Social Bookmarking sites list For Free Seo : Top 11 Best of My Choice

Social media is the future of digital marketing but how? Check This guide but you know the social bookmarking sites can help you make strong Seo for your website, Blog or any live content on the Internet.

If you are expecting to drive in traffic to your blog then I must say social bookmarking sites are the best place to help you on that.

Here is one detail guide, which could explain to you more about how to write your first blog post for SEO friendly and easy to rank post.

None of your content on the internet will organically grow unless you make them visible to readers and push search engine some social signal that yes people are liking your post.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites List

This time we all aware about backlinks which help your content to grow organically and most of the times we talk about DoFollow Backlinks.

But Search engine takes the number of factors to up rank your post on the internet and one of them is the social bookmarking sites.

If you are a beginner to start your blogging or willing to start any business then here in this guide I am about to disclose around 11 Top Social bookmarking sites which are quite useful to drive in traffic to your website.

Before we move to those social bookmarking sites list, let me share you what is social bookmarking sites.

What is Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites are those places where millions and billions of people are hanging around in a day.

Yes these are well known as Social media platform, I know many of you are aware of social media, but you know this can be a major source of your website traffic.


If you have your own content, it may be a blog post, or product review, YouTube Video or affiliate products, everything you can share with any of such social media platform.

People who are surfing on social media daily basis will come in touch with your shared content and will click and drive into your own website.

Yes, sharing of your content on social media will automatically bookmark means tagged on the social media platform.

In return, you will get NoFollow backlinks but imagine if your shared content got a lot much engagement then you can not imagine how much traffic you can make with a single share.

Second importance is the social signal for a search engine like Google, it will be in their notice that, yes people are liking your content and it is worth to up rank in SERP.

Hence, in summary, social bookmarking sites are the same social media platform which will help you to get social signals.

But we all know there are lot many platforms outside and to have your content on all will be time-consuming.

So here in this guide, I am going to share your Top 10 best Social bookmarking sites list which is worth sharing your content.

And top listed below sites are among the popular choice of people.

11 List of Social Bookmarking Sites

There are various ways to promote your website and get social signals. Here I will list 11 top most platforms.

Make sure to have your active account based on the niche selection, not every platform works for every niche of the website.

So do your research first and decide which one is best for yours as to be active on every platform is not possible for everyone all the times.

Let’s start one by one and try to highlights what all are those.

1 Facebook

Facebook Social bookmarking sites

Facebook has around 2000+ millions of active user worldwide. This is at the top of any other social media where billions of posts shared on a daily basis.

After publishing post make sure to share your post on Facebook pages, groups or timelines.

Make sure to pitch your post in the right group which has a relevant audience for your content.

If you will target the right audience then can generate thousands of engagement.

Create your own Facebook page and ask readers to like that page will auto send them notification while you share the new post on that page.

Obviously, backlinks will be No follow backlinks but social engagement can give a positive signal to the search engine to rank your page.

2 Twitter


Currently, Twitter has around 336 millions of active user worldwide and the most popular platform among the professionals.

Every business, no matter small or big is having its official Twitter page because it is fast and easy to share the latest updates.

While you share your post on Twitter, people can like, comment and retweet your post, if they love this.

You can tag your tweet post to any trending topic (Identity by #), any group (Identity by @) or any individual (Identity by @).

Find out the right group and tag over there, this gives an additional signal to search engine.

3 Pinterest


Pinterest has around 200 million active users worldwide and this is the popular choice for female.

Yes if you have right content, products or service dedicated to female then Pinterest is among the popular choice of lot many people.

Around 80% of the audience is female only and I feel that this is the right place to start affiliate marketing.

Pinterest allows you to create pins for your post which you can pin to your board in profile with link redirect to your website or product review page.

You can join Pinterest Group board this is the same as facebook groups, where thousands of people have joined for the same interest.

Yes, this is proved that Pinterest is the most attractive platform hence engagement from Pinterest is Insane.

4 Reddit


Reddit has around 330 millions of active user worldwide and another big platform to find out ideas and most trending queries.

Usually, every content writer land first on Reddit to find most search query and draft solution around it.

That means Reddit is among the popular platform where people discuss almost all the topics.

Reddit will allow you to submit your post link, YouTube Videos and you can start a fresh new conversation.

Reddit also has the number of groups same as other social media platform you can join them try to reply to people query.

To Appreciate once replied answer, the reader will click to Upvote button, more UpVotes means more trustworthy answer and will increase share and engagement.

Ultimately more user experience will create positive social signals for the search engine.

5 Flipboard

Flipboard Social bookmarking sites

Flipboard is a smart magazine which is the replacement of traditional magazine. It personalizes your view based on interest.

Here you can share tweeter Post, YouTube Videos and Blog Post.

What it offers to the user is a customize window, while they sign up it allows them to chose an interest and based on those interests content will be visible.

The user can flip post on left, right up and down, it is among the most popular social media platform.

So create your own Magazine and grab user attention to your post.

6 Instapaper

This time people read content online but what if you offer them to get same content offline.

Yes, this is possible through Instapaper. It allows sharing the article, songs, video, post at commonplace.

If you like any content you can make them save to browser later without internet.

Yes, once again good signal for social media that people are downloading your content because of quality info and ultimately offer you high ranking and positive social signal.

7 StumbleUpon


It is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites which has a variety of content on various topics shared on daily basis.

The interesting thing about StumbleUpon is to search for your interesting content and it automatically suggests the same for new to watch and read.

Hence you ended up your watching journey pleasantly.

You can share any type of content and customize your profile for the special interest and you can follow people, group same as other social media.

If your shared content is specific to any niche then it will be visible to all interested people in that group.

Again good social signal which indirectly increases your search engine ranking.

8 Dribble


This is a special platform for the designer if you have a website for which you need a target audience which is interested in designing then go for Dribble.

Here people from various industries submit their designing ideas, check out Dribble you will get inspirational designing ideas.

It is also among the top social bookmarking sites list and easy to get the social signal for designing related posts.

9 Pocket


The pocket is another popular Social bookmarking site which comes with a mobile app call Pocket stuff.

You can share your own content on Pocket, where people can find content based on interest.

It is brought with a vision that if something is in the pocket that means easy to access anytime anywhere, hence this allows you to access content offline.

Offline sources can help you to get more traffic and social shares.

10 Digg

Digg is another most famous social bookmarking site which features user-submitted news stories.

There are few sections like Top News which features most trending stories and it is organized based on categories such as technology, the business where a user can share news, video, article, post etc.

Digg was launched in the year 2004 and now this is among the top 100 most traffic

Try this as this is among the popular choice of social bookmarking sites.

11-We Hear It

We hear It is another image based best social bookmarking sites. It is a place for inspiration and allows you to share your interests images.

It allows the user to access the site through the web browser and mobile App.

If your content or post or article is all about images gallery, photography and any such then keep posting on We Heart It.

It gives you space to upload images, GIF, Videos, it now started with post or article submission.

The more you submit the more traffic you will gain.

Brief of Social Bookmarking Sites List

All the above listed are top social bookmarking sites and among the popular choice of millions of people.

If you will search for 1000 social bookmarking sites then that is not worth taking,it is always better to find one which best suits your niche and start pitching them only.

Almost all the social sites I have explained above are among the high PR social bookmarking sites.

If you search for doFollow social bookmarking sites, then I must say every social media platform will give you NoFollow backlinks only.

This is the end of guide let me share your experience with any of the above-listed sites, are they helping you to drive in traffic?

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