How Does Builderall Affiliate Marketing Work to Make $1000/month?

Builderall is a digital marketing tool that has a collection of more than 40+ different tools under a single plan.

But purchasing a builderall is a one-part and earn money using builderall through an affiliate program is another best part on which you can work easily and make passive income per month.

Well, if you are curious to know how much money through an affiliate earning you can make using the builderall affiliate program?

Then you can make around 100% of your first sale and then a residual 30% recurring commission of every active user.

But this is not the end, it has much more earning potential as 2nd tier income, so how does builderall affiliate program works is explained in detail later in this guide.

How Does Builderall Affiliate Marketing Work

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Before deep-diving I would like to highlight why you should choose Builderall in your diary of affiliate products to promote?

Because, how much money you can make from any affiliate products totally depends on the quality of products and how it solving the user queries.

So let me give a brief overview of what is Builderall?

What is Builderall?

If you are just looking for how does builderall affiliate marketing work then I can say probably you are already aware of what is builderall.

But if not then Builderall is a collection of 40+ digital marketing tools, which means in order to scale your online business you don’t have to buy any external software all you will get inside the single plan.

Well if you not aware then you will get a 14 days free trial of the builderall then after you can view or experience what it offering.

Below are a couple of tools for your reference.

  • Unlimited Subscribers Email Marketing Tools.
  • Unlimited sales funnel creator.
  • Unlimited online video and image designing software
  • Android and iOS Mobile app developer.
  • Custom chatbot for the website.
  • Instagram, telegram, Facebook auto messangers.
  • Design e-commerce store for.
  • Website push notification.
  • SEO and Hit Map analysis.

Well, what I added here is a couple of tools but in real time it has a great collection of different other tools where the max costing of the tools will be around $69/month.

If you still think, is Builderall worth investing tool for digital marketing then I strongly recommend reviewing the exclusive guide?

So this time is to understand how does Builderall affiliate program works and what max income you can generate using builderall?

How Does Builderall Affiliate Marketing Work?

First of all, let me clarify that in order to join the builderall program you don’t need to buy any of their paid plans.

Even you sign up using this link then you will get 14 days free trial of the builderall and later you can switch to its monthly free plan.

So join Builderall now and I will guide you on how to get an affiliate link inside the dashboard.

Once you sign up then head over to the Affiliate >> Funnel Club and scroll down.

How to join builderall affilaite program

Well, the affiliate link visible in the dashboard is the one you need for your own promotion.

Now let focus on how much does builderall pay for each affiliate you refer to the builderall tool.

Builderall does not pay any money for referring users but the actual commission will be paid only once the referred user will buy any of their paid plans.

Builderall has Free to up to $69.90 paid monthly plans and for our example purpose, we will take the most popular middle-range plan $29.90.

Builderall pricing plans

Now let focus the way you can make money out of Buildrall, it offers a total of three types of the commission.

Click here to join builderall Affiliate

One is a personal sale, then the residual recurring commission until your referer is active, and the other is when your referer will refer to another person.

Builderall Affiliate comission

Personal sale Comisision 

This is the money, you will get instantly when any of your direct referrers will purchase paid plans of the builderall.

Such as, let say you referred 1 user to Builderalll and that user purchased a $29.90 plan for the first month then you made $29.90 in your affiliate dashboard.

If you referred a total of 20 users and only 10 has purchased the same $29.90 plan then your total income through those 20 users will be $29.90*10 =$299.

That means you must be clear on the same that you will only be paid when your referer actually purchased a paid plan but if that user switches to a Free plan after the trial period then you won’t make money.

Personal Sale Recurring Commission

This is another sweet spot which you will keep enjoying until your direct referer keeps paying its monthly subscription.

This means let say out of your refereed 20 users, 10 has instantly purchased a $29.90 plan then already you been paid with $290 but what about the next month?

Let say, next month when out of 10 users who purchased plans for first month 5 not going to continue for next month’s subscription then still next month you will get a commission of 5 active user month subscription 30%.

Such as 5*29.90 = $149.50 paid by the user to builderall and your commission would be $149.50*30= $44.85.

So now you don’t need to worry about those users as long as the first referred user will keep paying, whatever they will pay for any plan you will get 30% of that commission every month.

This is called residual income and now you are smart enough to calculate, how much active users you need to have for a consistent $1000 income every month.

2nd Tier Commission

Well your commissions still not end, it still keeps growing as not only your direct referrer but if the person whom you don’t know but your direct referrer referred using his affiliate link then even you will make 30% of that monthly billing commission.

Let say, your 10 referees no matter active or inactive whoever joined using your link will find 10 paid subscribers using theirs affiliate link than the monthly amount those 10 will pay, you will get 30% of that and of course your referrer too.

I know now you are a bit suspicious, is it a Ponzi scheme then answer is no it is not as there is nothing after the 2nd tier and why they added this is to train your direct referrer to get more members in.

Now let me summarise top to bottom how much does you will be paid for the below number of subscribers.

So let say you referred 20 people in total to builderall and have taken a paid subscription of $29.90.

Then your income from direct referrer will be: $29.90*20= $598

Now 10 of them have paid the next month billing then: ($29.90*10)*30%= $89.70

Let say out of the initial referred 20, promoting their affiliate link got another 10 paid subscription which you are not aware of for the same $29.90 then again you will get 30% of that ($29.90*10)*30%= $89.70

So you have a total of 20 active members down the line and you will keep making a recurring commission of $89.70*2=$179.40/month

So the first month will be one-time direct referred income only which is $598 and for the coming months based on the number of active users, you will keep making 30% of the total amount.

So what do you think, take action right now as this is going to change your life if you can find the right audience to target the right products.

Wrap up on Builderall Affiliate Marketing

First of all, the best part which you can sell in the market is the unlimited email marketing tool of the builderall and its inbuild sales funnel creator.

You won’t imagine the price for the unlimited email marketing tools are more than $1000/month and for sales funnel like click funnel charge around $297/month

So you need to aware people of the builderall and how they can save their money and you will make it free of cost.

I feel this is one of the best tools you should promote and it has higher chances to make income for a lifetime.

Please let me know if you need any special training on how to promote builderall after joining my list.

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