How to Change Homepage in WordPress (2 Quick Steps to change Front Page)

Every WordPress user is expecting to install an easy to customize and user engaging front or home page on its blog but do you know how to changeĀ  Homepage in WordPress by replacing the default home page?

May be yes or no, but I decided to share with you the very best two techniques on how to change the home page in WordPress.

If you will check the Google analytics and trying to find out the number of page views for any specific page of your website than in 70-80% cases, it will point to your home page only, but why?

Because every time after reading your post, the reader is willing to check what more you are offering and who are you and this is why user clicks to the home page.

So if you are willing to route or engage your reader for a few more blogs than I suggest customizing your home page in a way that leads the reader to more page views.

I hope you got the reason for why you should change or customize your home page, let me discuss all possible ways on how to change homepage in WordPress blog.

How to Change Homepage in WordPress

We have seen many websites where they do create some pages to be published as their home page and in this list, people use the very famous website page builder Elementor.

Using Elementor, you can create or customize a very beautiful front page which will help you to grow your user engagement and interlink your very famous post.

Let first understand how to create a page that can be set as your front page.

How to create a Frontpage in WordPress

To create a page in wordpress you have to first follow below listed instructions step by step.

Step 1: Go to WordPress Admin panel and click on the Pages.

Step 2: Click to “Add New Page” and provide the page name.

Step 3: If your theme supports Elementor Addon then the option to edit page with Elementor is available, hence click to Elementor.

How to create Pages in WordPress

Step 4: You will be navigated to Elementor where you can customize your page using different options.

Step 5: Once you are finished with customizing the page, simply click to save the page and you are done with creating any static home page.

The above-explained steps are for those who are willing to set up a customizable home page but if you just need a simple informative page then no need to use Elementor.

Simply click to Add New page and give the name of the page and start writing the content within the page.

Once you are ready with page then the next step is to publish the page and your created page will be available in all pages section.

Hence no matter, how you created your front page but this time you are looking on ways on how to change the front page in WordPress.

Change Homepage using Setting Option

To do changes with an existing front page or home page of the website, you need to follow the below steps.Where I consider everyone has access to the admin panel to change the setting.

Step 1: Go to setting options on your WordPress backend.

Step 2: Under the setting, choose the option Reading which will navigate to the new window which might have default selection of Your Latest Post.

Step 3: Check the checkbox for the static page, which will ask you to select the page which you want to make as your home page.

Change the front page in wordpress

Step 4: In the drop-down, select the page you want to choose as your Home page where almost every published page will be visible.

Step 5: After the selection of page from the available drop-down list and probably the one which you have customized or created for the home page, click to save.

Once you are finished with this then you are done with setting up one static page as your home page instead of any default page or latest post of your website.

I consider this process is good enough for everyone to set up the home page but this may have an issue in case you are using an old version of WordPress and no option for a static page is available.

That is why the next best option is using theme customization, which is as explained below.

Change FrontPage using Theme Customization

If you are facing any issue with the Reading option then using theme customization would be the best easier option to choose for changing the front page.

Make sure in all cases you must be ready with your static page which you are willing to set as your front page.

Step 1: Go to the Appearance section in the WordPress backend dashboard.

Step 2: Under the Appearance section, select the option Customization which will navigate you to the theme customization with the number of options available.

Customize wordpress Theme

Step 3: In the theme customization window, select the option “HomePage Setting

Home page customization in wordpress

Step 4: It will navigate you to the same setting as what we have seen under the Reading. option.

Step 5: Select the checkbox of the static page and chose the page which you want to set as your home page or front page.Chaneg the home page in wordpress theme customization

Step 6: Once you are done with the selection of page then simply hit to the published button, it will set your static or selected page as your home page of the website.

If you have tried any of the two explained methods then I can say you are done with changes or creation of the home page of your WordPress blog.

Conclusion on How to Change HomePage in WordPress

The front page is the place through which you can guide your reader on which page you are willing to drive most of the traffic.

If you have customized your front page in a well-planned manner than you can maximize most of the traffic into potential revenue.

Change in a front-page requires a page which you can customize using the Elementor, where Elementor is available in both free and pro versions.

If facing any issue while changing the homepage of your WordPress website do comment us will try to help you as soon as possible.

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