Email Marketing Strategy (2019):Way to grow your business

Email Marketing Strategy

It is the most influencing marketing strategy to retain your lost audiences.Email marketing target specific to those audiences, who were already visited your website and you have specific data to target specific need of customer

Email marketing strategy is usually comes at the end when a customer either purchased or willing to purchase any product from your website.

This marketing strategy is widely used by big giant of online shopping companies such as Ali-Express,Amazon.

To promote email marketing various tools are used in market.If you like this article on Email marketing please do comment and share your opinion.

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Email Marketing Strategy (2019):Way to grow your business

What is Email Marketing strategy

If you are aware about digital marketing then good else go to article and have a look .In digital marketing strategy one strategy which is most powerful is digital marketing and we are going to discuss same.

If someone visited your website,browse few products on your website and leave product in Basket and logged out,then email strategy comes after that to followup with customer.

How to collect Email of Customers

First and most important step is to find out point of contact for customer and here in this case is Email of customer.

There are various ways to collect email of customer such as mentioned below.

  1. Ask customer to provide Email Id by subscribing news letter
  2. Request customer to sign up before visit website
  3. Use Spin the wheel and  offer discount to customer by providing their email

Now you have strong base of email for customer who visited your website.

Email Marketing

Types of customer

Now next phase of marketing start based on various category as mentioned below will go through each of them step by step,keep reading.


Customer only visited website and logout

If someone visited only, then definitively you have two possibility either he want to check what product you are selling that means you are not sure with customer taste but blindly you can send him email whenever a new product added to your shop.

Next time while he visit for same product then you have right data to target in future.

second case he visited your website to browse specific niche product which you can trace by mapping your website with google pixel and next time if product related to same is added then drop him auto email.


Customer added product in Basket and no checkout

These are you most valuable customer because they visited your website and wants to purchase something,but to some pricing or personal issue they won’t able to complete that purchase and left your website.Now how to take followup is explained in below keep reading.


Customer successfully purchased and checkout

These are so simple to target whenever any product relate to same added to your shop then send them first email to notify availability of new product and customer will definitely revisit your website.

How to do Email marketing

Before start of email marketing, you have all category of people now follow below strategy.

Email marketing

Send First Reminder after 3 hour

If someone left something in basket and log out from website then you have to send an email to remind him that you left something great in basket.

If he logged out due to any network or personal issue then he will definitely revisit and checkout same.

Send second Reminder after 12 hour of first reminder

This time in addition to email, you have to send some discount code to customer to attract and provide relief of price,this is for those customer who left because of price issue.This will increase around 4-5% minimum conversion rate.

Discount and free coupons always gain attractions

Send third reminder for expiry of coupon code

This should be your final target to send email after 24 hour of second email,just remind that coupon code which you have already offer in second email.So if someone missed to check that email will check and might get good conversion rate.

Tool Used for email marketing

There are lot of tool used in market to setup automatic process of email collection and target specific audiences.One well known famous tool is Klaviyo.


You have to create three template for three different email and set time for each as explained above and enable email triggered feature and rest all will take care.

My opinion and summary

Email marketing is the best source of digital marketing and one of most influential process to retail customer.

If you are running a business then do follow above strategy and use tool to followup email marketing that will definitely retain your customer base and will help to grow your base.

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