7 Types of Websites In Demand That Makes you Milionaire

The most frequent questions in which people ask me “what Types of websites I should make to make money online ” and it is far obvious that early planning you do the more money you can make.

I have gone through the different online money making ways and learned a lot in various ways on types of websites which really make insane money if you make strategy specifically.

If you are a beginner and in your earlier planning phase then you are at the right place to learn the basics of earning websites and what makes them convert traffic into money.

Before moving forward please be clear about one point the more traffic you can drive to your website the more passive income or money you can make.

But even with minimum traffic, few websites can make huge money as compared to the high traffic why? Because either they have general types of website or niche-specific.

Let’s deep dive into each one of them and try to get which one could be the winning shot for you as a beginner or maybe an already website owner.

Niche vs General Types of websites

Websites are categories into two types the one which provides you multiple details under a common domain name are known as a general website

Which has all combinations of various categories such as technology, entertainment, sci-fi, etc where you can publish any type of contents.

Few websites have some limited categories which are known as a general blog however the others are having everything which is usually news websites.

However, niche websites are focused on only one category such as technology, there will no content published for entertainment or any other categories.

A niche website can be subcategorized into sub-niches such as only mobile technology which has its specific and targeted audiences.

I hope you got an idea about the differences between Niche vs General website. Let’s deep dive into types of websites that can really make you money.

Types of Websites And Way Of Making Money

You got an idea of basic types of websites but using those strategies you can have below types of websites that can turn your visitors or traffic into the money.

We will highlight all the possible ways from each website type on the money generation process and how much traffic potential that the website has.

Here we go and make sure to learn each one of them.

Blogging Website – Write General Content

Blogging was an earlier source of sharing the journey and idea of the experience of success and learning but now it became the most popular source of income.

Blogging websites can be started without investment using Blogger and with small or little investment using WordPress, if you are unaware of differences then probably you should go through Blogger vs WordPress.Blogging Website

While having a blogging website the key factor which makes you successful is your content as in blog you are sharing or explaining people about certain topics which means that require a detail explanation.

If you can create some exclusive guide on a certain topic then it has likely higher chances of success and top ranking in search engine and this is called search engine optimization.

Big business uses a blogging site with its business website to guide customers on their product and services which means blog and website both are different things, make sure you learn the differences in between Blog vs Website.

Having a blogging site you can monetize it in different ways.

  • You can write a sponsored product reviews.
  • You can sell other affiliate products and on-sell make heavy commissions.
  • Can Monetize blog with Ad network such as Adsense,Sovern,Media.net.
  • For niche-specific blog can sell website space for any company-specific product promotion.
  • Can sell your own products such as podcasts, online courses, E-book, etc.
  • You can charge people for a guest post or backlinks on your site.

Above are the main ways to monetize your website and here are a lot of others. Once you have your own blog you will get an idea on that.

Blogging can be the best option for travelers, food & recipes, fashion and how-to content as it has large audiences around the globe.

The best part with blogging is you can get traffic from all around the world which breaks boundaries of success.

If you are willing to start a blog make sure to learn how to start a successful blog in detail but the choice is yours you want to start with Niche blog or general blog.

Google Adsense Website

Google Adsense is an ad network provided by Google through Google Adwords. Website owners like you and I can apply for Google Adsense and if you follow these 5 Adsense Tips you can get approval quickly.

Every website approved with Google Adsense is eligible to place Adsense ads on their website like as explained in this guide of how to place Adsense Ads.

Google Adsense Website


Every ad displayed on the website can make you money through two ways either with the Ads impressions or with Ad clicks, to learn more on Adsense earning here is all you have to learn

How much money you can make through Adsense will totally depend on traffic driving on your website, the more traffic you drive the more money you can make.

Adsense Ads you can place with your blogging websites or can create a utility tool website such as free photo editor, online file compress website or free social media thumbnail creator or any financial calculator website.

Here is how it works and you can make money.

  • We already learned Adsense with blogging so just place the ads to the right places on your blog post so once user will visit, site impression and in some cases clicks to Ads will make you money.
  • Let’s have a free photo editor website and around that tool on the same page, you can place the Ad code of the google Adsense where if the user likes those ads may click else for the impression you will make money.

The earning from Adsense will depend on country-specific traffic if you have traffic from countries like the USA, UK, CA which as high Cost per click (CPC) and Revenue per mile impressions (RPM).

This means you can make more money with low traffic and from these countries, you can have around 3-5 $/1000 Pageviews so imagine if you can get 100K page views per day.

Google Adsense is not an only Ad network but there are other alternatives to Adsense which can also help you to double your earning with the same traffic.

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is a way of making passive income by promoting other products. Many companies for their product’s promotions run some affiliate associate programs.

The very famous affiliate website is Amazon affiliate where you can give a review of Amazon products on your website and can link anchor text of a keyword in your website which refers to the same product on amazon.Affiliate Website

Once the visitors click to that link after or during the review of the products will directly navigate to the Amazon shopping site.

The best part with Amazon is no matter for which product review guide your visitor clicks and navigated to Amazon, in the next 24 hours if he bought any products from Amazon you will get a commission in between 4-8%.

To have an Affiliate Website make sure your website must be niche specific where if it belongs to fashion than you can write a review and link products to the clothing and lifestyle accessories products of Amazon etc.

Ways of money-making through affiliate Site

  • If your website is related to how to create website products then you can sell affiliate products such as Hosting, Theme, domain, etc.
  • For any niche, you will get products from Amazon hence link and promote them on your website for maximum earning.
  • You can join any new product affiliate associate program and can promote their products on your websites.

Earning from the affiliate website has no limitations the main factor which makes you successful is targeted audiences hence affiliate website only get success if your site is niche-specific.

Amazon is not the only way of making affiliate income there are plenty of others such as CJ Affiliate Network which has a collection of 1000+  different products and services.

How to sign up with CJ Affiliate and how Affiliate Marketing works with CJ to learn more make sure you go through the CJ Affiliate Beginner Guide.

You can be a millionaire from an affiliate website as few companies like Bluehost or Hostgator like hosting provider companies gives you 65$/Sell.

Imagine if you can make 100 sales a day how much money every month you can welcome in your pocket.

Lead Generation Website

If you have heard about Facebook marketing and  Google Adword campaign the two most popular platform to get leads for specific sell.

Imagine if you want to sell any financial services such as insurance then you can go to Facebook and create your own Facebook page.Lead Generation Website

Then you can create a Facebook Ad campaign which cost you based on the number of clicks you will get on your Ads.

Sometimes even a single click can cost you 1-3 $ or more depends on types or product services lead you are a willing and similar case with Google Adwords.

But this lead generation is quite expensive and maybe the amount of money you are spending can not give you expected results.

Hence there are various companies paying huge amounts of money if you can give them specific leads which they are expecting. Especially having a banking and finance website you can get more money by selling those leads.

You should have that niche-specific website that has high demands of lead such as Microsoft products, banking products, etc and you can ask the user to provide below details in case they are interested.

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

How you can make money from the Lead generation website

  • If the site is related to Banking and Finance then if you got interested user then you can sell those lead to any banking institute.
  • If site related to Microsoft or any company-specific products you can sell the lead to third party same products selling companies.
  • You can collect a bunch of emails and can sell the same to the different companies which belong to the same industries.

You can’t even imagine for finance, your lead can be sold for 25$/Lead however in general if you bid right then even for any low profile small niche you can have 1$/lead.

Imagine if you can have 50 leads per day how much money you can make from that. This can be easily done by setting up a niche website.

Once the user landed on the website either popup a contact form or display the same page on one of the Contact us page categories.

DropShipping Website

Dropshipping is a business in which you are selling other company products directly on your website and through the legal process, how? Must read Is Dropshipping Legal Guide.

This model works in a way that you can get a product from the other retailer at low price and can sell the same products on your site with a higher price rate as compared to the cost price you bought.DropShipping Website

It is similar to the eCommerce site but here the interesting thing is you won’t have to pay any single penny for the inventory of products.

Yes, the business works in a way where you own your own website which has a list of products displayed and if you got any buy order on your website you will route that to the actual seller.

The actual seller will ship that package to the buyer and you will make a commission out of it and this is a legal business but the profit depends on margin you are setting up on your website.

How this Dropshipping website makes money.

  • Here you can sell your own products if you have any which will be like your own eCommerce website.
  • You can start your website with Shopify(eCommerce platform) and using Oberlo Extention (Plugin) can link the products of AliExpress with your website so just import and sell them.
  • You can set product price by own so can create the margin of 5-10$ for small products and 50-100$ for big-ticket products

The best part to start a dropshipping business with AliExpress is having a Shopify online store where Shopify is a platform that helps you to set up an online store easily without a headache.

Every product inventory will be updated automatically on our website as the actual inventory with real seller changes using Oberlo Extention.

DropShipping business is the insane way of making millions of dollars per day and widely famous in the USA where 1$ products are sold for 10-20$.

It is a model where you are matching potential customers with the right products where the front face is your dropshipping website but the actual seller is the only one which you know.

I know that you can not start Amazon’s kind of eCommerce business right now but you can start with  Dropshipping, here is the ultimate guide on How to Start Dropshipping business and make money online.

Coupon Code Website

These days it becomes a trend to buy things online and you definitely did this. But every time before placing purchase order you definitely searched about coupon code if there is any.

This means almost 80% of every buy order is parallel searched for the coupon code so why can’t you grab that opportunity by having a site which can give them the latest offer or coupon code if there is any.

This is very easy to set up but a bit difficult to manage as every month you have to update with coupon code and if there is any promotional offer sale is going on.

You can take an example from Groupons.com and Coupons.com etc.

Well, Above 6 are the most famous types of websites you can have if you are really willing to make money online as a beginner.

But in addition to this, there is one more which you can start if you are an expert in your business and willing to sell intellectual property.

Online Tutorial Website

This could be the best way if you are a tutor or already having a company that is dealing with others to help and grow their business by teaching new things.

We have seen multiple people selling their online services related to search engine optimization and digital marketing.Online Tutorial types of websites

They use either way such as uploading their courses on YouTube or on any Tutorial platform like Udemy.

But earning through that will be very minimum as youtube pay per advertisement displayed on your video however Udemy for each sell take 50% of their cut.

This means ultimately you are losing 50% of your overall revenue then why not have your own website.

The website where you can link your blog with one more category which has a list of your online courses here every blog directly routing your reader to the online course module.

Where through directly sell on your website you can make million-dollar and the best part is you won’t have to share that revenue with anyone.

To sell your courses, you need some promotion so can take help of YouTube or social media platform or Google advertisement.

People call such a site as an authoritative niche website where you are more focused on building a brand of your own identity and selling your own skill.

My View on Best Types of the website 

There are thousands of ways on making money online but the above listed seven types of websites are really amazing and almost every website owner willing to start with one or many out of them.

Except for the online tutorial or podcasting website every other type of website is possible for a beginner and can become millionnaire if you follow the right strategy at the right time.

The most important factor you should focus on is on organic traffic from Google the world’s best search engine.

Here are a few tips on how to drive traffic to your website from Google, it takes time as you need some authority of the website to rank using Backlinks and a few other strategies.

Let me know which types of websites you love the best and when you are planning to start so it could help our reader to gear up their own thought.

7 Types of Websites In Demand That Makes you Milionaire

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