Inbound Links Best Seo : How this help to Grow your Website Traffic?

Link building is the best part to do Seo for your blog post and Inbound links building is the prime strategy to increase any website traffic but how?

This all I am going to discuss in this post, follow the same strategy and will surely get instant results for your blog post.

Before working on the creation of links the prime factor is to learn how to write your first or new blog post, which is SEO friendly and easy to rank, check our separate guide.

Inbounds links are the links pointing to your website from another website, hence it is part of Off Page Seo which you could do later after the publishing of your post.

But do you know Inbound links are not the only link which you should think about there are others too will discuss all of them in a later guide?

Inbound Links Building Strategy

Such as Inbound links, outbound links, and interlinks are part of a link building strategy.

In this guide, I will also tell you, how to get more traffic by building inbound links.

What are Inbound links?

As I said earlier, these are the links pointing or coming from another website to your own website. In the result, the authority of your website will depend on how many inbound links you would create.

Yes, inbound links are the prime criteria to increase the domain authority of your website.

If links coming from the more authoritative website than in result the more authority you will gain for your website.

Here link building could be done through different ways such as by doing commenting on other website or publishing the guest post on the other website.

In both cases, you should create anchor text and dofollow link to your site.

How to Create Inbound Links?

As we discussed earlier building inbuild links which in the second term is known as Backlinks is done through different ways but the most trusted ways I explained below.

Guest Post

Guest Post is very hard to get from a high authority website. In this case, you should connect with one of the websites which have already high Domain authority of 30+.

Yes, domain authority is the factor which tells us how much that website is legit in terms of Google parameter.

Hence you could ask the owner of that website to give you an opportunity to write helpful content on his website and in return, you can demand a DoFollow backlink.

So what happens while you publish or submit the post to that website then in the middle of the content you can create a link with any keyword which points to your website, either post or homepage.

Wait later in this guide I will tell you how to create backlinks or inbound links via Anchor text in the submitted post.

Commenting on Website

Our ultimate goal is to get the reference from other high authoritative websites, it does not matter whether it is in middle of content or somewhere at the comment section of any high authoritative website.

Hence here you can find websites which allow DoFollow commenting reference to your website, how to find such website check this free tool DopMyLink will help you a lot.

Now using that tool you can find the website which allows commenting and has high domain authority and page authority.

Check one of the posts belongs to your own post and drop the comment after reading his post and at the end include Anchor text which is referring to your website.

But here the challenge is comment approval, most of the time your comment will go to any moderator and he can either approve or disapprove your comment.

If got approval that means you got one inbound links.

I hope you got an idea, through which way you can create Backlinks or Inbound links.  If want to learn more about backlinks than check this guide.

How to Create Anchor Text Link?

While we talk about link building strategy then we should make sure that it should not look like spam.

While placing a link in the Guest post or commenting on another site in both cases you should never mention complete URL.

The link which you build will ask crawler to visit your site if it is Dofollow links.

Crawler expects that link must be an anchor text or close to another keyword which explains the same as what you are pointing for.

Hence if you comment than most of the website offers you a few boxes such as.

  • Comment
  • Name
  • Email
  • Website URL.

In these cases, you already have the place to submit URL for your website so provide blog post URL in that and provide well descriptive comment in the comment box. Easy and simple.

But what if no Website URL edit box available, then the link should be in the comment box.In such case use below method to create a link in the comment box.

<a href=”Provide your Website Url”>KeyWord</a>

Here if I type any comment on any website like below where my keyword is a blog post.

Hey the provided details are very accurate and I implemented this method in my <a href=”https://www.mrvyasidea.com/how-start-successful-blog.html “>blog post</a> and yes this is working.

In result after submission Blog post will change to Anchor text as you can see below.

Anchor Text Backlinks

This is the correct way to comment which does not look spammy and a legit way to create inbound links to your website.

However, in the case of Guest post, definitely, you can use the same method or else there will be an option to create a hyperlink.

So you clear with an idea of creating backlinks and the right way to drop a comment on another website.

But make sure that link must be  DoFollow Backlinks, which gives the signal to the crawler that visits your website through that link else if this is No followed than will not help you get many advantages.

Here are few best free link building strategies which are worth looking if you are expecting to get backlinks from high authority websites.

What are the Types of Links?

All above what we discussed is Inbound links but other than inbound links there are other links too.


If you link one of your own website post with another post of the same website that is known as interlinks.

Hence while writing any post on your website if you link like here I am creating anchor text of  Plugins of WordPress, which is one of another post on my website call interlink.

While the reader read this post if you found a suitable post than by clicking that link he will navigate to another post of my site.

Outbound Links

Name itself explains if you link any other website post or any other website to your own website post by providing the link then that is known as outbound links.

Such as if you link URL of my this post with one of your posts then this is call outbound links, where you are pointing to any other website.

Hence reverse of Inbound links is known as Outbound links.

Inbound Links

This is what we already discussed how to create inbound links and how this works.

If you got an idea about inbound links than let me tell you advantages of inbound links.

Advantages of Inbound Links

In the area of SEO, the backlinks are the only way to get more and more traffic to your websites hence let’s discuss what and how this link building will help you to rank or grow the website.

Increase Domain Authority

To rank in the top 10 pages of Google what you need is the authority of the website, the higher the authority the more ranking to your post.

While you write any post the focus would be the keyword, and keyword will rank only if you have a reference from the outer website.

Let say for that post you got a reference from more than 10 websites which are having high authority more than 50+DA than in result while crawler visits those pages and get a link pointing to your website.

It will automatically pass link juice for your website and in result authority of your website increases, hence Google starts thinking legibility of your website.

Hence create inbound links and increase domain authority and page authority of the website.

Increase Referal traffic

If someone is referring you that means it is obvious the traffic landing to his website on which you created inbound links will come to you as well.

If I am pointing to your website and my website has daily visitors of around 10k then through that outbound links on my website pointing to your website as inbound links at least 10% user will land on your website.

This is called Referral traffic which does not come through organic search but comes through that inbound links you have created as a guest post or commenting on the high authoritative website.

Increase traffic to Website

This is the result of increasing domain authority, page authority, and referral traffic. As domain authority increases can cause keyword will get index fast.

If your keyword index fast means the positioning of your website increase day by day very high.

Hence result in increase referral traffic, branding and domain authority of the website.

Above three are the three best advantages of creating inbound links to your website.

How to check inbound links of any website.

Check inbound links to your website

While you have created backlinks on any website that can give you either do follow or no follow which you can check through paid or free tools.

While talking about paid tool than the solution is with Ahref and Semrush is among the top most choices.

But while talking about free tools that you can go for Moz bar tool and search for these three best free backlink checker tool.

Find below screenshot of Ahref which has the list of backlinks which explains how many website pointing to your website.

Ahref Backlinks

Here Referring domain and Backlinks will explain how many inbound links pointing to your website.

You can have a single domain with multiple links coming to your website and to increase authority multiple domains is must and in the result, multiple links means more referral traffic.

Conclusion on Inbound Links

An inbound link is an important factor for Off-page SEO, it is always advisable to build backlinks from authoritative website try to avoid spammy website.

The most effective way is through the guest post and easy to create is commenting on another website. In both cases try to make different variations of Anchor text as explained above.

Link building is a time taking activities but creates this at least one time will grow your website day by day.

Build a relationship with other blogger or website holder and ask them to share or create a link on their post.

All the above are the best way to create inbound links and make sure your every new website should have backlinks pointing to your website.

To learn more about backlinks, do join us on Facebook and keep reading keep sharing.

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