Earn money online at home :Power of Digital Media

Best Way to earn money online

Many of you are searching on google to find out ways to earn money online and went into wrong direction.But yes this article will guide you a lot to understand what you have to follow to earn money online at home.This article will roam around three category of people and option for three of them.

Earn money online at home :Power of Digital Media

If you are working in 9-6 job or a student who thriving for pocket money ,then definitely you are looking for an alternative to get extra money at home and do research on different platform and ultimately adopt either non performing way or something which doesn’t suits you.

This three ways doesn’t require any qualification only your skill matters.Let’s begin journey of earn money at home.

Let’s first give you an idea that, here we are going to discuss three kind of people.

Category of people

Good Communication skill 

These kind of people are having good communication skill and can present their views in front of people.

Good writing skill

If you are passionate about writing and can share your view by writing something great to people.

Business Ideas and Process driven skill

If you are not having  good  communication skill and good writing skill but if you can drive a process then you have third option to adopt.

I am sure that you will definitely fall in one of above category.

Three ways to earn money online

Guy’s lets  head-over to those three platform and will discuss each of them individually.


I am sure many of you have heard about YouTube channel, yes guys, if you have good communication skill then you should definitely start with YouTube.

Youtube Online Earning

Yes it’s slowly earning process but once you reach to right level then you and your business will become an identity and YouTube is a Google product.

so,if you approve your YouTube channel with Google Ad-sense then you will get adverts ads on your video and your earning started.


This is for second category of people, who has good writing skill.Yes, if you know how to research keyword on which i have already written an article-Keyword research, then you can get more and more traffic to your blog using SEO tactics.

Blog Online Earning

To start blogging career you have two best option one go with WordPress or with Blogger and approve both platform with ad-sense and you will start earn money online.

Drop Shipping Business

If you can not write good article or can  not express yourself then third category is for rest of people.In this business you have to setup an online shop and do publicity of your shop and sell your product which you have imported form a retail online store like Ali Express. How to drive this process and how you could earn money online i have already written complete process detail in article –Drop-Shipping.

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Shopify Drop shipping

Above mentioned are the only three best platform ,which i found genuine and fully approved ad sense account can make you $1000 on per day basis.But none of them is simple ad easy every platform require great efforts.

My Opinion and Summary

I am sure you are well fit in one of the platform.Guys do not opt for other platform which might have short term income but to run your online business for long time then i would suggest you to choose one of the above.

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