What is Oberlo: Is Oberlo Worth In Shopify DropShipping?

DropShipping is among the most popular online business, and if you have ever planned to start an online E-Commerce shop, then by learning What is Oberlo, you can make easier your AliExpress Dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is an online, process-driven money-making business and to make easier your process of DropShipping, Oberlo is one of the crucial or mandatory plugins to use in google chrome extension.

Having an online store is among the most favorite way to make the fastest money, which you can start with Shopify but to automate the whole process such as managing products and fulfilling an order is way easier with Oberlo.

Advantages of  DropShipping is, you won’t need to maintain the inventory but still, you can sell other products on your site with huge profit or margin.

If you are unfamiliar with dropshipping then make sure to read first what is dropshipping and how it works then you will get an idea why we need a discussion about what is Oberlo?

Oberlo Review with Shopify

By the end of this guide, you will get a brief overview of what is drop shipping, what is Oberlo, how to use Oberlo and the advantages of Oberlo and how you can integrate Oberlo with your online Shopify store.

What is Oberlo and why we need its Review?

Oberlo was introduced back in the year 2015 to automate dropshipping online store and it is a free plugin which you can add as a chrome Extention in Google chrome browser.

Oberlo has a smooth integration with Shopify, which makes Oberlo the best choice for almost every drop shipping online store and became a very famous plugin.

If I summarize then your dropshipping store will be a combination of Shopify + Oberlo.

Oberlo helps you to import products from AliExpress and will make easier your process for managing product inventory, tracking orders, etc.

Do you know what does Oberlo actually does?

  1. Import products from AliExpress.
  2. Manage and track the history of orders.
  3. Auto fulfill orders on AliExpress
  4. Manage Inventory for Shopify stores by syncing with an actual seller of AliExpress.
  5. Suggestions for best sellers and products on AliExpress.

Oberlo will be your best fit choice and will be accessible from anywhere without paying any single fees under their free plan.

You will accept or not but Shopify is among the best bundle for e-commerce online store owners.

Let me Brief you what is Shopify and DropShipping and then will proceed further with detail Oberlo Review.

What are Shopify and DropShipping?

Now we are familiar that Oberlo is a google chrome Extention that is free to use with Shopify dropshipping online store.

So let me clarify what is Dropshilling and how it works in brief.

What is DropShipping?

In simple terms Dropshipping allows any person to sell any products online no matter, you have inventory or not, you are manufacture or not, what you need is basic learning of computer and the internet.

You as an online shop owner managing a process which helps the seller to sell his products and buyer to identify or avail his required best choice product.

If you are able to find out the best seller and the potential buyer then you can take orders from the buyer and pass that to the seller and create margin in the actual cost price and actual sale price.

AliExpress DropShipping

Seller will ship that product to the actual Buyer and you can make the profit out of this product selling.

This is known as DropShipping Business and no worries every seller registered with AliExpress is offering DropShipping, so the actual buyer never knows who is the actual manufacturer.

That is what the reason, we call AliExpress Drop shipping is the best choice for all the drop shippers to import the products.

But Is DropShipping Legal? Here is an answer to all your queries.

Now to maintain this whole process you need a platform where buyers can come and order and you can pass that order to the seller and that platform is Shopify.

What is Shopify?

To have your online store on the internet, you need hosting and domain and then an automated process that helps you to manage your store.

Instead of spending and setting up your own online store, your all problems will be solved by Shopify.

Shopify offers you all services to customize your online shop including, domain, hosting, theme, product inventory, etc.

You can import products from AliExpress and make them live on Shopify online platform, where you can customize your selling prize, offers, deals and many more.

It offers you multiple plugins that can make your online store like a big e-commerce store.

This is all call Shopify but what about inventory which you have brought from Aliexpres, what about the tracking of orders, what about best product research from AliExpress?

The problem of all solution is Oberlo and in this Oberlo review guide, I will explain to you all these services offered by Oberlo and how does in real scenario it works?

How Does Oberlo Work?

I guess now you are aware of what is Oberlo and why we need this but now let discuss, how does oberlo works? and what services it offering while importing products.

When we try to identify the people or businesses involved in the dropshipping business model then we can come up with three names.


In DropShipping Business Manufacturer or seller is the person who has his own store registered with AliExpress and willing to sell products for Wholesale price.


A retailer is a person like you and me which we call DropShipper, who has done the setup of an online store and importing products from Manufacture (AliExpress) to display on your website.


The customer is an actual buyer of the product who visits Retailer or DropShipper website and place purchase order.

To have a manufacturer, retailer, and Customer at a commonplace and manage all processes in a definite order, Oberlo will help you a lot.

Oberlo is an App for which you can get Google Chrome Extention.

Simply, search in Google for Oberlo Chrome extensions and as shown below will appear.

Oberlo Chrome Extention

Click  “Add to Chrome“, and an extension will be added with your Chrome Browser.

This time is to Signup the Oberlo App account, so click here and does register with your Email ID.

If I assume that you have done signup then your chrome extension is ready to import your products.

Let’s head over to AliExpress and find the best product ideas which I have already explained in the previous AliExpress Dropshipping Guide.

Now, I assume that you have products and want to add with your Shopify Store so import products with Oberlo, which imports all the details.

  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Images
  • Product actual Shipping and Cost Price

Every single detail associated with the Product will be imported by Oberlo. This process of import is very easy and Simple through Oberlo.

If you will open AliExpress with Chrome on which already Oberlo Extention is installed and while you hower on any product it will have a blue color icon on each product as seen below.

Oberlo Import

Simply click to that Icon your extension will be enabled with “Open Import List” as shown below.

Oberlo Import List

If you will hit the option “Open Import List“, will navigate you to Oberlo DashBoard.

We will go through the most useful options available with Oberlo, which gives you a good idea as part of Oberlo Overview.

How to use Oberlo Import List?

After hitting the Open Import List, you will be directed to the Import list section under the Manager Products section.

Here is what this looks like.

Import Product

For the imported product from AliExpress, there are various options available to customize and select.


If you will click Product, then all imported product list will be displayed there, but here we imported only one, so only one product is visible.


The description tab will have a detail description of the product imported from AliExpress.


If the above shoe has different variants that the seller is selling, then with price and quantity, everything will be listed in the same section as you can see this.

Import Product Variant

The above-listed screenshot shows. what is cost price and what shipping fee you have to pay to the actual Manufacturer (AliExpress).

The tool will auto-suggest a new selling price for you, which you can set on your own store or can also do further change in price as this is just a recommendation.

Isn’t Oberlo is helpful?

The best part is Inventory of your own store, which will be auto-updated as actual stock with AliExpress seller will change.

It gives you freedom from any tension to monitor actual inventory and price change with the actual seller.

Do not worry, if any change in price with an actual seller then Oberlo will notify you by email as well, which helps you to change the product price on your own store.


To promote your product by displaying good or actual images of the product, Oberlo gives you the freedom to choose from the Image section as shown below.

Oberlo Images

All the above was what Oberlow offers for imported products, let’s deep dive into other sections.

I hope you like this Oberlo Review guide, but still, with me to learn more.

Search Great Product

Searching right seller from AliExpress which has good customer service and fast shipping service is very hard.

To help you with this, Oberlo has introduced a feature for “Search Product” section.

Search Oberlo Product

With a search option, you can visit any section as listed above in image and find your best products which have good customer reviews and most sold items.

So instead of going through AliExpress, simply hower your product and an option for import product will display.

Now hit the “Add to Import List” button and your product will be added with all description, image, and everything the same as done with AliExpress.

The best part, you can filter your product choice based on e-packet shipping and verified supplier and warehouse in the USA and will result in fast delivery and great customer satisfaction.

Manage Order

Let say with your Shopify store you have started making the sell.

If any customer has placed an order on your website, all orders will be displayed in the “Manage Orders ” Section of  Oberlo.

Order History

You can see below, in the image the placed order by the customer is displayed there.

Order Product

Simply, hit Order product, and Oberlo will start auto fulfill your order with AliExpress.

It will navigate to AliExpress for the same product and start filling the sender and recipient address and a total number of pieces and every single detail.

In the end, for the payment process, it will ask you to do that manually, which even you can manage automatically.

Bonus Tip: Always do the payment process manually, because on the payment window you need to validate the sender, recipient detail manually and even the buyer note if there is any.

The package will be shipped by Seller to the customer end directly, but while ordering to seller make a note as shown below

This package is a dropship package, so please do not include actual price or store name on the product

This is a simple and easy auto fulfillment process which change the status of product to fulfill.

Once Order will be shipped by the seller than the same will be updated in Oberlo and you can track that using tracking numbers and after final delivery, an email will be triggered to you.

How to Connect Oberlo with Shopify?

Till now, we have done all the changes with Oberlo only but our real product will be displayed on Shopify.

To import the product to Shopify will require a connection between Oberlo and Shopify, hence check the left bottom option for “Connect Shopify Store“.

Oberlo Import Products


This Will Navigate to new Screen, which will ask you your Shopify Store Name.

Provide shop name, user ID and Password and will start syncing with Shopify Store.

Shopify Stor name

Or You could click to Connect to Store and provide Shopify URL. Will connect Oberlo with Shopify and now an option  “Import to store” will be enabled in Oberlo.

Import to Shopify store

Click to “Import to Store” and your selected product with all the price, images, description changes will be imported to Shopify.

It will live in your online store, which you can further modify with offer, description, price, images everything.

Find below, I have imported that product to my Shopify store or E-commerce site..

Product on Shopify

This is amazing, isn’t it?

Now, it will be a headache of Oberlo to maintain and track your inventory and in case of the price change or unavailability of stock, Oberlo will notify you, you won’t need any personal monitoring.

This is a detailed answer to your question on What is Oberlo and its detail review and I hope you got the answer for the same.

You may be asking, what are the prices to use Oberlo, is Oberlo free or has any limitations?

Pricing Plans of Oberlo

Nothing is free in this world but it is also true that not everything is paid.

If you are a beginner and not making any sells then to help such beginners Oberlo offers you a free plan, which helps to use Oberlo for Free up to a certain limit.

What are those plans, take a look below.

Starter Plan of Oberlo

This is well suits for every beginner where Oberlo will allow to manage up to 500 products at a time, with an active online store.

You Can manage unlimited orders per month without paying any single penny and this is completely free?

It is truly a good deal for a beginner, do not worry about tracking that is what you can do through AliExprss in case of an issue.

While you start making sales then upgrade your subscription to the new level which is Basic Plan.

Basic Plan of Oberlo

You have to pay 29.90$/Month to have an active account with Oberlo which allows you to manage 10,000 products at a time and you can handle unlimited orders using Oberlo for free.

In the basic plan, you have the advantage to place bulk orders and tracking of the orders

Pro Plan of Oberlo

It is made for the big drop shipper, the giant company who are having no ideas on how many big sales they are supposed to make in a month.

You would able to manage 30,000 products at a time and unlimited orders per month.

Pricing Plan for Oberlo

My suggestion is to start with a basic plan, which is free and good enough to handle up to 500 products and later when you start making more sales, you can switch to Basic or Pro.

What are Pros and Cons Of Oberlo?

Every tool has some Pros and cons and I decided to categories the same for you to summarize your understanding about what is Oberlo?

What are Oberlo Pros?

  • Easy import facility from AliExpress.
  • Feature to suggest the best seller and most trending products.
  • It offers you to filter or search based on the epacket or warehouse of the products.
  • Simple and easy interface to connect with.
  • The best solution to automate Shopify Store.
  • Automatic Pricing and Inventory handling.
  • Tracking of the packages.
  • Free to use for unlimited orders which were earlier just 50/month under the free plan.
  • Pricing plans are good to buy.

What are Oberlo Cons?

  • Only supported with Shopify.
  • The actual editing of the product will be done at Shopify.
  • It supported for Aliexpress, not for another e-commerce site (By the way you can connect with Amazon)

From the above-listed points, it is pretty clear that Oberlo is the global winner of dropshipping marketing and this is an end of the Oberlo Review guide and I hope you understood what is Oberlo?

Let me share my opinion on Oberlo by concluding the Oberlo Review guide.

What is Oberlo a Brief Conclusion?

Oberlo is one of the best applications or software to automate the Shopify store.

If you are planning to start drop-shipping then you can use Oberlo for free unlimited order management.

Oberlo has many advantages, including the support for AliExpress dropshipping and finding the right product using Oberlo’s suggestions.

Suggest products are those that Oberlo rate them based on seller service and which fulfill the Oberlo seller standard.

So instead of going through AliExpress, you can get from Oberlo Search Product only. If you are planning to start drop-shipping then learn from the detailed guide on AliExpress Dropshipping.

Are you planning to start dropshipping? if so then do comment and share your opinion and aware other with the use of Oberlo by sharing on social media profile.

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