What is Micro Niche Website and How to Start in 5 Simple Steps?

As a blogger, I have been asked multiple times by my readers that what is a micro niche website and why everyone is asking to start such website and what is the future of MicroNiche blogging?

I did a lot of research and tried my best to identify the future potential and Google ranking factors to influence the micro niche website ranking and the facts were surprising.

So if you are really keen on opening a micro niche website and wanted to make million-dollar income then this guide has everything for you to starts from the beginning.

If you are not sure about what is micro niche website and how to start a website and why these sites ranking faster than here we go in detail step by step.

Let first discuss what is a micro niche website and why it ranks faster?

What is Micro Niche Website in Blogging?

Probably you have heard two types of websites one is a niche website and the other is a multi-niche website but very few people know about a micro niche website.

If I consider any category as a business opportunity than that category will be known as niche like technology, marketing, fashion industries, etc.

If you are building your site which is dedicated to the fashion industry only like clothes and accessories than your site will be rated as a niche website in fashion industries.

But if your site is all about fashion, technology, news, and many more other categories then probably this is a mix of different industries.

Such websites that combine multiple niche topics are known as multi-niche websites so what is micro niche website?

let’s take an example of a health niche if you drill down health and fitness which can have different sub-niches such as

  • Weight lose
  • Yoga
  • Diet Plan

But out of these three if you chose yoga than it is called sub-niche and if you go under yoga and try to find something best topic which has good enough search volume like “Yoga for back pain”.

Now, if you plan to build your site around “yoga for back pain” then all your articles will be targeted around the same topic and your keywords will start ranking.

Such sites that chose a very small topic under big categories or niches than that site will be known as a micro niche website.

Why Micro niche site rank faster?

Earlier Google search engine algorithm was not that mature enough to find the relevant pages from the search queries.

But with the timely updates, now it has around 200 parameters to find the best out from the billions of pages.

But here is the brief about all those 200 parameters on which Google started rating every site as it mainly depends on three factors.


Google looks for your expertise on a particular subject and as far as everyone knows that you can not be expert in more than 1 thing.

A micro-niche can give you an advantage of expertise in not a particular industry but on a particular topic and the more content, you write the more your site will become expert.


This comes from the writing of content, where Google is trying to judge your content quality from the sources you are linking your post and content you are sharing.

If you have started a site on health and fitness and writing all about cancer treatment etc than still google rank site like webmd.com because it believes that the content is authentic on that site.


It is another factor that comes with the time you spent on any site when people start getting trust in your content and linking your site with them means Google starts trusting on your site.

You can get command of all the above three factors using the micro niche website but why the reason is simple.

  • Your website will be targeted around certain topics,
  • People will start linking your site as more content you start producing.
  • Topic-oriented content will be definitely authentic.

That is why you will pass on all the above standards very quickly and your site will start ranking, but just creating a site on the topic will rank? in simple answer no.

It needs some strategy to follow but what are those strategies for the micro niche website?

How to start a Micro Niche website in 5 Steps?

Not every micro niche website will start getting rank, it needs some strategy with finding the right keyword and writing SEO friendly content.

So let discuss the blueprint on starting a micro niche website and what should be your strategy.

Finding a profitable niche

The very first point is to find out the profitable niche as our focus is to make money or monetize our micro-niche blog hence there are two things to consider.

  • Find out the niche which has a high potential for affiliate marketing.
  • Find out the niche which has high search volume and potential to get good ads impressions.

Which means our focus would be to make money by affiliate marketing and displaying ads from a different ad network like Adsense.

You can take help from amazon category and forum websites to get an idea which niche is profitable and which one you should target.Amazon Niche Ideas

If you are done with category selection then you can further drill down with affiliate commission and Google trend to identify the future growth potential.

Google trend for specific search query

Make sure Google trends should have an average score of 30+ throughout the year to get consistent traffic on your site.

If you are still struggling with niche selection and types of blog then make sure to read a detailed guide on how to start a successful blog in 7 steps.

How to find the Best keyword for a micro niche website?

If you are good with niche selection then let me guide you on the best ways on how to find the best keyword for the micro-niche website.

We already explained in the master guide on how to find profitable and easy to rank keywords using free SEO tools so you would need to use the same tips to find for micro-niche.

But here I am going to tell you some criteria on what factors you should choose to select the keyword.

Keyword difficulty

If you use any paid or free tools to find out keyword difficulty than it is an ideal choice to target the keyword which has difficulty level between 20-30.

Keyword Difficulty in Ahref

In some cases, you can even take a keyword difficulty of 40 with time such keyword will also start rank.

Search Volume

It is obvious that the keyword you are choosing should have enough global volume to get potential traffic.

But if you are targeting a country like India then probably you may have large volume but the country like the USA may have fewer volume.

Keyword Ideas GKP

But ideal recommended search volume for any keyword should be more than 10k+. You can read our detailed guide on 10 hacks to use google keyword planner to get search volume.

Competitor site analysis

When you have the keyword in your pocket then this time is to ask google how many web pages or sites have already used the same keyword in their title or URL?

For the same go to google search and type below query with your targeted keyword, let say in our case our targeted keyword is the “best multivitamin for men”.

Target keyword in URL Target keyword in url

Here you have the results from google which says around 560 pages have used the keyword in URL and 822 pages have used the same keyword in the title.

If you will drill down this further until you get your best finding then I suppose you have the keyword in your hand for which you are planning to build a micro niche website.

Let now discuss what domain and hosting you should buy for a micro niche website.

How to select Domain Name and Hosting?

You can choose the platform for blogging either how to start a successful blog and both have their different advantages.

But I recommend starting with WordPress which has a huge potential to customize and automate your blog website.

In both cases, you need a domain name and ideally, the domain name is closely related to the Blog name.

While selecting a domain name, it is recommended to include the target keyword in the domain name.

To help you on the best way to generate domain name ideas or blog name ideas, you can use a free blog name or domain name generator tool.

This tool will only ask you about your targeted keyword and it will guide you with the possible best trending combinations.

Blog name generator - Lean Domain Search

Here you can see how I found the best combinations for seed keyword “blogging” in a similar way you can check for your keyword.

Hence make sure below key points while selecting any domain name.

  • The domain name must include your targeted keyword.
  • Try to avoid numbers or symbols from a domain name.
  • If you have a global audience than the suggested domain name should be .com only, but why .com is important here is what I explained in detail.

Let decide with the selection of the hosting plan and this depends on which one you are willing to choose.

But for the beginner, you can choose the shared hosting plan and in this list, Bluehost could be the best affordable hosting plan which offers 60% Off for the first time purchase.

If you are willing to buy Bluehost then here is step by step guide on how to purchase and which plan you should buy.

But if you have more budget to invest than you can also opt for WordPress hosting or Siteground hosting.

In summary, I must say below are the affordable hosting plan you can go with.

If you are running out from the budget and looking for a monthly plan then the best affordable hosting and domain could be by Namecheap.

Let me clear your doubt, that you are free to migrate from one hosting plan to another at any given point of time without any additional cost.

How to Write a Blog post in Micro Niche website

If you are done with keyword research, niche selection, and domain and hosting buy steps then the next big thing to work is how to write content and what should be the content writing strategy.

Well, I am not explaining to you how to customize the WordPress theme as you are smart enough with theme installations and customization so I will focus on content only.

Ideally, micro-niche blogs rank in a very short span of time or even sometimes a single post is good enough to get massive traffic.

People have different strategy sometimes they create just a single static page or other time maybe around 10-15 posts.

My recommendation is to have at least 15 posts live on your site which should be in below three categories.

  • 5 post must be a responsive post that directly addresses what, when and why answers query of approx 1200 words each.
  • 5 posts must be list post which explains top10, top 5,top7 kind of information of approx 2500 words each.
  • 5 posts must be a pillar post which should have a detailed massive guide of up to 5000 words each.

Above strategy is for those websites which are long term targeted and willing to make potential income from different affiliate sources and ad network.

But if you have short term goal then you can target short term keywords like “Chrismas 2020” and “USA president election 2020” etc.

Such a keyword can give you a large volume or maybe potential traffic in a short duration but later it will disappear and you need to start with new.

Now, if it comes to target your keyword in your blog post or how to write 100% SEO post then do not miss the suggested detailed step by step guide.

If you are struggling with finding the topic ideas then type your seed keyword in google and check for the search suggestions.

Finding long tail keyword form google search

Here I searched for Yoga poses and here we are with the list of possible topics and if you have gone through the above suggested free keyword research guide then you are already aware of the same.

How to monetize a micro-niche blog?

There are numerous ways to monetize a blog and the very best is using the affiliate network and different Ads network.

To get authorized with Adsense ad network you would need to follow the guideline or tips before sending for Adsense approval.

However, for the affiliate network, it is good enough to have a legit site that should not be violating the affiliate network policy.

Once you are approved with Ad networks like Google Adsense then you can place the ads on different sections of the website to get maximum CTR or revenue for CPC or RPM.

However, the affiliate network is mainly focused to drive traffic to the potential selling pages from your website.

In summary, I must say if you have traffic on your blog then you will have numerous opportunities by running email marketing or different methods to convert that into money.

I hope now you got an idea what is micro niche website and how to start and what could be the future of micro niche website.

My View on What is Micro Niche Website

In the year 2020 if you plan to have a multiniche website than this is now become an old concept as more and more targeted sites are in the market.

If you are willing to rank faster and get success in the short term then the upcoming choice would be to start with a micro niche website.

If you are targeting a small niche or subtopic for your complete site then it has huge potential to rank faster and get potential traffic.

Follow the guidelines suggested in guide with a selection of keyword, topic ideas, and niche selection and try to share the valuable content.

If all good then the results will be amazing and you will crack the code of ranking post in the search engine like google.

If you love the strategy which I shared on what is micro-niche then do spread the same knowledge with your social friends so we all together can grow.

I am an Engineer and a passionate Blogger, who loves to share tips on Blogging, SEO, Google Ranking, Digital marketing, passive income, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Read More

7 thoughts on “What is Micro Niche Website and How to Start in 5 Simple Steps?”

  1. Hello Vyas brother,
    This a great guideline for those who are planning to start a micro-niche blog.

    I think the ‘long-time goal’ is the best choice.
    I’ve a question regarding this topic because I’m starting a blog.
    If you’ve free time then please help me.
    If I select a ‘seed keyword’ like ‘world war 2’ (just an example) and my domain is like ‘theworldwar2(.)com’ (EMD) then what will happen?

    My plan: I’ll write maximum articles about this topic.
    1 big article about ‘world war 2’ and this will be a summary. And I’ll write more articles about sub-topics.

    But a problem I’ve found these keywords are competitive. Most of the sites are high authority “History” blogs. But I’ll provide more information than them. If they have 10 articles and 20k words then I’ll post 20 – 30 articles and 50k words. No one has provided more than me regarding this topic.

    will it work?

    Regards & sorry for the big comments
    B. Mahmud from Bangladesh

    • If the site is very new, you will have to build an authority first then you can think about ranking such super competitive keywords and in this case google prefer to rank sites like wikipedia instead of any new blog. So do more research and find something less competitive.

  2. Great guidance on micro niche. But I have still some questions sir,

    1) What should be the frequency of post publishing on my blog. does it matter ?

    2) how many keywords can be included in domain for best seo. (Eg. My keyword is how to get free money on internet) then what should be the ideal domain ?)

    Hope you will reply.

    • I appreciate your comment and below are my suggestions.
      1: Focus on Quality articles, not on quantity, ideally it is recommended to update your site every week but that does not mean you need a new post.
      2- Make your domain should be shorter exclude stop word like to, a, for, the, etc.

  3. Sir I am a big fan of your. I saw your all valuable YouTube video. I love you sir. You are great. Sir thank you for sharing such a beautiful information. Please keep sharing more info about What is Micro Niche Website and How to Start in 5 Simple Steps? Thank you so much sir. Sir again you are great person.


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