Is Builderall worth investing for Digital Marketing Tools?

Builderall is a set of tools that will require monthly subscriptions to use all its tools and there are plenty of other tools available in the market so asking the question, Is Builderall worth investing for marketing tool is obvious.

But not to worry about as I have drill down the advantages or disadvantages of Builderall and based on the same you will get satisfied whether Builderall worth your investment or just crap.

Before moving forward, I would like to grab your attention towards the 14-day free trial builderall is offering to self decide, so seems not a bad deal.

Is it? so click to the link and parallel understand all about builderall.

Anyways, let me first explain, what is Builderall and why this tool is very much popular?

What is Builderall and how it works?

What a digital marketer needs, I feel just a set of tools to drive his business, am I correct?

As being a blogger, I need hosting, domain name, email marketing tools SEO report generator, Custom blog thumbnail, video creator, and many more other tools.

For all this, I have to subscriber various tools from different sources here and there, each having its own monthly subscription plan and pricing model, configuration and most headache is to remember different login credentials.

So imagine, how much mess it will have once you are dealing with multiple tools at a time?

There the Builderall comes into the picture, which was the first time introduced in the year 2017 by Erick Salgado to get all the tools under a single umbrella.

Builderall is a set of 40 tools that can be found under a single account and can be used for any digital marketing purpose.

Builderall All Tools

If you are excited then all its 40 tools are divided into the below sub-categories where each category is having more than 6-7 tools for different purposes.

Builderall Website builder

Website Builders Tools:

This has a collection of the various website or page builders through which you can design any website with unlimited hosting and sales or lead funnel pages for any product or service promotion.

You can design any Android or iOS app and can monetize the same with Amazon or play store and similarly, you can design your own online chat support and e-learning and self affiliate platform.

Email Marketing Tools: 

You might have invested a lot on email marketing tool but Builderall has also offered drag and drop email marketing tool “Mailingboss“.

You can use Mailingboss to create an email list, set auto-responder, or drop broadcast email like other email marketing tools.

isn’t it cool?

User Engagement Tools:

These days being active and get engage with your customer or client is prime important and you might have bought various autoresponder tools for Facebook, Instagram, telegram chat support.

Even you can get rid off with the help of BuilderAll as it offers professional messenger chatbot for Facebook, share a locker, browser notification, Instagram autoresponder, telegram auto message chat, etc

That almost everything that you need to engage with the user will be all bundled into a single packet.

Design Tools:

I know being a digital marketer it is key to share the content as much as possible on various media platforms including any post images, videos, etc, and for that, you might have already invested a lot of money.

But Builderall has all the advanced Editing or designing tools such as 3D Photo editor, Transparent floating video editor, animated VSL video editor, video funnel builder, etc under a single umbrella.

Reporting Tools:

If you are willing to rank your website in search engine what is the key need for that is SEO and finding the right engagement of the user.

Buildeall as its inbuilt SEO report generator tool that will help fix all the SEO issues and also a click map tool such as Hit map to find where and to which position of website users are hitting a lot.

These types of reports will solve all your problems with SEO and better content or sales page optimization.

Other Tools :

Well if you want to give access for any virtual assistance for the product and service support then even the same is available there, you just have to provide limited access to VA and you are done.

What I shared is just a summary of what the tool is offering but you will be delighted after using this tool and if you are willing to test this then you can grab its 14 Day free trial using this magical link.

Now if you are familiar with Builderall then let me tell you Builderall pricing plans.

Because once you are aware of the pricing model, it will be much easier for us to compare the same with other tools and we can come to the conclusion is Builderall worth investing in digital marketing?

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall offering four different plans to explore all its tools based on your budget and need and below is the summary for each.

Builderall pricing plan


Free Plan:  This for those who are still afraid of how to use this tool and can go for the free plan sign up, which still offers free website builders with 100 email subscribers and 1 GB disk space. But no domain is allowed to connect and no live chat support.

Builder Plan: This plan is the kick start plan and must subscribe plan as it offers 3 domain connections with larger disk storage so you can promote any business. Costing for the builder plan will be $19.90.

Marketer Plan: This is the most suitable band there almost every digital marketer should start with as it offers up to 5k subscriber list and 5 GB disk space with 5 domain connections. Costing for the builder plan will be $29.90.

Essential Plan: From the name itself, you will get an idea first up to 10 domains you can connect with 15k subscribers, and 10 GB disk space are the highlights. Costing for the builder plan will be $49.90.

Premium Plan: If you really want to get rid of all the other individual tool subscriptions then my and most recommended plan is the Premium plan.

There you will get access to all the tools for unlimited uses and the cost for the tool will be only $69.99.

So now let me compare the best plan of the builderall with other marketing tools to understand is it profitable to use builderAll?

Is Builderall worth investing in for Business?

In order to understand the benefit of the builderall what I decided is to compare its pricing and feature with other marketing tools.

So let check the best plan of the Builderall which costing around $69.90/month and if I calculate its premium plan yearly costing will be around $69.90*12= $838.8.

Hence we can summarize that you will be billed for approx $840 for a year to use all those 40 tools, now let me compare the pricing of the other marketing tools for the same purpose.

  • 15 Website unlimited hosting + domain connections – Approx $150/Year
  • Email marketing tools for Autoresponder and unlimited subscriptions – Approx $2400/Year
  • Website Page Builder or other integration – Approx $100/Year
  • Chatbot, push notification,messenger,telegram,Instagram auto responder – Approx $1200/Year
  • 3D Photo and VSL video editor, and various design software – Approx $200/Year
  • SEO audit report and Hit Map analysis –Approx $500/Year
  • Android or iOS app builder – Approx $300/Year

There is much more to add in this list but I think this is good enough to total and compare with builderall.

So if I total all the above tools yearly pricing then it will come over $4500 which is over $3650 higher then what builderall is offering in a year.

I advise better you to check for only email marketing tools GetResponse itself costs over $500/moth for unlimited email subscriptions so the rest will be completely free.

After going through all this I can say that, yes Builderall is a worth investing tool and profitable for any digital marketing business.

You can grab builderall 14-day free trial and can explore yourself through this special link.

Click here for 14-day Builderall free trial

BuilderAll Best Alternative

It is obvious that the industry is full of competitors and recently we have been introduced with one another most popular digital marketing suite tool call GrooveFunnels.

The best part is it offering One Time payment lifetime access to more than 20 most precious digital marketing tools such as email marketing, live webinars, sales funnel builder, etc.

You can learn more about what is GrooveFunnels and how it works?

What is GrooveAffiliate


But GrooveFunnel is still in the Beta version and will remain the same until the end of 2021 so not the best solution at the moment but worth investing in a future digital marketing suite for the one-time price if you want to avoid monthly recurring billing.

Hence at the moment I still prefer to continue using BuilderAll which has more tools as compared to GrooveFunnels and stable enough to drive your business with full capacity.

Wrap up on Is it profitable to use Builderall?

I have been doing digital marketing and used many different tools and paid over a $300/month basis but since the builderall introduced I cut that cost down to just $70/month.

So yes builderall is profitable for a business that is still looking for the tools which can drive business to their services and the best part is you will get all those tools under the same umbrella.

If you planning to compare, Is ClickFunnels better than Builderall then again the cost will be the best factor to analyze both and of course, builderall has a Click map which is a hit map tool, and various 3D photo and video design tools which is not part of a click funnel.

So why can’t you grab the 14-day free trial of builderall and test yourself how powerful Builderall is.

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