Difference Between Blog and Website: How both are different?

While you browse on the internet for your specified query, list of pages will be displayed and suddenly you get confused what is the difference between Blog and Website.

In a simple way, I would say both are web pages but created on the different way with different purposes.

A blog is mainly focused to provide quality updated timely content and Website will provide static pages to showcase business products and services.

Difference between blog and Website

From the above idea, it seems like Blog can be a part of the Website.

Is it true?

Well, that’s what in detail I will discuss in this article.

The best part is to make fun, we will discuss the history of the blog.

Before finding out differences between Blog and Website, let’s first discuss both separately.

What is a Blog

First of all what you are reading is a blog.

Earlier people were love to share experiences through different media like paper, magazines, books, Novel.

But with the revolution of technology that trend has been changed and worldwide opportunity to share your experience was opened.

In the year 1999, a popular blogging website call Blogger came into the picture which people use to write content in it and later it was acquired by Google in the year 2003.

In the Year 2003 same WordPress was parallel came into the picture and worldwide accepted by the large community.

Currently around 30% content writer using WordPress as their blogging platform.

If you are loving to share ideas or your experiences with people than blogging is the best way to share them.

A blog is especially for education purpose, where quality content will be updated on regular basis.

So every latest content will be at the top of the website.

It does not require any coding experience, even a non-technical person using other people blog can learn how to set up Blog.

Simply, go with WordPress do install the theme and rest it will be easy to learn, will explain later in this post.

Have a look at my blog:

MrvyasIDea Blog

The blog can have a different section on its page, If you go through each of them you will find all the information is for education purpose only.

Now let me tell you, What is Website?

What is Website

As we said earlier, that blogging does not require Coding experiences, but to build any website you require coding experiences like java/.net/php etc.

A website usually provide static content, their front page will be full of services or products they are offering and in some cases, you can get a brief overview of the company as well.

The website can have multiple pages based on services they are offering and their pages very rarely changes.

If you will see website page first and will come back after a few days then it will not be going to change unless the company is bringing new changes the in business.

It is specially built to interact with users and get to know what the company is offering.

Static pages will be the reason that they want their customer to learn how to work and how they can reach them.

Have a look at the website:


In case, if they change the layout of web pages abruptly then it will impact their customer experience and marketing sell.

I hope you are clear how a website looks like.

Now let me help you, what is the difference between blog and website

Difference Between Blog and Website

In simple word I would say, a blog can be a part of a website but the website cannot be a part of Blog.


As I said, Blog is for educational purpose where you will share your learning and experiences or can educate people about certain topics.

So on a website static structure, you can add a section call Blog.

Where specific blog section could be updated on daily, monthly or weekly basis by uploading quality and informative content for customers.

If you have a website for selling computers accessories, then in your blog section you can guide your users on how to set up or configure those devices.

Here, the blog will give online education to the customer about how to use company products.

In simple meaning, the blog can only have an article for education or guide purposes and more frequently updated by publishers.

However the website is static pages, their layout will remain the same for a long time and main aim to share their products and services.

Blog will be your own views,Ideas and experiences, however website is online presence of any company offering services.

If you think about domain and hosting, then both a Blog and a website require the same thing.

Because website and blog both should exist on the internet and to hold your content somewhere on the internet require web hosting.

To purchase web hosting here is a guide on how to open hosting account.

Now the second important part is the domain name, which you will get free with web hosting.

Now I am agreed with the website it is for selling company services and products and in some cases for collecting user data such as survey reports and all.

Building a website can have the opportunity to earn money but what about the blog?

Why people are so eager to open blog, is there is any way to make money using the blog?

Blog vs Website to make Money


Whoever writes a blog is known as a blogger, only a few people do blogging for the sake of sharing experiences and knowledge and rest for money.

Yes, you can make money through a blog, but how?

Here are a few ways which could help to monetize your blog.

  1. Join Associate partner program of any company and review their product on your website.
  2. Apply your blog for Google Ad sense and display add on pages.
  3. Sell your own products such as an educational kit or advance service.
  4. Promote sponsored products by sharing reviews.

There are numerous ways to make money using a blog, but the most preferred and highly used is Google Adsense.

Once your blog approved by Google Adsense then ad’s will auto-populate on your blog pages and if people all around the world will click to those ads, then you will get revenue for that.

Now come to the website


It is not always true that only business people or people who are having company can hold website.

You can create a website and earn money, but how?

Let me give you an idea-

Let say you will build a website to collect survey data, do marketing of your website using social media.

You know how to do social media marketing, here is our best guide on How growing social is best platform for marketing.

Now people will come to your website and fill personal data, this data is well known as leads.

This leads, you can share with big companies and make the huge amount of money.

Another way is to use Adsense on the same website or can run affiliate as well.

So numerous ways available to do marketing,learn all here.

Now, I hope you understood the difference between a blog and a website.

Now the question is, who can start a blog?

Who can start a blog?

Ideally, anyone who knows how to write can start a blog.

As I said, it is not as tough as building a website. There are two ways to start.

  1. By Free
  2. By investing

If we consider about free method than blogger which is Google own product can give you all around freedom to build own blog.

But to have a blog with google can have multiple disadvantages in this competitive world. If your aim is to just write then blogger can be the best but if you want to make money than go for the second option.

If you are serious about earning and want to make money than the second option will be the best choice for you.

Here you will have to do investment for hosting and rest you can get for free and this is the best way to start blogging.

To uncover the first step on how to open hosting account do visit the article.

Bonus Tips

If you running any business than ideally, you need a website to give better customer experience.

If you are just content writer and willing to share your own learning with people than a blog will be the best ideas.

A blog can have multiple categories, like solving user problem by sharing step by step guide. Sharing product review and explain reader best among available choices.

So do first decide which one you would like to go for.

This is the end of my guide on the difference between blog and website.

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