit, it is advisable to either upgrade your plan or move to the other hosting plans such as Managed WordPress hosting or Choice plus plan by Bluehost.

Why I advised WordPress hosting is Shared hosting will require additional efforts from your side to optimize website speed and performance and this may create some problems once your site gets older.

But for beginner, it is advisable to start only with Bluehost shared hosting plan, because it will be cheaper as compared to another dedicated hosting like VPS, Cloud or WordPress hosting.

Till mid of 2019 Bluehost hosting plans were divided under three plans but now they have introduced a new plan call Pro Plan so you will have a total of 4 options to chose from.

Let me brief you on each plan and will guide which one will be best for your choice.

Basic Plan to host a single website in Bluehost

Basic hosting plan is the popular choice among beginner who is willing to host only a single site and running out of budget and not have money to invest more than 50$ for a year.

If you just starting your brand new site then you won’t recommend spending more money on hosting and as shown below you will get a free domain, free SSL,1 website unlimited hosting space to kick start your Blogging journey.


Plus Plan to host unlimited websites (Recommended)

No matter, you are a beginner or already running multiple blogs if you have any plan to host or start more than one websites then this is among the popular choice of all the hosting investors.

I have not seen any affordable plan than what Bluehost is offering in it’s Bluehost Plus shared hosting plan.

I have purchased Bluehost plus plan 3 years back to host my 3 websites and currently, more than 4 websites are hosted on the same plus plan and never faced any issue with downtime or loading or performance issues.

As far as I am aware of the daily visitor’s traffic limit will be applicable for each site individually so you can get an advantage of average 3k-4k visitors/day on one website.

It offers all the services as listed below like basic plan but in addition, it allows to host unlimited sites but in the ideal scenarios my suggestion is to host max 10 websites.

Choice Plan for additional website backup

The choice plan is closely similar to the plus plan but the only difference is the automatic site backup.

But WordPress has many free plugins like UpDraft plus, using those you can take a manual backup of your website.

But in case you are willing to grab this plan by considering the same prices in between plus and choice plus then make sure their renewal prices will have a huge difference.

Pro Hosting plan for business users

If you already running a blog that has massive traffic and willing to host on a shared hosting plan then Pro will be your primary choice.

But I recommend switching to the VPS or cloud hosting instead of Pro plans.I am not going to detail here as we are focused around a shared hosting beginner plan.

Here is the latest list of Bluehost plans, prices, and services  (But you will get more than 60% off on all listed prices)

Bluehost shared hosting plans - 2019-2020

Now this time is to explore the step by step guide on how to pen hosting account with Bluehost and how to purchase or grab the first time login bonus with Bluehost.

As promised, click to below line will navigate you to the Bluehost homepage and you are automatically eligible for 60% OFF (Offer vary based on sales). Hurray !!

Click below Icon and head over to the Bluehost account.

Click Get started and enjoy overall 60% OFF

Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

Now let me detail all the steps to open hosting account with Bluehost and here we have taken an example of the plus plan.

How to open web hosting account with Bluehost

Step 1 – Click to sign up link

Click to Sign up Link and head over to the home page, in case you are not on the Bluehost homepage.

There will be an option to click on Get started just click the same and it will navigate to the shared hosting plan details.

Bluehost login to purchase shared hosting plus plan

Step 2 – List all the plans

Make sure you are landed on the below-displayed page to chose your shared hosting plan and here we have total 4 to choose from.

Bluehost shared hosting plans - 2019-2020

Step 3  -Choose the Plus Hosting Plan

Let me get you through, how to purchase the most recommended Plus plan, so Click to Select button under Plus plan and it will head over to the free domain selection window.

Bluehost shared hosting plus plan


Step 4 – Select the Domain Name

There are three possible causes.

  • If You want Free domain offered by Bluehost for a Year, you can choose for “new Domain” and provide your domain name.
  • If you already have a domain name purchased from others such as NameCheap then you can go for “I have Domain Name ” same.
  • If you have not decided your domain name then click to “choose later“option, so you will get a credit of the equal amount of 1 domain which you can redeem later.
Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

While you will be on the same window then you will be a popup with a window, which also suggests you click choose later.

Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

Step 5  – Provide or Chose the Domain Name

Here, I am choosing a Free domain. So provided any domain name which is available to buy then click to next.

Now it Will navigate to the new window.

Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

Step 6 – Provide Customer Information

Here, as usual, you have to provide all the customer detail information as we do for an account sign up and based on country detail the additional taxes will apply

Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

Step 7 – Book the Hosting Plan for Duration

This place is a deciding factor as here we have to choose the duration of the plan and my recommendation is to go a minimum for 24 months, but why?

The simple answer is to avoid renewal fees, yes Bluehost offers more than 60% only for the first time sign up.

The lesser you chose the early renewal you required. and that moment like other hosting company you have to pay more than what you are paying in first sign up.

This discounted rate is for the promotional offers only but at a time you can grab it for a max 5-year subscription so the choice is yours

Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account
Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

When I scrolled down all the pricing plans, here you can see the differences in pricing based on the tenure you chose and also listed free SSL certificate – Awesome!!

Let’s chose one and check the other details on the screen.

Step 8 – Select Additional  Services

This list has all the additional services you can opt if you want but I recommend not to tick any of the checkboxes as what we need is SSL and we already got it.

The more service you add the more charges you have to pay on the total.


Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

Step 9 – Payment Option to Pay

If you have selected your plans, duration, and additional services then it will add and will display all the amount you have to pay for that hosting service.

Bluehost will default display to pay using the credit card but if not having a credit card then can click to more option and the next choice you will have is PayPal.

  • Payment using a Credit card
  • Payment using Paypal

payment option inbluehost

Step 10 – Accept the T&C

Before opening an account, you can make sure to read terms and conditions for refund and cancellation policy.

If all good.

Click to both checkboxes and hit Submit Button.

Bluehost Checkout

Boom !! Welcome to Bluehost and email will be triggered to your Registered email ID.

Onboarding is successful, welcome to Bluehost Family Congrats !!

Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

My View on Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost offers unlimited web hosting opportunities under the Plus plan. This is amazing if you have a future plan to open multiple websites

Bluehost login and above-provided step by step guide are the best of the current situation and existing plan structure.

30 Day’s money-back guarantee makes this most reliable and highly trusted to get start and experience.

Don’t miss this grand opportunity to be a part of Bluehost and do Sign up right now by clicking below link.

Bluehost Login (Review): How to Open Hosting Account

Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress recommended hosting platform but there are few others like HostGator which you can look for or go with A2 hosting (Anytime Moneyback Guarantee).

If you are planning to have a less expensive best offering Hosting that you can also have a look for NameCheap.

But what I would suggest is compare plans, speed, price, and take your decision to buy hosting.

General FAQ

1 – How many Days of money-back guarantee does Bluehost offer?

Ans –30 Days

2- Does Bluehost has inbuild cPanel?

Ans- Yes

3- Does Bluehost has an online chat service?

Ans – Yes, available for 24*7 and 365 days

4- Does Bluehost help site migration?

Ans -Unfortunately, no

5 – Does Bluehost has inbuild Caching?

Ans – Yes, it has an inbuilt caching facility underperformance.

6- How to change the Domain name in Bluehost?

Ans – It is so simple if you are a nontechnical or technical person. Just go for an online chat and ask them to do so for you. They will do this for you in just a couple of minute.

7-How to install the SSL certificate in Bluehost?

Ans – Simply go to Bluehost account and click to my site ->Manage Site->click Security->Free SSL Certificate then switch on.

8- How to install WordPress in Bluehost?

Ans – Option will be available on screen simply click for WordPress installation.

9- How to cancel the Bluehost account?

Ans – For more info click here

10 – How many max website can host under Plus plan?

Ans – Max 10 website.

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