5 Tips On How To Create Passive Income With No Money : Make $1000 /Day

How to create passive income with no money is the most searched query in the world and if you are reading this blog post then I am sure you are searching for the same.

People are claiming that they are generating five or seven-figure income per month using passive income or even 1000$/Day, is this true?

Yes, it is true and even you can make the same. But How and what you should do?

Do not worry, I will explain in detail how to create passive income using the top 5 most simple and best effective ways.

I have been using these methods for a very long time and yes it is very impressive and even you can also make passive income with little to no efforts.

While planning to set up a business, the biggest challenge is the investment. After investing heavy money no one can make sure how much you may get out of this.

Hence here in this guide, I will introduce those five best money making ways, which are purely passive and your one time efforts can give you a lifetime income.

The best part of this guide is, we will discuss those methods which require no money to invest or little to none investment.

Before discussing those Top 5 passive money-making processes, let me explain first what is Passive income and why this is important.

What is Passive Income and Why Important?

We have seen many people giving their hard efforts in 9-6 jobs, just to get a few bucks of monthly income.

This type of income is called an active income, where you are actively participating to make money, I must say salary.

But what, if you set up a process which can give you money even while you are sleeping, yes this type of money is called Passive income.

To generate Passive income, you would need to give efforts for at least one time and share your creativity or business with others and that will generate passive recurring income for you.

How to make passive income with no money

If you have read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki then probably you understood that passive income is those incomes where you are not actively involving in yourself and if you still confuse how to set a rich mentality then I suggest you check Americ #1 Personal financing book.

Click here to Check: Rich Dad Pood Dad (Amazon)

It is all up to you that how you can scale your passive income up to 5 or 7 figure, will discuss in detail later of this guide, so do not miss this.

The beauty of Passive income is you can generate along with your regular job or you can make this as full time.

The best part is, whatever platform you chose will generate income even while you are sleeping, walking, enjoying, etc.

In some cases, you require to give efforts only one time and the income generated through that creativity will be forever.

So let me focus on all the top 5 best ways to Make Passive Income.

How to Create Passive Income With No Money

You got an idea about what is passive income and why this is important and every business requires money to invest or drive-in but below-highlighted methods are different than others.

But to scale any business up to  5 or 7 figures will definitely require some money to invest but what if you will get the same money using the below method and reinvest in business back?

Well, be cautious that will require only your smart efforts to grow quickly so do research for any of these whatever you want to opt for.

Hence below-highlighted methods also guarantee you 100% Return on investment, do not miss a detailed summary of any of the below-highlighted methods.

Affiliate Marketing: Promote Other Products

If you are planning to start your own business then definitely you would need an inventory and initial investment that can kick start your business.

But Affiliate marketing won’t need anything, it just needs a platform where interested audiences hanging around.

In order to join Affiliate marketing, first, you would need to join the affiliate associate program of Affiliate partner provider companies.

In my list below few are the best and most trusted program you can join at this moment.

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

While talking about the Amazon Affiliate program, you can pick any product from the Amazon online store.

Before all that you would need an account to sign up and wait for your approval, once you got approved, you can search for your Affiliate products in your Affiliate associate partner portal.

Find your most trending products and get an Affiliate sponsor link which will have your referral ID or tracking ID in it.

Now your job is to promote this to niche-specific audiences around the world and as a beginner definitely, you won’t have an audience.

The best and simple way is to promote on social media and while talking about the freeway to promote your products than Facebook is the best place.

First, you would need to create a Facebook fan page of your own and here is our guide on how to create a Facebook Page.

Now publish a post with your affiliate link, the second job which you would need to do is to join the separate Niche-specific groups.

Let say you are planning to promote fitness niche products, in that case, you would need to search for the Facebook groups which are having audiences around the health and fitness niche.

Share your published affiliate link post to those groups, as a member of the group you are eligible to do so.

Imagine you are a member of 100K follower groups which in result let say just 1% clicks on your shared post will result in 1K clicks and out of that imagine just 1 or 10 conversions to actually sell.

Your profit or income will totally depend on how much sell you will make and what price products you are promoting.

While referring to Amazon, it gives commission in between 4-8% per sale and referring to CJ affiliate 5-10% and coming to click bank offers more than 30$ per sale.

Hence it is all up to you, how much sell you can bring in, imagine you have made just 5 sales and made around 50$ in profit.

To scale your more sales, you can reinvest this 50$ profit in paid marketing like the Facebook Ad campaign.

The Facebook Ad campaign is most effective as it will reach out to your products to needy people on Facebook.

It will result in more sales and more profit and set up a campaign is just a 15-20 minute process and once done will run automatically.

You are promoting other products with little to no investment and in return getting more commission.

I prefer Affiliate marketing as the best way to make passive income overnight and this is the easiest and simplest way to make money online.

I hope, I answered the first out of 5 on how to create passive income with no money. Going to the Second way.

Start a Blog and Write a Blog Post

If you would like to generate passive income without investing a single penny then I would say Blogging is the only best way which can do so.

You can create a niche-specific successful blog and try to drive organic or referral traffic to your blog.

To create any blogging website, you can go for a free blogging platform called Blogger and if you have some money to invest for hosting then go for WordPress, learn here the differences.

Blogger New Blog

If you are a beginner then check our 7 steps detailed guide on how to start a successful blogging journey.

The blog is a platform, where you can write the content of your own experiences, you can also write product reviews.

You can earn passive income using Blogging in two ways.

Google Adsense

The best and guaranteed way your blog can make you money is through Google Adsense and to get Approval from Google Adsense you can use our best Tips Guide.

Once you got Approval from Google Adsense, Ads will start display on your blog post which may give you income in two ways either user is clicking those Ads while reading the blog post.

Or the second way is simply while reading the blog post Ads will display on the page.

In both cases, a specific amount of revenue in click called CPC and in impressions called RPM will be added to your Google Adsense wallet as your passive income.

Google Adsense

The best part is, this process of generating passive income will remain on forever and when any user all around the world view your blog post or click the ads displayed in your blog.

You will start generating Passive income and to learn how much Google Adsense pays you, you can check our detailed guide.

Selling Affiliate Products

Well in First we discussed how you can make passive income using Affiliate marketing and you can also add that Affiliate marketing strategy with Blogs.

If your website is providing detailed ideas about health and Fitness then you can pick the same products from your Affiliate associate partner website.

You can write an article for the product review in your blog post and can refer to buy users that products by navigating to your provided anchor link text or outbound product link in the same blog post.

Imagine you are making two incomes, one is the affiliate product commission if you are able to make sell and the other is the Adsense Ads already displaying on the page.

To make passive income using the blog you would need to focus mainly on the drive in traffic to your website.

Most of the search traffic comes from Google and to rank your post in Google you would need to learn these best five effective ways.

Once you will start getting traffic, you will start making passive income and here we have learned that it won’t require any single penny to invest.

The main part to learn while doing blogging is the best SEO techniques and keyword research.

You can reinvest if you have made any profit from blogging in your marketing strategy using Google, Bing or Facebook. Marketing is all up to you as this will require money to invest.

To grow organic traffic on your blog post may take some time around 3-6 months but keep patience and keep focusing on creativity.

You can also promote your blog post for free on forums like Quora, check for similar questions and try to provide answers to the query.

While answering, you can link your Quora content keywords to your blog post by adding Hyperlink.

In how to create passive income with no money, I must say the topmost ways is Google Adsense.

YouTube Channel: Video Platform

Youtube Online Earning

YouTube is like a video content creator platform, it works the same as Facebook to promote your products and also helps you to get Passive income.

But the best part with YouTube is totally free to start and totally free to promote your products.

You would need a Gmail Account and create your YouTube channel, you can upload your own videos.

As per the current YouTube Policy, you would need around 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of watch time to send your channel for Google Adsense approval.

Once your channel will get approved you will be making the same RPM and CPC revenue for Ads displayed on your channel.

Let say as a beginner you won’t have that many hours of watch time and subscribers so the best part you can try is, in your video you can review your affiliate products.

As a result, the affiliate link will be provided in the description and interested users will navigate to your link and if place any purchase order you will start making passive income.

YouTube has around 1 billion hour watch time per day and after Google the second largest search engine in the world.

You have created your video and it got viral may anytime or not even viral if anyone in the world will watch your video you will get Google Adsense money.

YouTube is also one of the most famous trusted ways to make passive income for free or zero investment.

Once your channel will grow, you can also get sponsorship from different products owner to promote their product on your channel.

Imagine how much you can make using all these ways and the best part is you won’t even know while your wallet is adding with passive income.

If you have good communication skill than I must say the answer to how to create a passive income with no money is YouTube only.

Run Facebook Ad Campaigns for Small Business

Well, this is not for the beginners it is for those who are already experienced in marketing strategy as this is part of social media marketing strategy.

In the USA, the UK and various western countries much more small businesses are looking to expand their daily or monthly sales.

They are not technically smart or strong and won’t have that much time to focus on their small business marketing strategy.

Facebook Page

They are ready to pay like you or me for digital marketing who can simply create a Facebook Ad campaign to generate leads for the small businessman.

They are ready to pay more than 1$ for your single leads or single customers, imagine you have to connect with them and need to ask for the promotion.

You would need to assure him approx leads which you could be able to generate using Facebook, Google or Bing advertisement.

As a beginner, I would say start with Facebook or Bing as these two platforms are most effective and less expensive as compared to Google.

Imagine you got a marketing contract of around 500$ which is able to generate leads of 100 for the end a small business.

There is a high probability that in the future you will get more budget contract and to run an ad campaign won’t take more than 20$/day for healthy leads to generate.

If you run an ad campaign around 15 days it will spend around 300$ and as result, you will get 200$ in profit.

As your marketing campaign will get stronger and stronger and in result, you may able to generate more and more leads.

This strategy will work, only if you are an experienced digital marketer and it won’t take much more than 4-5 months to learn all this strategy.

You can take advantage of small businesses, who are struggling to run the Facebook Ad Campaign.

You can make money as your passive income where you took money from one and reinvested part of it back to the Ad campaign and created your profit.

Set campaign for one time and you are done, am I answered your query on how to create passive income with no money?

Let’s focus on the last passive income generating the best way.

Collecting Email Leads using CPA

Maxbounty CPA Marketing Make passive income

What if you can provide big companies what they are looking for, yes I am talking about big companies.

It is obvious that you won’t have any connection with big companies but you can use a middle-level platform like MaxBounty.

First, you have to join the MaxBounty platform and need to apply for any campaign which you want to run.

Before Applying any campaign first you would have to verify your account and there will be a telephonic interview which you would need to clear.

This telephonic interview will be very simple as the company is willing to know, how you would be generating leads?

If you are approved then you can pick any of the available offers listed as it is sort of CPA marketing.

Where CPA is Cost per action, where you will be paid only if you are able to generate leads for the required listed customers.

Let say you have picked, one campaign which is offering 0.75$ or even 2$ per email lead, which you can get only if you are able to generate leads.

You can create your own one-page website and can do the promotion of that website and if the user is providing their email addresses or filling up those forms.

As a result, you will be generating specified CPA revenue to your account. It is an insane way to create passive income.

This game is all about generating email leads, if you already have an email list of users, you can shoot a promotional email to your audiences.

If any user opens that specified link and as requested fill his personal detail to get more inquiry or fill-up the form as requested part of the campaign.

You are done with your lead and the specified amount will be added to your wallet. Hence CPA marketing is another best way to generate passive income using Max Bounty.

I hope I have answered all the top 5 best ways on how to create passive income with no money as none of the above methods asking you to invest.

To scale this up to a new level, you can reinvest your profit back to advertising and marketing strategy, here is learn how social media marketing strategy is very powerful.

For your reference, you can also check other passive income making ways you will like the most as what is Aliexpress DropShipping.

My View on Making Passive Income

I always love to make money as a passive income, it is obvious that while you start you can not jump to 4-5 figure income.

But what if you can start this parallel to your current active job and can migrate in the future completely to the new and trending passive income sources.

Above listed top 5 passive income ways are having very strong potential to make you billion, if you focus them as your full-time money-making sources.

Without investing money, you can make few bucks which are even close to your monthly income but with investment or I would say reinvestment you can scale this up to a new level.

Affiliate marketing promotion using Facebook and YouTube, you can change your whole money-making figures.

Never forget to generate email leads for your viewers which in result helps you to target in the future without even investing money.

You can promote your Affiliate products directly to your reader’s email Inbox and chances of conversion will be very high.

I hope you like this, how to create passive income with no money guide. So let us know what else you know the effective ways which can make overnight money without investing a penny.

I am an Engineer and a passionate Blogger, who loves to share tips on Blogging, SEO, Google Ranking, Digital marketing, passive income, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Read More

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