What is MicroBlogging? : Blogging vs MicroBlogging Major Differences

MicroBlogging is none other than sharing the summary of your long post or ideas in a small packet of content which will be easy to read and able to communicate efficiently.

It is different than traditional blogging, here you are sharing a very small sentence, videos, Audio guides or any status instead of the traditional long detailed blog post.

This trend was started to share the short stories and instant posts with the readers to communicate them to the point answers instead of a long summary.

This is a new type of Blogging that started or performed on the mobile web instead of the desktop by making your job easier to publish the post instantly.

Let me highlight every single thing you must know about MicroBlogging and its advantages and finally will identify the major differences between MicroBlogging vs Blogging.

What is MicroBlogging?

Since the evolution of the social media platform, it has been observed the trend of sharing the posts, messages, videos, and links for any current or most trending activities.

It got wide popularity where you can write a short note about the information you want to share and can publish instantly.

This got instant attention from the people and you will be able to convey your message to the readers instantly.

The most well-known platforms are Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook.


The twitter is very famous for sharing the information in the form of a summary to the readers or viewers.

If readers like, they will do the retweet and your content got spread with more readers. You can summarise the message you want to share and redirect readers to your traditional blogs as well.

Twitter has some limitations with the word limit of up to 280 characters only which seems like a short message or a sentence to just highlight the messages you want to spread out.

In Twitter user can share any type of content like videos, audios, images, etc and can also retweet the post already shared by another user to share with your audiences.


The other big MicroBlogging platform is Tumblr where it provides more features as compared to Tweeter, it increases the word limit up to a certain level.

Currently, Tumblr is allowing to provide 500K characters including the spaces and HTML tags everything.

Tumblr is a more sort of social media platform which can be your best place to blog with varieties of features and you can optimize this as your traditional website.

Tumblr allows sharing the Text, Photos, quotes, links, audio and video guides with readers and gives you the extreme experience of blogging.

Tumblr shared ideas MicroBlogging

Tumblr is like Tweeter where you can reblog to add other blogs to your page and can share the messages with the followers or your readers.

After traditional blogging, if there is any other platform to start then the best choice is Tumblr


Instagram is more sort of video or image sharing MicroBlogging platform where users can promote or offer the sentences, messages or quotes to their readers using images.

Every message published on Instagram will be in association with images or videos only, where you can write a small message and publish the images.

This message can have a summary of your statuses like where you are traveling and whatever you want to share with them and can route them to your traditional blog or website.


Facebook is another big MicroBlogging platform and has a 2 billion active worldwide users and one of the biggest social media platform.

Facebook allows sharing the messages, videos, GIFs like others and using Facebook pages you can create your own audiences.

Hence above four are the most famous Micro Blogging platform currently used in the trending industries.

Differences between MicroBlogging and Blogging

You already learned the way to start MicroBlogging using Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter, it is a very short and quick process even you don’t need to think about it before you start.

But the traditional blog will need your right efforts and thought before to start. Because Blog is a place where you are going to start sharing detailed information.

In Blogging, you won’t have any word limit or restriction to write long detail content and you can also add images, videos, links and using the best theme you can customize accordingly.

Microblogging will be more sort of sharing the messages or sharing the summary of the long post ideas in small windows and you won’t care about the customization of the theme.

If you are running both Microblog and Blog then you can use each individual to promote both on the cross-platform by interlinking each other.

To start Microblogging you won’t need to spend any single penny as it is free to use and immediate to start however this is not the case with traditional blogging.

Traditional blogging can be started from the free blogging platform like Blogger or can be started using the self-hosted platform called WordPress where you need to buy web Hosting.

You can not directly monetize your Microblog on Tumblr or Twitter or Instagram but from there you can route your audiences to the monetized destination you want.

In most cases, the traditional blogger loves to share their post by making the summary fit for MicroBlogging to the MicroBlogging platform.

Which help them to route their social media audiences back to their own traditional blogging platform.

The microblogging can get the immediate attention of the readers because of the length of the post is small and easy to connect with users however traditional blogging needs proper SEO.

Advantages of MicroBlogging

MicroBlogging is an instant way to finish your blogging and share quickly with your readers which itself has its own major advantages as explained below in detail.

Easy to Start

Traditional blogging on WordPress requires a lot many setups like Hosting, theme, setting up of domain name, etc and of course few bucks to invest for a beginner.

But MicroBlogging just needs your name and max to max a mobile number or email id to sign up and active account.

Easy to Publish and Write

Microblogging won’t ask to provide a detailed summary of the queries, it is like simple and quick post wrapped in good images, GIFs, videos to feed well for the readers.

It won’t need any expertise to write as it could be of either 2 lines or maybe up to certain word limits and can publish that with a single click.

Less Time Spent on the creation of Post

MicroBlogging gives the opportunity to publish posts frequently and obviously, this is the need of the market.

Where you can share your views by drafting a short max 100-word summary blog post in just a few minutes which gives you the bandwidth to publish more than 3 or 4 posts per day by giving your 1 hour time.

The more content you produce the more chances you have to get user attention but this is not the case with blogging.

Blogging needs a detailed summary of any topic where if the user reads must get fully satisfied which takes a longer time to create the post and basic post length must be at least 1000 words.

Which restricts you to publish only 1 post per day for a long time.

Immediate user attention

In blogging your published post may take more than 3-4 months to rank and get actual user attention because it totally depends on the search engine organic traffic.

Any new blog post to rank will take various search engine optimization techniques to be identified by the actual readers.

But this is not the case with MicroBlogging where user can immediately get an idea what you want and if he likes will either Reblog or like or upvote to make this more visible.

Mobile Friendly

Last but not least the user-friendliness, more than 3 billion people according to statista are using the social media platform.

Where approx 375 million active registered users on Tumblr,2 billion active users on Facebook and around 330 million active users on Twitter.

Which itself explain the interaction of all these people with these platform on a daily basis as most of them are used in mobile devices.

Traditional Blogging needs a desktop to write and publish the content and readers can only view your content from organic search only.

Where in most of the cases in Desktop only due to long post content which requires time to read.

My View on Start of MicroBlogging?

MicroBlogging can only be effective if you are writing or publishing tending posts and messages.

If you are willing to notify changes with your business or willing to introduce them with your new products and services then I must recommend starting with Microblogging.

No matter you are doing traditional blogging it is always best to have one microblogging platform for cross-platform promotions and more user attention to your blog.

I am using Tweeter, Tumblr, and Facebook to promote my blog post by timely instant publishing the MicroBlog and advice you to follow the same strategy.

What is MicroBlogging? : Blogging vs MicroBlogging Major Differences

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