30+ High DA Free Forums Sites List for DoFollow Backlinks (2019)

This time people are wondering to get lists of forums sites which help them to create DoFollow backlinks.

Even I searched myself a lot to find out legit places to create backlinks.

After long research and experiences, I have prepared a list of forums sites which do allow to create DoFollow backlinks

Every Forum has a large number of audiences hanging around to discuss more and more topics.

Forums Sites


Do bookmark this page and check each and every forum which suits best to your niche blog.

Before deep dive in forums list if you are beginner then advising you to look for a guide on How to create legit Dofollow backlinks for effective results.

And if WordPress users then use this 10+ best Plugins to improve blogging experiences better.

Let’s first discuss the advantages to create Backlinks on Forums site.

The advantage of Backlinks on Forums sites

Every website owner looking for opportunities to build DoFollow Backlinks but only a few got successful.

It is very hard to rank your webpage without Backlinks but still, I say your content must be king.

If you have quality content then you can drive in traffic to your website.

But how answers are through Forums, yes Forums has that capacity to provide you below two things.

Drive in Traffic to Website

What if someone will help you to drive in traffic to your website?

Yes, this is possible for free every forum has multiple people looking for solving their problem.

Why can’t you write a content which solves their problem it will be an easy and win-win situation.

The first check below forums specific to niche find out opportunities for answering questions, write a problem-solving post and share same on that forums for suggested answers.

This is simple and easy so in future, anyone come to that forums will route back to your site to learn more what solutions you have provided.

Free DoFollow Backlinks

This is what I could expect you are looking for. While sharing your content make sure to provide half impressive info on that post and for rest ask people to visit your own blog.

This will require a link to map with a Blog post and this link will work as DoFollow backlinks.

But be aware not every forum will provide you DoFollow backlinks, to check what is DoFollow Backlinks and how to create Do Follow backlinks do visit below of my best learnings.

ReadBest 6 Ways to create DoFollow Backlinks in 2019

So take advantages of Forums and move ahead of your successful blogging journey.

Best Forums Sites List

Below provided lists of forums are DoFollow Backlinks provided Do sign up and enjoy. Click to each link to navigate for Forum Website.

  1. V7n Web Development Community
  2. The Joomla Forum
  3. Digital Point Forum
  4. MySQL Forums
  5. FileZilla Forums
  6. Web hosting Forums
  7. SeoChat Forum
  8. Windows Forums
  9. ChefTalk Forum
  10. Ubuntu Forums
  11. Audacity Forum
  12. WhatisMyIP
  13. business advice Forum
  14. 866MyMajor Forum
  15. WonderCMS Community
  16. Alice Forum
  17. Tech Support Forum
  18. CNET Forum
  19. Site Point Forum
  20. Warrior Forum
  21. Geek Village Forum
  22. PhpBB Forum
  23. Houzz (Garden Web) Forum
  24. XDA Developers Forum
  25. Chronicle Forum
  26. Miui Redefined Android Forum
  27. IDPF Forum
  28. Discussions Forum
  29. SkyScraperCity Forum
  30. TalkGold Forum
  31. EUbusiness Forum

All the above-provided Forums are DoFollow Forum posting sites list. Make sure to find Forum which belongs to your niche.

Do Signup and find few trending queries. Never jumps on all of them, to be honest, be part of 2-3 only which you really feel impressive.

Make sure to be active on such forums at least for one time in a week or two weeks and you can enjoy the traffic and backlinks of such high PR Backlinks sites list.

Try to answer questions for that specific thread and put your link in description while sharing answers.

Do not try to spam Forum by providing invalid answers just for sake of Backlinks.

Be patient because to index your backlinks will take some time.

Do share your experiences and what you think about the above lists and comment us if you have any other high DA forum sites lists to share with us.

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