How to Change Homepage in WordPress (2 Min Quick Tip)

If you will check Google analytics and trying to find out the number of page views for any specific page of your website then around 60-70% of total traffic might be coming to your homepage.

So it is worth making the home page in WordPress more engaging but how to change the homepage in WordPress blog replacing the default front page.

Here are quick steps to change the home page in WordPress.

  1. Create a new page using a page builder or default WordPress page editor.
  2. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard such as “*/wp-admin”.
  3. Click on setting >> select reading in available options.
  4. Click on the radio button before option “A static page option“.
  5. For the homepage, the dropdown list selects the page you have created.
  6. Click to save changes and you are done.

I am sure this quick answer has definitely answered your query in brief but there are different ways to create a more engaging home page and can make them a front page for the WordPress blog.

Every WordPress user is expecting to install an easy to customize and user engaging front or home page but do you know there are different ways to change the Homepage in WordPress by replacing the default home page?

Hence I decided to share some exclusive tips on how to create a more engaging home page and how to change the default home page very quickly.

I hope you got the reason for why you should change or customize your home page, let me discuss all possible ways on how to change the homepage in WordPress blog.

Let first understand, how to create a page that can be set as your front page.

How to create a Frontpage in WordPress

We have seen many websites or blogs, where they do create some pages to be published as their home page and in this list, people use the very famous website page builders Elementor or thrive architect.

To create an attractive engaging page in WordPress you have to first follow the below-listed instructions step by step.

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin panel and click on the Pages.
  2. Click on Add new pages to create the new front page.
  3. Provide the page name in the Editor box.
  4. If Page builder installed then customize page after clicking one of the options.
  5. The New navigated window will be an editor window of page builder so just customize the page.
  6. Once you finished customization of the home page simply save and publish.

How to create home page in wordpress

The steps explained are for those who are willing to customize their homepage for high lead conversion else you can go with the default editor with just an informative page.

Now if you navigate to all pages there you find a new page been created with the given name and the same will display when you link it as a home page.

Are we good with that, so let discuss how to change the default home page with the newly created front or home page?

How to change the home page in WordPress

I have already briefed on how to change the homepage but that is not the only way here we have two different ways.

  1. Set a static page as the home page for WordPress.
  2. Set blog posts.

To set any static page as homepage you can do using the below given two methods.

#1 – Change Homepage from the Reading settings.

To do changes with an existing front page or home page of the website, you need to follow the below steps. Where I consider everyone has access to the admin panel to change the setting.

  1. Go to setting options on your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Under the setting >>Select the Reading.
  3. Change the default radio button select from latest post to A static page.
  4. Select the specific page from the Homepage dropdown list.
  5. After selection simply click to save changes and you are done.

Change the front page in wordpress

I consider this process is good enough for everyone to set up the home page but this may have an issue in case you are using an old version of WordPress and no option for a static page is available.

That is why the next best option is using theme customization, which is explained below.

#2 -Change FrontPage using Theme Customization

During theme customization, you can also change the front page of WordPress using the theme customization homepage setting options.

Before changing the front page using any of the given methods, the prerequisite is to have a static page already published and live on site.

  1. Log in to the WordPress Admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Appearance >>Customize.Customize wordpress Theme
  3. In the theme, customization clicks to option Homepage Settings.Home page customization in wordpress
  4. Select the radio button option just before A static page.
  5. In the homepage dropdown option select the specific page.
  6. Validate the changes are visible on the preview window.
  7. Click the Published button in the theme customization

Congratulations you have successfully finished changing the front page of the WordPress blog. But if you are willing to set the Blog post as on your home page then choose the second option.

How to Change the Front Page with Blog Posts

If you not having any page builder and willing to set the only recent blog posts on your homepage then follow the below-given steps.

WordPress has its default feature of displaying the recent blog posts published in chronological orders where the recently published displays at the top

  1. Login to the WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate setting >>Reading option.
  3. Select Your Latest Posts option,
  4. Set a specific number for the Blog pages to show at most.
  5. Click to save changes.How to set blog posts on wordpress homepage

Well, now you will be having two choices either set recent blog posts to the homepage or any static page to WordPress front page and can test both which performing better for your business or user engagement.

Conclusion on How to Change Homepage in WordPress

The front page is the place through which you can guide your reader on which page you are willing to drive most of the traffic.

If you have customized your front page in a well-planned manner than you can maximize most of the traffic into potential revenue.

Change in a front-page requires a page which you can customize using the Elementor, where Elementor is available in both free and pro versions.

If facing any issue while changing the homepage of your WordPress website do comment us will try to help you as soon as possible.

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