What is a Parked Domain and How to Make 10,000 $ by Domain Parking.

Wondering to get an answer on what is a parked domain, this time every business is expecting to get online on the internet and to have their presence online Domain name is the prime need but do you know what is a Domain Parking.

Do you know without having a website or not even using a domain name you can make millions of dollars but How?

This is through domain parking. But what is a parked domain and how domain parking can make you money?

What is a Parked Domain and how to Make money through Domain parking

In this guide, I am going to tell you everything about how you can make millions of dollars by just parking a domain.

Before going in depth about what is a parked domain, let me tell you in summary.

Domain parking is a method of reserving the domain for future use, here domain will not be used by you but parked somewhere for future use.

Parking a domain can be a win-win situation but how that is what we will learn in detail.

If you are new to this online money making guide and still not aware of what is a domain name then first will learn briefly about Domain Name then what is a parked domain.

What is a Domain Name

If you want to establish a website then that website must have an address or name.

So anyone all around the world tried to access your website then it simply requires that domain name to browse in the browser and will land to your online website.

The way you have your physical home address if anyone wants to send anything or want to reach you then he can connect through that home address.

In a similar way to have your own identity on the internet will require an address or name which we call Domain Name.

The domain name will be unique for every website, not a common domain name will be allocated to different websites.

There are various domain name provider companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, NameCheap etc.

There are different domains available such as top-level domain like.com,.org,.net  and country level domain like .co.uk,.co.br etc.

You can purchase any type of domain. Once you purchase that domain then you can link that domain with your website and if anyone all over the world browses that domain name.

Will land to your website, I hope you got an idea what is a Domain name and now will focus on what is parked domain.

What is a Parked Domain and Why Domain Parking

If you have four wheelers and while that one is not in use than you parked that in your garage.

In a similar way if you have purchased domain name but still not linked that domain name with any of your webmail service or website that that is known as a parked domain.

I hope you cleared with, what is a parked domain in the simple and easy word.

Now next question is why someone park domain and what is the advantage of domain parking.

Why Someone Park a Domain

It is obvious that you will think that you are already running an existing website which has a domain name then what is need to buy another domain.

logically, there are numerous potential reasons, let me highlight the few.

This time people value their brand of the e-commerce website and they are searching on the internet to get the best choice domain name.

If you have that best domain name with you as parked domain then you can make money.

But How? will let you know in a later guide.

Another reason is, you are running a website and planning to start a new website. You have an idea but yet not ready with content.

As I said identity and product selling services of any website will sometimes matter on website name and which attracts lots of customers.

What is Domain Parking

Let say for the product review website, if you can get the domain name with “ProductReview.com” then it will obviously play right impression to people that this site is all about reviewing the products.

If you searched for your domain name ideas and found that your best choice domain name let say “MrVyasIdea.com” is available to purchase.

You have planning to start a website and domain is available right now which is not guaranteed that will available to buy for next time you search.

So you will make purchase deal right now and reserve your domain name for future use.

Your reserved domain will be parked or store somewhere which is not in use and just reserved for future cause and that is an answer for what is a parked domain.

Advantages of Domain Parking

I must say in the above summary guide, you already got idea or reason behind parking a domain so let me highlight a few advantages of Domain parking.

  1. Reserve your best choice domain for future use.
  2. Buy Domain name to make them sell later.
  3. Reserve your old domain to maintain authority it gained in past days.
  4. Parking a domain can generate Ads Revenue.
  5. You can make them sell in auction instantly.

But the main reason behind parking a domain is to find the right opportunity to get the right domain and sell that to the right person, who is ready to pay you a lot of money.

It is all about finding right seller if you will succeed to reserve right domain and able to find the right person who is ready to buy your domain then you can place a bid of 10,000$+ for a single domain.

Isn’t it amazing?

Do not worry I have detailed in later, how to sell your domain name?

Are you excited?

Now I can assume that you are aware of what is a parked domain and advantage of domain parking.

Now How to Park a domain?

How to Park a Domain and make money

If you have purchased any domain name from any registrar such as GoDaddy the next step is to live that domain name.

This would be the case only if, you want to make money, but you just want to reserve domain name then it is fine to have it with GoDaddy like domain registrar.

But to purchase a domain name will cost you around 12$/Year subscription charge.

There are two reasons to buy the New Domain name.

  1. Buy a domain name for future sale.
  2. Buy a domain name for launching the website in near future.

If your intention is to sell, then hosting domain name with registrar will increase the risk of finding potential buyer offline and if the intention is to launch a website then start promoting right now.

In both cases, you require a space which can park your domain.

Simply reserving your domain will cost you a lot if you are unable to sell them in time, then what should we do to make money with a parked domain.

The alternative solution is to make that domain live and start earning money or audiences.

So now, I will give guidance in both the cases how to deal with domain parking and make a lot of money.

Parked Domain for Future Website

If you have purchased a new domain and willing to use this in the future for your new website.

For which you have an Idea and vision what to launch on that new platform.

Then this time is to launch a page called “Coming Soon”.Yes If you are a big giant or having a small business then expecting your customer or reader to wait for a new launch.

Then this is the best way to let them know prior to actual launch that you are planning to start new services to their existing readers.

So Imagine you have your own audience ready and waiting for new content to be published on your upcoming website, it means you have started publicity right now.

Instead of hiding domain name or website name somewhere in the backend, it is a wise decision to live them right now.

It will give you the right advantage for Seo ranking because day by day your domain name will become older.

But this will suit for only those. who has already purchased unlimited domain web hosting?

Yes, you should have a hosting account such as Bluehost and HostGator, which would allow you to host multiple domains on common hosting.

I have purchased Plus plan for Bluehost and it is giving me cheap hosting for just 3.95$/Month to host unlimited domain names.

If you want to make sell for Bluehost or HostGator, then check our detail guide will help you on how to open hosting the account.

Bluehost Hosting

But what if you purchased the domain name for future sell and want to make money?

Domain Parking with Sedo

This for the first case where you want to sell your domain for future purpose and what if you start earning from day 1 without a headache.

But we know to make money online you have to live your domain which might cost you web hosting price.

But Sedo is Free Domain Parking platform which helps you to find the right seller for your parked domain and will give additional money for advertising link on your domain.

Yes, this is possible if you are with Sedo, just purchase a domain name and park with Sedo but how this work?

Sedo is an online platform which helps you to park your domain, help you to sell your domain and help buyers to buy the domain.

In simple, you can Buy domain from anywhere like GoDaddy and park that with Sedo which is completely free.

Now lot many potential buyers on daily basis visits Sedo to get their best choice domain and Sedo team will promote your Domain and if buyers interested in any of the Sedo listed Domain.

Then Buyer will place Buy bid for that Domain, the interesting thing is you can set your own selling price

Now if you as an owner of that Domain is agreed to sell for Buy Bid then Sedo will help you to make them sell.

Yes, Sedo Won’t charge you to park domain but while you make them sell then on your earned amount they will charge you few bucks of  Trading Fee, which you can see below.

Sedo Trade Domain Fee

Your domain will be listed in Sedo Marketplace and people can start place bid on it and trading charges will apply based on above-listed rules.

Now come to the advertisement.

If you will park the domain with Sedo then they will advertise on your domain with matched advertising links.

If anyone visits your domain and click to those links, in return you will earn revenue. That means a win-win situation.

Wide exposure to get the potential buyer for the domain name and Free earning for advertising link click.

There are dozens of other reason to park the domain name with Sedo find all list here.

Domain Parking Setup with Sedo

To Setup Domain Parking with Sedo follow below steps and check more here.

  1. Create Customer Account –Sign In
  2. Complete Certification
  3. Setup Domain Parking
  4. Rerouting Domain to Sedo

Sedo Domain Parking How it Works

Fo rerouting, you have to change the Domain name server of your registered domain name profile with Sedo Domain name server.


I can assume that I have cleared all doubt about what is a parked domain and how domain parking can bring you millions of dollar.

Conclude on What is a Parked Domain

Before closing this ultimate guide I must say make the right choice on right time. If you found something great with domain name let them purchase right now.

Park them with such free domain parking website like Sedo, If you will create new signup with GoDaddy will cost you around 1.5$/Yr for each domain.

It won’t cost you that much but I can assume that definitely with advertising link you can recover your invested amount and if lucky enough then you can sell your domain for millions of dollar.

This guide was not limited to what is a parked domain I tried to explain how to make money through domain parking.

Let me share your experience on how useful you found this guide and to learn more about online business ideas and digital marketing Follow Facebook Group.

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If found useful then keep reading keep sharing on Social Media


What is a Parked Domain and How to Make 10,000 $ by Domain Parking.

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