How to Delete WordPress Blog Site from Bluehost and WordPress.com

There are two ways to have your WordPress website one which provides free hosting and the other is a self-hosted WordPress blog website and here we will learn how to delete the WordPress blog website from both.

How many of you have heard about wordpress.org and WordPress.com here is the first one which is known as a self-hosted website however the second is free hosting WordPress website.

I am not sure which platform you are hosting your website if it is WordPress.org then definitely you have purchased your own hosting which having Cpanel or easy interface.

Hence, I will explain to you a few easy steps on how to delete WordPress site from Self-hosted hosting which somewhere people also refer wordpress.org site, will discuss later in detail.

But WordPress.com is a free hosting platform but being used by very few people due to its disadvantages as compared to WordPress.org.

Hence we will first learn how to delete WordPress.com website then will proceed with the WordPress.org.

How to Delete WordPress Blog from WordPress.com

If you are using WordPress.com which is free to use blogging platform using WordPress features where no need to purchase hosting and just create a sample website.

If you are willing to delete that website including, post, pages, and themes everything than follow the below steps.

The process to delete the website from wordpress.com is done through the dashboard itself.

  • First Sign in to WordPress.com dashboard using credentials, here is the link to sign in.
  • On the dashboard, click to the “My Site” icon available on the top left corner as shown below, it will navigate to all list of the website window.WordPress.com My Site
  • Check the open website is the one which you want to delete in case you have hosted multiple websites under common WordPress account.
  • Select the “Site Title” and Desktop view of your website will be visible.Website from WordPress
  • Click to the Manage –> Setting and you will be moved to the setting window, where you can select “Delete your site permanently”.How to delete wordpress account
  • A new window will display with all list of options where everything such as post, pages, media, domain, etc.Where option “Delete Site” will be displayed.Delete WordPress.com site Permanently
  • Click to Delete Site and a new window will pop up to confirm and provide the name of the domain of the website as I provided my “viptycoon.home.blog Confirm delete site on WordPress
  • After providing domain name click to “Delete Site”, your site will be successfully permanently deleted which you can never recover.

If you have done this accidentally then you can connect the WordPress team within 30 days to recover the account back.

It is all about how to delete a WordPress site or blog on wordpress.com through easy and simple steps.

How to delete WordPress Blog site from Bluehost

We have seen multiple websites hosted on self-hosting services such as Bluehost. Where you can manage multiple websites using a simple and easy process.

Out of that if you are using Bluehost then here are steps to follow on how to delete the WordPress website or blog.

Bluehost can host multiple websites in the same hosting account and a similar case could be with another hosting account such as Siteground, Hostgator, A2Hosting, etc.

The steps below are specific to Bluehost only but the general process will be common with all other hostings as well.

  • Login to Bluehost account here is the link to sign in.
  • On the Bluehost dashboard click to “My Sites” where all your websites will be displayed if you are hosting more than one website.
  • Hower on top of that website an option called “Manage site” will display just click to that will move to the new window where options to manage that website will display.How to delete wordpress site from Bluehost
  • On the newly opened window click to “Setting” and make sure the URL of your existing website should display the same for the website which you are willing to delete from Bluehost.Delete bluehost website
  • If all good then scroll down and an option called Delete Site displayed where make sure to read the description that all files will be deleted permanently.Delete site from bluehost
  • Click to Delete and all your files and website will be deleted permanently, where a new popup message will come to confirm your deletion of the website.
  • Once you verify that by clicking Delete, your website will be deleted permanently from the Bluehost and it won’t be recovered anymore.

Here are the ways on how to delete a WordPress blog website form any hosting interface.

How to delete WordPress Blog site from Cpanel

WordPress.com is having a normal dashboard for user interface however wordpress.org needs a hosting service to host your website.

These days every hosting is having a Cpanel from where the owner of the website can manage its website plugins, database, and every most possible thing.

If you are expecting to delete your website from cPanel then every hosting has different options and I can not explain each one of them one by one.

If you are part of the good hosting service then they provide 24*7  customer support to do that job for you.

If you are hosting more than one website on the same hosting and trying to do some changes from cPanel then I do not recommend to deal with such things by own if you are not technically sharp.

Cpanel is the collection of complete data of your websites that are hosting under the same plan which is like the admin window contains the data start from the database, applications installed and software you are using.

So it’s better to go with an easy one or connect with hosting service support on online chat and ask them to do that job for you.

They will put you on hold for a few minutes and perform the required steps for you to delete that website and its complete data from your existing hosting service.

I hope you got an idea on how to delete any website from WordPress.

My view on how to delete WordPress blog Website

Around 70% of existing blogging websites are hosted on WordPress and almost every hosting service provides easy installation for WordPress.

The deletion of WordPress site means uninstallation of WordPress from the hosting account to be aware that permanent deletion means no recovery of the account.

But in some cases like wordpress.com you have the option to request the WordPress team to recover back in the next 30 days if you report accidental deletion.

Never touch to website database from the cPanel as it could be the worst choice you make in case something has gone wrong and you hosted multiple websites on the same hosting.

Most hosting services already provided deletion facility from their site management interface the way I explained earlier.

If you are a beginner and not experienced this earlier then this is better to connect with support staff and ask them to that job for you.

How to Delete WordPress Blog Site from Bluehost and WordPress.com

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