How to Use Builderall for Clickbank Affiliate Offers Promotion

Builderall is a set of over 40+ different digital marketing tools and if you would like to use Builderall for ClickBank affiliate offers promotion then you need two most important tools.

One is a sales funnel page builder and the other is the autoresponder email marketing tool and the best part with Builderall is you will have both tools at the commonplace.

To make your creation of sales funnel easier they also offer one special funnel builder with ready-made templates.

So this guide is to give you a complete idea about what is Builderall is and how you can use its various tools to promote Clickbank affiliate offers step by step.

Is Builderall worth investing for Clickbank Offer Promotion?

Yes, Builderall is worth promoting Clickbank offers in a simple and easier way so better to learn first what is Builderall is and how it can be helpful.

Builderall is a digital marketing suite of software, where it has a collection of various tools such as given below.

  • Website page builder.
  • Sales Funnel builder
  • Email marketing tools
  • Video or photo designing tools.
  • SEO and hit map analytics tools.
  • Android/ios mobile app builder.
  • Blog or WordPress integration.

There, it has a huge list of tools that you need to grow your business and that is why if you are familiar with Clickbank and looking for the query to answer what is the best alternative to ClickFunnels?how to use builderall to promote clcikbank affilaite offer promotion

Then the most popular tool is Builderall and even it offers a couple of features such as Hit Map analysis and SEO report and many others are exclusive with Builderall only.

So in summary, if you need a complete suite of software that can take care of your overall business from the commonplace then I strongly recommend using Builderall.

You will get surprised to know that the most expensive plan of the Builderall is just $70/month, which is way lesser than all other marketing tools.

Well, you must check the detailed price comparison guide on Is Builderall worth investing for digital marketing tools?

You can grab the 14 Day free trial of the Builderall after clicking this magical link to experience the features and usage for Clickbank offer promotion.

So now, if you are familiar with what is Builderall then let us discuss how to use Builderall for Clickbank affiliate offer promotion.

How to Use Builderall for Clickbank affiliate offers?

For the promotion of the Clickbank products, we need three most popular tools which can help you set up end to end funnel for your business such as.

  1. Sales page builder to design lead magnet and promote on the various media platforms.
  2. Funnel builder to design end to end customer flow such as Sqeez, bridge and thank you page.
  3. Email marketing tools to followup captured leads using the autoresponder and upsell and down-sell product promotion.

In Builderall for the same purpose, we can use the three most popular tools out of its library.

How do i use builderall to promote clickbak affilaite offers

The builder has everything that you need to set up your ClickBank offer promotions such as the above displayed three tools.

Cheeta Drag and Drop Page Builder: This is a website page builder, which is used to design the landing, squeeze and sales pages easily using the drag and drop page builder.

Probably you are aware of different page builders such as Thrive Architect, Elementor all have a yearly subscription of over $200 each.

Mailing boss Email Marketing Tools: Mailingboss is an inbuilt email marketing tool inside Builderall which offers unlimited email hosting, sending autoresponder, and take email followup.

If you take just a 5K subscriber/month plan of the GetResponse that costs you around $45/month and its unlimited plan is over $1000/month.

Builder Canvas for Funnel building: Builderall canvas is the best feature to design the sales funnel page from the commonplace to promote Clickbank products.

If you want the commonplace from there you can get Cheeta builder, mailing boss for a systematic automated flow diagram then Builder canvas is the one that links all together end to end and drives the user to the sales page.

If you take the most expensive sales funnel tool Clickbank then that basic plan is costing around $97/month and the higher plan around $297/month.

So in summary using these three most popular tools of the Builderall, you can promote Clickbank products very easily. If you are not sure how to use these three tools together then below is a brief overview of each.

But for more, you can also explore the detailed video:


How to create a great sales funnel without Clickfunnels using Builderall?

First of all, you don’t need any website to setup sales funnel if you own Builderall as it offers unlimited website building for unlimited hosting with SEO optimized web pages.

First, click here to get 14 Day free trial without entering any credit card details of the Builderall so that you can understand and familiar with the tool very easily

So if you want to save your money then repeat the below process to use the Builderall to create the great sales funnel without Clickfunnel.

Build Landing or Squeeze pages

We all are aware of what is the basic need of any sales funnel, it is the landing or squeeze pages where the user will first interact and enter their email ids.

So let say for our basic understanding we use a three-page funnel which will be the first Optin Email entry —> Email confirmation page –> —> Bridge page —>product sales page.

In order to design all these pages, we can use the Cheeta website page builder so follow the below steps.

  • Click to Enter Cheeta page builder and that will take you to the website page builder.

Cheeta website page builder

  • Click to create New Website and provide the name of the page for the sales funnel let say the first page is the Landing page then either you can select already template or can click to a blank template, here I selected blank template.How to use cheeta builder to design pages
  • That will create a page and simple you can edit with its inbuilt template, so click to edit the page and that will head over to the page builder editing window.Clcik funnel edit page
  • The new page will have the option to select from its inbuilt template such as I choose one of the Optin templates as the first-page template so just select and that will be added which you can customize yourself.How to setup optin pages in builderall
  • Now once you customized the opt-in page then you can head over to create all other pages and you will be ready with all the pages.

I consider in a similar way, you have created an email confirmation, Bridge page with a video, or something else.

Well, this is what you have almost done but now the next part is you have to link this with the email responder mailing boss.

Email Autoresponder and Followup

Builderall offers an unlimited email subscription autoresponder and followup tool from there you can collect all the leads and add them into a defined autoresponder list.

  • To do so, simply follow the below steps the first create an email list in Mailingboss, so click to enter Mailing boss and that will ask you to provide address and all details for GDPR policyMailingboss email list
  • Click to continue and simply follow instruction to create a list which you can link with your Cheeta builder pages.
  • Go back to cheeta builder and in edit mode open the opt-in page, which has an entry for the email ,there simply click to setting icon which helps you to add into the created list so choose the list and save it.Add list option with optin page of builderall
  • Just simple now you can go to the mailing boss can also set autoresponder as you do with other email marketing tools.

Once your setup for the email list opt-in is done just link the action button with other pages such as the email confirmation page and then that confirms the call to action page to bridge then that should be sent to the product sales page.

All this editing or linking of the pages you can do by clicking to the edit page in Cheeta builder. So I think now you can give  a self try on this

But using Cheeta builder will require multiple switching or linking of all the pages one by one so why can’t we try the special funnel builder by Builderall with name canvas builder.

Design an interactive funnel with Builder Canvas

Sales funnel is the magical way where you take the lead of your potential customer and educate him about the product and ultimately you sell them your product.

There the end to end flow will be interconnected, so you need a properly well-optimized funnel and that you can get from the Builderall Canvas.

  • Click Enter to Builderall Canvas and that will ask you to create a funnel so click to ADD Funnel and enter the funnel name such as promote Clickbank Teds Woodworking project etc.Builderall canvas design
  • That will ask you what type of funnel you want to create so let say I choose All typeClcikbank funnel create using builderall
  • Now choose the template as in our case we want a bridge funnel so I choose this template so just choose and click to next.
  • Now choose the theme you love the most and you will be having this flow which you can customize accordingly.Bridge funnel in builderall
  • After selecting the funnel, on the top right-hand side, you will be having an option to create a website which is basically the Cheeta builder integrated within the build canvas simply click.
    Sales funnel create website
  • From this new edit page, you can customize all pages from commonplace by simply selecting from the dropdown menu and make them live after integrating with Mailingboss.
    Builder canvas sales funnel creation

So you have two best options to create sales funnel pages one is using the Cheeta builder, there create integrated pages, and later they link all together and the other is using the Builder canvas there you will get all at the commonplace.

I am sure now you are well aware and got an answer to how do I use Builderall to promote Clickbank offers.

My View on Use Builderall for Clickbank Affiliate Offers

There are plenty of tools outside to create a great sales funnel but all are very expensive tools but Builderall is the only most affordable tool available in the market.

For your query how do I use builderall to promote click bank affiliate offer is already answered in the guide which shows almost all the ways through which you can set great sales funnels.

I have been using the builderall for a very long time and it saving a great amount of money and you must give a try and to avoid confusion on how to use builderall I have already provided a detailed guide.

Grab the 14 Day free trial of the builderall to self-testing the advance features of the builderall.

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