Dropshipping business :How to start,Earn and Grow?

How To start Drop Shipping Business

Many of you are looking for making money online and simple ways to earn money at home and suddenly one thing click in your mind is dropshipping business.

Dropshipping business :How to start,Earn and Grow?

So guys,if you are looking for business ideas of dropshipping then you are at right place and keep reading this post.

Dropshipping business is specially for those people who can drive a process and i found this is simple way to earn online money.

How to start dropshipping business and what platform you require to grow your business and which things you need to take care before start of business.

I am going to give you complete detail of drop shipping in this article.At the end of article please share me your views on drop shipping.

What is Dropshipping

It is a process in which, you pickup a package from a shop and drop it to your end customer delivery address and create a margin in between end to end business and make profit of own without holding actual inventory.

I hope you understand, if not lets continue in detail.

Let’s take an example, you have opened one website and selling some product over there such as dress materials and you are not holding inventory for same however you have imported that package from one of online retail website such as Ali express or amazon.

DropShipping Business

Now if someone,  visit your website and order dress, then you get an amount setup on your website for specific item which is definitely set by you and more than cost price of actual product which you have to pay to the Ali Express.

Now you will pass on that to Ali express and book same package over there and request retailer to deliver that to specific address and you are done.Do you like this ,isn’t it interesting keep reading.

What Is Shopify

The best well known platform to start drop shipping business is Shopify,yes my friend just go to Shopify and do register yourself, advantage to be a part of Shopify is providing immense add-in to reform your shop.

Shopify platform for dropshipping

Refer – Shopify Home page

Once you login to shopify ,they provide best feature to select specific theme and create your own shop which has its own web address and in future you can link that to specific domain whatever you want after buying it from other platform.

Niche for your shop

The most sought question ,what kind of shop we have to open answer is hidden in your own research try to use google keyword and check which niche has very low competition and do research for specific sub niche and create your shop around that.

Let’s take an example of baby dress, then instead of overall baby dress go for specific twin’s baby dress,so your audiences will be well targeted and you can go for social networking marketing.

How to Import Product

Shopify has one well known extension call Oberlo,just add this extension to chrome browser and do visit Ali express website and search for highly rated and most demanding product and there will be an option to import that package to Shopify using Oberlo.

After clicking that product it will be available to shopify and now you are ready to do modification for same

Now your shop is ready with a proper website name ,product full description and complete setup.Next job is to promote this.There are various ways to promote this but the best way is digital marketing using social networking sites hence do visit article

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Online Marketing Strategy


The best starting way is to search a specific group on Instagram which has large passionate audience to your niche,connect with admin and request him to post your add on Instagram first page with link in bio.


Then do advertise your product with best attractive add and you will sure get traffic from there.

Email Marketing

This kind of strategy works only if you have email of your customers,so try to collect info customer who visit your website so at the end if they logout without purchasing of product then you can create a followup email strategy usingKlaviyo,which send auto reminder email with already scheduled time

Email Marketing

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Facebook page

Check your traffic to website and target same audience using Facebook ad manager program where you can narrow your targeted audiences and same product will be visible to your user on their Facebook account and it might give you around 4-5% return traffic.

Facebook Marketing

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To give better customer experience you can create customer support online chat or email service support they way your business grow.

Drop shipping is a very vast business and you can make money at home by coordination all this process at home and can build your own brand.

My Opinion and Summary

Dropshipping business is a process driven business and if you have right skill to search product and define marketing strategy then you can make unlimited money at home without second thought,Drop-shipping is very easier to start using Shopify online business.

Kirtish Vyas

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