IOTA Price Prediction : Future Price Projection in 2019,2020,2021

If you are the investors of cryptocurrency or holder of IOTA then probably IOTA price prediction could be a concern for you. As we all know the volatility and future of cryptocurrency is uncertain.

The price prediction of any cryptocurrency is hard to predict but what we can do is the proper analysis and get idea from expert views on IOTA and will see how far IOTA can go in future.

IOTA is not based on the well-known blockchain technology but this introduced to create a more scalable and highly secure system to overcome the blockchain technology drawback.

We have seen the golden time of cryptocurrencies in the year 2017 and which cause the price of all cryptocurrencies raised by more than 1000%.

IOTA was also among the most popular cryptocurrency which got a huge spike from 0.63$ to 5.23$ from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018.

Which gives us the confidence in IOTA price prediction for the future as it has market potential to grow.

Any Cryptocurrency grow will totally depends on the technology, if the technology is far superior then there will be wide adoption and in result more price drive to the coin.IOTA Price Prediction

That’s why I want to highlight you the brief summary of what is IOTA and why this is introduced.

What is IOTA?

IOTA was introduced back in the year 2015 as in ICO and created with a vision to have a system which supports the internet of things. Where a machine can communicate with another machine.

We have heard a lot about blockchain technology but it has a few major drawbacks, the primary one is scalability issues and secondary is the fees associated with the network.

Both of these drawbacks have been overcome using the IOTA which has introduced the Directed Acyclic Graph which calls tangle in the IOTA network.IOTA Price Prediction

Where the transactions in the network will be validated by the peer users means let say A send any IOTA coin to B in result A has to do Proof of Work (POW) for 2 pending unverified transactions in the network.


Once he finishes those transactions then only his own Transaction will be verified in the network which improves the security of the network as all time we have random validator.

The network is free to use which solve the issue of transaction fees to use the network and the other best part is you can send as many transactions as you want, which solve the problem of scalability.

Blockchain is not easy to scale but IOTA is designed in a way to scale as the number of users added in the network.

As to use any network for the internet of things required to support millions of transactions per second which is only possible through an open scalable network IOTA.

Which somewhere help us to IOTA price prediction as if what the network has been widely adopted.

If you are an investor or planning to invest in IOTA then I recommend having a look for the detail explanatory guide on What is IOTA and how it works?

IOTA Price Prediction for Future

Well, we learned all about the basic of IOTA which somewhere highlighting the positive impact on future growth and from the above review we got three main points.

  • IOTA is easy to scale and no limit with the TPS.
  • IOTA network is free to use and no need to pay any transaction fees.
  • The technology is immune for the next generation computational for cryptography.
  • IOTA is created to support the Internet of Things.

All four points pointing to future growth and price movement of IOTA coin but do you know where was IOTA price earlier and now where it’s hanging around.

History of IOTA Price Movement

We all know, the cryptocurrency is in the early phase where the price movement of any cryptocurrency is totally depends on the news spread around for Bitcoin.

In 2017, we have seen a huge spike of Bitcoin for close to 20,000$/BTC which in result the other altcoin also got a big rise in price and IOTA was one of them.

While referring to the price movement chart of CoinMarketCap, we have seen a huge spike from 0.37$ on Nov 2017 to 5.23$ by Dec 2017.IOTA Coin Price Movement

From the chart above you can see the price of IOTA coin is following the Bitcoin and even Bitcoin dropped after the first Q1 of 2018 and the same whole crypto market.

Since January 2019 the price of IOTA coin, not even crossed the benchmark of 0.50$ and it’s hanging around 0.25$ – 0.35$.

IOTA team is very active and also scheduled some event to positively impact the price of IOTA coin, so let me highlight the IOTA price prediction based on technical analysis.

IOTA Price Prediction from Technical Analysis

There are different technical experts on the crypto world who does price projection based on history and pattern IOTA has followed.

Considering those factors here are few who projected long and short term IOTA price prediction.


Walletinvestors is well known for technical analysis on any cryptocurrency where they provide short and long term price prediction.

According to wallet investors, Price of IOTA by end of 2019 will hit $0.0189 which will be around  96% loss from your current investment and this is going to be a bad investment.

Even checking their long term forecast they are expecting the same bearish trend till 2024 or maybe more.


Changelly is another big platform for crypto to crypto exchange or fiat to crypto exchange platform where they do technical analysis on the price prediction.

They are projecting the bullish trend of IOTA coin and expected to hit the new price of $0.4 by end of 2019 and if this remain continues then by end of 2020 the new price set would be $4-10.


DigitalCoin is another big platform which has done an IOTA price forecast in detail from their technical analysis and in the short term they are expecting the bearish trend in IOTA price to $0.16 by the end of 2019

But they are bullish with future price movement and setting up new price of $0.53 by 2020,$0.67 by 2021,$0.78 by 2022 in similar by 2025 they are expecting to be $1.19.

From the above three technical analysis, we have found the mix flavor of success where few expecting prices to move in an upward trend and few expecting downward trend.

But there are few experts who have their own opinion on the IOTA future adoption and technical growth.

Expert Views on IOTA

Crypto industry sometimes works on the emotion of the people where the words or belief of the few people matters a lot on the price movement of IOTA coin.

So let me brought you what crypto experts say about IOTA Price prediction.

John McAfee

You probably heard the McAfee the first commercial antivirus was the product of McAfee association and founder of that was John McAfee.

Cryptocurrency is one of the best fields of interest for John Mcafee and a strong believer in blockchain and crypto adoption in the future.

After Microsoft displayed its interest in IOTA, he outlined the comment as it will be the slowest cryptocurrency in the space with a guaranteed rate of success not more than 10%/year.

Well his comment on IOTA means not it going to work in the same way but you can not ignore his views on IOTA.

Vitalik Buterin

He is a developer and creator of Ethereum blockchain network and the most popular identity in the crypto world.

He already criticized IOTA for not using the blockchain technology and introducing the Tangle a Directed Acyclic Graph which sounds like proof of Ip Address, where entity which hands out IP Address is the authority.

Which was later been replied by the founder of IOTA David Sonstebo, sit down and contemplate your process of reviewing concepts that are new to you.

Which means the war for crypto adoption is still on and who is going to win will decide the future.

IOTA Partnership

Partnership with any organization definitely impact the wide adoption of IOTA network and help us to imagine the upward trend in IOTA price prediction

IOTA till date had a partnership with

  • Bosch
  • Volkswagen
  • Fujitsu
  • Microsoft

Even Jaguar and Land rovers have also included IOTA crypto wallet in their car to give cryptocurrency for exchanging the data.

While driving, if you found any route got blocked or congested you can allow your vehicle to send relevant data to the other vehicles where they can plan their trip accordingly like that many ways.

As you shared data from your vehicle in return you will be paid with IOTA cryptocurrency.

Means IOTA is growing and partnering with big companies which is a positive sign for future positive growth.

Why IOTA can grow in the future?

IOTA is created to support an internet of things and few companies have already focused to create a system around the IoT.

According to IDC the worldwide technology spending on the internet of things with compound annual growth of 13.6%, which is projected to reach $1.2 Trillion by 2022.

Where below top industries are supposed to adopt the IoT in the coming 5 years.

IDC IOT Adoption
Image Credit to IDC

Which explains that multiple industries are taking an interest in IoT and invested millions of dollars to communicate with machines and sensors automatically.

From the Forbes report, Ericcson is forecasting the number of IoT Connections will reach 3.5 Billion by 2023 and will increase its CAGR of 30%.

IOTA is the very first most scalable technical solution for the internet of things and both internet of things and IOTA are in an early stage which grows parallel.

It hints us the long term growth possibility of IOTA network and its network-based cryptocurrency. If you want to buy IOTA Coin then here is step by step guide.

My View on IOTA Price Prediction

IOTA is a cryptocurrency and we all know the volatility of price in the crypto world. It is in the early phase so I would not advise you to put all your eggs in a single bucket.

Above guide is not a piece of investment advice but more focused on the brief overview of the future price prediction or growth possibility of IOTA technology and its cryptocurrency.

Investment in cryptocurrency is risky and only your views and research will matter a lot there are few suggested cryptocurrency which is worth looking for an investment portfolio.

From my point of view, the Internet of things is the future but can IOTA compete with the other blockchain technology which is evolving day by day is nobody can tell you.

So no one can guarantee that IOTA is going to rule the future but it is obvious that first in the market will always rule for a longer duration or maybe forever.

I imagine you like the reviews if so share us your opinion on IOTA and let our readers know your comment on IOTA price prediction.

Kirtish Vyas

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