Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit Must Know Before Joining

To become successful in online digital marketing, two things are very critical one is to be a part of an active and engaging community that helps you throughout your journey and the other is a platform that avails the best of the industry infrastructure.

Both of these is been offered by the Wealthy Affiliate program and it is what they are claiming and the good thing is I have tested this myself so I could be the right person to tell you what this is all about.

The best part is wealthy affiliate program is a freemium platform where you can also get access for 100% free without any credit or debit card details.

So at first, I would suggest you sign up and get your free account then follow this guide to understand this in detail.

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Do you know, how many active members Wealthy affiliate has?

If not then, it is more than 1.6 million a very huge community, so it will be pretty much interesting for you to understand is wealthy affiliates a scam or legit platform?

What is a Wealthy Affiliate and who should join?

Wealthy affiliate is an old affiliate network that was started back in the year 2005 by two individuals Kyle and Carson.

Since then it became not a wealthy affiliate program but at the moment it is a wealthy healthy affiliate program…yes you will get to know it later in this guide.

Wealthy affiliate is designed for affiliate marketers of all levels to learn earn and grow.

No matter you are just a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer, you always need to learn the new strategies on what working and whatnot.

Their wealthy affiliate program comes into the picture, with its active 1.6 million community you can connect and get a response within a fraction of minutes and that is so powerful.

Wealthy affiliates offer the in-house facility to set up your first affiliate blog after complete basic training. You will get free hosting, domain, theme, and On-page SEO for your site.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit Must Know Before Joining

They have around 750+ pieces of training or classes from the industry experts every year to get you massive value on how to grow your business or make your first affiliate income.

If I summarise, then it is a complete bundle of the in-house platforms there you should be able to set up your website in WordPress and parallel attending the classes can get the required knowledge.

Also connecting with the community can get answers to any sort of queries.

So I am pretty much sure, that you got an overview of what is a wealthy affiliate program and how it works but I will deep dive and break down each feature to get you more ideas on its major functioning, so keep reading?

Wealthy Affiliate Features and how does it work?

Wealthy affiliate has certain categories to look into but it has mainly three areas one is to set up your website and other is to join special training or classes and the last is to get online community support.

The beginning is just to create your free account by simply clicking on the given Sign Up link and you will be landing on this page. Just provide an email ID and get started.

how to Create wealthy affilaite account


Well, as soon as you finished with your sign-up, inside your dashboard which has the option to upgrade your account and you are allowed to scroll here and there without any restriction.

wealthy affiliate free account

We will talk about upgrades later when we will compare the free vs paid pricing plans of the Wealthy affiliate but for now, you have a chance to grab the special deal within 7 days of your sign-up.

But in the top of the page, you will be having three option which is more useful for you. Home is the dashboard where you should be able to see your profile and many more things.

#1: Wealthy affiliate training

Training is the area that has been categorized into various levels, where you will be trained step by step how to start your very first blog which includes the below topics.

  • What is a blog?
  • How to set up your first blog inside the wealthy affiliate program.
  • What is hosting and domain?
  • Niche research.
  • keyword research.
  • How to write content?
  • How to publish content that is SEO optimized.

So by the end of Level 1 certification which is 100% Free, you should be able to start your first blog and that will be live on WordPress and anyone can access it from the internet.

But if you don’t want to start a blog then they have an Affiliate Bootcamp training program, which is also 100% free.

There you will learn how to promote a wealthy affiliate program to make money, so true learning if you want to become pure affiliate marketers.

Wealthy affiliate training program

But you can see, if you want to scale your earnings then probably you can go with Level 2 and above training and that will give you the best learning on how all digital marketing should be.

But that will be a part of the premium plan of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

#2: Free WordPress Website :

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you need a website where your should land and that could be a simple landing page or a fully functioning blog.

For that you need hosting, domain, theme and a CMS like WordPress and the good news is under the Website area you will be having a complete option with 100% free access.

So you should be able to set up your WordPress website within a fraction of minutes and it’s amazing. Even if you hold a free account you should be able to create 1 free website.

Your site will be SEO optimized, you can check the site health and get free SSL and much more so no need to buy separate web hosting.

wealthy affilaite website builder

The best part is even for a free account, you will get a free subdomain which you can use for your marketing purpose.

You can write as much content as you want and they take care of Google page speed, SEO, and many other things to make sure your site is among the industry’s best-experiencing sites.

 #3: Best Premium Classes for Affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing is nothing without experimenting and in that way, you either lose money or time or many be both so the only savior is proper training by the industry experts.

Hence the main area of focus within wealthy affiliates is its super-premium classes but that access is only for the premium members.

They are having 750+ classes every year from the people who actually implemented these strategies and got the best results. Even those training will be live and also recorded ,so you should be able to access them any time.

wealthy affilaite classes

In the above screenshot, you can see the number of classes available from the industry experts and they keep sharing their strategies no matter you have a YouTube channel or running a PPC ad campaign, or just writing a blog.

There will be a tone of information you can get inside the wealthy affiliate program and you can rid off of buying the expensive courses in the market online.

Isn’t it amazing and you should also be able to see what is the next scheduled classes and which one is relevant to you.

#4: Online Chat Support and Active Community

If I would say somebody will solve your technical problem then probably you would not be happy but I say somebody will help you to make income and you can ask anything to anyone then I must say this is what you are looking for.

And for the same reason, a Wealthy affiliate not only has its online 24*7 chat support but over 1.6 million affiliate marketers online every time to help each other.

You can post any query in the chat window and I experience the maximum delay to get a response back is around 5 minutes only and your questions will be full of answers from real people like you and me.

Wealthy affilaite chat support

I must say there is no place on the earth with over 1.6 million chat support, am I correct?

Yes, even you can experience the power of community, simply getting your free account with a wealthy affiliate and ask your queries and even in the first 7 days you also have free support from the premium chat support.

#5: Free Keyword Research Tool

In the digital marketing journey, the less difficult keyword you target the more chances you can have great results and for that, if you would go with a tool like SEMrush that will charge around $100/month.

But Wealthy Affiliate has its inbuilt keyword research tool partnered with Jaxxy there you have free 30 keywords research access and under premium plan unlimited keyword research.

You can get the SEO difficulty which keyword to target which to not and much more.

Wealthy affiliate keyword research tool

So you are better to be getting everything inside the wealthy affiliate program. Even the keyword research tool also offers search analysis, brainstorm, and alphabet soup methods to get easy to rank uncovered keywords.

I am sure you got the crisp on what a wealthy affiliate is offering and probably good enough to judge this platform as legit or a scam.

Click here to get a free account with Wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Fees and Pricing

Ok, this time is to discuss what is the pricing plan for the wealthy affiliate and is it worth joining the wealthy affiliate program or not.

It is mainly offering two plans to choose from the well has premium plus as well but ignore at the moment.

      • Free plan for a lifetime access
      • Premium plan with monthly billing.

    Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit Must Know Before Joining

Well if you will compare both free and premium plans, you will find the below major differences.

Number of Websites: 1 with no custom domain under the free plan and 10 with custom domains under the premium plan with a defined bandwidth

The number of training: only 2 basic training under the free account and complete training access under the premium plan.

Premium Classes: No class access for the free account and unlimited all classes access under the premium plan.

Keyword research: Only 30 free keywords for a lifetime in a free account and unlimited keyword research under the premium plan

When it comes to pricing the initial login will be 100% Free but then after to get premium access you will be charged $49/month.

Yes, the wealthy affiliate program has no LifeTime access plan, it is a monthly recurring billing plan but the good part is initially while you sign up you will have 7 days to get the advantage of a special sign-up offer.

Within your account, you will have an option to upgrade with $30 off for the first month and only pay $19 for the first month and unlock all the features. enjoy and test yourself and wanted to continue then go for it.Wealthy affilaite pricing or fees

Note: That $19 billing is for only the first-month start from the next month $49/month will be charged so be aware before you sign up and that is what they have not mentioned on their site.

Is Wealthy affiliate program worth?

Honestly speaking, it is more than what you are thinking and the best part is the very active engaging community. But here to check the worth of this program better we do some calculations.

In 12 months you probably spend around: $49*12 which will be approx 600 USD.

Now let you are setting up your own WordPress website where if you go with a similar type of hosting such as A2 cloud Hosting which I am using for a long time.

You will be charged around $20/month, so by the end of the year, you will have already paid $240 in total.

Now you might purchase 4-5 courses from the market places and in total again will be charged around $400 in total or maybe more.

In addition, if you are also investing in a keyword research tool like SEMRush that even worth around $100/month.

Total spending would be $240+$400+$1200 =$1850 or maybe more

So, if you just sum up this then you even crossed the actual investment you will be doing with Wealthy affiliate and even the external resources are missing such as the community and you have to manage SEO site speed yourself and much more.

So I feel having a wealthy affiliate could be the best choice for the beginner who has no knowledge and for an existing affiliate marketer as well who already invested in hosting can look for premium awesome classes.

So for me, investment in a wealthy affiliate program will be a great investment.

How to make money with a wealthy affiliate?

Well, it is much important to know how to make money with a wealthy affiliate program promotion.

If you are not interested in becoming the premium members of the wealthy affiliate program but willing to make money out of it then better to start promoting this platform itself.

Yes, as soon as you sign up with a wealthy affiliate you will be auto-enrolled to promote this to anyone wherever you want.

When it some to 2 levels or 2 tier people often ask me, is a wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme? So better to understand its complete affiliate model so you should be able to understand it clearly.

Wealthy affilaite premium and premium plus affiliate commission

Wealthy affiliate is a 1 level affiliate program only and you won’t be paid any commission if your direct referrer will make any sales.

In the above screenshot, you should be able to see the money you will be making if you’re the starter or free member and premium member.

Click here to join an affiliate program

But the best part is that incomes are recurring incomes but you will only get a commission when the user upgrades its plan but you can have your free or premium plan to promote this program.

Free plan: In the first month $4 and $11.75 every month until that user is active.

Premium plan: In the first month $8 and $23.50 every month until that user is active.

So you are pretty much clear, how much money you can make promoting a wealthy affiliate program and to learn more on whether it is a pyramid scheme or not better you go through the free Bootcamp training inside your wealthy affiliate account.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit Must Know Before Joining

Am I recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to grow quickly and willing to have a quick success then I strongly suggest Wealthy affiliate could be the best place to start.

Even if you host your site and in the future, if you would like to migrate your site out from the wealthy affiliate then even you will have complete freedom to do this so grab the opportunity to have your account start learning and implementing.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit Must Know Before Joining

Feel free to comment if you have any queries or need my help on setting up your first free account. I hope you like this guide and if so please share as much as possible.

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