Hostinger Hosting Review 90% Discount : Cheap and the Best

It is always tough to find the best web hosting for a WordPress blog as the site performance or the security of the content will totally depend on the web hosting provider.

Remember Google itself declared back in the year 2018 that the website loading speed will always be the prime criterion on user engagement and indirectly SEO.

If you are running out of budget and looking for the most and best affordable discounted price web hosting with almost all the expected features then Hostinger Would be the best choice for a beginner.

The best part is you will have a special promo code MRVYAS to claim a discount of over 90%. The offer will be for a limited time so make your decision quickly.

Hostinger web hosting

Now if you are curious about what is Hostinger and its features then let me summarise then I will show you the way to claim the special Hostinger web hosting discount using the Promo code MRVYAS.

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What is Hostinger Hosting, is it Good?

Hostinger is these days one of the most popular web hosting provider company which was started back in the year 2007 as a free web hosting provider company  000webhost.com.

But later in the year 2011, it has changed its name to Hostinger, and currently more than 29 million active members in over 178 countries.

Hostinger as compared to other web hosting provider company offering the most competitive rates with the same types of features and that cause it has now become the most popular web hosting.

about Hostinger hosting


Remember as a beginner in your blogging journey you must have to save money as much as possible and I am using Hostinger for a very long time and quite happy with the services.

It offers a cost-effective web hosting solution with free SSL + Free Domain Name + Free web site transfer and 24*7 customer support.

Now in case you are curious about what Hostinger is offering then let me discuss various features than to the pricing plans and later on how to claim the special hosting discount.

Hostinger Hosting Special Features

While doing the selections for any web hosting you need to check on various features that cause the site performance or security will not be challenged.

That is why I listed the most features or parameters and on top of that how Hostinger is performing.

Website Uptime and Loading Speed

This is a very crucial point to understand as the uptime will decide how many times your website will be up and active from their server-side.

Ideally, we are expecting to have at least 99% uptime as it is the basic need of the market as if your server will down for longer than usual server then there is not pointing to choose that hosting.

Another most important part is how long it takes for a dummy hosted website to load and we expect this to be lower than 500 ms as the site content will increase this will keep increasing.

After checking the past 12-month record or a site hosted on Hostinger and monitored using the Pingdom I found that Hostinger even with a low budget offering the best performance.

Hostinger web hosting review
Image credit: Hostingfact

Here you can see that the site is having over 99% uptime and website loading speed of around 300 ms that’s what we were expecting so its first matches with our criteria.

Now let move onto the next features.

Free SSL and Domain Name

SSL stands for the secure network if any person will visit your website and probably you are familiar the same that if you find any website without https will display as not secure in google.

That cause no visitor wants to hold on your website and even google will downrank them and the good news is Hostinger offers Free SSL for the 1 website, not all others.

So you will be having a lifetime Free SSL certificate for the website hosted on Hostinger but if you want to host another website you need to purchase that separately.

Free domain name and free SSL

Similar case with Hosting Free Domain, if you will buy its basic plan you will not get the free domain name but it buys a premium plan which allows for more than 1 website hosting you will get the domain name for free.

Not to worry, even you can buy their single website hosting plan using the promo code MRVYAS  and whatever additional discount you will get you can buy a domain name for free with the same.

Free Site Migration

Well if you compare Hostinger with Bluehost then Bluehost charges around $149 to transfer the website from one hosting provider to Bluehost.

But this is not the case with Hostinger as Hostinger offers free site migration from anywhere to the Hostinger you just need to create a request to transfer the website.

Hostinger hosting migrate

There they will ask for the WP-admin address, credentials, and hosting provider details a support request will be created and their special team will take care of everything with website transfer.

MoneyBack Guarantee and h-Panel

Hostinger like another hosting provider offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee which is the least of the hosting industry but A2 hosting offers an anytime moneyback guarantee but that is 3 times expensive then Hostinger.

Remember this moneyback guarantee is for only hosting and if you bought any other services then no money will be returned to you.

Hostinger moneyback guarantee

Well, Hostinger servers are Litespeed that cause it not to offer c-panel but it offers the standard h-panel that is a bit different then c-panel.

There you will have 1 click installation of the WordPress and access for the file manager etc same as others.

24*7 customer chat Support

We are expecting at least the hosting provider should provide online chat support for 24*7 and if not they should have a way to raise support request or should have a step by step guide to setup website.

Hostinger is offering all the three and that cause it makes your job easier to set up a website and in case of any issue then you have three ways to connect.

Hostinger contact support

Hostinger has its online chat support but that will be accessible only once you sign up and just a point of caution that that chat support might not work in this COVID.

Well I think above all features are well enough to judge the features of any hosting provider and so let discuss the Hostinger Shared hosting plans and its pricing.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans

Hostinger hosting is well known for the shared hosting services but in addition, it also offers cloud-based web hosting services.

But for cloud-based hosting, I strongly recommend going with Cloudways instead of Hostinger hence we will discuss all the shared hosting services.

Hostinger hosting plans

Hostinger offers the three most popular plans under their shared hosting plans in which one has exclusive features than others so I highlighted only majors.

Single Shared Hosting

Single shared hosting plans allow to host only a single website and have limited storage of up to 100 GB for 1 site. For a single website, you will be having a lifetime Free SSL certificate.

Do remember under a single plan you will not get a free domain name, but occasionally Hostinger offers a free domain with the same pricing so keep eye on the same especially during the Black Friday sale.

Premium Shared Hosting 

If you have more than 1 website or willing to have more than 1 website then the best plan is a premium web hosting plan as it allows you to host multiple websites up to 100.

Allocated resources will be 2X then the single web hosting plan and you will get free lifetime SSL with 1 free domain for a year with additional weekly backup.

Do remember it offers free SSL for only a single website for all others you have to buy SSL or can set SSL using the Cloudflare or let’s encrypt for free.

Business Web Hosting

It will only suit the website which has a huge amount of traffic but I do not recommend anyone to use shared hosting for high traffic.

Hence the suggested is to go with cloud-based web hosting which is Cloudways.

But Business shared hosting plan as 2X more than premium plan resources and Daily backup services for free.

Well now if you are familiar with the same then now I will give you on how to claim the special discount and buy Hostinger web hosting

How to Buy Hosting from Hostinger?

Well in order to claim the special discount through Hostinger and buy hosting from Hostinger you have to follow below step by step guide.

I strongly recommend you to go with Premium web hosting as it offers the free domain + unlimited website hosting + Free SSL.

Step 1:  Claim the special Deal

Click here to get the basic special offer up to 70% and you will be navigated to the Hostinger homepage.

Remember you will be having an option to change the country and currency.

Claim a special deal using this magic link


How to buy Hostinger hosting

As recommended, I suggested choosing the Premium shared hosting plan and that is why click to the Add to cart and then your plan will be added to the cart and you will be routed to check out the window.

Step 2: Choose the Hosting Period

On this screen, the first step is to choose the duration of the period for the hosting which is ideally recommended to have at least 12 months well but I always go with 24 months.

Choose a hosting plan for hostinger

Step 3: Create your account and choose payment Method

Then the next step would be to create your account there you will be having an option to select the Google sign in or Facebook etc just create an account to which the invoice will be generated.

Then you will be having multiple options to pay such as Credit card, Paypal, and Google pay and even the cryptocurrency will be accepted.

Payment type with hostinger hosting buy

You can see that you will get a free Domain name, and free SSL make sure the cost for the same should be $0 and it shows the total costing around $86.28.

Step 4: Use the Promo code to get a special discount

This is a special promo code created to claim a special 7% discount then what Hostinger is offering which is exclusive and available here only.

Use Promo Code: MRVYAS

Hostinger specail discount MRVYAS

After using the promo code MRVYAS  the price is been reduced from the earlier $86.28 to the new one $80.21 which is closely 7% extra discount.

Now you can buy free SSL for the new website or can buy an extra domain if you want.

Step 5: Secure payment

Now simply click to secure payment and you will be routed to the next screen with the total amount to pay and simply checkout and you are done with the successful buy of the hosting.

Hostinger secure checkout

Congratulations !! you finally onboarded with Hostinger, you will receive an email.

Premium web hosting plan for the hostinger

If you have done with the purchase of the hosting and in the process of setting up your website then I strongly recommend you check on this step by step guide.

Am I recommend the Hostinger Hosting?

Yes, absolutely the most recommended hosting, and the best part is its 99% uptime and up to 350 ms website loading speed.

With the special promo code MRVYAS, you will get an additional 7% discount and your overall discount will move above 90%.

If you are planning to have more than 1 website then go with a premium web hosting plan and make sure you are getting a Free SSL certificate.

I hope this guide has helped you to purchase the most affordable low price hosting but if need an alternative for the Hostinger then I strongly recommend going with A2 hosting.

Make sure to share the guide with the one who is looking for the same and share your experience for the same.

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