DoFollow backlinks : 6 Best free ways to create in 2019 (Fastest Grow)

Backlinks are an important factor for any webpage to rank. In the list of Backlinks, DoFollow backlinks play an important role in ranking your website.

Every website is competing with each other to get top 10 rankings in SERP results.

But only a few are able to make it, the reason is DoFollow backlinks.

What are dofollow backlinks

DoFollow backlinks will help search engine to identify your page while crawling and improve domain authority of the website.

If you are a beginner or already have a blog this post will help in both cases to understand complete Backlinks structure.

Backlinks play an important role in search engine optimization.

This guide will help you to understand what are DoFollow backlinks and how to create them what are advantages of backlinks and how it helps you to grow.

Learn more here about Blog vs Website. This will help you to differentiate what is the exact difference between blog and Website.

It guide will give you to find out DoFollow Backlinks opportunities.

Let’s first understand what is Backlink in brief?

What are Backlinks

If you create your own website reference on another website at any location that’s call backlink.

This could be in the middle of content or comment on any post or reference shared by any other website If your website link presence on other website call backlink.

Backlink helps search engine crawler to visit your site while crawling another website on which you have created links.

Crawler comes to know that it has the reference of another website and come through that to your website.

In such a way crawler visits your website through that link on other website is the importance of backlinks.

It is of two types.

Do Follow Backlinks

If you create backlinks on another website which has a doFollow signal for search engine crawler that really means a lot for your website.

Such Backlinks are known as DoFollow, so anytime on any website if crawler founds such DoFollow links then crawls through that links will visit your website and index all keywords.

In short, it is an instruction given to crawler that you should visit every link on any page if it is DoFollow.

It is the simple meaning of DoFollow Backlinks, in detail I will explain later in the post.

NoFollow Backlinks

If you have created a backlink on other website and set its link as NoFollow which sends crawler a signal that does not go to this link and this does not make any sense for your website.

Usually, every website is providing NoFollow backlinks unless the owner of the website wants to.

This time making DoFollow Backlinks is not an easy job, people are charging for such backlinks and this become business these days.

But In this post, I will share you a few ways which will help you to create such Backlinks.

Now Question is, how do you check if a link is Dofollow or NoFollow?

If you have any Seo tool such as Ahref then you can check this easily else you can check the source code of any page and check beside URL it has rel=’external nofollow

If you found any link on the page which has NoFollow attached with URL will sign of NoFollow backlink.

To check Backlinks of any website here is three free tools which will help you find out backlinks on your competitor website.

I hope you are cleared with Backlinks and types of Backlinks.

Why Do we require DoFollow Backlinks?

DoFollow Backlinks but Why?

Everyone is asking about DoFollow backlinks only but why and what makes it most important Backlinks.

The complete game is hidden in Link Juice.

Backlinks pass Link juice to your website if you create a backlink on high authority website this sends a strong signal for your website.

And if Crawler comes from such high DA website to your own post will improve DA or PA of your website and it will start up-rank in Google.

It is an advantage of DoFollow Backlinks.

This applicable for Crawler only but if you have created a NoFollow backlink on high traffic website it will help the manual reader to click that link and will allow him to visit your Blog.

But to gain organic traffic of indexed keyword, it is mandatory to have DoFollow backlinks on another website.

In summary, I must say DoFollow backlinks help to improve Domain authority of the website

Dofollow backlinks can be created from any second website but what mater is quality of backlinks.

Do create DoFollow backlinks in quality not in quantity.

Quality comes from the authority of the website and this is tricky jobs.

Let discuss how to get high-quality DoFollow backlinks?

How to get high-quality DoFollow Backlinks

Building high-quality DoFollow backlinks is not an easy job it requires additional efforts.

This is part of White Hat Seo techniques which will grow slowly but most effective for the website to rank.

I will introduce those ways which are the best methods to get DoFollow Backlinks

Guest Post

I found this one of the best ways to get DoFollow backlinks as I said earlier no one will give you backlinks unless you contribute something to their site.

To do so many websites provide guest post opportunities on their website.

To know which website offering such Guest Post opportunity.

Go to google search and type

“Keyword” + “Guest Post”

This will give you the list of websites which allow the Guest post.

To land your content on other websites will require something special to have in your post.

Your shared post will be reviewed by Admin and if found something unique only in that case it will be published.

But your published post can have a DoFollow Backlinks which pointing to your site.

Do post your Guest post on High authority and high traffic website. This will give you an advantage in two ways.

  • Increase Domain Authority of your website
  • Increase referral traffic from that post DoFollow Backlinks.

Doing a Guest Post is a win-win situation for both.

Before submitting guest post do verify that same post should not be available on that site.

Learn more on how to find Guest post accepting websites list.

Broken Link Building Techniques

Guest post opportunity is hard to find and require awesome content to post on other websites.

But Broken link building techniques are easy to implement and require minor efforts.

What is Broken link

If you are searching for a website which has already given backlinks to another website, let say the second website which linked with first has removed the linked page or changed URL.

So in that case website first will through 404 response code for that anchor text.

So your job is to find out that opportunity and drop an email to the owner of the first website.

Notify him with the availability of a broken link on that specific page and request him to link that with your page.

But in that case, you must have the same kind of post if not having then do write and request him to link with yours.

This is simple and easy.

Finding a contact detail of website owner is easy by installing Hunter.io extensions to your chrome browser.

So any website you browse, if it has anywhere mentioned email id will be displayed by Hunter.

Do find email id and drop an email and request him to replace with your content.

This is the second most high-quality DoFollow backlinks making techniques.

Blog Commenting sites

It is another easiest way to get high-quality backlinks.

Still, it has a question marks on the quality of backlinks but yes it is effective to drive traffic.

Let say any high authority website has published any post and inviting people to do comment on that post.

So first check out such websites and find open opportunity to comment on.

Now check the comment on the website, whether it will give you DoFollow or NoFollow backlinks?

The method I have already explained earlier.

If it is DoFollow then write a narrative comment on that post.

Do not write simply like a nice, good post, and anyone line comment.

Read that post first and do write the summary of that or ask any additional questions on that.

Because in most of the cases your comment will go for moderator approval.

If he founds it legit then only it will get approved.

If got approve then while entering a comment on website box you have already provided the website which will work as DoFollow backlinks to your website.

Learn more on how to find 1000+ blog commenting websites which provide DoFollow backlinks.

Build high-quality content

This time what matters is quality of content. If you have something which is unique and attractive then everyone wants to link with you.

We all know that what matters for Serch engine is linking with high-quality content either internal or external.

So while you try to target a keyword at that moment find out the competitor website and check how long he has written and what quality information he has provided in his post.

So try to write something more than that and with additional information.

This time is to check from where your competitor got backlinks.

Try to drop an email to those owners of websites and ask them to link with your content by replacing your competitor.

If he is happy with your work then you will get DoFollow backlinks for free.

Simply build long post quality content and put this as it is, Google will promote your page after a few months.

So all matters are about the quality of the post.

Increase Social shares

This is truly tested and effective ways to get backlinks overnight.

Social media has amazing power to bring your overnight success I tried own and it is awesome.

This will not require much efforts to build DoFollow backlinks.

It is always advisable to have social media account especially Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Make sure to submit every post on such social media accounts and your followers will visit if you have a targeted audience.

If people like, they will share with others and in such a way it drives traffic and if someone found useful will link your page with their website.

But what if you do not have that many followers?

In that case, do approach the most influential person in that industry and drop him an email regarding your content and social share requests.

If luckily he saw your email will share the post on social media your job is done.

I did same and my single post got around 20 backlinks from 2 high DA 80+ website for free and it drove around 1000+ unique page views in 24 hours.

Another way is

Do Join fan page with the same niche which has large followers and do share every single post on the same page.

Forum Commenting

It is another best way I use to drive traffic and DoFollow Backlinks on my website.

Every day thousands of user hanging around Forums to discuss more and more about certain topics either for learning or sharing experiences.

If you provide quality content then join your niche forums and find hot topics under discussion.

Join that conversation and share your knowledge or experiences with readers by commenting on that website.

You can create a resource box with your website name.

So this will generate DoFolow backlinks to your website and such websites are crawled by search engine repeatedly and you will notify easily.

If the user likes your comment will visit for more ideas on the same if they love will either share or link with other pages.

This is amazing. Here is a list of high authority forums.

  1. V7nForum
  2. Digital point Forum
  3. Warrior forum
  4. SEOChat forum
  5. Web-hosting Forum
  6. FileZilla Forum
  7. Ubuntu forums
  8. Site Point Forum
  9. Mysql Forum
  10. Audacity Forum
  11. Windows Forum

To learn more about the advantages of Forums posting and DoFollow backlinks for Free.

Read30+ High DA Forums sites to get free Backlink

Make sure you active on any forums which you chose to land on and learn here the best guide on how to write your first blog post.

Summary on DoFollow Backlinks

Building DoFollow backlinks are the most important and always believe in making through legit ways.

Try to avoid spammy backlinks from nonreliable or spammy websites and to get high authority backlinks here are some additional tips to follow on strong backlinks strategy.

Before building backlinks on any website do check the Domain and page authority of website using mozbar extensions.

Do approach any website owner in a polite way and realize him to the importance of your newly created content.

Use two level email strategy to approach any website owner.

First will be formal communication to know his interest and the second will be sharing your content.

Few people are searching for Dofollow backlinks generator but I would suggest do not waste your time. Instead, believe in writing high-quality content.

Find out the opportunity on .edu,.gov and websites like Forbes, etc to create backlinks through any of the above-provided ways.

A lot many people sell DoFolow backlinks from Fiverr, I won’t say it is wrong to purchase but make sure you get it from reliable sources else this is more dangerous than not having any backlinks.

If you are beginner learn here 7 Steps to start a Successful Blog and here is how you can place the Adsense Ads to Blogging website to get Passive income.


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