CJ Affiliate Beginner Guide : Best Platform to make Passive Income

The best way to make passive income is through Affiliate marketing, and CJ Affiliate is one of the best platforms which provide you a common place to join an affiliate program.

If you are a blogger or a YouTuber or running a social media fan page for a specific niche then you are at a verge of making a huge amount of passive income.

Passive income is the way to make money using your available resources even while you are sleeping over the night.

If you are a beginner, who is about to start your Affiliate marketing journey then this guide has all the detail which you should learn before starting.

What is CJ Affiliate and how it works

We will discuss like, what is Affiliate marketing and how using CJ Affiliate you can make free passive income.

If you are having a blog then I would suggest stick through this guide till the end because we will try to focus on, how you can do Affiliate marketing using Blogging.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you already know about Affiliate marketing than can skip this section else continue reading for additional info.

Affiliate marketing is a way to get free money by selling other products, it is like passive income by selling products without holding any inventory same as DropShipping Business.

But this is much easier than any other marketing business.

Let say a company wants to promote his products and company has released Affiliate associate program to invite people and join them to promote products.

If you are having an audience or platform on which large people coming every day or even a few people every day.

You can be the Affiliate associate of the company by doing some User profile verification. Now you are eligible to promote company products on your platform.

If you are able to make sell through an Affiliate link generated under your sign up Affiliate Associate program.

In return, the company will auto credit specific amount of commission on your total sell to your Affiliate defined wallet.

Be clear, the percentage of profit will depend on the amount of sell you are making through that link.

If you sell high ticket products you will get a high commission, if low ticket sells an obviously low percentage of profit.

Let say, if you have joined Amazon Affiliate associate program, and able to make the successful sale of the 50$ product, will in result you can make around the 2-3$ commission.

However, if you have joined the Affiliate program of hosting companies like Bluehost or Hostgator you can make 50-60$ commission per sale.

Hence the product you chose the commission will depend on their total selling price.

But till now what we discussed is an individual affiliate program of each company, where you have to join each Affiliate associate program to make passive income.

But places like CJ Affiliate and Clickbank are commonplace, where all the above niches are registered to promote at the commonplace.

This guide is to review and understand CJ Affiliate only, So what is CJ Affiliate and how it works?

Well, if you want to make passive income with no investment than do not miss our separate detailed guide.

What is CJ Affiliate Program?

If you are searching a common place where you can get all affiliate links than that place if CJ Affiliate.

Earlier CJ Affiliate was known as commission junction but it was rebranded to change its name to CJ Affiliate.

CJ Affiliate has around 4000 elite brands and 70,000 publishers registered on the networks.

Let say you are planning to join the Affiliate associate program of Bluehost in that situation you have to do sign up and verification for Bluehost associate affiliate program.

If you want to promote any niche products then the same verification and sign-up process with the platform like Amazon Associate programs and so on with others too.

This creates a problem to manage multiple accounts and deal with multiple companies discounted offers and commission structures.

The simple solution is provided by CJ affiliate, it has the group of all the most affiliate programs, where you have to sign up only CJ Affiliate and complete verification.

Now you indirectly connected with most of the other individual Affiliate associate programs.

The best part, in some cases you will get more commission from CJ Affiliate instead of joining any individual direct Affiliate program.

CJ Affiliate is quite easy to use and you won’t need any training program to learn how to implement this.

If you are a blogger then you can make an overnight huge amount of passive money but how? Will explain later in this guide.

First will explain how CJ Affiliate Works?

How to create an account and use CJ Affiliate?

To setup, an account with CJ Affiliate is as simple as you used to do with other Affiliate programs.

Simply Sign up using CJ Affiliate Sign up link and complete your profile, it will ask you about the kind of products you want to promote and the name of platform on which you promote.

Such as your website name or YouTube channel etc.

Provide all genuine details and website of your current blog or name of the youtube channel, if possible try to share social media platform as well.

The more detail you provide the quicker approval you will get for your account, I imagine that you got approval for your CJ Affiliate.

CJ Affiliate provides commission withdrawal through cheques and bank withdrawal, for that you would need to complete all bank account information correctly.

Now let me tell you, how to get promotional affiliate links using the CJ Affiliate program.

CJ Affiliate DashBorad Links

While you are on Dashboard of CJ Affiliate click to Links -> Search option displayed on the top bar.

It will navigate to a new window which has a list of options available to get links.

The best part with CJ Affiliate is you could search for products to promote based on niches and brand name or product keywords.

There are few other ways as well such as

  • Types of Promotional links you are looking for, such as click link, banner or text link, etc.
  • Promotional type such as coupons, free shipping, sale/Discount or hot products.
  • Any special deal running on a specific product for a specific duration of time.
  • Search based on language, target county, advertiser country and size of banners.

The other best part is a category, which is the second term we call as niches if you want to promote any specific Niche products such as clothing, beauty, accessories, etc.

In that case, you would navigate to the Category section and can choose your defined niche as a category.

Category of CJ Affiliate

From the above screenshot, you can see if you click to Accessories or Beauty will only display products related to those categories only.

Now let me tell you, general process on how to get Affiliate products using the Search option, which is simple and clear.

While you click to Link option visible at the top, will allow searching in two ways.

Advertisers – Where you can search by Brand Name

Keywords – Which allow searching based on product keywords.

Let say you want to promote any brand products than simply type brand name I typed BlueHost in Advertiser which is a hosting provider company.



It displays publisher ID for Bluehost as “Blue Host (150131)”, chose Bluehost and click to search option.

That will list all the products of Bluehost, which are available to promote as affiliate marketing

Bluehost Product to affiliate

In a similar way, in single go you could search for multiple brand name at a time, in the above list you can see a total of 50 products of BlueHost is available to promote.

To get the link for any of the products, you would need to first join their Affiliate program by clicking + link, which will send an auto request to join Affiliate program of that brand.

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – Bluehost Affiliate Program Join.PNG ATTACHMENT DETAILS Bluehost Affiliate Program Join

Simply click to “+” button will auto send the request and a popup will come to confirm on this.

Once you got approval, which usually you will get in the next 72 hour than that + icon will be converted to the link URL, as you can see below for NameCheap for which I got approval.

NameCheap Link

By Clicking to that link will open a new window which will have your Affiliate link of the product.

It will auto display “GET CODE” option, which has all list of Affiliate links.

The affiliate link is available in three different ways such as

  • HTML line code, which you can add to your block Visual text Edit box
  • JavaScript Affiliate link code.
  • Click URL which is easy to use as a hyperlink in your blog post or to share on the social media platform.

Make sure that each of your Affiliate links will have your referral ID number.

Namecheap Referal Link

Out of the available products you could choose your Affiliate links based on the banner Size, Text links, etc visible on the same screen left-hand side.

Now I could imagine that you got actual Idea how to get Affiliate links using CJ Affiliate.

To get Idea about how much commission you could earn by promoting this Affiliate links you can get by clicking Advertiser ->Search for your brand or Product name.

As I have searched for Blue Host and clicked to Program Terms, and it will have all the terms of conditions and Commission you could make through each sale.

 CJ Affiliate BlueHost Commission

This is the simple way to search any product and get Affiliate links to join any brand any product Affiliate program using CJ Affiliate.

Your earned commission will be added to balance details or CJ Affiliate Wallet, which you could withdraw any time.

Now how to promote affiliate links or to gain passive income.

How to Promote Affiliate Links?

You have joined the partner program of CJ Affiliate and this time is to get promotion of your referral links.

In that situation, you would need a blogging website or a YouTube channel or a big fan following social media platform

Simply link or attach your referral links as Anchor text to your blog or insert a big banner in your blog post.

In that situation, you could write a review about that product and for reference, you could ask the reader to get through your link.

If you are a YouTuber then review that product in the video and ask your viewer to get sign up using your link provided in the description.

Another way is you could create a thumbnail with the discounted offer and add your clickable link with that and promote on Facebook Fan pages, groups and social media platform.

If through any of the above ways you got clicks, Sign up and purchase of any single products will ensure your guaranteed commission.

This is how Affiliate marketing works, will add your passive income with your existing platform.

Imagine, if you are able to make the sale of even 1 product per day. Which has the commission of 20-30$ will result in close to 1000$/Month and maybe even more.

My View on CJ Affiliate

I expect each individual, who has a platform or audience which are struggling to get the right product or right info then you should use your platform to help them.

This would be a win-win situation for both, the customer will get the right product with right discounted rates and you will get a commission for selling those products.

This time big companies are believing in partnership with the small promoters, who have a very strong grip in the market.

They have shifted their focus from legacy TV media Ads to the actual content creator like you and me, who have regular audiences.

So we should join their Affiliate Partner program and should increase our Passive Income and CJ Affiliate help you to get all such affiliate programs at a commonplace.

I found CJ Affiliate as one of the best platforms which have more than 4000 elite brand register with multiple products to promote.

Google Adsense is another best platform to make passive income while you sleep overnight, But how? Check our detailed guide.

I found CJ Affiliate as most useful what do you think, let me share your comment in the comment box.

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