How To Change Font In WordPress : 3 Simple and Easy Way

WordPress is the best content management tool in the world and almost 1/3rd of the total writers are using WordPress.If searching for how to Change font in WordPress than we tried to highlight the best three ways.

Well you know people are using two big platforms for blogging Blogger and WordPress, learn here the differences.

If we focus on Seo or search engine ranking of any website, the prime factor is bounce rate means for how long user will stay on your page.

It all depends on the quality of content and design of the attractive fonts used in the content.

While you install WordPress first time, there won’t be many options to choose from available fonts.

This creates a problem for your content to design in a proper hierarchy, such as Header 1 and Header 2 and corresponding subheadings in specified font size and font family.

You won’t have different font sizes which impact the user readability as we all know there are millions of pages available on the internet for the same topic.

The reader can jump out from your page and can start reading on others which feels him more friendly.

This guide is to introduce, how to change Font in WordPress? Which Font size you should choose for a better user experience.

How to Change Font in WordPress – 3 Ways

You can change the font or font size in three ways one is using the default Gutenberg editor and second is using the additional Plugin and third by changing CSS.

First will focus on the Gutenberg Editor which is some kind of classic blocks.

Classical Blocks- Gutenberg Editor

As of WordPress 5.0 release in December 2018, WordPress has a default content editor which they call Gutenberg editor.

Gutenberg is also known as WordPress editor or Block editor, this new block editor is introduced with a completely new form of Blocks.

Where in the editor you would have to write the content within the blocks and font size for each block will define separately.

If a user needs then for each block he can set different font size.

How To Change Font In WordPress GutenBerg Editor


Above screenshot Shows, how the block editor looks like, there is everything will be written in Blocks only.

To change the font size and addition of blocks Click to one of the Blocks and a + button will display.

How To Change Font In WordPress Gutenberg Font Size Editor

Clicking to the + button will give you multiple options, how you want to use that block.

If you want to use that block as paragraph only than select to Paragraph and want to use this heading than chose Heading.

Selection of Font size will be done on the right-hand side where you can click to the available drop-down options.

Let’s first focus on Paragraph font size, keep in mind it allows to change only font size, not font family.

For that first Select Paragraph in available drop-down options and then on Right-Hand side, Text setting will display.

Within text setting, options to chose font size will be available, wherein Drop Down list options like font size of Normal, Medium, Large and Huge will be available.

Font Size in wordpress Editor

After selecting any, you can also set the size of the fonts, there is an edit box available to enter font size in number.

Similar way, you can make any block as the header such as H1, H2, H3, etc.FO that select Header in the available option.

Title in Block editor

Font Size of the header is already specified, you won’t allow changing according to your need.

If you are searching for a traditional editor like Microsoft word, where you have options available to choose from a font family.

Than this Gutenburg editor is not the best option to chose, hence I suggest adding an additional plugin called TinyMCE Advanced.

TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

TinyMCE is one of the most famous plugins to give you the user-friendly experience of content writing.

It has a solution for the problems on how to change font in WordPress and how to get a user-friendly visual editor.

TinyMCE Advanced is a plugin introduced in WordPress to make a better user experience.

The first step is to search the TinyMCE Advanced plugin name in the Add New Plugin and click to install the plugin.

After installation click to Activate plugin than go to Setting->TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advnaced Plugin

You will be redirected to a dashboard to setup options. There will be two settings available.

  • Block Editor(Gutenberg)
  • Classic Editor(TinyMCE)

As part of this plugin setup, go to classic Editor (TinyMCE) which will display a list of options available.

How To Change Font In WordPress TinyMCE Editor Setting

The topmost editor will be the final editor, which will display all the options which you can pick from the bottom available unused options.

Simply go to Unused buttons and pick the button such as font family, font size, bold, italic and drop them to the topmost toolbar menu editor.

This editor will have all list of font family what classical editor should have, it has font size selection in 8 to 36 points.

You would have all list of font family such as Aerial Black, Georgia, Impact, etc.

Using this plugin, if you will go to your editor then all classical blocks will be replaced by a plain editor and you can make any line as your heading, or normal paragraph.

Font size can be chosen randomly from the available drop-down options.

TinyMCE Advnaced Editor

The above screenshot shows, how after the selection of various options your editor will look like.

You are open to writing at any corner of the editor, without caring about the blocks and can also make your font to Bold, Italic, etc.

You will also have options to chose from media list and addition of contact form with that all alignments options are also available with the editor.

Make sure while you start using WordPress never forget to use this plugin as this will help you a lot.

Out of the above two ways, the recommended way on how to change font in WordPress is using TinyMCE advanced plugin.

Change overall Font Size using CSS

This change will be applicable for all over the theme, so if you switch theme than this will again change back to default one.

This change will be brought by updating the custom CSS of WordPress theme.

Well, this is just for the change of font size only not for the font family, to update this add below custom CSS to the theme.




By Updating this in theme CSS  font size of only paragraphs with the complete website will change automatically.

I don’t recommend using this method, WordPress is open to use for the additioanl plugin so if any time in future you want more changes than that will be a point o deactivate plugins only.

Summary of Change in Font with WordPress

As a blogger, you will be successful only if you are able to grab user attention and these small steps make a very huge difference in it.

Change Font size or font family with classic block editor is not that much efficient, hence the best way to do so is by adding the additional plugin.

TinyMCE  Advanced is the most used plugin in the WordPress users and that will give classic editor experience close to Microsoft word document editor.

WordPress is not limited to this editor plugins, there are few more which are free to use but best for your blogging experience, check those top 10 plugins.

Let me know, what other plugins you use for change in WordPress font size.

Kirtish Vyas

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