7 Ways You Can Create Creative Content For Free

It’s normal to not have a lot of money when first starting up. There are equipment costs, maintenance costs, business expenses, and a lot more involved.

You’re already spending a lot on setting up campaigns and marketing, so it makes sense that your budget for content creation and production would be limited.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t produce quality content for your audience! that is why I brought you some exclusive tips to create creative content for free.

How to Create Creative Content for Free

Remember the content bring an audience to your business, here are 7 genius creative content creation ideas that cost you absolutely nothing!

1. Writing Blogs & Posting On Social Media

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Although it’s true that running ads on social media costs money, but posting on those platforms doesn’t. You can whip up free blog posts and publish them at zero cost.

Instagram is a fantastic platform to enjoy the benefits of marketing and content sharing for free.

If you are open to joining online communities and creative forums, discord servers related to the content you’re making are gold.

Not every business owner will turn to Discord, but it’s one of the best platforms where you can score bigger numbers of followers for free.

`The other social media platform which has a huge audience hanging around is Facebook, there always try to join the Facebook Groups to bring the audience to your personal Facebook page.

The thing to remember with social media is this always demands consistency in terms of posting messages otherwise you will lose your organic reach to the audience.

2. Make Instructional Content


Almost everyone on the internet is out there looking for answers on video. So why not create content around that?

How-to videos and instructional content are in huge demand and an easy way to build your subscriber base.

You can start a YouTube channel for free and grow it up by posting instructional content. If you’re trying to get your content shared by others, this is a terrific way to do it.

Another way you can approach the how-to content-making scene is by creating infographics for your blog.

You can write FAQs and listicles for your website along with short tutorial posts explaining how things work, which takes just 2 to 3 minutes to read.

If you want to create infographics then the paid method is to hire a freelancer from Fiverr or willing to create of own then must go with Canva.

3. Take Advantage Of Ad Promo Credits

How to create informative contnet


While this suggestion is technically not free, it does save you big bucks.

Facebook Ads or Google or Bing Ads sometimes run promotional offers and exclusive discounts that give free ad credits.

You can use these credits for later use to promote your content.

So look out for these offers and take advantage of the coupons.

There are various web hosting services that also offer these for free advertising purposes, so keep an eye out for their offers.

If you want one suggestion such as BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosting providers that offer $100 free credit for Google Ads on the spending of $25.

Similarly, Bing Ads offers $100 free credit to the account after the spending of $20 on Bing Ads, so imagine you are getting closely 5X as free from the initial investment.

4. Track Customer Behavior & Use User-Generated Content

Track user behaviour with

Tracking customer behavior on different social media platforms and seeing what your audience thinks will bring you many insights.

You can run a sentiment analysis on Facebook posts and Twitter feeds, and discover what your fans are saying. Using business analytics tools and software is also helpful.

If you’re looking for fresh content ideas and are scratching your head, it’s time to turn towards your users.

User-generated content like reviews, ratings, feedback on existing products, and comments on blog posts can serve as fresh ideas for your upcoming posts.

You can also talk to your customers online and put their needs in front as part of your new content.

Pay attention to what your audience thinks, write thoughtfully, and show how you’re making the changes – and people will react positively to what you’re sharing.

If you are tracking the behavior on your product website then the strong recommendation is to use the Facebook pixel which actually tracks the user behavior and finds a related audience.

Later you can target the same audience via Facebook ads.

5. Make Vlogs & Video Diaries

Vlog Creation

Pushing the record button and just talking on camera literally costs nothing. You don’t need fancy equipment to make new videos.

If you’re strapped for content, start making vlogs whenever you can. Over time, it will build up into something new.

However, make sure you use a reliable screen recorder and video editing software to edit your footage.

There will be a time when you would want to annotate over your clips, add highlights, or add notes. These programs have those features which help save you tons of time down the line.

6. Use Statistics & Case StudiesStatics based contnet creation using Case Study

Case studies, white papers, and statistics reports about the industry you’re associated with are all published for free online.

You can use the data from these sources and cite them to illustrate a point. There are many ideas worth discussing in these, and you could spark new debates.

You can combine emotions with the data to induce feelings of excitement, urgency, fear, or energy among your audience.

For example, if you’re selling mercury-free fish oil supplements in the market and there’s a study about mercury contamination problems in deep-sea fish, you can highlight that study and show how you’re selling a product that’s unique.

You could expand and say how your items are in limited stock and how there’s a constant shortage versus a huge demand scenario in your company, thus triggering more sales.

There are also other figures you can use from case studies and industry reports to create interesting content.

7. Use Free Content Creation & SEO Tools

There are free content creation, Hubspot video marketing, and SEO tools available online that help business owners create original content.

These don’t cost you a dime and provide decent results. The Google Drive Research Tool lets you do searches without leaving your drive window while you’re busy writing content.

Google Webmaster tool will let you learn about the SEO status, click-through rates, impressions, and indexing of your webpages, which will help you out with optimizing the content on your website.

SEOPress has a blog title generator that you can use free to generate a list of creative blogging topics.

We could go on and on. There are many free tools like this out there that you can take advantage of.


When you’re strapped for cash or on a limited budget, you have to get those creative juices flowing. Working with financial restraints doesn’t mean you have to compromise on creativity.

In fact, you’ll find that your best ideas emerge when you’re working with limits. Try out these free tools, put some time into your content, and share your creations with your audience.

With time and consistency, you will notice that your brand is growing online. But when you do make content, make sure it’s free from plagiarism so that you don’t face the risk of getting flagged.

Again, there are many free tools for that too, but you get the point.

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