SiteGround Pricing,Reviews : Is it Worth to Buy SiteGround Hosting?

Siteground Pricing Plans are the best fit with most industry standards as SiteGround is well Reputed hosting provider in this competitive fast-growing market.

Let me give a brief summary of SiteGround.

It was started back in the year 2004 and one of the most popular shared hosting service provider in the web marketing industries.

From their Official reports, they are hosting around 2,00,000 Domains of various websites and even growing More.

It offers the best hosting services like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, etc with a proven track record.

Siteground offers basic features like CDN, SSL and email accounts with every hosting plans which itself proves how much they care about their products and services qualities.

As a website owner whatever we expect from a hosting provider company is all given by SiteGround such as Best customer support, close to 100% uptime guarantee and Top user Reviews.

I have been using SiteGround services for a long time and sharing the experiences in terms of Pros-Cons I have found with SiteGround.

This guide is to review the services offered by SiteGround where most important is SiteGround Pricing Plans and finally is it worth to Buy Siteground hosting as compared to Bluehost and HostGator.

There are various other competitors like Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, NameCheap, A2 hostings, but why Siteground Pricing plans and its services are top of the list, all details are here in the guide.

Let me first explain the types of hostings and SiteGround Pricing plans then will discuss the Pros and Cons.

SiteGround Pricing Plans and Hostings

Many people are concerned about the pricing offered by many hosting services but the type of services offered by Siteground is matched with the prices it offered.

SiteGround offers a total of Four types of Hosting such as explained below.

Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)

This is for all the users who want fast and secure hosting for their small and medium website purposes.

Shared hosting is something, where multiple websites are running on a common server means multiple websites are sharing the common resources.

Where Another hosting provider companies are hiding to highlight the number of visitors they could handle in shared hosting plans.

But Siteground very transparent and tell their users that this hosting plan suits only till this much monthly visitors and they assure the best services till that point.

Its shared hosting plans are mainly categorized into three plans.

Siteground WordPress hosting Plans

If your goal is to host only a single website then we can start with the StartUp plan else it is advisable to start with the GrowBig plan.Web Hosting

Which SiteGround Pricing Plan best fits for beginner and how much exactly you should pay for the Shared hosting plan is explained later in this guide in detail.

But before reviewing further if you really need to check out Hosting of SiteGround here is the way to SignUp.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is well optimized only for the WordPress websites users, it offers only a common WP solution for all WordPress website users instead of two different likes

  • WordPress Shared hosting
  • WordPress Managed Hosting

If you buy general Shared hosting then you have to head over to various techniques, plugins, and optimization approaches to improve the performance of the website.

But in WordPress hosting(Both Managed and shared WordPress), your all efforts related to the performance security of the websites will be handled by the SiteGround and you can only focus on writing the good content.

Learn more about WordPress hosting here in detail guide.

The pricing plan for WordPress hosting is looking similar as compared to shared hosting but as a beginner always start first with StartUp plan.

Siteground WordPress hosting

This hosting is specially introduced for the WordPress users only but if you are running any general website then it is advisable to start with general shared hosting plans.

Web Hosting

If willing to Buy WordPress Hosting from SiteGround, here is the Sign Up to Start this.

Cloud Hosting

If your website has already been grown and getting millions of visitors per day then your shared hosting plans cannot manage that for you.

You will need more dedicated resources and maybe flexible resources that should be available whenever in need.

The solution for this type of hosting is Cloud hosting and mainly it is needed for big enterprises hence we are not going to discuss more in detail.

WooCommerce Hosting

If your plan is to activate an online store like Shopify on WordPress website using the WooCommerce suites then you can go with this hosting.

It is mainly dedicated to optimizing your online shopping stores and design to help you with more sells. For more, you can check on SiteGround WooCommerce.

Till this point, it seems that you got an idea on SiteGround Pricing plans and their offered Hosting services, where with Shared hosting will discuss later in the guide.

Next, we will talk about Pros and Cons with Siteground Hosting services.

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Pros of the SiteGround Hosting

This guide is more focused on the experiences I had with its shared hosting plans for active WordPress website.

Make sure to learn every aspect of hosting plans in terms of Pros and Cons.

Free Website Migration

It is always a big headache or problem while you migrating your website from one hosting to the others and there are chances of losing your data or ranking.

Many Hosting services like Bluehost ask you to do this job personally they are not supporting but Siteground helps users by providing the Migrator plugins.

This process is not fully automated but very easy to complete as explained below.

  • Generate a migration token in the SiteGround Cpanel.
  • Install SiteGround Migration plugins to Your WordPress website.
  • Paste the Migration Token to the installed plugin of WordPress website.
  • Initiate the migration process and finally update the DNS.

This smooth process can give you relief if anyone wants to switch any website to SiteGround, to learn more check this step by Step Detail.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

SiteGround offers 30 Days money-back guarantee plans only for the shared hosting plans and 15 Days money-back guarantee plans for Cloud hosting.

Well, this gives relief for every beginner to try and test its website performance on the Siteground and in case he wants to pull back then he has around 15-30 days times to get Refund back.

Before purchasing the plan make sure to check their Refund policy and make sure to have chat with the Siteground Support team.

Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9%

The biggest problem while having your website on any hosting service is what would be the performance, speed, and Uptime of that hosting services?

But in all the above parameters, Siteground proved itself a very unbelievable record.

They assured their users in Service level agreement as displayed below for 99.9% annual uptime.

Siteground Uptime

If they are unable to match that, then they are ready to pay 1 month of free hosting and an additional 1 month of free hosting for every 1% drop for below 99% downtime.

Amazing guys this itself seems enough to believe in their quality services.

Website Loading Speed

While checking the performance and speed of shared hosted websites, we have found tremendous positive results.

The main factor for any site for ranking top in the search engine as explained by Google itself is Website Speed.

You can optimize the images that can add the CDN or setup the caching plugins and can also try HTML, CSS, Minify plugins to your WordPress Website in general web hosting.

But if the hosting is slow means by any did it will remain slow only and that is why it is advisable to go for the best hosting like SiteGround.

I have checked the hostingFacts testing results in the last 16 months’ performance of websites that are running on SiteGround and their average loading time is approx 713 ms.

SiteGround Website Speed Test
Credit to HostingFacts

This makes SiteGround superior to any other hosting services and makes sure with a decrease of 1 second in website loading speed may increase 7% of your website traffic.

Free Essential Features

SiteGround offers a number of Free utilities which are the basic need of any website to be active online in terms of performance and security features especially SSL and CDN.

No matter which plans you opt for below-highlighted services will be available for all and with the same price which you have already paid.

  • Free SSL & HTTPS
  • Free Email Account
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • Inbuild cPanel

Above are the highlighted services default added in your every plan where Backup is a must for any website in case of any unfortunate happen with your Website.

Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will ensure to have copied your website to their local servers installed at various locations worldwide for fast loading of your website.

Free SSL is like a boon for every website users which prevents hacking or any fraudulent activities to happen on your website and provides a secure connection for anyone who is browsing.

You Can check all essential features while placing the Purchase order from SiteGround, here is a way to navigate that.

24/7 Customer Support

It is not mandatory that every content writer is a technical person and he may have some challenges while setting up a website or maybe in the future.

To support the best services to customers SiteGround is been rated among the top class hosting providing companies.

They have the best online Chat support where your query will be answered very quickly and in no time. You can even make phone calls or drop emails or can raise support request whatever you want.

But their online Chat Support is superior to others and quickest and fastest way to solve your problems very quickly.

FREE server Locations

Siteground like Namecheap hosting service also provides the user an option to chose their nearby location server.

If you are based in the USA, this will allow having your website host in the USA Based server will increase the performance of your website and improve page loading speed.

In a similar case, Siteground servers are located in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, and Singapore locations and you can choose any one of them for Free of cost.

Customer Overall Review

If you ask me then I would definitely recommend starting with SiteGround right now if you really care about your website performance and speed.

But I have browsed various nonbiased hosting reviews websites and found some amazing feedback from other people like me.

Trustpilot Rated this as an Excellent hosting based on 2315 Reviews and scored 9.5/10.

TrustPilot SiteGround Rating

HostAdvice also rated based on 2196 user reviews in 14 languages as Superb with scored 9.7/10.

HOstAdvice SiteGround ReviewsAbove all reviews are good enough to explain what type of Hosting Siteground provides and how users are satisfied with the services.

All the above are the Highlights of Pros to have to host with SiteGround, now let me more focus on Cons.

Cons of SiteGround Hosting

Like other hosting services I also tried to figure out the issues or cons with Siteground but honestly, it was not related to the product quality or services it was more with their pricing plans.

Let’s discuss one by one in detail then will focus on Shared hosting plans of Siteground.

High Rates Renewal Plan

It is the same as other hosting services where the prices will be less in their introductory packages but will shoot three times while you will renew further.

In the introductory plan, they Offer shared hosting for only  2.95£/Month which will shoot to 8.95£ /Month.

However the GrowBig plan from 4.95£/Month to 14.95£/Month which will be lot teasing you to lose your hard-earned money.

Hence the Best advice is to purchase for the long term in your first-time subscription if possible at least 24 months.

SiteSetup Charges for Trail 

It is usually not the case with other hosting services but SiteGround charges you initial site setup charges if you want to go for 1 month Trial period.

SiteGround Trial Period Charges


From Above, you can see for GrowBig plan it charges you around 15.95£ Setup Fees and 4.95£ as trail one-month fees.

Later you can go for your yearly subscription plan but this time you won’t get that deal as first time sign in user and will be charged with random renewal fees.

No Free Domain

This time every hosting provider companies are grabbing their customers by giving them a free Domain but Siteground not.

They will ask you first while signing up your account, do you have Domain Name? If yes then provide your own else they will give you the option to buy and charge you around 11.95£ /Domain.

By paying high hosting monthly subscription charges everyone is expecting to have at least one free domain at least for 1 year like Bluehost, NameCheap and HostGator provides.

But if you want to purchase hosting then buy the domain from somewhere else and link it as you have already domain.

Restrictions to Number of Visitors

As a beginner, it is obvious that you will opt for the StartUp plan because you don’t want to spend much more money.

But this Startup plan will only able to handle 10K visitors per month which means only 300 unique visitors/Day

If your website hits more than that threshold then either your website speed will go slow or maybe overloaded and you have been asked to upgrade the plan.

But it fits well for beginner and good to start at this price for best hosting experiences.

Above all are the Pros and Cons of the SiteGround Hosting Services. Finally, Let me highlight all the Shared hosting plans in a row to summarize which one you should go.

Best Pricing Plans of Siteground Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plan is the most recommended hosting plan for every website owner as it cheaper in price and almost having everything whatever a beginner or average website traffic website required.

For every medium scale website, it is advisable to start first with shared hosting and make sure you buy long duration subscription for your first time.

Siteground pricing plans offer introductory offer with close to 60% off for First Time user and their renewal prices will shoot three times later if you want to renew in a short time.

SiteGround Shared hosting Pricing Plans

StartUp Plan

StartUp plan best fit for the beginner where you can handle up to 10K visitors per month and will get all the basic features like CDN, SSL, Free Backup, etc.

It will allow hosting of only a single website with 10 GB space with unmetered data transfer speed.

This SiteGround Pricing plan costs only 2.95 £ per Month in an introductory offer instead of 8.95£/Month.

If willing to start can signup From here by paying just 2.95 £ per Month.

GrowBig Plan (Most Recommended)

If your plan is to have multiple websites in the future or willing to migrate existing websites on the SiteGround which may require more space than go for GrowBig plan.

It also provides all the best features like Startup Plan but this time you can host more than 1 website or unlimited websites on the single hosting plan.Web Hosting

It can handle monthly visitors up to 25K and will have 30 GB web space for storing all files and data which is quite enough.

Even for Beginners, it is always recommended plan where even in the future your website gets to take off this plan will be easy to handle and you won’t need to upgrade immediately to higher.

GrowBig SiteGround Pricing Plan will cost 4.95£ Per month in the Introductory offer instead of 14.95£/Month.

If willing to start can signup From here by paying just 14.95 £ per Month.

GoGeek Plan

This is something which is not suits for the beginner but for those who are already running websites and getting traffic up to 100K per month.

Here you will get all essentials features with some premium features like priority support, free backup on demand and many more.

GoGeek SiteGround Pricing Plan will cost 8.95£ Per month in the Introductory offer instead of 24.95£/Month.

If willing to start can signup From here by paying just 24.95 £ per Month.

My Suggestions with Siteground

The success of any WordPress owned website will totally depend on the performance and page loading speed.

No matter how much first-class content you have on your website if your website is loading very slowly which in result user will bounce back.

Siteground has proven record in the past and still growing further and most recommended hosting to date.

Yes, Siteground Pricing plans are a bit expensive as compared to others but it is good saying that always best deserves some more.

I recommend going for GrowBig Plan even for the beginner if you are planning to have a WordPress website with monetization on.

I personally Recommend SiteGround to have your hosting, if you really want a fast loading high speed shared hosting.

Bluehost is another best Hosting which provides 65% Off for the first time user and also WordPress. recommended hosting service, check detail review here.

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