Speechelo Review 2021: Best Voiceover With 30 Human Sounding Voices.

If you have tried different voiceover software and not satisfied then I am pretty much sure Speechelo will be the perfect choice for you.

If you are a digital marketer who is willing to make Video Ads, or a freelancer offering Voiceover services, or a YouTuber willing to make faceless videos.

In all the cases you need voiceover software and here Speechelo is a new generation of breathtaking software.

Where 98% of the total people hearing their voices can’t tell it’s not a real human voice.

Seriously, I am not jocking listen this demo.

It works perfectly in English and 23 other languages with Male & Female and kids voice.

If you want more live experience to hear more than 30 Demos then visit their official home page.

If you are impressed with what Speechelo is offering then let me detail what are the Pros, Cons, Pricing and features offered by the Speechelo.

What Is Speechelo and How to Use It?

Speechelo is a powerful text-to-speech convert software that has an amazing human voice collection.

This software uses only 3 steps to create any Voiceover for your defined script.

what is speechelo and how to use it

#1: Just paste your text inside the Speechelo editor and its A.I. will add the punctuations wherever possible.

#2: Speechelo offers 30 Voices to select from, so you can select and preview the same also can add breathing sounds, longer pause as well tone of the speech.

#3: In less than 10 seconds, you can hear your voiceover generated and see if you like the same then download it else try a different voiceover.

That’s how simple Speechelo is.Just simple 3 clicks and you have your best Voiceover.

Who Is The Creator Of Speechelo?

Stoica Mihai is the creator and CEO of Speechelo and 14 other unique software.

That helps people to optimize their business and grow it as fast as they can.

He is working for more than 13 years in this field that’s why he knows what is need of people and how he can solve it.

That’s why he created Speechelo because he knows. That the beginners YouTubers hesitate while recording their voice at the starting stage.

He wants to support their YouTube channel to grow fast within 3 months.

Overall, the other software he has created impacts most of every entrepreneur’s life.

Whether they are influencers, YouTubers, or digital marketers.

That’s why Speechelo is designed to create the best human voice-generated AI software.

Speechelo Pros & Cons

If you understand the online world then you know everything has its pros and cons.

That’s why Speechelo also has its fair share of cons that you need to know. But first, let’s take a look at Speechelo’s pros.


  • Very Easy To Use Platform: Literally Speechelo can easy to navigate the dashboard where you will find all the necessary stuff. That is important to create a masterpiece voice. All you need to just paste the script then its AI automatically corrects the punctuation. So that you can get a better result.
  • Several Languages & Pitch: Whether you belong to UK, Saudi Aarab, or any other place. You are free to use any language in your YouTube video. Also, its pitch will help you find a better voice for your video. They have several voices some of them are free and some need to pay extra.
  • Coding Is Not Required: Whether you belong to any coding field or not. If you don’t know anything about coding still you can easily use Speechelo. Because you don’t need to paste any single line of code.
  • Human Voice: As you know this is not a human voice at all. But still, the this is best in the market.


  • Not Human: Its sounds like looking more realistic but somewhere your audience may know the truth behind it. Because I observe that its all the sound are robotic. This is the downside.

Do you know Speechelo is legit or not? If no then let’s check this out!.

Is Speechelo Legit Or Scam?

Investing your time and money into the new software is always doubtful.

That’s why checking out is Speechelo legit or another scam is really a good idea.

Speechelo is claiming that this is the most trusted and genuine brand ever.

But after reading several website reviews and honest customer reviews on their official sales page and other places.

Also using Speechelo myself I didn’t find anything wrong with it.

Speechelo is Legit and works very well to provide better voices for your YouTube video.

This is obviously worth trying voiceover software for self-experience to decide yourself.

But do you know how much it will cost you?

Speechelo Pricing ,Bonuses and Upsells.

Are you a beginner? If yes, then how much you can pay for this software?

I know the lower the better. Stocia knows this problem that’s why he only charging $47 for one-time payments only.

Speechelo  Pricing upgrade and bonuses

Isn’t Good!! I think yes. You can use Speechelo for a lifetime when you needed.

But Speechelo also providing some extra features in its Pro plan. Do you want to see what is included in the pro plan? Then let’s start.

  • Benefit 1: In the standard plan you can only use only 30 voices but if you purchase the pro plan. Then you can use around 60+ voices at once.
  • Benefit 2: Generally, we use a minimum of 2000 characters but in the standard license you can only convert 700 characters. That’s why for the rest you need to paste again and again and then you need to combine them. But in the pro plan, you will get a limit to paste around 3500+ characters.
  • Benefit 3: Do you need any copyright-free soundtrack for your YouTube video? Then you will get 40 mesmerizing different types of soundtracks in the pro plan.
  • Benefit 4: If you have produced a ton of voices for your business and want to make some side income. Then in the pro plan, you will also get a commercial license. So that can provide a voice-over service to your client.

So now you have understood what you will get in Speechelo standard and pro plan. How much Speechelo Pro plan cost? So this is about $47 extra quarterly.

Now, let’s move onto the OTOs of Speechelo.

Are you facing problems while writing good copywriting scripts for your videos and other things?

This is the fact writing an amazing script that converts, needs years of experience and insane focus.

But if you are a beginner I am pretty sure you can’t write that script.

Wait, are you planning to hire someone to write a script for you? Then this may cost you more and I am 100% sure you will also not satisfy with the result.

That’s why in Speechelo OTO you will get Scriptelo that is created by Stoica and his team.

All you need to give some answers to them and it’s an amazing AI to create a script for you that you can simply use in your videos.

But how much you need to pay for Scriptelo? Don’t worry it is not so expensive that you can’t pay.

This also comes in $47 for one time. It looks pretty awesome ha!. I know that.

What is Include In Speechelo

As you know Speechelo is not big and hard to understand software. It has only a few things that are really required for any individual.

So let’s check what you will get in Speechelo:

  • It has 40+ language support and multiple accents.
  • No matter you need to use any man’s voice in your video. Speechelo provides both pitches; man and woman you can use any of them.
  • The entire rendering process takes only a few minutes that will save lots of your time.
  • Speechelo costs only one time and for the rest of your life, you can use it.

How simple ha!!. That’s right. But how much you can make money from Speechelo? Tricky quest, let’s find the answer.

How Can You Make Money From Speechelo

Have you planned to make money from Speechelo? But what are ways to make money online from it?

Don’t worry there are several ways so let’s check one by one.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Offer Freelancing voiceover service.
  3. Ad revenue from YouTube
  4. Selling ebooks on YouTube
  5. Sell merchandise products
  6. Convert your blog into an Audio guide.

These are some of the major ways to make money from with the help of Speechelo.

But these are not the only ones you can research by yourself and find the best way to make money from YouTube and use Speechelo for this.

Well, if you are making a purchase of Speechelo and wanted to use this only for your own YouTube channel then below are few SEO tips.

How To Rank Video In The First Position On YouTube & Google

At the starting stage, this is literally very difficult to rank your video in more than thousands of results.

That’s why getting exposure and attraction to the audience is quite difficult.

Do you know what things are required to rank your video in the #1 posting on YouTube search on your target keyword?

That’s why you need to use Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) and Thumbnail Blaster.

Video marketing blaster by Speechelo

Video Marketing Blaster is the best video SEO software out there that will help you to find low competitive keywords to use in the title, description, keywords, and tags.

This is not the only one its AI can easily create a well-written title and short description for your YouTube video.

That will really boost the ranking. Guess what!, VMB also created by Stocia the founder of Speechelo. So that you can easily trust it.

In addition, to increase the more engagement for your video, you can use the YouTube Thumbnail blaster that will create the best Thumbnail for your video.

You will have best editor to edit or change the images but will have many colelction based on the existing ranking videos on YouTube.

Thumbnail blaster with Speechelo to create engaging thumbnails

What Is My Thought On Speechelo Review

Speechelo is among the most popular highly appreciated voiceover software.

People can literally convert their script into a human-looking voice. Now, I also thought to use it in other things.

I am trying to cash out expanding the use cases of Speechelo in near days.

This can minimize your overall marketing cost and reduce dependency on a freelancing platform to hire someone to does the same job.

Also, its price is not quite expensive to buy and if you purchase the pro plan.

Then you can easily cover the amount within a single month by selling your voice-over services.

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