How To Add Google Adsense To WordPress Website : Best Guide

As a blogger, the best way to make passive income is through Google Adsense but how to Add Google Adsense to WordPress or blogger Website in between the post or at the header or with or without plugins?

If you are struggling with the above questions then this step by step guide is to answer all of your questions.

Google Adsense is the only very best ad network which can give publisher adequate opportunities to make passive income quickly.

The amount of money you can make by Google Adsense is varied based on your published content, niches, and ad placements methods.

This guide is to detail every possible way on how to add Google Adsense to WordPress or Blogger website for better optimization.

If you are new to blogging and willing to learn how to start a successful blogging journey here is a tip from us.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the Ad network owned by Google. Google is one of the most famous search engines in the world and approx 70% of all search volumes come from Google.

Every advertiser connects with Google to publish their ads on all the websites which are authorized by Google to publish any ads upon it.

Google Adsense is the only responsible entity that connects with advertisers and manages their Ads placement to the best optimum website.

We as a content publisher like Blogger or WordPress website owners send our request to Google Adsense to approve the website for placements of the Google Adsense Ads.

If your website got Approval that means Google Adsense will start displaying the Ads on your website.

For the Ad impressions and Ads clicks on your website Google will pay you the defined revenue, here is detail on how much Google Adsense pays.

Even after approval, these Ads will not display automatically and that is why you have to learn how to add Google Adsense to WordPress or Blogger website.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval?

If your website follows the standard guidelines which match with the adequate basic requirement of an ideal website then you can submit your website for Adsense Approval.

If your website is a new website and you are applying for a fresh Google Adsense approval then it may take an approx 2 weeks to get a response back.

There might be a possibility that your website may not get approval for Google AdSense, so make sure you complete this checklist before sending Adsense Approval.

If you are already holding a Google Adsense Account linked with YouTube or any other website, you can send your new website Adsense approval for the same existing account.

In this case, chances are very high that you can get a response back in max 72 hours. Now let’s move ahead and focus on the Adsense Ads unit.

How to Create Google Adsense Ad Unit

If you are already approved for Google Adsense then the next step is to create Ads unit to place Ads on your website.

Size and type of Ads placed by Google to your website will be decided by you based on the Ads unit you create

This is the basic requirement to have ads on your website, in short, you are authorizing Google to place specific types of Ads to this specific place of your website.

Here specific means the size or types of Ads only not like any special advertiser Ads, will discuss this in detail.

Every Google Adsense Ads unit can be of two types.

  • Manual Ads Unit
  • Auto Ads Unit

Manual Ads unit placement will require to create different Ads code based on type and Size of Ads you required and Auto Ads will be optimized by Google Adsense Itself.

Create Manual Ads Unit

First Login to your Google Adsense Account and If you are approved then the option to create Ads unit will be enabled.

Go to Ads–> Click to Ad Units   All different types of Ads will display.

How to Create Google Adsense Ads Unit

After Clicking the Ads Unit, you will be displayed with the number of Ads type. For more detail, on each Ads Type, you can click to Learn More and can see how those Ads will look on your website.

Most recommendable Ads is “Display Ads” as it will look very well in your post and will have great chances of Ads click.

With New change in Advertising network, Google Adsense has changed the new outlook of Adsense Ads where going forward every ad will be Responsive Ads by default.

After Clicking the Display Ads you will be navigated to the next page where the selection of Ads unit will display.

Create Manual Ad Unit in Google Adsense


Provide on left side top corner any Ad unit name such as I have given Test Ads Unit, you can give proper name based on the place where you want to display this ad such as Top Header.

Ads can be of any type such as Square Ads, Horizontal Ads, and Verticle Ads. Where below are the possible Ads size?

Square Responsive Ad Size – 300*250 or 336*280

Horizontal Responsive Ad Size – 728*90

Vertical Responsive Ad Size – 300*600

Chose the Ad Size as either Responsive or Fixed, recommended is Responsive because it optimizes according to the page browser and theme you have chosen.

Responsive Ads change their size based on the page opened in Desktop, Tablet or mobile phones and increase better user experience.

Let say you have created a responsive Ad unit of Square size, so chose Ad Size as Responsive and Ads Type as Square and give Ad Name and simply click to Create.

After Clicking to Create Button an Ad unit code will be generated as shown below which will have your Publisher Id and an Ad code.

Google Adsense HTML Code Unit

So you would have to place this Ads unit code to your website a specific place where you want to display this Ad.

The above method is the way to create Ad Unit for the Manual Ads placement and in a similar way we can create an Ad unit for Auto Ads.

Create Auto Ads Unit

Auto Ads is a newly introduced feature of Google Adsense and where decisions for type of Ads when to display and at which location will be decided by Google Machine learning.

You can use both ads code on your website simultaneously and this will increase your Adsense revenue and number of Ads on your website.

To create Auto Ads go to Ads–> Auto Ads  –> Click to edit Icon of Global Setting

Auto Ads Google Adsense

It will display all list of Ads options to make sure you activate all ads by sliding the button to the right-hand side and in the end, all must be in blue color then click to save.

To get Auto Adsense Code, click to the “Setup Auto Ads” and it will display Ads code like Manual Ads, which we will copy and place to the <header><</header> tag of the website.

Google Adsense Auto Ads

Now you have both Manual Ad unit and Auto Ad unit code next step is to add these Google Adsense Code to your website.

How to Add Google Adsense to WordPress

Placement of the Google Adsense Ads with a WordPress website can be done in two ways. One is by manually creating the Widget and place the Ads where you want and others with Plugins.

First Discuss the Manual Ads placement to WordPress website by simply creating the widget.

Manual Ads Placement to WordPress

Let say you want to place ads to the sidebar of the website, which is a very effective and easy way to get high CTR.

Go to the WordPress Widget section by navigating the path as Appearance–>Widgets.

Custom Widget with WordPress

Here SideBar section is the one which will decide what will display to the Sidebar of your Post pages.

So for adding a Google Adsense Ads, drag and Drop Custom HTML option from the left-hand side to the Sidebar section.

I love to put Ads at the top sidebar of my page and at the end SideBar and one in the middle, hence I have added three times Customs HTML in Sidebar.

The next Step is to copy your HTML code generated during Manual Ad unit creation and paste that code to your Custom HTML Sidebar section as shown below.

Google Adsense Code Add to WordPress Website Sidebar widget

From the above screenshot, you can see that Ad Size is 336*280 which fits well to the top sidebar, similarly you can create other Ad sizes of horizontal and vertical ads for placement at different places.

Simply Hit saved and you are done with Addition of one Manual Ad units to your WordPress Website sidebar.

After 15-20 minute the Ads will auto-start displaying on your website sidebar but there is no other way to place Ads in the middle of content except the use of the plugins.

Google Adsense Ads placement with Plugin

If you want to manually place Ads in the middle of content then you have to add Ads code in HTML view of your written post content.

But this entry will require the addition of Ads unit to each individual post and in the future, if you want to remove Ads will need to remove from all pages individually.

Hence the ultimate solution is using the WordPress Plugin called “Ads Inserter”, which will place Ads to all your pages with a simple single setup.

AdInserter plugin will allow entry around 16 Ads to various locations for your Post pages such as before Content, after Paragraph, before Paragraph, After the post, middle of the content, etc.

Copy your Manual Ad code created from Google Adsense and paste to one of the Ad blocks of Ad inserter and select the option like after Paragraph etc based on your placement need.

AdInserter Adsense Plugin To WordPress

This Plugin setup will be effective for all Pages, Posts, and categories of the website based on the option you chose.

This one setup of Ads will be displayed on all pages after the first Paragraph as we set the same in AdInserter.

In a similar way in the Second block, you can copy other AD units and set ad placements after 20 paragraphs or before post or after post anything you want.

This plugin is just for Manual Ad placement of WordPress Website and Ad inserter will help you in a single click to set up common add for all pages at a defined location.

In the future, if you want to remove Ads, simply delete or remove Ads code from the Ad inserter and you are done.

To learn more about all the best WordPress Plugins which are free, easy and mandatory to manage your WordPress website, check our Top WordPress plugins guide.

Auto Ads Placement with WordPress

Auto Ads is the Google machinery learning where they identify the types of users visiting your site and their daily trend or interest or readings.

Based on this Google will place that kind of Ads on your website which may increase the high CTR of your website.

To place Auto Ads with Blogger and WordPress process is common to go to the theme customize and Copy paste that code in between the <head></head> tag.

In WordPress go to Appearance–>Theme Editor–>Click to Header.php and all theme HTML code will display.

Auto Adsense Code Add in WordPress

Paste the Copied Auto Ad unit code from Google Adsense in between <head></head> like I did just after the first <head> tag.

Simply click to Update and you are done, after 15-20 minute Max Auto Ads will start publishing on your website.

These three are the most simple ways on how to add Google Adsense to the WordPress website.

Let discuss below are a few highlighted queries related to Google Adsense.

Difference Between Google Adwords and Google Adsense?

Google Adword is a Google main publisher network where all advertisers link and create a campaign to publish Ads on Google search engine browsed websites.

However, Google Adsense is for a content creator like us who wants to earn money by displaying Google Ads on our websites or YouTube or other Google-owned platforms.

What is the best Ads unit of Adsense?

Well, ideally most of people prefer Horizontal Ads at the top of the blog post and sidebar one square size and one verticle Ads.

In the middle of the content or paragraph, it is recommended to use a mix of Horizontal and Square size Ads only.

When is Google Adsense earning Credited to Your Bank Account?

Google Adsense has a different facility to transfer funds like Bank or wire transfer etc. Every month on 21st the total earnings you earned in the past month will be credited to your bank account.

But the payment will be released only if you have reached the threshold amount defined such as either 100$ or 60 GBP based on the country Adsense account.

Can you click Ads your Own?

It is strict to the Google Adsense policy that Ads clicks must be organic and Google is smart enough to trace that from which IP it’s getting invalid clicks.

It is advised to not click ads your own just for eagerness to make quick money else this may block or ban your Adsense account immediately.

My View on Google Adsense Earning

The only Ad networks which pay guaranteed earning even while you are sleeping is Google Adsense. Adsense is one of the best ways to make Passive income overnight.

It will just ask for a platform but due to the increase in content publishers, it is quite challenging to take Adsense approval, make sure you follow all guidelines.

Earning from Google Adsense will totally depend on your niche selection, topic ideas, and Ads placements.

You would have to experiment with the different types of Ads that fit for your website and can increase the Adsense earning.

To earn more from Adsense the important part is to rank your website in Google search engine and here are the top 5 effective ways to Rank.

Let me share your experience with Blogging and how much you are expecting to get from Google Adsense.

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