How to Change WordPress Password (Admin/User): Quick in 3 Steps

WordPress is probably everything for a content writer and his whole hard work is confined behind the strong credentials he created, hence this guide gets you different steps on how to change WordPress password.

But sometimes due to weak or poor password, there might be a possibility that your account may be compromised as it can have various reasons.

Let imagine you are working in a group project or you have a team working on behalf of you, in every case you have to share the credentials with the team.

If you are in the position of that then I advise you to create a different user role for your people to avoid unnecessary threats.

But password reset sometimes needed to avoid any unauthorized site access even I do change my password every month, which gives me the guarantee of security.

Hence in this guide, we will learn the three basic steps on how to change the WordPress password, as listed below.

  1. WordPress Admin login Portal
  2. WordPress user Profile
  3. From the CPanel of Hosting

If you are unaware about the access to the WordPress admin account then let me get you few ways through which you can access.

How to Access the WordPress Admin Account.

WordPress is a self-hosted content management system where all websites are hosted on a specific hosting provider website hence here we are talking about WordPress.org.

In my case, this site is on Bluehost one of the most reliable hosting I prefer for an affordable price. Which in result WordPress admin account can be accessed in two ways.

Hosting Admin Account

The WordPress admin account has its different credentials than the hosting admin account that’s why if you will log in to your WordPress hosting account you will get a number of websites hosted on that account.

Here as you can see below my site mrvyasidea.com is hosted on Bluehost which has the option to log in WordPress.Bluehost Admin Portal WordPress Login

Just hit to that option and you will be navigated to the WordPress Admin account, which means no need to access the WordPress Admin account by providing or resetting its credentials.

WordPress Admin Portal

This part will really need credentials to log in WordPress Admin account, where you need to browse URL like “https://example.com/wp-admin”.

WordPress Admin Login Steps

This will navigate to a window to enter the credentials, where you have to provide the credentials set for your WordPress admin account

If you do not know credentials then this guide is to learn you how to change WordPress password which also referred to as WordPress Admin password.

Without login to WordPress Admin account, you won’t be able to control your WordPress website.

I imagine you clear the need for password reset and how to access in case you do not have a WordPress admin password but have hosting credentials.

Let me go through all the three ways one by one in case you want to reset.

How to Change WordPress Password :  3 Workaround

As I explained earlier we will go through three workaround on changing WordPress password one by one and you can choose the one based on your system availability to access.

To reset through any of the ways make sure you handy with the hosting account credentials and the registered email id.

How to Change WordPress Password From Admin login Portal

In the WordPress password reset process, there are different ways but the easiest one is through the Lost Password option available on the WordPress Admin login screen.

But this part is only effective if you have access to your registered email account. If not then you can skip this section and can jump to the second and third option.

If having a registered email account, then how to change WordPress password through WordPress user login profile make sure to follow the below steps.

Hope you got your problem solution easily.

  1. First, browse “https://example.com/wp-admin”, it will navigate you to the homepage of the login window.
  2. On to this screen click to “Lost your Password” as shown below.How to Change WordPress Password (Admin/User): Quick in 3 Steps
  3. A new window will load to provide the username or email address, do provide same and click to “Generate New Password”.Generate new password in wordpress
  4. Check your email inbox, an email will be delivered with a password reset link, click to that and a new window will load to provide the new password.
  5. An opened new window will default has a complicated alphanumeric password, which you can consider else delete the existing and change with the new one you want.Reset Password of wordpress admin account
  6. Once you are done with changes hit to reset Password button and you are done, make sure your password should have combinations of different characters.

Above method is one of the best easiest ways in case you have access to your email account, but what if you lost access to an email account.

Then the only way is through the hosting admin account where you can log in to WordPress admin account from the “login WordPress” link as explained earlier.

In another case, if you already have access to WordPress admin account but just want to reset or change the old password with the new password in the WordPress admin panel.

How to Change WordPress Password from WordPress user Profile 

This process is to reset the existing password but will not be helpful if you want to recover your lost password as it required the login to the WordPress hosting admin account.

To learn how to change or reset the WordPress password make sure to follow the below steps.

  1. Login to the WordPress admin account by providing credentials to the login window “https://www.example.com/wp-admin”.
  2. Once you are in the WordPress admin backend window then make sure to Navigate below options Users–> Click to Your Profile.User Profile Login WordPress
  3. You will be navigated to a user profile window where scroll down and check for the “Account Management” there an option with “New Password” will be available.Reset Account Password
  4. Click to “Generate Password” button and a new edit box will be open to provide a new password.Change admin password in wordpress
  5. Provide a new password and click to “Update Profile” option available on the same page and you are done with the process on how to change the WordPress password.

This process will be easy and quick as it does not require any email access or additional technical details.

Once got updated, do verify by login as it gives you an idea on whether new password reset has been done successfully or not.

Let me guide you in case you want to change the password from the cPanel of hosting account.

How to Change WordPress Password from Hosting cPanel

Well, this part of change is not recommended to everyone unless you are aware of how to deal with the database.

This approach is only recommended if you do not have the option to do it through the above two ways, so let me highlight you through the steps on how to change the WordPress password.

This password changes will require to login to your hosting account and click to cPanel then the rest process will be common for all hosting account.

  1. Login to Hosting account to which your WordPress website is hosted, here we will take an example of Bluehost login.
  2. Go to Cpanel Account by clicking to Advanced option on the Bluehost hosting dashboard and from there navigate to Database category.WordPress password reset from cPanel
  3. Click to “phpMyAdmin” that will navigate you to the database table where you can search for the table of User admin password.
  4. Expand the tables on to the right-hand side of phpMyAdmin and go to the table name with jvupogmy_WPE4N, almost every panel has close to a similar name as WP**.password change cpanel table
  5. While expanding the table jvupogmy_WPE4N, you will have another option with the name E4N_Users, this option will be the same in every cPanel with prefix users.
  6. Inside this table, multiple rows will be visible which has each row with the username and password displayed. Here you can manage the password of each user.WordPress Cpanel password change
  7. If you want to reset Admin Password then click to the Edit option displayed before the username of the admin, this will open a new window to provide the new password.
  8. A new window with all the existing details will be displayed, so go to User_Pass section and in Function, dropdown chose an option as MD5 and parallel to that in value edit box provide the new password.Update or change the password in cpanel
  9. Once provided click to Go Button, your query to update password will be executed and new data change has been applied.

Now simply log in to WordPress admin account or the user account for which you updated the password with the new set password and make sure changes applied successfully and you are logged in successfully.

Conclusion on WordPress Password Reset

Password reset has different ways and it is always recommended to keep changing your password as it is the only way to hide your hard efforts from hackers.

In addition to the password, I recommend having a security plugin as explained in the free WordPress plugin guide to add additional security to your account.

Out of the three, the very best solution is to go through the admin login portal lost password option but that needs email access.

In case you do not have then probably you should go through the user profile section by accessing WordPress from hosting account.

You should not choose Cpanel password reset if you are able to do through the above provided two ways.

If looking for deletion of WordPress website, then probably you should go through the detailed step by step guide.

If you have any query then do comment us to get a response from our daily readers or our team.

How to Change WordPress Password (Admin/User): Quick in 3 Steps

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