Business Level Strategy using Social Media : New face of Marketing

Journey of social media was started back in year 2000,in first five year it was just beginning and few platforms were started spreading their legs. At present social media marketing is in the boom, have you started  business level strategy using social media?

According to stats shared by statastia, till 2018 there are around 2.77 billion active users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in year 2017.

Business level strategy

It’s massive community, where almost 1/3rd population of whole world is using social media.

I am sure you are too:

To assure you on active social media users ,let me share a stats from Wikipedia, which has number of active users till July 2018.

Wikipedia social media stats

From the above list statistics,it is cleared that the biggest platform which is highly accessed by worldwide user is Facebook.

What is Business Level Strategy

Every business person is looking for tactics to grow it’s business.Few people do market analysis few outsource services to others to get business for them.

But in all the cases you  require proper strategy that how you are going to execute them.

Because, if you succeed to make those strategy, than you can optimise your expense and can get larger revenue out from business.

There are lot many tactics to follow, while making business level strategy.

If you are having large company than you can hire marketing specialist but what if you are having small business and not have that much amount to spend.

So here, i will introduce you the importance of social media which is killer tactics to build business level strategy.

So ,this article will help you to understand importance of social media to build great marketing strategy with close to Zero USD investment.

But how?

For that read this article till the end.

What is Social media and Marketing

In 19th centenary,the best way to spread messages or communicate with people was through paper media only.

Exposure of for paper media was confined to specific states or city only.

But invention of internet broke all the boundaries and new way of communication comes into effect, where people has facility to connect with outer world.

Social Media Platform

What was that ?

Simple that was social media,yes my Friend platform such as Facebook,YouTube,Twitter,Instagram,SnapChat,Reditt,skype overcome those boundaries.

After the invention of cellphone people loves to access their choice by browsing through mobile phones.

As per the stats shared by statista approx 62.9% population is already using mobile phones and projected user till end of 2019 will be rounding 69%.

Statstia Mobile user data

Social media is platform to connect these many people at common platform and availability of mobile phones with this many users proves it’s potential.

Now every person from any corner of the globe has potential to connect with other corners,people with same interest can create relationships and making their own communities.

Single idea originated at one point of world can reach two other point instantly and things can get happen.

Isn’t it amazing?

In year 2005, a research was done by Pew Research centre and found in America around 5% of adult people were using social media and in year 2011 this figure reached to 69%.

It’s massive growth

Here my intention is not to tell you what is social media but to share you what wide exposure they have in terms of growth.

so,this post is to bring few highlights on how social media could change business level strategy for marketing.

Digital Marketing

Marketing means to connect with each individual and share your best product or service review.

Is it possible to reach each individual with your ideas without internet? I think impossible.

But this is possible through internet media and that’s call digital marketing.

In few of the countries people also call this as online marketing or web marketing.

Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing

As i said earlier, around 2.77 billion people are currently active on social media and the best part is all are returning on same platform again and again.

Then why not you use such platforms? It will make your things very easier.As expected active users till 2021 is around 3.2 billion.

Have you ever thought , why you are not gaining success in your business?

Currently, whole online retail market is dominated by big giants such as Amazon,Walmart etc. why?

Because they know power of social media and way to use same.

Amazon use amazing marketing strategy to reach their customers and providing them valuable services.

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It’s not big deal and this is just beginning, why don’t you start right now.

It is great said,show your product to target audience you can bring sell out of them.

Find right audience with their interest is quite easier using social media and simply target them by building your own business level strategy.

Beginning of Social media marketing

Now question pop up into your mind is from where should we start?

There are various way to do so, but few of the basic which are most influencing and you should start from ,are given below.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp

Because all three are having highest active users.


Facebook is widely used digital marketing tool,because using this you can create a campaign for targeted audience.

This has facility to create a Facebook fan page, which will be your online presence of product shop.

On that page, on timely basis you have to publish posts with variety of products or services offered by your business.

People will start liking your products and page.

This will help you to gain people who are having interest in your niche product.

Facebook Marketing

Now the way you promote your page or post displayed on page will help you to gain audiences.Do not forget your single click of submit post will be visible to all over the globe.

Amazing you have opened your door to worldwide visitors.

Now second important thing is how to open Facebook business page and how to promote them.

To learn this in better do read below article.

Read – how to create Facebook business page

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Now second point is promotion to your page.Is so simple you can run Facebook ad campaign based on your advertising budget.

To run Facebook ad campaign is optional and recommended for high traffic business users,but at initial point you can promote using few tactics.

  1. Promoting them on WhatsApp
  2. Sharing your products or pages to friends .
  3. Run a story on Facebook page.
  4. Request product review website and ask them to do so for your.
  5. Be a part of same niche group on Facebook and share your product on same.

This free tactics are quite influential and can change your marketing game.


In past, people have to pay for online reviews of their products by running TV ad campaigns and it was not suit for small business.

As it was so costly and un affordable.

But now that problem solution is open for all in the form of YouTube.

Yes YouTube is owned by Google and as per current stats shared by YouTube ,it is actively used in 91 countries with 80 different languages.

YouTube digital marketing

It has below interesting facts.

  1. It has approx 1 billion hour daily watch time.
  2. 18-34 Year age people are watching a lot.
  3. It has over 1 billion users.

Now question, how you can use this?

It is so simple:

  1. First create your own YouTube channel.
  2. Now, do record your own product or service review video.
  3. Make sure your Video should cover all possible aspects of product and try to showcase advantage by comparing with other active products.
  4. Try to assure customer for quality service and if possible show them scarcity of limited offer.
  5. Do quality editing of video using paid or free software.
  6. Upload your Video to YouTube.
  7. Share on your social media platform or the one Facebook account which you have created.

Now you have done free advertising of your own product using your own Facebook page.

Combination of Facebook and YouTube will get you new height of success.

Now this YouTube video is active in YouTube Billion active video directory,if someone search for specific product then probability is high that you will be there to explain your own product.

You have not even spent penny to showcase your product to worldwide.

This is the power of social media and it’s tactics to reach globally.

Where are you going ,still few more free bits to learn:


You have already done great job by creating Facebook page and YouTube marketing.

Now twitter will add cherry on the cake and will make you business level strategy very stronger

Twitter has around 336 million active users,but seems to be largely followed by genuine and passionate users.

Simply create a twitter account and do required setup around your own brand ,same as Facebook by adding profile picture and your brand overview in bio.

Now almost 90% job you have already done with Facebook page and Youtube published video.

Simply go back to Facebook page or post and YouTube video and hit share button and share that to twitter.

Twitter Marketing

While sharing on twitter make sure to give at least 3-4 line description with page or product or video navigation link.

This will help readers to understand what this link is all about.

That’s all what you have to do as part of marketing strategy,i am 100% sure in couple of day’s you will start getting positive feedback or growth in your sell for what you have done.

On daily basis repeat same process for your new upcoming products and will start experiencing impact.

Make sure to be updated on all the social media for user comment and response back to their queries.

Few Bonus Tips

Social media is future of digital marketing,do start right now and build your business level strategy.

This is just one step to enter in this world, there are various tactics to do at advance level such as email Marketing and creating your own website.

Don’t miss basic idea:

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I hope you enjoyed and learn new things.And this article is not all for existing business users but also for those who want to start business.

If you do not have own product or services to sell, still you can earn lot using drop shipping.

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Social media is waiting for you to land,do on-board right now and create road map for business level strategy.

I can’t see you to wait for this big opportunity.

Let me know in comment ,if you love this post and share with all who are still unaware to land yet.

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