What are backlinks and 3 free tools to Check Backlinks of website

If you are a blogger, then you are looking for the best free tools to check backlinks of the website of your competitor.

Then you are at the right place, in this article I will give you a list of all the free tools which will help you to check backlinks of a website for free. Before going into deep will discuss a few important points about backlinks such as What are backlinks and all.

How to check Backlinks of website

Many of us are aware of search engine optimization (Seo), the most popular term we have heard in internet technology and if you are reading this article then I hope you have definitely heard this earlier.

Check backlinks of website

If you are writing an article as a blogger then your primary aim is to rank your article for a specific keyword in google first page and this required proper utilization of keyword optimization and then two things come into the picture.

  • SEO – Search engine optimization
  • Backlinks

Blogger can get the victory, only if he has the right strategy to target any keyword by analyzing its competitor

Ways to check backlinks of Website

There are various ways to do so and few of them are paid and rest are free, if you are beginner they definitely looking for a free tool and if you are already running a high traffic website then you probably looking for a paid platform.

In this article, I am going to give you the details about free tools, but to go through them first let’s discuss first what are backlinks and how it works.

What are Backlinks?

In simple word, the backlink is any link which is coming in or coming out from your website. I know its too short to understand but keep reading will explain more.

If you have written a blog or an article, then definitely you will be rank in google page only if you have right positioning in google indexing factor, which depends on various factors and one of them is Backlinks.

Basically, if you will ask any other website to point reference to your website then this will count as a backlink for your website and you will get some credibility in google ranking.

Make sure the reference you are getting from the unique domain and not from any spam. Each unique domain will give you a strong backlink and google crawler will visit your domain and index it for higher rank.

But the quality of backlinks matter a lot and what are those will discuss the letter in the article.

It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you have taken for your Webpage of the website what matter is how many quality backlinks you have taken.

Yes, you have read the right quote, quality of backlinks always matters otherwise by creating backlinks in quantity will impact DA and PA of your websites and ultimately you will lose the credibility of your website and what all you have done, will get wasted.

To understand better about backlinks you must aware about what is DA and PA, let’s get an overview of that

Domain Authority (DA)

It gives you an idea that this specific website has this much reputation based on various parameters such as quality backlinks it has created, content quality its providing and age of the domain.

If you are planning to target any specific keyword and on your visible result if top-ranking, top 10 websites have DA which is less than 20 then this keyword is the golden keyword for you and you could target in your article and chances of rank same will be higher.

Page Authority (PA)

As its name depicts, it gives you an idea of the specific page ranking in google index. This will help the blogger to know specific page detail authenticity in google.

Ideally, if you can see a page which is ranking in google with PA less than 30 then that specific page content you can target for your audience.

Note – DA and PA are not introduced by Google. it is given by Moz seo software to help bloggers or any business professionals to understand better about an existing competition on a specific domain and its pages.

I hope you are clear about DA and PA and this is not enough for you to understand better because actual DA and  PA of any sites comes from below few points.

  • Age of the domain will increase Domain Authority.
  • Age of content will increase Page Authority and Domain authority
  • Less competitive and broadly search keyword will make it stronger.
  • Strong Backlinks and Social engagement will increase DA and PA

To check DA and PA of any web page or website do install MOZbar extention to Chrome browser and while you search on google you will get all required detail.

To deep dive into tools to check backlinks of website, first discuss types of backlinks, so that you could understand the use of free tools.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks have been classified into below categories based on their linking with an internal or external domain.

Link Juice 

When a web-page is a link to your article or website then it passes link juice to your website which helps you to improve your domain and page authority and respectively help to improve your google search ranking.

As an owner of your website, you could stop passing link juice to your website by following no tag.

No-Follow Link

When a website link to another website or article with no follow tag then this is called no-follow backlink and this does not pass any link juice to the second website.

Actually, Google doesn’t consider such linking as a valid factor for page ranking but yes no-follow links are mandatory for any website.

This simply means only human can follow that link not google search engine hence credit points will be low.

Do follow Link

This the most sought backlink which we are looking for if any website shares your website or article in their own article to follow or you share your article on other pages with a do-follow tag than this is called do follow backlink and this is what Google is looking for actual page ranking factor.

This allows Google search engine and user to visit your page through that specific link click.

Every unique domain will give you additional credibility and this improves your website DA and specific article page PA, care must be taken that you should get or create a do-follow link for quality websites which are really worth and has already higher DA approx 30-50.

Low-Quality Links

Sometimes while you link your article with any spam website or any automated website then it will harm you more than profit. So make sure while purchasing backlink from any domain.

Linking Root Domain

This considers a scenario, when other website referring your article or domain, hence transfer link juice to your website and improve credibility.

But backlink created from any website to your own website will be considered 1 if all links are coming from a single domain.

Anchor text

While you referring any article to other websites by mentioning complete hyperlink then the text of link call anchor text make sure it contains your keyword. This is the best way to increase page rank.

I am sure you have learned a lot about backlinks and its various types now questions come to the indexing of your written page if your blog is not indexed by google then how can you generate organic traffic.

For the same reason, you have to add your blog to a few common directories which are given below.

There are few link building strategies using what you can get high authority backlinks to make sure to learn them all if you are a new blogger or running an existing blog.

Submission of a blog to web directories


Create an account for google console also known as google webmaster and submit your blog to google fetch this will create an index for your submitted page somewhere in google and google will be able to crawl for same.


Create an account for bing webmaster tool and submit your webpage to crawl bing your webpage.

Social Engagement

This will help us to create backlink for our webpage by sharing the article on social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Same share your blog post on GooglePlus, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora to get more and more traffic.

Congrats, after reading the above article you are ready to use tools to get details of backlinks. The list of tools which I am sharing below is completely free to use and quite helpful for all the beginners. Let’s head over.

Free Tools to check Backlinks of website

BacklinkWatch (free)

BackLinkWatch, It is the best tool to check backlinks of website, this will check on google and fetch few high authorized websites which all backlinks their comment box is enabled to accept.

What are backlinks and 3 free tools to Check Backlinks of website
It actually uses Ahref to power its database so you could get a decent result for free. Obviously, you could not get the extensive report but as a beginner its good enough to have 20-25% results.

Small Seo Tools (Free)

SmallSeo Tool is the second best tool to check backlinks of website and get a decent result for free and it is unlimited to use.
What are backlinks and 3 free tools to Check Backlinks of website
It is hard to export them at a time, it allows to export 100 results at a time so export same but for free of cost, it is better to have 100 instead of nothing.

Seo Spyglass

In provided the above tools to check backlinks of the website there is one more tool call Seo Spyglass is not only a backlink tracker, it will give you complete analysis of your competitor blog.

Simply download and start using. it is the best tool I have ever seen.
What are backlinks and 3 free tools to Check Backlinks of website

My Opinion and Summary

Do not focus on creating backlinks in quantity, I would suggest creating quality backlinks. Provided tools are free to use and will help you to identify at lease good enough backlinks your competitor has created and you have to surpass same for your own use.

I hope above provided tool to check backlinks of website for free will helpful for you to analyze.

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Let me know your challenges and view on the above-shared article.

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