GrooveFunnels Review Pros & Cons : Is LifeTime Deal Really Worth

GrooveFunnels Review Pros and Cons

Are you a digital marketer, entrepreneur, or have a digital marketing agency? Do you want a single platform where you can manage everything such as funnel building, members and affiliate managing, lead management, and so on?

If yes, then Groovefunnels will help you in this matter. Whether you are an absolute beginner and expert, this will provide you full-stack training on how to use GrooveFunnels step by step?

So don’t let you down!.

I know you have heard something about the Groovefunnel review and it’s a 100% free lifetime deal from various internet platforms.

But I think you have to understand in-depth about the Groovefunnels pyramid scheme, bonuses, and pricing. Because this is something more than an overview of Groovefunnels.

Who am I and how do I know about Groovefunnel?

I have been a blogger, YouTuber, and digital marketer since 2016.

For the last 3 months, I am using Groovefunnel to promote my website and collect leads by utilizing high-converting funnels.

That’s why I know about Groovefunnel, this is not only the funnel builder but more than others in the market.

As you know there are a lot of competitors in the market such as Katra, Builderall, ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, and so on.

So why do you choose GrooveFunnels and cancel your Katra and Clickfunnel subscription?

That’s why you need to read my GrooveFunnel review which will give you a clear idea, is GrooveFunnel right for you or not?

Let’s talk about what is Groovefunnels and who is behind it.

What Is GrooveFunnels And Who Is Behind it?

Groovefunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool that provides you 20+  almost free applications within a single account.

Such as landing pages builder, 100+ email domains, collecting emails, video marketing, analytics, done-for-you decks, and so on.

That’s why almost 43000+ people joined this program in the last 30 days. Isn’t it hilarious or not?

Well, you can also watch my detailed video if you want.

GrooveFunnels Founders and team behind itMike Filsaime is co-founder and CEO of Groove Digital Inc owned by Groovefunnel, he and his team are behind GrooveFunnel.

He is also recognizing Michal Jordan of internet marketing because he is an expert in funnel building.

Not only for this, but Mike is also responsible for the making of top-funnel software such as Builderall, Katra, WebinarJam, and so on.

Mike and his team have done very hard work for making Groovefunnels strong and user-friendly. So that you and I can make their future by utilizing their amazing marketing stuff.

Now Groovefunnels is growing well, how?

Because over 200,000 marketers have adopted this platform within the last 6 months. As you know if Groovefunnel grows with this kind of speed then it will become the No. 1 digital marketing tools choice very soon.

GrooveFunnels Marketing Applications: How You Can Use Them

As I have explained earlier that Groovefunnels has 20+ applications in the single bundle.

That can be used to increase the presence of the brand and website. But GrooveFunnel is a beta version that’s why you will notice some of the bugs inside it.

But don’t worry if you find anything wrong then just let them know. Mike’s team will fix that issue very soon. Let’s jump onto their applications.

1. GroovePages: Landing Page Builder

This is a drag and drops landing page builder that has over 50+ free pre-made templates. Literally, you can create any type of page such as opt-in, opt-out, sales funnel, thank you, VSL, and many more. 

Do you know Clickfunnel is providing the same features for $97? But on the other hand, you will get this almost for free.what is GroovePages

If you are a pro user then you can create a custom landing page that fits your needs. Additionally, you can integrate this landing page with many other tools. 

You can export this landing page to your computer for future reference. This is in Zip format so you can import it anytime. 

2. GrooveSell: Payment Processing

If you build an eCommerce website or landing page which requires a money transaction. That’s why GrooveFunnel provides you a payment gateway where you can receive and process payments from your reliable customers.What is GrooveSell

You can integrate it with your Paypal or Stripe account so that your customer can easily transact. Also, you will get initial sales, rebills, revenue, commissions, profit, refund and EPC, and more reports.

Which will definitely provide you with more insights into your business.

Do you know about SamCart which will cost you around $49 monthly for this feature but you will get this in a single bundle.

3. GrooveAffiliate: Affiliate Management

If you are running an incentive-based program to promote your business and get more sales. Then you need an affiliate management tool and GrooveAffiliate is the right one. 

Because this will provide you with all tracking and metrics that you need for this purpose. You can make product funnels for your affiliates. What is GrooveAffiliate

All the reports are also in this tool such as transactions, sales, rebills, revenue, EPC, and many more which will lead you to your profit.

But you need some of the other tools in GrooveFunnels like GroovePage for funnels, GrooveKart for product management, and GrooveSells for payment gateways and many more. 

Moreover, You can create your own custom affiliate tiers as much as you want. TapAffiliate also providing the same features in $1788 yearly, is worth it?

4. GrooveMail: Lead Management

Leads are very important for every business whether it is online and offline both need leads to sell. Mail is a powerful way to build trust and connect with your audience. Almost every top marketers are using this right now. 

GrooveMail provides you this service to collect emails and help you send them relative emails. You will have many options inside the GrooveMail such as tags and segments which helps you to divide your leads.What is GrooveMail

Before GrooveFunnel I was paying about $65 monthly on GetResponse. Literally, you can grab up to 500 leads in a free plan and I think this is enough for starting.

If you have your own leads that you want to upload on GrooveMail then you can do this very easily. This will handle all the leads.

5. GrooveMember: Membership Based Website

If you are planning to start a membership website where you can sell your courses and other services as well. Then GrooveMember might help you in this matter.

Because this tool has all the functionalities which will be needed in the membership-based website.

You can control and track anything in the membership area. Also, all the analytics reports will be given in this area. Which will lead to your profitable business.What is GrooveMembers

If your member is facing any problem then they can easily content by your custom email support. So that you can easily reply to them.

You probably find these functions in Kajabi which will cost you around $1908 yearly. Is this a high price? Yes, this is high. But you will get this in this single bundle for lifetime use.

So These are some of the major GrooveFunnels applications but there are also some other applications that you can use.

Such as GrooveVideo, GrooveKart, GrooveBlog, GrooveAutomations, GrooveProof, GrooveStreaming,  GrooveFunnelMaping, GrooveSDK, GroovePipe, GrooveWebinar Live & Schedule, GroovDesk, GrooveCalender,  GrooveSurvey, and GrooveQuiz.

How To Get 100% Free Account Of GrooveFunnels

As you know Groovefunnel is providing various important tools that will come into a single bundle. But right now Groovefunnel in a beta version.

That’s why they are providing some important tools that you can use 100% lifetime for free without any credit card.

That’s why thousands of people grab this amazing lifetime deal because this is a limited period offer. Additionally, they have some paid plans for pro users and you as well.

Click here to Grab their lifetime Deal

Right Now they are providing only lifetime membership for $1397 that’s all. You can also pay this amount in 4, 6, and 12 months installment but this will cost you more.

I mean for 4 months installments you will cost around $497 extra, for 6 months $600 extra, and 12 months $732 extra.

Right now GrooveFunnels lifetime deal is active and will cost you only $1397 for lifetime access to all the tools with all the future updates.

After this promotion, these prices will increase and will cost you around $99 or $199 every month. This is the overview of Groovefunnel’s future plansHow To Get 100% Free Account Of GrooveFunnels

To create a free account on GrooveFunnel you have to follow these 5 steps:


Step. 1- Open this link in your browser.

Step. 2- After clicking this link you land on their homepage. They have provided some more information and video if you want then you can read or watch them. Otherwise, just scroll down below and click the button “Get Started Now For Free!“.

Step. 3- Then after you will see a signup form so just fill it out.

Step. 4- After it, you will land on their account upgrading page if you want then you can read that page. If you are not interested then you can skip the page.

Step.5 – Thus you have created your GrooveFunnel free account. But to access this you need to jump again to their homepage and login yourself with the Email Id and password.

GrooveFunnel Future Plans ( One Time Offer Left Very Soon!)

These are some of the GrooveFunnel future plans that they will launch very soon. So you have very limited time on this tool. 

GrooveFunnels Base Plan:  Free

This is a free plan for everyone that GrooveFunnel provides you in the future and now as well. You will get only 3 applications such as GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GroovePageLITE in this bundle.

GrooveFunnels Silver Plan: $99 Monthly

This is the core GrooveFunnels upgrade plan that will provide you to a kickstart your startup online business. You will get 10 important applications in this plan. For this, you will need to pay $99 per month.

GrooveFunnels Gold Plan: $199 Monthly

This is a core+ plan of GrooveFunnel which helps you to scale your online business. In this bundle, you will get 15 different applications. This will cost you around $199 monthly.

GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan: $299 Monthly

They have not disclosed yet about this plan. But I think you will receive all the 20+ applications and the cost might be around $299 monthly. These are the GrooveFunnels pricing that you will be going to see in the future.

My recommendation: I know $1397 may be expensive for your business but I suggest you go with this price because there are 2 reasons behind it.

First, you will literally get all the tools that will help you to start your online business. Second, instead of purchasing separate tools from the different platforms, you are saving nearly $16109 yearly with it.

Here is the best comparison table :GrooevFunnel upgrade plans

Now you are smart enough to do the math yourself it is a bundle of everything to drive your digital marketing business.

Well, the best part is you will get 30 Days Moneyback guarantee and some special cool bonuses from my side if you will upgrade using my Affiliate link.

But I strongly advise at least reserve your free account now to get access to its free features which might be in the future will be a part of their Silver plan.

Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels

Now, you have understood what GrooveFunnels is, why people are going too crazy about its lifetime deal, and its 20+ important applications.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages that you should know before purchasing anything. GrooveFunnels also has some Pros and Cons, so read them right below.


  • This is a cloud-based software that provides your simple and flexible drag and drops platform. So you don’t need to use any separate hosting for it.
  • You can access GrooveFunnels free for lifetime access.
  • When you join GrooveFunnels then you automatically register for their affiliate program. That will give 20% to 40% commission for single user signup.
  • Mike is a trustworthy person, he was also the founder of KATRA the No. 1 funnel builder software.
  • Has almost 20+ applications that will help you to grow your business.
  • They have a one-time payment option that will save you a lot of money.


  • This is still the beta version that’s why you may face some problems with it. But they will release the whole bug-free software very soon.
  • They provide how you can use their software but you will not see information on how to drive more traffic to your websites and sales funnel.
  • Poor UX design.

Groovefunnels Alternatives

So you have read all the information about it but still, you are not convinced with GrooveFunnel.

This is totally understandable, you don’t have a large budget to invest in this software but they have only $1397 pricing. You just need some basic important tools to kickstart your online business.

Not a doubt this is powerful software, but I think this is not for all categories of marketers. In my starting stage, I have just invested $200 in my business, and slowly-slowly I increased the investment.

In the market, you will see a vast collection of software that provides you the basic tool that you want. Also, that software have a long track record that will help you to decide which one is fit your needs. So stick with me for more information.

Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels vs Builderall

ClickFunnel is one of the largest and popular names in the internet industry. That has over 400,000+ active users and almost 1000+ people every month adopt this software.

This software gives you full control over your funnels and helps you to turn your website visitor into paying customers.

Clickfunnel is known for its very easy drag-and-drop landing page builder. Which will allow you to receive payments and collect leads from your customers.

Also, you can analyze your reader’s behavior by utilizing its A/B testing capability. Mainly, Clickfunnel focused on making its users more money. Do you want to test ClickFunnel for free?

Yes, you can do that because Clickfunnel offers you a 2 weeks trial and their pricing starts at $97 monthly.

Builderall is a great and powerful software that provides you every important tool. That you need to kickstart your online business. Over 200,000+ marketers are already using it right now.Builderall Website builder

Because of its vast collection of features and tools such as Cheetah-Drag-and-Drop Builder, 400+ pre-made high converting templates, website and landing page hosting, and much more. You can learn more from here.

Builderall has also a 2 weeks free plan which you can use for your business. Also, if you want then you can use their premium plan for $69 monthly with many accessible tools.

So these are some of the major GrooveFunnels competitors.

How To Make Money With Groovefunnels

Do you know about GrooveFunnel’s own affiliate program which you can use to make money from GrooveFunnel? How can you use it? This is very simple.

They are inviting affiliates to promote their software and in return, you will get a good commission.

They are providing commission into 2 Tiers, first is 40% of Tier I, and second, 10% of Tier II. It means if your referral upgrades their $1397 plan then you will get $588.8 in Tier I.

Then if your referral person will refer anyone then you will get $139.7 in Tier II. Isn’t it amazing?

GrooveFunnel uses a hardcoded parent/child lock, which means if you refer anyone for a free plan then your lead lock with you.

If your referral upgrades their plan no matter anytime you will be guaranteed to get its commission.

Well in order to participate in the GooveAffilaite program, you always don’t need to upgrade even with your free account sign up you should be able to make 20% at Tier 1 and 5% at Tier 2.

>>Click here to Join GrooveAffiliate Program

GrooveFunnels Bonuses

Now, you totally understand how you can leverage this software. If you are interested to purchase this lifetime membership then you should check out below.

If you purchase it through my link then I will give some extra free bonus with this software.

#1. Bonus- I will provide you my Blogging course worth $50 with lifetime free access. It is indirectly related to Groovefunnel where I have given all the information. How you can start your blogging career from scratch and change it into a million-dollar business. 

#2. Bonus- We will discuss 30 min on how you can grow your online business. I will share some tips that will definitely help you succeed in your business.

#3. Bonus- I will provide you my free and premium affiliate marketing course (launching very soon). That will allow you to promote any kind of product.

If you upgrade GrooveFunnel through my link then email me at [email protected]. After verification, I will send you all the bonuses in your mail.

Wrap Up On GrooveFunnels Review

I know Groovefunnel has amazing tools, plans, an affiliate program, and a large community that help you to succeed in your online business. Although, GrooveFunnel is currently in a beta version.

That’s why you are going to face some problems with it such as a slow interface, some objects are not functioning well, the design is very uncomfortable. But these things will be solved very soon.

They will launch bug-free Groovefunnel soon for their customer but keep in mind after fully rolled out their lifetime plan will go away. You have to choose their monthly plan which will cost you around $732 yearly more.

However, their cost is very high but you can cover it by promoting this to your audience. Do you want to know if you can promote it and other software as well.

Then you love my YouTube channel where I am teaching people to make money by promoting other people’s products and tools.

Thanks for reading if you like Groovefunnels review then you can share it with this close one so that they will also use this software to operate their business.

I am an Engineer and a passionate Blogger, who loves to share tips on Blogging, SEO, Google Ranking, Digital marketing, passive income, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Read More

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