Top 7 Reasons on How Important is a .Com Domain Name for a Website ? : .Com vs Other Domain

We have seen many people asking the first question before starting their website is how important is a .com domain name for a website and I preassume it is obvious to ask.

In this internet world, your identity and branding will definitely depend on the domain name your website will have as it is the actual name of your own existence on the internet.

Have you ever seen any people typing in google by putting Abc.xyz or abc.ooo because the first thing which came in his mind while searching for anything is abc.com, why?

The reason is simple, as these days everyone is referring the internet with name Google in similar case every website address on the internet is referred to as .com.

If you are really willing to buy Domain name and still confused with which gTLD (Global Top Level Domain) you should buy and how important is a .com domain name for your new website?

Then here we have the best recipe to feed in the top 7 reasons why you should buy .com domain?

Before deep dive let me introduce you first with the what is a domain name and their types in just a few lines.

What is Domain Name?

In brief Domain name is the name of your website, to have your existence on the internet you need a name which helps your readers to find your website.

It is more like the Home address of your website where anyone can come in case he wants to read your content.

Probably you have seen the website name like “Google.com” or “Facebook.com” these are called the domain names.

Domain Names have been classified into two parts.

Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) 

These domains are easy to access and have wide visibility in the overall world and the one which user often type in search engine like .com,.net, etc.

Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

These domains are most popular in their country itself which are bounded to searches in the local region or country only like .in,.co,.uk,.br, etc.

To learn more about Domain names and their detail summary check out this detailed guide.

Let me highlight the top 7 reasons on how important is a .com domain name and .com vs other domain.

7 Reasons on how important a .com domain?

It is a prime need to investigate your website domain name first because it is the name, identity or brand you want to create in this internet world.

It is very hard to change the website name or brand later in the middle of your journey so it is better to identify first and decide first which domain name you must choose.

Since 2014 we have seen the introduction of different types of domain names like .xyz,.ooo,.info,.company,.money, etc.

Does anyone of them can really compete .com, that’s what we are going to learn here in this guide.

Let me highlight all one by one in every single aspect the advantages of having a .com of your website and non .com of your website.

Most Popular Top Level Domain WorldWide

I was searching on the internet the best reason to justify the uses of .com domain worldwide and found a survey report from Statista and you will be surprised.

.COM domain worldwide users
Image Credit to Statista

Around 46.7% of worldwide websites using a Top level domain .com and the second most is .org being used by around 5.2% websites worldwide, huge difference.

Why this is so, because of analogy I earlier used every beginner always search first .com in case anything comes into his mind and similar case if he willing to start a new website or Blog.

Even you are reading this post because you expecting to buy .com domain name. .com is first time introduced in the year 1985 and since then it becomes the most selling skyrocketed domain.

Increase Credibility of Website

How many times you have seen that if you have 10 Search engine results and one to click for your query then you have chosen one which is the non .com domain, very rare. Why?

Because .com itself earned credibility in the market, big companies are even owning the domain name like Google.Com, facebook.com, IBM.com,Amazon.com,Apple.com.

I am not arguing to set an example of some exceptional companies but yes it is the truth and that needs to be accepted.

It has been seen the number of times that the user believes to click or search those websites which have .com domain because they trust it or maybe most of the websites using .com only.

But that doesn’t mean that every .com holding website is having good content, but you can take an analogy like you are putting your website in some posh areas instead of some random name.

It is a point of thought that if people see any domain like .tv,.company are they really gonna buy from such sites, I don’t think so.

They need a reliable source to which they can trust at first point and .com has already built that trust in industries.

Which explains how important is a .com domain name for a website to build or create trust of the people.

Impact of SEO on having .com Domain Name

Let me first clarify that Google itself is a search engine and its job is to put forward the most relevant content to the users and of course the main thing is your content.

But what about Domain? Is there is an issue if you have a non .com domain? Does Google really give importance to .com domain?

Algorithm of search engine never includes TLD in consideration of SEO, the reason is the website owner can have the domain with .company,.tv or .info but the content which they sharing may be different.

Recent Study published by Moz.com itself explains that there is no impact of having any TLD in your search engine ranking but of course it matters with user interactions.

Google ranking is based on the number of user interaction with your link displayed in search engine SERP results.

Ideally, because of trust people always love to click .com website first as compared to .net,.xyz or.info like domain name websites.

More interaction you have Google or any search engine will auto rank your post in top results simple and clear.

It not directly impacting the ranking but indirectly yes, so it makes some sense and somewhere indicates how important is a .com domain for a website to rank higher in search engine ranking.

.Com offers the most selling Price

Well, it surprises you that the most selling domain name was Carinsurance.com which was sold for around $49.7 Million. Then the second and next top 25 all are having the gTLD of .com.

But Why? Because this is what the need of market, idea is to grab the customers and to understand their psychology.

By having a trusted domain if you can make money why not go with that only, it is ultimately going to return on some days.

These days people are buying domain names with.com TLD for 5$ and selling them for 1000$ here is the guide on how to sell the Domain name for Best Price?

If your plan is to sell website in future then I definitely recommend having TLD as .com only as it helps to set the maximum selling price of the website.

Limitless WorldWide access

Well most probably if you are going for your local country code domain like .co.uk or .fr or .au like domain names it is likely to get hit from that country only.

Because if I am searching about insurance quotes while based in the UK, it is obvious I trust most on .uk website instead of .fr which restrict your limit out of your local region.

But this is not the case with .com domain name where you always get an upper hand as compared to other country domains even the UK user will also click .com instead of .uk.

If your business is worldwide and the audience is worldwide then it is always best recommended to have .com domain only if you really think of growing your website and user base.

.Com Domain vs Other Domain

.com itself explain as the domain which favored worldwide and even you are reading this post because I have chosen my website domain name as .com.

There are various domain and most of the user worldwide not even classify or guess the content of any website just by reading domain name.

Let say a website domain name ends with .tv does not mean that it having information about TV because it is a country level domain of Tuvalu.

But few high-level domains like

  • .Com – For Commercial Use
  • .edu – For educational institutions use
  • .org – For Nonprofit organization use

People are aware of them and if anyone searching on best colleges or institutes for the study they definitely click for .edu instead of .com.

If you are willing to donate money or want to do the charity you probably believe in more to the .org domain instead of the .com domain.

If it still raises the question in your mind is how important is a .com domain for a website then Identify the real objective behind your website and make the best choice out of it.

Reason for Not buying .com Domain Names

We have gone through a lot and learned the importance of .com domain but there are some reasons which cause you to stop buying the .com domain name.

The only reason is a scarcity or nonavailability or higher prices of the .com domain, you must be lucky enough to get your favorite domain name in first chance.

Yes, let say you have started a website called Brilliant Ideas, for which you tried to grab domain name like brilliantidea.com, but it already been sold so you have nothing left to buy.

The other way is to buy from the holder of the same domain which will be very expensive so either you can switch to another domain names like Brilliantbestfundas.com etc.

Or you can switch your TLD to a new one like Brilliantidea.net, Brilliantidea.xyz, etc. In most of the cases, people know the importance of TLD.

They consider .Com as a commercial, .edu for educational purposes and .org for the nonprofit organizations may be in similar case your domain as well.

So at least try to grab the user attention and their psychology before choosing an alternative.

Try to switch to the country level domain only if your business or readers are limited within the country and you don’t want to expand this further.

My View on having .com Domain for website

I personally recommend having .com domain only if your idea is to get wide exposure of your website.

If you are not getting your choice of .com domain do turn in domain names like instead of brilliantideas.com go for bestideas.com or maybe anything which matches with your content.

But make sure to stick with .com only, as having a domain name is a one-time activity and your success will partially depend on this for sure.

Big companies still buying .com domain names for millions of dollars and ready to pay, why? because they value their brand and want to be connected with the traditional domain name only.

These days many have started opting their own company domain names because it is not easy to get .com domain name as most of them have already sold.

People are using subdomains under the .com domain to get the advantage of the local audience, in such case you can go for other alternatives.

If you are willing to start a Blogging website then here we have everything you must know to get started, check out how to start successful blogging.

That’s all for .com domain name, I have highlighted and now it all up to you which one you love the most and let me know your opinion in the comment box.

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