How To Do Keyword Research using Free SEO Tool: Quick and Easy

Almost every content writer is in search of a low competitive, low difficulty easy to rank keyword but why? The answer is simple to gain organic traffic from the search engine. Keyword research is a key point for success in blogging or ranking your website but how to do keyword research?

I have been gone through various ways to get the best easy to rank low difficulty keywords research techniques, and finding the right keyword is a very complicated job and even you are not sure the one you found will work best for your site or not.

If you are a content writer or having a blog or website and looking for opportunities to grab the easy to rank keyword then here I have collected the very best techniques which makes your job for keyword research very easily.

If you are not aware then let me clarify that the keyword is part of great content, not great content is part of the keyword.

This means if you found low difficulty keyword and hoping for best to rank in search engine then probably you are wrong, as the best search optimization techniques to rank any post is its content itself.

If you are able to write content around certain topics which are all about your keyword queries than you will be probably rank for the same keyword in the search engine.

if you are new to content writing than better to check on detail guide successful blogging journey friendly first blog post.

How to do a keyword research guide will be a master guide if you are really keen to do something great in the successful blogging journey, so if you are unable to read the complete guide at this moment than better to bookmark for the future reading purpose.

There are numerous paid tools available for keyword research but it is not easy to afford for every beginner or even the person who is making decent money, hence this guide is to find the best keyword using free SEO tools.

This guide is not only meant to find the keywords by using any SEO tools but also included very best free keyword research tools like Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest and few more.

Before deep diving to keyword research tips do you know what is keyword and why we need this in search engine optimization? Will learn this basic first.

What is Keyword in SEO?

In simple terms, Keyword is a query for which anybody looking an answer, If you typed in the search engine a query “What is SEO”. Then What is SEO is a keyword for search engine query.

If we talk about internet then we more focussed on Google because around 70% of search queries come from Google only.

Every page online on the internet and indexed by Google search engine is ranking at some position in the Search ranking pages (SERP), but almost 97% of overall traffic of searched queries is taken by the top 20 ranking pages.

It will surprise you that if you type What is SEO in search engine then there are billions of pages ranking at some position but why these 20 pages showing by Google and what criteria rank them in top 20 position?

What is SEO

It is because the content written by the top 20 ranking website is keyword targeted and they have focused more on answering the queries around the targeted keyword.

Google has around 200 parameters and keeps adding more to judge the quality of content and finding the best result for the searched keyword and that is why the site which is well search engine optimized (SEO)) around the keyword will get top ranking.

If you are really willing to rank for any searched query then you need to find out low difficulty keyword which will be easy to rank and here the meaning of ranking means helping the search engine to find your page quickly.

If you are able to rank the #1 position for the searched query than approx 33% of overall keyword traffic will get to your site and as you rank lower in SERP  it will keep decreasing the website traffic.

In addition to the keyword, there are few other ways to rank the website on Google, if willing to learn better to check the well explanatory guide.

Every search engine has a crawler that reads the keywords available on the posts and indexes your website at some position in search ranking.

This indexing of the website at certain position is temporary, will move up and down which will totally depend on the site authority, content quality, and the targeted keyword.

That is why finding a keyword is crucial for any content writing and Google ranking criteria and one of the most important factors for search engine optimization.

Do you know how any published post rank in search engine and what you should check while finding the right keyword?

How long does a keyword take time to Rank?

You know why I included this subsection in this guide because finding a keyword is not an easy job there are various things to check prior to deciding if this keyword will rank or not.

No exact answer available for any specific keyword will depend on the already ranking pages and their content quality but anyhow few SEO tools have solved your problem up to a certain level.

They have done some case studies and rated every keyword based on the keyword difficulty score, which you can refer initially as the factor to decide the published post ranking in the top 10 pages.

I have highlighted a few of the major points to check or you will see while doing the best keyword research.

Keyword Difficulty

Many of the Paid and Free SEO tools have already included a factor to the keyword research tool which gives us an idea of the difficulty score of any keyword in 0-100 rank.

The lesser the number will be easy to rank and close to 100 will be the toughest to rank in the search engine, this number by SEO tools will be decided based on already ranking Top 10 pages.

Here keyword difficulty will also consider the number of backlinks linked with the Top ranking pages and also advise you to create more to rank top in the search engine.

Keyword Search Volume

It gives you an average number of searches any particular keyword has in the past 1 year, most of the SEO tools shows the global and country-specific searches for a specific keyword.

Defined search volume will also split among all the ranking pages so better to check those which have medium to high search volume.

It has been seen that many keywords with high search volume will always have high SEO difficulty, so make sure to find the keyword search volume for the country for which you are willing to target.

Returned Rate

This feature is provided by the paid SEO tools only which give us an idea that for any specific keyword how many time a user search the same keyword multiple times.

The more return rate will indicate more searches but behind it lot, many other factors calculated and also make sure to check the seasonal queries for any keyword.

This means if you find a keyword like “winter jacket” then definitely this will get more traffic only in winter, not in summer. So better to check which has global and search traffic throughout the year to get consistent traffic.

Organic and Paid Search

Many SEO tools also help you to get an idea of which keyword has more traffic reserve for organic searches and which keyword not, which means which keyword is more commercialized for which already Adword Ad campaign is running on.

Means many published post is advertised by Google AdWords on the specific keyword, so most probably you will see Ad before the ranking page.

Paid keyword traffic

So make sure to find the one which has traffic potential from the organic searches, other most of the traffic will be taken by top-ranking advertising pages.

If you got an overview of the keyword then let get through a combination of free and best tips of keyword research or keyword finding which will be easy to rank and right techniques to find the keyword.

Tips on How to Do Keyword Research Using FREE SEO Tools

Finding the right keyword has many techniques but as I said earlier writing a good quality post always has more importance in addition to have low difficulty.

Let go through the top 5 ways on how to do keyword research and find the low difficulty keywords using free SEO Tools.

If considering the keyword research using a free tool then we can begin our keyword research from Google itself. It gives us more ideas on finding the queries which users are typing in the search engine, so we can drill down that from step by step to get a great keyword.

How to Do Keyword Research using Google Suggestions

Google is the biggest search engine in case you want to search for a keyword than the best approach is to go to google and type your seed keyword.

Here seed keyword means the keyword belongs to your niche, let say you willing to write about health and fitness than the seed keyword would be Exercise or yoga.

Once you type Yoga than wait, Google automatically suggests few suggestions as here in case of yoga you can see the autosuggestions.


Google auto suggesstions

In other ways After entering a seed keyword, hit enter and scroll down till the bottom of the first page and see what suggestions Google is offering in search related to the seed keyword

Google search releted keyword

Well, from both ways we have found close to similar results which added a suffix to the seed keyword and these are the keywords which are people searching in Google.

So from my point of view, we have found 3 keywords which are really considered to check for further analysis.

  • Yoga Benefits
  • Yoga Exercises
  • Yoga Poses

If you click on the search for any of the keyword let me click to “Yoga Poses” then further Google suggesting us narrow keyword which will be long-tail and easy to rank.

Always remember long-tail keyword rank faster as compared to short tail or one-word keyword.

Finding long tail keyword form google search

From these search suggestions, we have multiple keywords that are targeting our seed keyword Yoga. From the above suggestions below are the few long-tail keywords we have extracted.

  • Yoga Poses for Back Pain
  • Standing Yoga poses
  • Yoga poses for kids

It seems amazing that you have some relevant keyword which is worth writing for, where we have started with Yoga and now came to the 3-4 word long-tail keyword.

This time is to find the search volume for the keyword and the SEO difficulty of the keyword which can be done using a free Chrome extension keyword everywhere.

How to Do Keyword Research Using Keyword Everywhere

It is a chrome extension you need to add with chrome browser while doing keyword research which will fetch the data from google search by sending API requests and gives you an idea of what is search volume and keyword difficulty.

Well, keyword difficulty will be rated in between 0 to 1 scale where 1 will be most difficult to rank and here is the official link to add this as your free best keyword research or ideas tool.

Keyword everywhere

Once added to Chrome make sure you sign up by registering email ID which will send API Access key, using that API key do register Keyword everywhere.

You can set the specific country in the extension itself, so next time while you search any keyword in the search engines it will show search volume and difficulty score for that specific country or you can set for Global search volume.

Once Keyword everywhere is set and if you browse any query in the search engine it will auto display the keyword search volume and difficulty and CPC in that specific country.

Well, using Google Suggestions we found a long tail keyword “Yoga Poses for Back Pain”, so it will type the same in the search edit box.

Keyword Everywhere search volume

Here you can see the search volume of 2400 and CPC of the keyword is 2.42$ and the keyword difficulty score is 0.12 which is close to easy to rank.Where I have set the filter in keyword everywhere for country USA.

Keyword Everywhere also helps you to find the relative keyword ideas which you can probably rank with their global or country-specific search volume.

Keyword everywhere search Total volume

Here you can see the number of relative keywords and their search volume and ranking difficulty in search engines.

Well, you learned how using the special combination of Google search feature and keyword everywhere you can do free keyword research and this would be probably the best answer on how to do keyword research.

Let me go through another best free tool which can help you to do keyword research easily.

How to Do Keyword Research using Ubbersugest

Ubbersugegst is a free SEO tool designed for the purpose of fulfilling free keyword research, which is closely competitive to the 100$/month paid SEO tools and the very best part is you can use without sign up.

It makes your job of keyword research very easier where it works on principle to fetch the data from Google suggestions like other free SEO tools do.

In addition to search volume, it also defines the keyword difficulty based on the top 10 ranking pages and also suggests the average backlinks needed to rank your pages in the top 10 SERP results.

To search for a keyword best approach is to start with Google itself and get your long-tail keyword or can have a seed keyword direct to the search box of Ubersuggest.

Go to Ubersuggest and select the country as in our case we will choose English/United States. I have typed Yoga but I know one word will be more competitive as compared to more than 2-3 words.

Ubersugegst also makes your job easy to start keyword research using seed keyword, let say I typed “Yoga”, then in keyword ideas it also shows “Yoga Poses” as we found the same in Google search suggestions.

Yoga keyword research using ubersuggest

Yoga poses keyword from ubersuggest

If you search for Yoga Poses than you will get long-tail keyword “Yoga poses for back pain” or close to similar another “Yoga poses Back pain”.

Yoga poses for back pain keyword

In such a way you can drill down until you found the appropriate low difficulty high search volume keyword.

If you have keyword handy with you by doing the Google search suggestions as we discussed earlier than you can directly search in Ubersuggest by the same long-tail keyword “Yoga poses for back pain” and here is the SEO difficulty.

Ubersuggest keyword research for free

From the above stats, we can see the search volume is around 2400 and SEO difficulty is close to 9 and CPC is close to $2.42.

It also helps you to know that if you are able to make 37 quality backlinks for this published post then you could be in the top 10 ranking pages.

It’s SEO difficulty will be decided based on the number of backlinks already top 10 ranking pages have.

Both Keyword everywhere and Ubersuggets use the same techniques to find the search volume from Google by sending API requests.

In addition to this, Ubersugegst also suggests some long-tail keyword ideas which are worth targeting and can have enough search volume with low SEO difficulty.

How To Do Keyword Research using Free SEO Tool: Quick and Easy

Ubersuggest is not limited to do keyword research it has many more features like domain analysis, backlink analysis finding relative search suggestions and more to explore.

Ubersugegst is one of the most popular Free Seo tools to find out the relevant keyword to target in the post, I hope you are able to find good keyword using above explained tools now let me go through another tool you can use to do keyword research.

How to do Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a tool designed by the Google Adword to help the advertiser know the exact impressions they will get if they campaign for any targeted keyword.

It is the place where the advertiser bid for any targeted keyword to create an Ad campaign.

Earlier Google Adword used to provide the exact search volume for any keyword search in Google search results but now they have changed a lot many factors.

If you are very new to Google keyword planner then follow the below steps.

  • Create an account for Google Adword.
  • Create a dummy campaign in Adwords, as without campaign you won’t be allowed to access Google keyword planner.
  •  Go to Tools–> Planning–> Keyword planner.

Now you are on a screen where you are allowed to enter seed keyword.

Google keyword planner

Click to discover new keyword and provide your seed keyword “Yoga” and you will be having a long list of keyword ideas and their search volume and yes the very best CPC for each keyword.

Google keyword planner keyowrd research

From the above search results, you can see how the average search volume has a range instead of an exact search number. In a similar way, you can directly search for the keyword “yoga poses for back pain”.

Long tail keyword research using google keyword plannerIn the above output results, you can see the search volume is between 1k-10K however the exact search volume was around 2.4K.

CPC displayed in Google keyword planner is the exact CPC for which the existing bidding going on and the competition mentioned here Low is not related to SEO difficulty it is with Ad campaign bidding difficulty.

Hence to find the actual SEO difficulty of any keyword you can go with Ubersuggest or keyword everywhere as we learned earlier.

Google Keyword is not limited to find the direct search volume, it has many more ability to get you country-specific low difficulty keyword but How?

Better to check the detailed well explanatory guide on 10 Hacks to use the Google keyword planner, it will blow your mind.

Above explained keyword research techniques is the very best in case you are finding the keyword using the free tools.

Use of Google search suggestions, keyword everywhere and Ubersuggest can give you great combination in finding low difficulty, easy to a rank keyword.

Additional Tools for Free Keyword Research

The above three tools are good enough for beginners to start the keyword research as it has everything that keyword research needed.

But in addition to this, you have few other free tools which also do the same job but they have limitations in terms of the usage and you are restricted to do more research.

The Hoth Keyword Planner

Hoth Keyword Planner is an SEO service provider company that deal with content writing and various digital marketing services related to google search engine ranking.

They also offer different free SEO tools as seen below for keyword research including SEO analysis and many more. The use of The Hoth keyword planner won’t need to sign up it is open to use under the Free SEO tools section.

THe hoth keyowrd research tool

Where you can go to keyword research and type your keyword and you will have a list of similar keyword ideas including the focus keyword you have searched for “Yoga poses for back pain”.THe hoth keyowrd research ideas

It also explains the search volume 2400 the same as other Free SEO tools and difficulty score is 0.07 close to 0.12 as what we received from the keyword everywhere.

Hoth Keyword planner claims that they retrieve all this search volume and keyword difficulty from the paid SEO tool SemRush and I cross verified the same and here we are.

Semrush keyword research

It is same as what HOTH displayed, Volume of 2400 and competition score of 0.07, cheers now you can use HOth for free to get the same results as what SemRush shows.

Cheers !! I hope you found this most relevant information out of this guide where you are getting paid tools features for free.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

MOZ is one of the most popular company introduced the first concept of Domain rating and started rating websites based on the backlink and organic traffic profile into a 0-100 score.

They also offer free SEO tools including the Keyword explorer for free keyword research, to use MOZ keyword explorer you will need to sign up for the portal.

It has a simple edit box to enter the keyword so type the targeted keyword and results will be as shown below,

MOZ Keyowrd explorer

From the above results, you can see the monthly search volume is in approx range and SEO difficulty is looks high.

Hence it is hard to predict the actual difficulty of any keyword it mostly depends on the content quality, as if your content is good you can easily rank it.

Well, if you are till this point then I must say you have learned the very best free SEO tools and ways on how to find low difficulty and easy to rank keyword without spending a single penny?

It is hard to get the keyword in one shot but you need to repeat the same process again and again until you get your targeted keyword.

Conclusion on How to do Keyword Research

Always ask Google itself for the best keyword suggestions and make sure to target long-tail keyword as it has limited search volume but it ranks faster as they are targeted around some specific queries.

If you target a one-word keyword then most probably you find the keyword difficulty very high as it is by default targeted for the same niche blog.

If you ask me, is the SEO difficulty shown by all the above tools is the only way to rate the difficulty of the keyword and creating backlinks more than suggested backlinks can rank you faster?

Then answer is a bit unclear as there are lots many other factors matters such as content quality and user engagement, website loading speed and user reading experiences.

I hope you enjoyed the detailed guide and keep sharing with all your social friends to help them learn the same tips on how to do keyword research.



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