.com vs .net Differences: For Beginner Which Domain Extention is Best?

When it comes to having a website or blog the first thing which comes to mind is the name of the website which is always followed by an extension which we call domain name and both .com and .net are among the most popular domain name. So in  .com vs .net which is best?

I have been asked the same question multiple times and people are very cautious while picking up the domain name because ultimately this is going to impact your website.

While I have been searching on the same query on a number of websites using which types of domain and surprisingly found on Statista that .com is used by around 46.7% people and .net by just 3.6%.

Is that make any sense for you and I am sure you are curious about this wide adoption of .com as compared to .net and willing to buy the same but wait, here are some things you should know.

I have collected various parameters from different sources and classified each domain performance under several categories which are worth reading if you are planning to buy the domain.

What is .com vs .net Domains All About?

The domain name is like the identity of a website which makes sense of your presence on the internet world. If anyone wants to read your published content then the best way is to browse using your domain name.

Mainly domain names are of two types one we call gTLD (global top-level domain) such as .net,.com,.info, etc and other is ccTLD (Country-code top-level domain) such as .uk,.in, etc.

But here we will discuss only .com and .net so let I first introduce what both domains are all about.

What is the .com Domain?

.com is an abbreviation of the commercial, which means something which was created to address the commercial websites, where people make money or provide any business services to the client.

.com domain was first introduced in the year 1985 and almost every single word that comes to your mind is already been sold out such as extra.com,big.com anything.

Even you are reading my site which has a domain name mrvyasidea.com because this website is a content sharing and money-making site.

To learn more in detail about a .com domain for a website here is everything you should know in detail guide of how important is a .com domain for a website.

What is the .net Domain?

.net is an abbreviation of the network which means a domain that addresses to network and where the main idea behind having that website domain is to provide internet services to people.

In general companies like an internet service provider, network service provider, hosting and web servicer provider which interact with the communication network use such domain.

The essence of the .net itself says it is the best fit for those who are dealing with networking industries.

Eevn sometimes companies use .net to showcase their brand as a group of people such as the network of artists.

The Differences between .com vs .net?

I assume you got an overview of the basic idea behind their actual existence and why people adopted them like this much level.

Now we will highlight the major differences among .com vs .net to get an idea of how this global top-level domain works and which one is the best for your website.

Use of .com vs .net Domain Names

Almost 50% of all websites use .com domain and even many more are searching to grab more which matches their brands best.

But not every industry is fit for .com there are few which match best for .net and growing their sales.

Hence let’s highlight the types of industries that use the .com and .net domain.

Use of .com Domain

  • The one who has a blog.
  • The one who is selling digital marketing services.
  • Whose business is to provide customer care services.
  • Companies running the commercial business like IBM.com,Apple.com, google.com

Use .net domain

  • Web service provider companies
  • Internet service provider companies
  • Hosting provider companies
  • Telecom services providing companies

I think you understood the use of .com vs .net domain names and their use in different industries.

Which one is best for SEO?

The biggest concern for each website owner is search engine optimization and almost 70% of search engine traffic comes from Google only hence we discuss specific to Google.

There has been a case study done by Moz.com on the impact of having different domain names and they come to the conclusion that Google doesn’t differentiate based on the domain name.

The only key factor which makes real sense is the content as it is always the king. But no one can ignore the psychology of the reader.

While searching in Google they found a two URL with one .com and another .net extension there is likely higher chances of clicking the user to .com instead of .net

If more clicks on your post and content are of good quality, it is obviously going to impact the ranking of your website, here are few bonus tips to boost ranking.

Google always favors the best which has the best engagement rate and if this is so with the use of .com then definitely Google will favor your website based on engagement not on the domain.

But the authority of your domain can be increased by building the strong backlinks which can influence the credit or trust of your domain.

Price of .com and .net domain?

I have been searching for the price comparison and in most of the cases with the two-word domain, the price of .com domain was higher as compared to the .net domain.

But why? The more demand you have the more price you have to pay, it is simple and clear.

From the below examples you can see the price difference in between .com vs .net.com vs .net domain name price

Even sometimes people struggling to get their domain names and if this is so then you can also check if someone placed it on sell.

If you don’t know then people buy a domain for cheaper price and sell them at a higher price if you want to make money by selling domain then make sure to visit the guide on how to sell a domain.

This means people love to buy .com either for having their own brand or to sell for money and that causes almost every well known .com domain name is sold out.

Now you have to compromise with .com and can opt for .net which will be a bit cheaper in price.

Which one is easy to Remember?

Probably you said sometimes to the internet as Google such as let search for this query on Google in a similar way it becomes primary through of everyone to search website with .com domain name.

Why this is so? The answer is simple it is one of the old domains started with the internet and as far as people know internet they know .com domain.

Even mobile companies have introduced .com to their virtual keyboard to help the user to get instant domain extension.

So Why don’t you grab the one which is easy to remember and already browsed by billions of people every day?

Let me answer every time you searched any website domain name, have you typed other than .com extension? I don’t think. Hence that opportunity you have to grab for success in digital marketing industries

I imagine all the above explanations are good enough to differentiate between .com vs .net and by the end of the guide will give you our best suggestion on both.

But while purchasing a Domain name make sure to care about the below points.

Tips to Buy Best Domain Name

Well as I said, sometimes it is not possible to get your expected name as either it could be sold out or on auction to sell for the higher price.

It this is the case with you then do changes with your expected domain names such as given below.

  • Either add suffix with your brand as in my case I was searching for mrvyas.com but was unfortunately sold so I bought mrvyasidea.com.
  • Either add the prefix to your required name by adding one or two-character let say if searching for bestidea.com can also go for probestidea.com.
  • If willing to have a two-word domain such as groupideas.com can shorten the first word such as gpideas.com like that.

Above is the immediate best thought on how to stick with the .com or .net only even if you are not getting your own choice domain.

To get more ideas on varieties of your domain, make sure to search leandomainsearch.com and provide seed keyword of your required domain, it will list you varieties of flavor.

leansearch domain

In addition, make sure you avoid the below form of domain names.

  • Domain names which include any special character or sometimes number.
  • Domain names which include a hyphen(-) in between two words.
  • A domain name that is not easy to read.

I hope after reading the above tips you will get your best choice, now let me guide you on how to buy a domain name.

How to Buy Domain Name?

Well, every website needs a hosting and domain name where hosting will cost you around 4-5$ per month, if willing to buy here is a detailed guide on how to buy the best hosting.

However, the domain will cost you around 11-15$ per year and then after you have to renew your domain name.

To buy a domain name is a simple process but the price always matters and if you go through the Namecheap it has always best offer deals for new domain buy.

Here is a link to navigate to NameCheap.com click to that and go to the homepage then click to the domain and search for your favorite domain name.

Namecheap Domain name

Then follow the basic buy instructions and you will get your domain but if you are planning to purchase hosting as well then Bluehost offers a free domain with hosting.

So why don’t you grab the best hosting+ domain (Free) deal and here are steps to buy in a detailed guide.

.com vs .net which one you should go for?

We learned the major differences between .com and .net and from that, you should first identify your own business and then decide the domain name.

If you are willing to have a commercial business like a blog or business website I recommend to go with .com only.

The reason behind having a .com is already specified and you should go with the trend and trust people has, ultimately this is not going to impact on your branding.

But make sense in terms of people interaction and business ideology where people default browse your domain name with .com. if you have any commercial business.

It is worth to buy .net along with .com domain, where you can route .net to your existing domain.

This helps to defend your identity and traffic to the website no matter what people browse will land on your website only in both cases.

If you have purchased any let us know your experience with our readers to choose the best out of both.

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