How Much does Google Adsense Pay for View or Click : Full Overview

If you are a blogger then definitely aware of the Google Adsense and also having a doubt that how much does Google Adsense Pay for per view or click.

If this is so then stuck with me as in this guide we will discuss, what is Google Adsense and how it works and how much money does it pay for each view or click.

This guide is mainly focussed for all the blogger or the website owner, who is planning to start their successful blogging journey with a passive source of income.

How much does Google Adsense Pay

As an experienced blogger, I have dealt with many sources of passive income and out of which the Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense is one of the best.

Before moving forward, you can also learn how to write your first blog Post which is SEO friendly and easy to rank

Lets me first brief you about what is Google Adsense than we will focus on how much does Google Adsense Pay?

What is Google Adsense?

Google has one of the largest searches in the world, almost 1/3rd of all search engine traffic goes to Google.

Because of its popularity and daily traffic, it also becomes a prominent source for all the advertising companies.

Hence Google has started Google Adwords to run any advertising campaigns on Google searched traffic.

Like you or I or any big companies can go and register themselves and create their own campaign to run Ads on the Google search engine displayed pages.

That means Google Adword is the only way for an advertiser to publish or promote any Ads on the content which is searched in Google search engine.

But what about the content creator like the blogger, who is having their own website and sharing creativity on the internet.

If anyone searches your domain name on the Google search engine than the Add campaign which was run by Advertiser on Google AdWords to display Ads will be visible on your website.

If your website is Approved by Google Adsense to view those Google campaign Ads than based on the keywords and many other factors like SEO Ads will display in the middle of Content.

If anyone is reading your website Posts or content and if he clicks the Ads which is displayed in between the content of your post.

Then you as a content publisher or content creator will get some revenue which is specified by the Google Adwords while any advertiser creates any campaign.

To get Google Ads to publish on your website first you would need approval for your website with Google Adsense, here are tips to get Quick Adsense Approval.

Hence in the second term, Google Adsense is a partner program in between actual content creator and Google advertising network.

If you got approval, means Google will start publishing Ads on your website and if got clicks on those Ads, Google will add respective amount of revenue to your Google Adsense Wallet.

In summary, Google Adsense is a wallet or platform where we as a content creator will get revenue for our creativity.

However, Google AdWords is a place where if you want to advertise something about your product could register and create Add campaign.

These Ads will display on your created content and the click revenue will be divided between you and Google in predefined ratio.

Just to clarify your though there is not the Adsense which provide such Ad networks, there are few others you can check Top 5 Google Adsense alternatives

I hope you got the differences in between Google Adsense and Google Adwords, now let discuss how much does Google Adsense Pay for your searched content of Blog or website?

How much does Google Adsense Pay?

I found myself one of the best ways to generate passive income is through Google Adsense, you won’t believe for a single click on Ads you can also make more than 100$, but how?

Wait, this guide is to highlight all these aspects that how much does Google Adsense pay actually?

Many of us are still confused that how the distribution of the revenue happens for your page views, some are speculating that it is in comparison of Views.

However, others on the number of clicks and even you think the same. Hence I will clear all your doubts. To do so first understand the basic terms of Google Adsense.

On the Home page of Google Adsense, it has many points to highlights.

Google Adsense

What is Page Views?

Pageviews in Google Adsense list the number of views of your website pages on which Google Ads were displayed.

Sometimes while your actual website post loaded. However, due to Ad block issues or internet slow speed cause, no Ads loaded or displayed on your page.

Hence this Page view count will be recorded only if the user is reading your post while Ads displaying on the same page.

What are the Impressions?

Impressions refer to the number of Ads Displayed on your viewed pages. Let say you have written a long content of around 3000 words.

Where Ads displayed in the middle of content 5 times and on sidebar and top of the content 5 times.

Which in result total impression per view will be 10. Hence impressions are the number of Ads displayed on your whole website.

To further clarify that while single-user reading a single post which has a total of 10 Ads displayed means the Count recorded as 1 View with 10 impressions.

What are Clicks and CTR?

Clicks mean, how much clicks recorded on displayed Ads on the post. Let say on your searched page total 10 Ads displaying.

While reading the content, if the user has clicked Ads, which is displayed anywhere on the post will be counted as Click.

However, CTR means Click through Rate, which will give you the percentage for the number of clicks recorded as compared to the number of page views.

(Number of Clicks /Page Views)*100 = CTR

I hope you got an idea what does this CTR and clicks means and now we are close to how much does Google pay, for that focus on RPM and CPC.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cost per click, which is the key factor to generate any Google Adsense revenue.

This will define how much amount you will get if any clicks happen on your web page displayed Ads.

Basically, CPC is the cost of any Ads which is displayed on your post, the CPC will be set by the Campaign creator or advertiser in Google Adword.

Campaign creator will set that for each Ad if there are any clicks he is ready to pay any specific amount of money to the content creator.

Imagine, what if you are displaying the Ads which cost around 100$/Click, will discuss this later.

What is Page RPM?

RPM stands for Revenue per mile, which in simple term how much cost of Ads displayed for every 1000 impressions.

Let say today you got around 5000 impressions which estimate CPC of all Ads displayed were 50$ than in result RPM would be 10$.

This is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views than multiply by 1000.

Page RPM = (Estimated earning/Number of page views)*1000

Let say your estimated earning is 1$ with 50 page views means the RPM will be (1/50)*1000= 20$.

I hope now you got everything about what is CPC, RPM, Pageviews and a lot more this time is to check how much does Google Adsense Pay you?

Factors to display Ads

Google Adsense earning will depend on various factors, out of which the foremost is the type of Ads displaying on your post or content page.

The selection of Ads will not be done by the content creator however it will be auto displayed by Google on your content based on different parameters. Such as mentioned below.

The niche of the website

Well as a blogger what you are writing will decide what types of Ads will be displayed on your blog post.

If you are writing about the psychology or any general ideas which may have no such marketing values means the low CPC Ads will display on them.

However, if you chose Internet products, insurance, gadgets, etc which has high marketing demands and more competition on the campaign means more value Ads will display.

So the selection of Niche will decide the possible earning of your Adsense.

Selection of Right Keyword

While we discussed Google Adwords during the creation of campaign there are some criteria to set a campaign for a specific keyword.

Let advertiser has chosen Insurance as keyword and for that, he is ready to pay around per Click 10$ as CPC.

Which means if you have written your post related to insurance and it has Google indexed keyword Insurance then only your page is eligible to display that Ads.

Else Google will display another suitable Ad on your page, hence the selection of right keyword is another important factor to get an idea on possible generation of Adsense revenue.

You can check our detailed guide on how to do free keyword research using Google Keyword Planner Tool.

This two prime criterion decides, how much you could make through Google Adsense, now will share how much actually Google Adsense does pay per view.

Google Adsense Payout

While you are referring the homepage of Google Adsense dashboard for your approved account, every day based on the CPC, clicks, and RPM amount will be added to your wallet.

How much does Adsense pay


While referring to the above screenshot, you would see that actual earning will depends on the number of clicks and CPC.

Let say you have got 10 clicks for today where the average CPC was around 1$ each in result you have made 10$ for today.

CPC will be calculated here as an average because all Ads displayed on your page will not be having the same CPC, some may have high however some may have low.

Hence this 10$ in total will be your estimated earning and will be added in your wallet but what if you won’t get any Clicks.

Even in that case, you will also get money for impressions as few advertisers make their campaign to get the view only not clicks.

In such cases, if the reader is reading your post and the Ads are populating on that page than even you will be generating the Ads revenue.

No one can give you exact ideas but yes above 2 are the only ways through which Ad revenue will be added to your account.

For actual calculation on how much you could make and what CPC will come on your website, you should take Adsense approval and need to check own.

Hence CPC and RPM are the only prime criteria which ensure more earning, to increase CTR you would need to focus on Ads placement.

However, to increase RPM you would need to focus on Right niche and keyword research which ensures CPC of the Ads and will increase revenue.

If you are willing to Start earning from Google Adsense then do not miss our detailed guide on how to Add Google Adsense Ads to your WordPress or Blogger Website in a few easy steps.

My View on Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the only most legit way to get a guaranteed payout of your earned income, yes while you create account first time the threshold would be 100$ before you withdraw.

You would also need to get approval first than to verify your address and should need to follow Google Adsense policy strictly.

If you are running a website, which follows Google Adsense Policy than you will get Adsense approval very quickly.

Selection of Ads will be totally in hand of Google which has its own parameter to decide which Ads should be displayed on which page of which website.

But to increase CTC, the placement to display Ads on your webpage will be in your hand as you can generate manual Ad code and place that wherever you want.

You would need to choose high profile niches such as health, insurance, technology services, and target the right keyword in the post which will ensure high AdSense revenue.

Well, to get more idea on how to get passive income with no investment check our detailed guide.

I am using Adsense for a long time and this is one of the most legit ways to generate passive income even if you are sleeping overnight.

I found Google Adsense as the best source, what do you think about how much does Google Adsense pay?

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