Social networking sites :future of digital marketing (2019)

Social Networking Sites

In this digital media of world ,if you are looking for new ideas to expand your business, then i would suggest you to head over to Social media marketing strategy.

Social Networking sites

Latest survey stats around 2.46 billion people worldwide using social media.Social Networking sites will give you door to door approach to your targeted audience.

Do not confine yourself and head over to digital marketing using social networking sites.

In this article, you will get an idea how social networking sites could help you to grow your business and which platform will be best to promote for digital marketing.

Keep reading this post and relate around yours.Social networking sites currently being a part of crucial digital world and 21st century is turning point for modern cutting edge technology.

It may awesome to know that digital marketing is known as Online marketing in USA and same is well known as web marketing in Italy.

Big Social Networking Sites

If you use digital media, then it is obvious that you are in connect to one of digital media which is very popular call Facebook and if you face any problem then definitely you head over to YouTube for video details.

Is it not amazing source of information , i think yes.Share me your opinion in comment box.

To brief overview about social networking sites, it is a worldwide community which is connected to each other through digital media such as shown above top 10 platform.

Two biggest platform for which we are going to discuss are the most well known brand and will quickly review each platform and how those are revolutionary platform.

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube


It was started back in year 2004 and currently till third quarter of 2018 around 2.27 billion active users reported by Facebook which seems a huge community.


Digital media earlier was more focused on TV advertisement but due to day by day enhancement in technology and taste of people it moved out from television to social media such as Facebook.

To target your audience you have to run Facebook adds and narrow your target audiences using google keyword planner.

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If you have opened one website to sell your product then connect website to Facebook pixel so Facebook will collect all data of audience visiting your website then run advertisement using Facebook Ads Manager on collective data, so user will get your product view on his Facebook profile and its good saying 

If you show something to someone again and again then approx 30-40% people will definitely buy your product.


YouTube well know and very attractive platform to do digital marketing,you know if you show someone by making video then it will impact more on user instead of pictorial representation.


That’s why i would suggest YouTube far better than Facebook for digital marketing purpose.It was acquired by google in year 2010 and latest stats reveal that around 6 billion hour watch time of YouTube in a day make it powerful source to reach audiences. 

To advertise on YouTube ,you have to register yourself  with google Adword and run your add to targeted keyword.

Your audiences will get reference of your product or go for specific channel and sponsor to its channel for one or two video i am sure result will be amazing.

Advantage of Social Media Marketing

I would love to share below points for advantage

  1. You will get door to door approach for your customers.
  2. Scope of your advertisement will not limited to area,region or country.
  3. You could approach to targeted audiences,so response will be huge.
  4.  Can analyse product review for specific location.
  5. Social networking sites is hidden gold of future marketing strategy.

Summary and My Opinion

Digital marketing is future of business and social networking sites could play a vital role in bringing worldwide community to common place.

Why don’t you use this platform which has wide range of approach and best part is you have a choice to reach out your targeted audience.You should try this to turn your marketing strategy. 

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Social networking sites :future of digital marketing (2019)

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