5 Ultimate Ways on How to Get Free Money Online : Trial and Tested $1000/Day

These days, the internet is the biggest opportunity to make passive income online and in this list, if you are searching on how to get free money then definitely there are ways to make passive income.

I have tested a couple of platforms, which are already having a proven track record and from which millions of people are making $1000 per day.

Out of all, I have listed all those five proven ultimate methods from which you can start making free money online.

This money-making guide will be only useful if you have some basic knowledge of the internet and computer and if so then here we go.

Those can provide you with a good amount of money such as 1000 dollars a day and if possible even more.

In this guide, I will share all those legit and most trusted ways from which you can make money by work from home.

How to Get Free Money Online

All below-listed methods or platforms are true and tested and anyone can start with if you have basic computer and Internet knowledge.

This time, if you are planning to start a business, will require a huge amount of money to invest in first in the property to set up physical shop then create an inventory and finally marketing for your products.

All this can put you on risk after investment, but to start an online earning business will cost you a very small amount of budget and if all strategy is good then you can start lifetime earning source.

It doesn’t matter which geographical area you are situated currently but through the online business, you can trade to any corner of the world.

Hold your seat belt tight and keep the focus on below-listed methods and start your money making the journey.

Before answering on How to Get Free Money to let me answer what is this Internet Money?

What is Internet Money?

While you establish a process or online e-commerce store if you invest your time to complete any survey or generate leads for any business if you provide service to any business or help them to grow or expand the business.

If you do any above-listed sort of activities or others through online platforms like the internet or computer and in return if you will earn money, so that money is known as Internet money or online earn money.

This time thousands of people are searching on the internet how to make money fast, I need money, how to get free money and need money now like search term and I did the same.

While searching for all of them I went through different money making a guide which was assuring me to get money after working a few months online.

But eventually, in the end, I did not get any single penny.

Hence, I will share those legit ways in this guide which are worth taking efforts and assure you to return money if you work with honesty.

This time is to answer on your most sought question How to get Free money?

5 Answers on How to Get Free Money

We will go through each of them and try to share how much money you can make in a day with every possible platform.

So stay with us on How to Get Free money Guide till the end.


YouTube is owned by Google and the major source of Earning by YouTube is Google Adsense.

If you are a good communicator or you can express views in front of audiences then I must say start with YouTube.


It won’t take a single penny to start with YouTube, what it needs Google-free signup.

YouTube is currently active in 91 countries with 80 different languages.YouTube has around 1 billion hour watch time.

How to  Start with YouTube

To start with YouTube make sure to Follow below Simple steps.

  1. Create a Google Account.
  2. Create a Gmail ID.
  3. Head over to YouTube and create your own channel
  4. Next step is to create your own video recorded by  Mobile or Camera.
  5. Upload that video to YouTube.

Now your Channel is active up an running. You have to mention the proper title, tag, description of the video.

Now anyone all over the world will try to search for the same video then your video will be visible over there.

How to Make Money By YouTube

Now let’s talk about how you can make money using YouTube.After the creation of your Channel, this time is to monetize your YouTube videos.

YouTube main source of monetization is Google Adsense. Which display Ads on your channel.

In the year 2018 YouTube has changed policy with monetization.

To Monetize your Channel with Google Adsense you must have at least 1000 subscriber and 4,ooo hour of watch time in past 12 months.

Which looks not easy to achieve but if you are regularly uploading videos and just one of your videos go viral then you can achieve that target.

Once your channel is monetized and Ads started populating on your Videos then for every impression and clicks on Ads will give you the specified amount of money which will be directly credited to your Google  Adsense Account.

But here linking of your Google Adsense account required with YouTube Channel.

Amount of money you can make through YouTube depends on the Audience or traffic you are grabbing from different countries.

If your traffic is from the USA  and UK then Cost per click for every Ad displayed on YouTube videos will be much higher than India or SriLanka like low CPC countries.

Let say for your total channel views per day is around 10,000 and you got clicks of around 100 and all clicks are from USA which can have CPC of around 1$ than in a day itself you have made 100$.

Which you can scale up based on traffic and the audience. This is just an example, here is a lot many other ways to make money through YouTube which I will explain later.

On 21st of every month, your earned money will be credited to your Bank account.

This is all brief about the YouTube money making the process which is easy to implement and legit ways to make money.

You have covered the number 1 ways on how to get free money using YouTube, let’s move forward with others.


YouTube is a place for someone how can express their views in front of audiences. But if you are a good writer or have the ability to write good content then the new and best place of making money is Blogging.

Earlier I was thinking this is boring but when I started I found one of the best ways for online making money but how?

So the answer is hidden in this How to get a Free money guide. But before that do You know the difference between blog and Website?

How to start a Successful Blog

Before starting a blog you must have to decide which topic you would love to write. Once you decided then you can start.

If you could write in English then plan to start with the English Blog. It has numerous advantages.

First and foremost is worldwide access to your written content. Once your blog is live then user from anywhere in the world can read your content.

To help the beginner to start a successful Blog I have written a detailed guide, thought this might help you to start your blogging journey right now.

But let me brief you on how to start and how to make money using a blog.

How to start Blogging

To start blogging, you need a passion to write and bit initial money to invest.

First, buy a web hosting and domain then setup your WordPress on your purchased hosting account.

If all are set up perfectly then you can start writing content and publish them to access worldwide.

Writing of content is the prime factor to get traffic on your website. So learn better writing skills and start publishing as much blog post as you can.

To help newbies, we have written the best guide which can start your successful blogging journey end to end and you can learn Seo techniques to rank your post on the search engine.

How to Make Money By Blogging

Blogging has various ways to earn money online, the most prominent and legit way is Google Adsense.

Yes create your own blog and start putting content on it and get approve your Blog with Google Adsense, here is a guide on how to get it Approve by Google Adsense.

Once your WebSite approved, then Ads by Google Adsense will start populating on your website.

Now, whenever user read the blog and in between displayed Ads clicked by them intentionally or coincidently in return Google Adsense will pay you specified CPC of that Ad click.

Here Google Adsense is not the only way to start making money, others too are most popular such as write product review and convert that reader into customer and help him to purchase products.

If you are able to make him sell then in return you will get a specified commission, you can also approve your blog with Media Net which is the same as Google Adsense to display Ads while people browse on Yahoo.

This is just a brief, if you will learn in the above reference guide then you will get the more deep idea on how to make money by Blogging.

I hope you clear on How to get free money using Blogging

Now Question for those who can not write good content and not even express on YouTube, for them, we have a lot of money making process call DropShipping.


This is for those who can drive a process, yes it won’t require any communication skill, not content writing style.

If you have basic knowledge of Computer or the internet and ready to give small efforts of time per day then DropShipping can make you 1000 dollar very fast.

Yes, whoever can drive a process can jump to DropShipping and this is I found the most suitable answer for How to get Free money for all the interested people.

AliExpress DropShipping

DropShipping is a process where you will sell products of other wholesaler or manufacturer on your own online e-commerce store.

Here you will create a margin of actual product cost and selling price of the same products on your online store, so when you will get sell from your buyers then you ask wholesaler to drop that package to customer end.

Yes, this is called DropShipping, to learn more on how to start drop shipping step by step check our detail guide.

Here I will brief about how to start drop shipping and how to get Free money using DropShipping.

How to Start DropShipping

To start Dropshipping you require an Online Store which is accessible to worldwide and on the internet you must need a Domain and Shopify is a full bundle to start your online eCommerce store.

Using Shopify you can start your online store, now this time is to find the seller who is ready to drop ship your packet for a low price.

The solution is with AliExpress, you can connect with the seller on AliExpress as their main source of fulfilling orders is by DropShipping.

Now you have the seller to sell cheap price product to you, you have Shopify which allows you to create an online store and this time is to sell the product.

Check out our Detail Guide on AliExpress DropShipping business, how to start and step by step end to end business.

How to Make Money by DropShipping

This is an online store so it is obvious that money will be made by selling products. You won’t monetize your store with Google AdSense.

So how?

First, find most trending and problem-solving products from AliExpress and import all into your Shopify Online Store.

How to Import easily is already explained in our detail guide.

Now you can customize the price of the product on your own store which will be higher than the actual cost price of products which you have imported from AliExpress.


This time is to run Business level strategy using Social media start to promote your products on the Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube and Google web pages.

If you found any order of sale then you can pass that order to AliExpress Seller he will cost you an actual price and you have already got money from a customer which is more than actual price which you have set on your own store.

Wholeseller will ship that product to customer end and you are done with the profit margin.

If you think Is DropShipping Legal than the answer is Yes but how? check our guide.

DropShipping Model

Imagine how much sell you can make, AliExpress offers you product for 1-2$ and including shipping will cost max 5$ and you can sell this for 11-12$ and can create a margin of 5-6$ per product.

Now this all up to you how many sells you can make by promoting on Social media and you can make a lot of money and even 1000 dollars fast in the day.

While customer pay product price it will credit directly to your bank account and out of that amount you have to pay to Wholesaler.

Hence I assume DropShpping is the answer for how to get free money fast and online.

Are you enjoying?

Now The next which is among the best way to start with any above-listed platform.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the popular choice of blogger and YouTuber.

If you have huge traffic coming on your Blog and have a good amount of subscriber on your YouTube Channel.

Then you can join the Affiliate program of various companies like CJ Affiliate, who want to promote their products.

They can offer you a decent amount of commission for each traffic you can drive to their website.

Such as Amazon, Flipkart, hosting provider companies, domain provider companies and many more have started their Affiliate marketing offers.

It helps them to grow more sells and help promoter to earn money by reviewing the product and driving traffic to their website.

How to start Affiliate marketing

To start Affiliate Marketing first you should have a platform to showcase to the audience.

Now search for the Affiliate Associate program offered by any companies such as Amazon, it is the popular choice for most of the Affiliate Marketer.

While you Sign Up to their Affiliate program, now every product you search through that login will have a unique link for each product and work as referral link associated with your account.

So your job is to review that specific product on YouTube or on your Blog.

Try to cover all over the aspect of the product and at the end share your link of affiliate product to help the reader to check out that product, if they want to make the sell.

How to Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Amazon or any other Affiliate associate program has a specified amount of commission offered to the driver of sell.

Let say if you have created a YouTube Video or blog which has detail about any products.

And you have provided the link of that product to your blog or YouTube Video description. If any person through that link will navigate to the product selling website.

If that person purchases that product then for that sell specified commission will be given to you because you are the one who convinced that person to buy that product.

Let say you are promoting Amazon products then this commission is in between 4-15% if you are reviewing any hosting than for per sell they may offer you 30-60$.

In such a way every company affiliate associate program has a different commission. You won’t require any money to invest in, simply pick their product and get it to review and drive traffic from your affiliate link to the product website.

So Affiliate marketing is another best answer for how to get Free money.

Online Advertisement

This time every business is heading over to digital marketing and to promote on digital media requires a special skill set.

It is easy to start but more competitive to get a positive result. But yes if you can have a team of 2-3 people then you can start this business.

Digital marketing

There are millions of small business which are struggling to promote their product, if you can provide the service to generate helpful leads then both you and small businessman can make money.

How to Start Online Advertisement

This process is simple, first, you have to establish a website which should look legit and make sure to mention all services offered by you and your team.

Try to run Facebook or different Ad campaign to promote your services, so if you found any client who is looking to promote his online Business then you can deal with him for pricing and all.

How to make money by Online Advertisement

Let say you have found a client who wants to promote his business and he is ready to pay you for sell you can make through online promotion

To do so you can create a Facebook campaign for his product and this will be your learning how to create effective Ad Campaign.

If you are good at making effective Ads, then people will click through those Ads and navigate to the product website and how many numbers of people you drove on their website you can tell them by publishing a campaign report.

For this advertisement, you can charge your client for a big bunch of money, what do you think is it not the answer for how to get free money?

Another way is people are looking for details of the potential customer, so you can run a campaign to generate leads for any specific products such as Insurance, Microsoft and Finance.

Later connect with the company who are selling such products and you can make deals for leads you have generated.

Those big companies are very happy to pay for this.

This is the 5th most simple way on how to get free money online.

Conclusion on How to Get Free money

Above 5 ways are one of my most listed and recommended ways of making money in legit ways. None of them is easy to work with, every place requires efforts to convert money.

But all are legit and most trusted ways.

And money making through any of the above-listed ways is purely yours and you can make them withdraw whenever you want.

If you want to start individually then can start with YouTube and Blogging and if you want to enter in online Business then I must say start with Online Advertisement and DropShipping

Every platform has great potential to make money, people are making 1000 of dollars per day and this is al up to you how you can convert your visitors into customers.

Let me share your views on How to get Free money guide and comment us if you have any other suggestions too.

We have written a few great guides on all above-listed platform any many more are about to post on our Facebook Group, so be a part of that group and enjoy free learning.

If you like this guide then do share as much as you can and keep Reading Keep Sharing.

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