How to Write Your First Blog Post SEO Friendly : Secret No one knows

The prime concern to start your successful blogging journey is the writing techniques, how you express your views with your reader. So this guide is to highlight how to write your first blog post.

During the beginning of my blogging journey, I have learned a lot about what is SEO, how to do on-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

What is Backlink and what factors matter to rank post in search engine but nowhere it was explained about how to write your first blog post.

We all know that writing good content is not enough to gain good traffic, a major source of traffic is through SEO.

But what if, the new reader clicks to the back button immediately after reading a few paragraphs.

Which in result increase the bounce rate and exit rate of your website and ultimately increases more chances of low organic search.

Hence, this guide is for all bloggers to help them write their very first own blog post or any post of their own website.

I will share the best way or process which you should make as your habit as the basic checklist to follow while writing a blog post.

This Guide, on how to write your first blog post will be divided into few sections as explained below, let me brief about what is blogging.

What is Blogging and is this Worth?

Blogging is a way of sharing your ideas, experiences and learning with all needy people and there are two most famous platforms to use for content management.

One is WordPress and the other is Blogger, know here the actual differences in between WordPress vs Blogger.

Blogging will be a success only if you know how to share ideas and how much content you should write in your initial blog post.

Your website is brand new which has close to zero traffic and will have no chances of gaining useful traffic if you don’t know how to write your first blog post.

Many factors play an important role such as SEO and Backlinks creation but the most important is the content, as everyone says Content is the king.

Well, If your aim is to make some passive income using your written content than you can also get approve your blog website by Google Adsense, here are tips for Adsense Approval.

You can also share reviews of products or services which may generate another passive affiliate income, learn more here using CJ Affiliate.

Hence earning using Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing can even motivate you more to share content on the internet world.

Here is our detailed guide, on how to start a successful blogging journey and hope you got an idea, why you should start blogging.

Lets highlight, how to write a first blog post.

How to Write Your First Blog Post?

Well, before moving ahead I assume that you are aware of WordPress and its uses as WordPress is the most useful content management system.

Around 1/3 of total content writing people are using WordPress only but it will ask you a few bucks to invest for purchasing Hosting.

WordPress also offers various free plugins, which will automate most of the tasks with WordPress.

If you want to start with the free blogging setup you can start with Blogger which is a Google-owned free content management tool.

But there are some advantages to start with WordPress instead of Blogger which I hope you already understood with our above-suggested guide WordPress vs Blogger.

Let’s start with the highlights.

Selection of Topic and Ideas

I assume that you have already decided your Niche as it decides the duration for success in your blogging journey.

Always choose something for which you have a large audience to read and discuss. After that, it is a prime selection of ideas or Topics to which you would like to write.

If your goal is to long run than chose content which is based on “How to” and “What is”, as this will be searched by millions of readers over time.

It is obvious that competition for such posts will be high but will tell you the step to overcome that as well, so do not miss this guide till the end.

Your informative or problem-solving content will be the best selection if you want to make long term passive income and authority of the website.

But if you have chosen the News website or trending news website than it will be easy to publish small posts daily but the value of that content will be for a short duration only.

So the choice is of yours, as this guide is focussed on long term sustainability and to help start a quality content post which will gain organic search results over time.

So First decide a topic to which you would love to write and which is problem-solving, let’s take a niche of CryptoCurrency.

Within a Cryptocurrency this time people love to read about Bitcoin, how it works, what are legal constraints etc.

As this topic has currently as well as in the future will have more demand to understand and you are targeting at the right time.

So the selection of ideas and Topic will solemnly decide, will you be successful or not.

Low Competitive Keyword Research

It is another point to consider while writing your first blog post, your every post should be targetted around a specific keyword.

Keyword competition will decide, whether you will gain organic search in search engine ranking or not.

Every day millions of content written by bloggers and while searching for any keyword we have billions of pages available in Google.

Find below screenshot for a searched keyword “Bitcoin Wallet” it has more than 84 Million pages available.

Google Keyword Research

Around 90% of written content will not even be read by anyone, so do intelligence on finding low competitive average search keyword.

Most of the traffic or clicks will go to the first top 10 pages, so our target is to find the right keyword with which we can hold a place in Top 10 Pages.

I am not going to detail you how to find the right keyword, as I have already explained in detail using the Free tool Google Keyword Planner, check that guide.

Now Assume you have the right keyword to target and one more step to complete before start writing a blog post.

Compile the Catchy Title of Post

Let say for a specific keyword search, you are in the top 10 pages, but now to the reader has 10 options to click for the same query.

Which one he clicks will totally depend on the Title of the specified query keyword. Hence make sure below points.

  • Try to use the number as the year (2019), Percentage (100%), Lists (Top 3), etc.
  • Use some catchy words like – Extensive Guide, Ultimate Review, Never Miss, etc.
  • Always include your target keyword in the title.

Using the above three try to differentiate your title with the existing ranking top 10 pages of the current searched keyword.

This will increase the Click-through rate of your blog post. You can search for the various title using a portal called AnswerthePublic.

Blog post ideas and title

Search for your keyword you will get ideas as well as possible list of titles which you can rephrase as you need.

I hope you got the way to get the best title and how to create the title of your first blog post.

Find out LSI Keyword

While writing your article, you make sure that your target keyword must be added to everywhere in the middle of content with some LSI keyword as well.

LSI keyword is like a latent semantic keyword or synonyms of your target keyword. For example for target Keyword Movie may have LSI like picture, cinema, etc.

Find out such keywords first and handy with you as you have to sprinkle them as well in your content.

You can get LSI by searching in Google and check all the highlighted words in the search results as well as a suggestion as to the bottom.

Also, search some low competitive keyword which matches with your target keyword, doesn’t matter how much they relate.

Such as for long-tail keyword “What is keyword”, you can have a supporting keyword like Best keyword, low competitive keyword, easy to rank keyword, etc.

Now I assume that you have listed all keywords and it is time to finalize how long posts you should write and what content you should write.

How long and content of the Post

Never jump on writing your own ideas unless you are aware of what people are reading and what Serch engine like Google is ranking.

To help in both cases my best strategy is to search your target keyword in Google and go through each top 10 pages.

Already ranking pages will give you two benefits.

  1. Check for each one of them and find out the average length of the posts.
  2. Go through each one of the top 5 posts and all of them will give you an idea of what content you can write as your own.

Let say out of 10, 5 have written 1500+ Blog post and rest 5 have written 2000+ than I would ask you to write 2500, this will finalize the length of your post content.

While going through each one of them you will get ideas for your own H2, H3, H4, etc tags.

While reading other content, you will get point to add more on your own content, which will maximize more word count.

Do not forget more words in post means more keywords and more chances of ranking post for different keywords.

Now you have all list of Header tags and sub-header tags and few ideas of content as well lets summaries how to write your first blog post fast.

How to Write Blog Post or Article

Well, you have almost done a great job, this time is to frame an attractive post only which can share valuable information to the reader.

Keep focussing that the below summary will have an all point by point explanation, which you can make as your checklist.

First, make sure to create one catchy title which should have your target keyword and you are done.

By default for most of the theme, your title will work as a header tag H1, which must have your keyword for best SEO.

Second, write your first paragraph, not more than 2.0 or 2.5 lines, which should have your target keyword.

WordPress Keyword Target

Let see, in the above screenshot how I have added the keyword in both title and first paragraph, it is must include the keyword in the first paragraph and title.

Third, Never write any paragraph more than 2 lines because this ultimately becomes 4 lines in mobile view and 2 lines in desktop.

Which increases more user readability and more engagement and will reduce the bounce rate and exit rate.

If you are able to retain your user for the first 4-5 paragraphs, you can retain them till 70% of your content.

Fourth, include the same target keyword in the next 4 or 5 or 6 paragraphs, which will give crawler a strong signal that your post is focused on that target keyword.

In between this, if possible sprinkle your LSI keywords or any other relative keyword which is close to the target keyword.

Fifth, it is time to create H2, H3, etc tags of the blog post, tries to include the target keyword in the first few H2 tags and if possible in H3 Tags.

The blog post can have multiple H2 Tags or H3 Tags, so make sure your keyword must be at least two-time in the first few header tags.

This time is to Write down all your H2 and H3 Tags, let say I have made around 2 H2 and 3 H3 tags in each, which in result total 6 sections to write in detail.

Take an example below for all H2 and H3 Tags.

How to write your first blog post

Let say, if you are able to write 300 words in each which in result close to 1800 Words and create one conclusion at the end for around 200 words will make a total of 2000 words.

I assume that initially below H2 tags you have given a few summaries of  50 words will make 100 additional words.

Initial paragraphs are having close to 300 words will make total to 2400 words now you are above all top 10 posts average length.

More keywords, more content, good quality content, and best SEO will make your content the king.

If the keyword is very low competitive will rank in a few days else will take some time but will surely hit the top 10 ranking pages.

You got content ideas by reading the already ranking pages, you got the title by checking the few of the top 10 pages.

It is not tough as a beginner and I hope I answered most of your questions on how to write your first blog post

My View of your First Blog Post

Always try to write some useful information, which can help your reader to add some values after reading it.

It is all up to you, whether you want to write scrap content or something which really adds value to the reader.

Never forget that your aim must be to bring your Post on top 10 ranking pages which increase the clicks to your post.

Focus on SEO as well as learn our separate guide on what is On-Page and Off-Page SEO and try to create inbound and outbound links as well.

I hope this guide has also added some value to your blogging experience and if so provide us your valuable comment and share this as much as you can.

I am an Engineer and a passionate Blogger, who loves to share tips on Blogging, SEO, Google Ranking, Digital marketing, passive income, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Read More

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