What is Domain Name And How to change Domain Name in 2019

I have seen many of us are searching on the Internet on How to change the domain name, so I thought to share an easy guide which will help you to answer your question. In this modern era of technology, your online presence is the most mandatory and everyone is expecting to have a website.

Do you know what is the difference between a website and a Blog? Check our guide.

The website will help you to grow your business and expose your identity and products to the world, but to have a website the primary need is to have a domain name.

What is Domain Name and how to change Domain NameBut sometimes people chose the wrong domain name and this cause huge loss or impact to their business and this is true when you move forward and understand better this online technology.

You feel require changes in Business branding and change in the domain name is one of them.

Ideally, you look for a guide which could help you to solve your biggest problem on how to change the domain name?

And I have an answer for you.

Before learning on feasibility to change the domain name, first, let me tell you What is Domain Name and types of Domain Name.

What is Domain Name

I am not sure, you are a beginner or already have a domain name. But I thought to share you few important things about the domain name.

You have your own home address which depicts your physical address identity and if anyone wants to reach you at least they can go that point.

In a similar way, every online website should have an address or we call a name which will be a unique identity of your online presence.

That is known as Domain name.

Domain names can have a different type which usually addresses at the end of any website name.

Such as www.mrvyasidea.com, so here my website name is mrvyasidea and the domain name is .com.

It is kind of an extension added at the end, there are various types of the domain name.

Such as .com,.gov,.net,.info,co.uk,.co,.info etc. few of them are regional and rest are Top level domain.

TLD (.com,.org) – Such domains are top domain level which is accessible from every corner of the world.

If you are willing to start a website which has its audiences all around the world then I must say to have a Top level domain.

Country (.in,.co,.co.uk) – Such domains are limited to the specific country they won’t get more exposure outside from that country or region.

Content written in such domain can be search engine optimized in the only specified country and won’t get more organic results in other countries.

The country-specific domain name will help you to target only country-specific audiences.

So this is all up to you what type of domain you would like to buy.

Now in future, there might be possibilities to change your purchased domain name.

Ideally, the domain name is the combination of  “Website Name + Extention”.

So here is the possibility that you can change one of this in the future, but why?

Reason to change Domain Name

This especially happens with beginner, they do start their website or Blog by influence with others.

They purchased website domain from any cheap buyer and they might do some couple of mistakes.

There could be the case of an already existing business website for which they found new potential growth by changing the domain name.

Reason to Change Domain Name

So in both cases, you have to change two things.

Website first name 

Let say you have started with FancyIdea.com and later you come to know this word fancyIdea is not well feet for your website niche, and you requires to change with UltimateIdea.com.

Domain Name Extention

It is the case where you have started with a regional specific domain name such as .in,.co.uk etc, however, your audiences are worldwide, so you require to change this to .com domain.

In both cases, you have to change the domain name.

Potential loss with the change of Domain name

Before changing the domain name of the website make sure you are aware of below-potential losses so that you can overcome them prior to any major disaster.

  • You can lose your existing customer base.
  • Your website may lose whatever search ranking it got till date.
  • You make lose your potential referral traffic diverted from another website link.
  • Change in the domain name may impact brand image if you are having a big business.

In the end, I will explain how can you minimize your potential loss and maintain your search engine ranking and usual website traffic.

Do not miss this part after changing your website.

Let’s jump onto the process of changing the website domain name if you have hosted your Domain account with Godaddy and hosting with another hosting provider.

How to Change domain name

If you feel that you will go to your domain provider company and with slight changes you can change your existing domain.

Then you are wrong.

Every domain name is unique for a user, it won’t change in any case. Specific letters or word of your choice are allocated to you.

One time purchased domain will be stick with your name unless you cancel it.

If you want to change the domain name of an existing website.

Purchase a new domain name and migrate your website to a new domain.

It may cost you in two way.

  • You have to pay extra money for the new domain purchase.
  • If you want to completely migrate your website to the new domain then you may lose what you gained with old domain.

It depends on your condition.

If you are a beginner and just started and have very decent traffic and not that much identity of the website and want to save extra money than purchase new and do migrate completely.

But if you are a big giant or have good traffic on the website then ideally I won’t suggest you change domain name unless you want to explore this to regional to the global area.

In such a case, you can purchase a new top-level domain and link it with existing domain and you won’t lose existing audience base and organic traffic

But in that case, you would have to pay charges for both domain name.

But if you want to completely migrate your existing website let say you are using WordPress then you can use the plugin called All in One WP Migration.

This plugin will help to migrate your complete website to the new domain and you can cancel your past domain.

But canceling past domain will lose all your backlinks and Seo juice, so if you want to have that along with existing one in both cases of big business and small business website

Here is a solution od Domain Forwarding.

So how to route your audience from old to the new domain without losing any, if you have an account with Godaddy.

Godaddy forwarding of the domain

Let say your old and new purchased domain is hosted with Godaddy and you want to route all older traffic from the old website to the new website.

It is quite better to do domain forwarding with the domain hosting website only, so I will tell you with most famous domain provider company call GoDaddy.

Here idea is to change with an older website and connect new with older.

  1. Login to GoDaddy and Go to domain setting page
  2. Click to manage button available beside existing Domain name.Manage Domain
  3. On Newly opened window click to “Use My Domain” option.
  4. On New window Select “Connect” option for connecting to the existing site
  5. Multiple options will be displayed to connect with
  6. Scroll down and enter your new domain to0 “Forward Any Site“.
  7. Click to the Next button and follow a final step to finish this.
  8. New finish window will confirm you that the website will route to a new domain.

All Done Good.

Simply entering your new domain to that “Forward Any Site” will route or forward your existing domain to newly purchased domain.

Now anywhere on the internet will search for the old domain will land to your new domain automatically and you won’t lose any organic traffic.

Always take your time to decide what you want first, especially the hosting and Domain and here is our guide on best Hosting service.

Because changing domain name later may cost you money and increase the chances of losing what you have gained.

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Conclusion on Change in Domain Name

Ideally, there is no way to change the domain name, what is feasible is to replace the existing domain name with a new domain name.

But the change in a domain name may cost you a lot, so if you are beginner then replace instantly with the new one and release old one.

If your website is an old website then forward the old domain to the new one and stay connected with both the domain.

Changing or replacing a domain name is the easiest process but the impact after changing domain will be higher.

So it is highly recommended to decide all these factors first before starting any website or blog.

Because to have a website than to gain traffic Seo is the prime factor, and in case of the change domain name, this will get impacted a lot.

On another way, if you are having your website with WordPress and do not want to change the domain name at the domain hosting website level.

I hope you got an Idea about What is the Domain name and Godaddy change Domain domain name.

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