Neo Cryptocurrency- Best choice of 2019,why and how to invest.

You believe or not but Cryptocurrency is the future of digital currency and NEO cryptocurrency could be a game changer in this.

NEO coin is not only a currency but is an Eco-friendly technology, which was originated by Chinese developers to answers Ethereum.

NEO is an open network smart economy which was introduced back in the year 2014 and it was open source on Github in 2015.

Neo Cryptocurrency - Smaert Economy

Stay with me, because here we will discuss what is NEO, how NEO works and why and how to invest in NEO Cryptocurrency.

Other than NEO there are few other cryptocurrencies which could also be your best choice to invest.

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NEO has a huge community around the world and all of them are widely contributing to this platform.

So let’s highlight the future of NEO and why it is worth looking for the cryptocurrency.

What is Neo Cryptocurrency

NEO is a blockchain technology and it utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitalize assets.

On complete NEO platform, there are two assets.

  1. NEO
  2. GAS

It aims to build a distributed network based on the smart economy system and to automate digital assets.

They wanted to replace the current payment transfer system using centralized currency to decentralized currency and complete trade should be on NEO platform

Digital Assets + Digital Identity + smart contract = Smart economy.

NEO Smart Contract

Digital Assets

Digital assets which run on electronic technology and with the introduction of Blockchain it easier to create such decentralized, trusted and safe assets.

NEO has that platform to trade and supply multiple such kinds of assets.

Digital Identity

Same as assets, digital identity is the digital way of verification to specific user access or system identification.

NEO is willing to introduce such system in addition to Digital assets so could make this more secure and safe.

Smart Contract

NEO is an open source and smart technology and large community could use same.

It allows a common platform with existing technology to build or do development of tokens.No need to learn new technology a technology c# and java is supportive of NeoVM.

The difference between NEO vs GAS

Both of these assets work on NEO blockchain technology.


It is the main token of NEO blockchain technology which you could hold in your wallet as a digital assets. If you have NEO token then you will get GAS for free.


GAS token is generated from NEO token and which are used to pay a transaction fee or I would say these are fuel to drive NEO transaction.

Future of NEO Cryptocurrency

With the emerge of Onchain in the year 2014, which is aim to provide private blockchain technology.It found interest in NEO.

Where NEO works on public blockchain technology such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Nowthe founder of both NEO and Onchain came on the same page to create an integrate solution by using onchain private and NEO public blockchain platform.

To do so NEO has the future vision to introduce digital identity so everyone will know , to whom with they are doing the transaction.

This made it future bright.

Even china government is trying its best to build a chinese government cryptocurrency but even after multiple try they got failed and now NEO and Onchain are their first choice to adopt for.

If NEO is getting expected by the Chinese government then it will reach a new high in the coming future.

How is NEO different then Other Cryptocurrency?

NEO transactions are much more faster than Bitcoin, it take around 24 seconds however bitcoin take around minimum 30 minute.

NEO is a kind of ownership you owned for blockchain technology however GAS are token used to pay the fee for the transaction.

NEO claims to clear 1000 transactions per second. However BTC clear 3or max 7 transactions per second.

NEO is competiting against Ethereum, do you know what is Ethereum?

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Price Correction of NEO

Same as Bitcoin(BTC), NEO also got an increase in price in the year 2017 and was among the best choice to invest in cryptocurrency.

NEO Cryptocurrency

Its price increased from 7$ to 161$ and it is a symbol for all of us to believe in its future.

Neo Price Prediction

It is not easy to predict any cryptocurrency price it all depends on market conditions.

No one can guarantee you for future possibilities with this currency after all this is all about trading and making the right choice at right time.

In past, i tried my best to figure out possibilities of future price with Neo and other cryptocurrency but this was not an easy job.

If you are investing in stocks then you have some sort of clear ideas about market conditions and all but Cryptocurrency future is uncertain and this is call bubble market which works on the belief of people.

A piece of single positive news can pick this to the new level and single central government regulations can bring this down this is what we experience in 2017.

But keep eye on news channels and join their official tweeter channels and try to find out future potentials and vision of NEO cryptocurrency in such a way you can make hit the right floor.

If you will ask me with Neo Price prediction then I must say never put your all eggs in single bucket diversify your investments in other too.

How to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency

Now you are confident enough with future growth of NEO and if you have decided to invest in NEO then let me tell you the process on how you could buy NEO.

It is obvious that you have one tough in mind where to Buy NEO cryptocurrency?

Let me help you out:

There is no direct way to buy NEO, but all around alternatives are available using a trading platform such as Bittrex and wallet like CoinBase.

The way of buying NEO Coin is not restricted to only a few platform it is widely available and traded by huge platforms so you can prefer any of that.

There are few list of a platforms which supports buy or sell of NEO coin click here – List of NEO supportive platform

I hope i also answered for query what exchange sells neo cryptocurency.

Highlights of steps to buy Neo coin or token.

Step 1

First sign up to coinbase using follow up the link- CoinBase Sign Up

Step 2

Go to Coinbase and Buy Bitcoin.

Coinbase Dashboard
Step 3

Do transfer of Bitcoin from Coinbase to Bittrex.

To learn this, a step by step guide is given below.

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Step 4

Once your Bitcoin available in Bittrex then Buy NEO coin in exchange of BTC.

Bittrex NEO
Step 5

Validate wallet of NEO coin , respective coins are credited to account.

Summary and Conclusion

NEO has a bright future and it is originated with smart technology and a strong vision to replace complete centralized digital technology with decentralized cryptocurrency.

And its possibilities to accept by Chinese government make this more favorite choice to invest in 2019.

And its possibilities to accept by Chinese government make this more favourite choice to invest in 2019.

There are a list of cryptocurrency which could be your favourite choice to accept in , so read detail guide on this.

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But every investment is risky and no one knows the future of cryptocurrency so it is wise decision to decide you goals first.

NEO is giving the best fight to Ethereum based digital currency assets. Both are providing the developer a central tool to develop their application.

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NEO has already made a council of a group of people who take decision for future growth of Assets.

It is always better to keep eye on such announcemnt which could be benificial in terms of investment.

To learn more about Neo currency price do refer CoinMarketCap.

I hope you enjoyed reading, do share with as many group as possible to understand them about NEO cryptocurrency.

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